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Reading Reviews for American Transfers
11 Reviews Found

Review #1, by HaLeYbAbY Two

26th May 2005:
just wanted to say i like the story, its good and sorta funny.it remindes me of my friends and myself. but you guys are really short. keep up the good work. cheese and crackers :D

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Review #2, by darren clide Chapter One

17th November 2003:
it's not very descriptive and anyway i only came to this site becus i was bored and i was messin bout wit mi keyboard

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Review #3, by katt Chapter Eleven

4th September 2003:
great story right MC. Just wanted to review. HPFF has changed so check it!

Author's Response: Ok you know I have to check reviews ON THE SITE to see tem? So of course I checked this place out!

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Review #4, by NUTJOB American Transfers

27th August 2003:
Hey, new girl! Cool! Hey, cant wait to b in it! Oh, and I failed a grade because I got expelled form ten diferent magical shools that year and I failed my finals because none of my other teachers had given me any info. Cant wait 4 an update!

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Review #5, by riaJem American Transfers

26th August 2003:
hey! this is a great fic, i\'m guessing it\'s too late to add in new characters, but this is a really good story! if u wanna, u can read one of mine: angst: the chosen romance: shattered mortality keep it coming!!

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Review #6, by NUTJOB American Transfers

24th August 2003:
Hey! Those boys, Heero DuGalle and Duo Chan are based on characters of Gundam Wing!!! I cant belive you put Duo in Slythering! He\'s definitelly a gryffindor, and tyhe second choise Hufflepuf! NOT SLITHERIN! And what about the other G-boys??? Where\'s my Quatre???!!!!

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Review #7, by EclipseAzNGTX American Transfers

14th August 2003:
I am reviewing my own story just incase people read this that I might not be here that much any more. I have like smmer school work so i\'ll be there a lot. Anyways hope you check out the other fics I have.

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Review #8, by Ina otaku American Transfers

13th August 2003:
plz update soon!!!!!!!!!!!! i like this!!!!!

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Review #9, by Ina otaku American Transfers

13th August 2003:
hey!!!! m going to r&r this on ff.net from now on b/c im registrered there and its easier 4 me well bye!!!1

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Review #10, by Anon American Transfers

13th August 2003:
i like this continue

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Review #11, by ginnyotaku American Transfers

13th August 2003:
cool update!!!!!!!

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