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Review #1, by Fred Drama Unfolding

7th June 2012:
Umm Draco willingly joined the Death Eaters, he wasn't forced. We know that because Harry hears him talking about it to multiple people.

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Review #2, by mrclark90 Trial 12749 - The Death of Eric Shattice

24th April 2012:
I can't wait to see where it goes from here!

Author's Response: Aha me too! Thanks for the review , it put a smile on my face this morning! Keep reading and reviewing! Xox If Only

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Review #3, by andreaawesome Murder Screams Malfoy

1st March 2012:
I don't think Malfoy I'd guilty and if Hermione doesn't either, I believe I'm right! Keep updating!!

Author's Response: Ahaha, we'll see about that (: Glad you read it, hope you're enjoying the story so far,
Keep reading and reviewing and thanks for the review :D
Until next chapter
- If Only

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Review #4, by annyluvesmalfoy Drama Unfolding

29th February 2012:
Draco is innocent! Yayy!;) i knew he always had it in him! Hey look at this crazy cool looking letter! Idk wat it is... says its an s...

Author's Response: Of course he's innocent! You wouldn't think I'd make him look that heartless would you :D Aha, I'm pretty sure that s thingy is a symbol of something or whatnot :D
LMAO, thanks for the review and please keep reading and reviewing (: ...
-If Only

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Review #5, by Mionefollower Flourish & Blotts

21st February 2012:
I love this story! It was such a great idea to have Malfoy working at the book shop. And better yet that even after the war is over you still describe Draco loyal to the books. I really like how you give him his character of supremacy and authority. Post soon!

Author's Response: Haha, thank you (: you're review made me so happy, and as for Malfoy and all the characters, I'm trying not to stray too far from their original characters, but their may be some teeny exceptions :D Thanks so much for your review, it seriously made my day, and I swear I'll post soon,
Until next chapter...
Thank you, xoxo -If Only

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Review #6, by Sarah Flourish & Blotts

20th February 2012:
I really do like this story so far. I'm not sure what's going to happen next, which is great. Keep it up!!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review, it seriously made me so happy -no joke. :) I'm really glad you're liking my story so far, and I think I like that you don't know where it's going just yet so I can surprise you- although you will probably find something sooner or later (:
Thanks again for your review and until next chapter ...
-If Only

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Review #7, by Lily less_than_three Resolution

16th February 2012:
Wow! This is amazing so far! I can't wait to read more! :D

Author's Response: I'm really glad you're liking this so far and I swear I'll bring you a new chapter soon (: Thanks for reading and reviewing, it makes me happier than you could possibly believe (:
Thank you! Until next time...
-If Only

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Review #8, by Molly Power Resolution

13th February 2012:
I actually already love this story, it great :D do you know when your going to post the next chapter, I can't what to read it and find out what happens :D

Author's Response: Heya! Thanks for this awesome review (: I'm glad you're liking the story so far - haha REALLY glad actually (: As for my next chapter, I will be getting it up into the queue hopefully by the end of this week, I won't leave too much of a gap, so keep on the look out :D
Until next chapter, thanks so much for reviewing (:
- xoxo If Only

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Review #9, by i freakin love malfoy Resolution

13th February 2012:
the story is great so far! i am excited to see what happens next!!:)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm proud you think my story is great, your review means so much, so thanks a million for taking the time to write (: As for my chapter - be on the look out because I'm planning to get it up and out ASAP! Hopefully by the end of the week (:
Thanks a BILLION for your review and until next chapter
- xoxo If Only

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Review #10, by Georgie X Break Through

8th February 2012:
Oh if only Fred had survived! I cried when I got to that bit in DH. Really well written, and I loved Kreacher! Hugs for Kreacher! Keep writing, love Georgie X.

Author's Response: I'm so happy that you reviewed so soon, thanks so much! And me too! Fred and George were two of my favourite characters, but one's not the same with out the other right? Haha, I was a bit worried about Kreacher, didn't know if I had pulled him off too well.
As always, thanks so much and until next update, - Much love, If Only (:

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Review #11, by rj_sunshine Captured Moments

5th February 2012:
Another great chapter, I say. The only thing is that technically Hermione didn't obliviate her parents she simply modified their memories so that they would forget her and anything she told them about Harry and so that she would be able to change it back one day. I think obliviating is permanent.
It works for your story anyway. And beside that tiny detail, I love it. The memories etc are really good. Can't wait for more 9/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much for that - I actually never noticed! I'm so happy that you've read, reviewed and especially that you enjoyed this! I must say I really enjoyed writing this chapter and my flashbacks! Thanks so much again for the rate and until next update... Love, If Only

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Review #12, by Georgie X Captured Moments

5th February 2012:
I really enjoyed this, especially the flashbacks! Please keep writing and I promise I'll be good and keep reviewing. I'm really suprised you haven't got more reviews actually. Love Georgie X.
P.S. Finally a story where Lucius is shown to be the prick he clearly is, I've read too many fanfictions recently that turn him into a reformed character.

Author's Response: Ngaw, Georgie X! I'm about to cry, I'm so happy! Thank you so much, and I promise to update ASAP! And I agree about the Lucius part, I'm going to try and keep him in character as much as possible!
Thanks so much for your review
Much love xo - If Only

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Review #13, by rj_sunshine Drama Unfolding

5th February 2012:
Interesting, I love the whole scene, the idea, the courtroom. Amazing. 9/10

Author's Response: Yay! Ahah! You don't understand how happy I am that you've reviewed, I'm literally jumping up and down, thank you thank you thank you! :) And as for the rate OMG really? :D You've just made my day

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