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Review #1, by Lolo Lemming The First One

13th February 2012:
i finally managed to read it! (last time, the internet got cut off.)

it's awesome, just some words confuse me cos im not as genuis-like as u. (:

so detailed... easy to imagine the scenes.


Author's Response: good job lolo... see! i'm answering my reviews!!

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Review #2, by kaleidoscope_eyes The First One

9th February 2012:
It's awesome.
And I knew I had heard the whole death-is-my-grandfather thing somewhere - i saw part of the Terry Pratchett thingo that was on tv a while ago.
okay that was random.
But seriously, it's awesome.
And i REALLY need to start on my maths homework.
SO, cya tomorrow!
-your fellow squirrel

Author's Response: indeed i did...
yep, that was not my own original idea... sorry if it wasn't clear in the disclaimer...
luv anna

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Review #3, by zazee fish The First One

9th February 2012:
Hello my dear little magical squirrel!! :)
This be very good!! :D
u got Wotters from And All That jazz didnt u ;)
Love the idea of it all!! :D
zazee fish!! :)

Author's Response: yes indeed i did
thx zz :)

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Review #4, by zazee fish The First One

8th February 2012:
i has not read it yet! :(
i in music! :(
it be boring! :(
but i shall read it soon! :)
zazee fish :)

Author's Response: nice work zz...
i hope u enjoy!!

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