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Review #1, by Mihali1432 You and I.

23rd May 2012:
Thanks for entering my challenge! Anyways, I liked this! And how you didn't know who she was talking about until the last line was neat. :D


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Review #2, by SerpentineOffering You and I.

22nd March 2012:
Wow.. just.. wow! I LOVED IT! This is an amazing story! You have a great talent when it comes to writing! I'm definitely adding this to my favorites! It all came together so well, I could literally feel the pain that Katie was feeling! I felt like I was there and I loved that this story did that for me. Great job, great writing, and great plot! 10/10

Author's Response: Wow thank you so much for the lovely review! It has totally made my day of how nice you are! :D
I'm so happy you enjoyed my writing & the fact you could feel the emotion Katie was going through and all that!
Thanks so much!


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Review #3, by Livi_777 You and I.

21st March 2012:
That was gorgeous, it really really was. You write grief really beautifully, the entire story has a kind of melodic feel that sounds almost like a song or poem in my head and creates a wonderful effect, which sort of rises and falls with the images that you're creating. It's lovely, honestly!
The only improvement you could make might be to make the nice Slytherin with evil death eater family thing a little less prominent, it's not the worst cliche in the world but it doesn't really do much for the plot or characters.
Otherwise, I adored it!!

Author's Response: I do love cliches ;) Haha, they always slip in my stories haha =D
But anyway thank you so much for the lovely review!
It has totally made my day! I always get so happy when people tell me I write beautifully or amazing because I don't think I do but if someone else does who am I too complain? ;)
Thanks so much again!


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Review #4, by AC_rules You and I.

23rd February 2012:
Hello again BlameItOnTheNargles!

You've got a special talent for pulling off grief in a way that makes it accesible and sad and emotive. You say your a comedy writer but I actually think that you're definately very good at writing things like this :)

Again I really enjoyed the whole flashback/present thing you had going on - its works really well.


Author's Response: Hello once again ;)
Wow thanks so much! I have to say I've kind of turned to writing more sad stories lately... But I'm glad people like what I write and don't think its totally rubbish :}
I seem to do that a lot don't I? Haha :D


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Review #5, by PolyJuice_ You and I.

19th February 2012:
You're making me so sad over here! Once again, the way the emotions are played out is so well done! I don't usually have so little criticism for stories, but there you go.
You should take it out of italics though, my eyes are burning. >.<

Good job. :)

Author's Response: Sorry, I seem to like making you sad ;}
Thanks again for the lovely words you write (Ha that was cheesy)
Sorry...I tend to like using italics... I'm addicted to it :P
I feel special for having so little criticism XD


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Review #6, by RavenclawWayToBe You and I.

9th February 2012:
. :'( . that was so beautifully done. You are a professional writer in my eyes and i cannot believe just how great that was. I loved that you wrote it a first person talking to him, and i loved your first memory of them dancing in the rain. That was just perfectly done. Amazing. Beautiful. I cant even find the right words to say to describe how amazing you are. Those words just aren't enough. Keep writing, never ever stop!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You have no idea just what your reviews mean to me. You review all my stories and just say nice things which make my day and can literally turn a crap day into an amazing one! Thank you so much!
I can't believe you see me as a professional writer and it makes me so happy that you enjoy my writing that much! :}
I'm so glad you found the one-shot to be amazing as it was the first emotional sad thing I have written.
I will never stop as long as one person thinks I have the abilty to entertain because if it wasn't for you and my other reviewers I wouldn't carry on.
Thank you so much for being an amazing review and for loving and reading my stories! :)


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Review #7, by ginerva_molly_weasley You and I.

3rd February 2012:
I am an absolute sucker for any story with Taylor Swift on their banner but I was completely unprepared for this story! I am literally sobbing my eyes out, this was so beautiful I can't actually put into words how much this affected me.

The way you have wrote this so beautifully with Fred being the light of her life is just too cute especially because of the situation with her family.

The fact that we already knew Fred was going to die left me on the edge of my seat because I really wanted everything to be okay for her especially because she was pregnant so when she saw Fred my heart really went out to her.

And the bit about the baby dying to be with her daddy, that just made me sob so much just because the Weasley's deserved so much happiness but they never got it.

This is an excellent piece of writing. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely review! =D
I am also such a sucker for Taylor Swift..I love her so much! :}
It makes me so happy for you say that my story was beautiful and it had such an affect on you but sorry for making you cry even though its intended in the story XD
I found this so sad to write and it is also my first piece of writing where its a sad and emotional piece as I have to say I am a comedy writer so thank you so much for loving my writing and finding it good! :D
I hated the fact JKR killed off Fred as he was one of my favourite characters so I thought for the challenge to write a story about him! :D
They really did deserve happiness but just got so much pain thrown at them.
Thanks again for the review and sorry for making you cry :)


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