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Review #1, by alicia and anne Déjà Vu and Summer Plans

18th March 2013:
I'm glad that they're serving detention because of the party the night before, It's great that you had them all getting caught by the teachers :D
Poor Bertie though, I really think he should have tried to sleep for maybe an hour, this detention is going to be tough on him.
My favourite line so far of the chapter is Albus's "That's it, I'm so bored that these essays are interesting. Interesting! I will not allow myself to think that!"
I couldn't help but giggle when he said that :D
Oh my I love the idea of them all doing the list together! That would be so much fun! And Bertie has money? He has his own jet?
I really like how everyone calls Bertie by a different name, it's great :D
I love that Albus and Bertie have tattoos!! Gah so amazing!
My second favourite line is definately "They're saving their heart attacks for an unplanned pregnancy or a secret relationship with someone they disapprove of." Oh yes Scorpius, your poor parents have had to suffer over the many years of fan fictions :D
I hope that their parents let them go on holiday.
This is fantastic! I can't wait to see them all completing the bucket list and the fun and hilarity they're going to have along the way.
This is another story I shall be adding to my favourites :D

Author's Response: They had to get caught. They wouldn't find the list any other way.

It's going to kill him. :P

Haha! Albus is funny.

He has money. His dad owns a very successful business.

Haha! I had to include it.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #2, by alicia and anne Celebrations, Sulking and More Detention

18th March 2013:
I'm so glad that Bertie made them win the game! Yay! Go Bertie!
I love the idea of Rose catching him in just a towel wondering around Hogwarts hehe aww and to hear that he became a stuttering mess around her is so cute!
This party sounds like it's going to be fun :D I hope that Bertie doesn't make himself look like an idiot in front of Rose, I want them to be all happy and in love :D
I love the fact that Bertie makes deals for Oreos! :D
HAha I love that it ends with the four of them getting detention again, they don't have the best of luck do they?
I love the fact that they had a party, I love stories that have a party in them :D
Can't wait to read more, I'm really liking Bertie :D

Author's Response: Go Bertie! :D

Bertie is so bad around Rose. He can't help it, he gets so embarrassed.

No Oreos, no deal. That's Bertie's motto. :D

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #3, by alicia and anne A Record

18th March 2013:
I really like the start of this story, with Bertie waking up late. He doesn't seem to have much luck does he?
His sister hurts his leg, he can't decide what he wants for breakfast, he almost gets killed by Malfoy.
I can see the him, Rose and Albus will be good friends, well I hope that they will be :D
I can't wait to read more, and see if Berties bad luck continues. I also wonder if his mum will make an appearance, it's sad that she left :-(

Author's Response: No, Bertie often has very bad luck. It's going to get him into so much trouble. :P

She will eventually.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #4, by starryskies55 Déjà Vu and Summer Plans

2nd July 2012:
Yay! More of one of my favourite OCs! Rose and Bertie are super cute and I'm glad Scorpius and Bertie are getting along.
That was a really original way of getting the Bucket List into the story, and I loved Bertie and Albus' tattoos! Can't wait for a new chapter! :D

Author's Response: I love the tattoos, so yay. I'm glad Scorpius and Bertie are getting along, though there will still be moments. ;)

And I cannot wait to see Rose and Bertie get closer. :)

Thanks for reviewing. :)


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Review #5, by xelha horse Déjà Vu and Summer Plans

17th June 2012:
This is a great little story; and I can't wait to see how Scorpius' parents respond to him running off with the three to do a muggle-type bucket list. :)

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm sure it'll be interesting. :)

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Review #6, by Siriusly3 A Record

9th May 2012:
Ooh Bertie is so cuuute! i love him! and i like how Scorp is mean in this story, and that he's got an interesting backstory. :)

Author's Response: Thank you. :)

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Review #7, by starryskies55 Celebrations, Sulking and More Detention

6th April 2012:
All the way through this I was cheering Bertie on! Save the goal! Talk to Rose! Dance, Bertie, dance!

You're very right- everyone loves Bertie. Especially me :D

Another great chapter, in short. Wonderfully written, developed Bertie as a character fantastically (is that a word?) and your writing is superb.

Couple of my favourite lines: “I consider that a perfectly valid reason.” - agreed!
"You're an animal." "No, I'm a teenage boy," - fair enough :)

I think the ending could be developed more, but overall a brilliant chapter!

With love, from your Challenge-master xx

Author's Response: LOL. Cheer him on, he really needs it... Oh, Rose, look what you do to him. :P

That is just one of my favorite lines, and I love Ewan, I wish he was in it more...

Thank you! :)

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Review #8, by ginerva_molly_weasley A Record

5th April 2012:

I actually love this so much I am going to favourite right now because the beginning is just amazing! I love how you just throw us straight into the action with him being late in getting up and his alarm not going off. You hint at problems qwith his homelife too which could be potentially explosive and a very good plot point to work with.

I like how he started to talk to Albus because we already know that he was pretty terrified so it was nice to see that you mentioned him but it was a very nice touch by not pairing them off together automatically but by separating them in their houses. :)

I hate Scorpius in this (I NEVER SAY THAT - Feel honoured!) he just seems to be so concieted and like the world owes him something which I hate but I love that you made him come across like that as it is a different approach to him than I normally take.

Bertie is a wonderful OC!

Author's Response: YAY!

I am honored! Though I feel you may like him again soon enough... He... learns to appreciate his surroundings, you could say. ;)

I love Bertie! I think he's just awesome!


Sam. :D

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Review #9, by Sweets-Caandy A Record

1st February 2012:
I think this story is going to be really exciting!
Until now the story could go on in various ways and that is the exciting part I think!
And poor Will/Bertie/Albert (thought I think I'll call him Will), meeting Malfoy just few minutes after the start of term...
Well maybe they'll get along better in a bit...or even worse; I will have to wait and see :)

Author's Response: Hey,

This story is going to be very exciting... Hopefully. :D

You may call him Will; everyone calls him Will except his family, who call him Bertie, Rose calls him Albert now, but calls him Will later, Albus calls him Bertie and Scorpius calls him Aussie. :D

You shall wait and see... When we've skipped to the end of Sixth Year for the actual story! ^.^

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by starryskies55 A Record

31st January 2012:
It's the Challenge-Master. Be afraid... actually, don't, because this is awesome!
But I can't believe the nasty kids in Oz made fun of Bertie's name! How dare they! Bertie is cool.
I love the 'toast... cereal... no! toast' bit, and Charley! She's cute.
Keep it up! :) xx

Author's Response: I know, right! Bertie is awesome! Both his name and his character! :D
It's his annoying habit... In full force.
Thank you. :)

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