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Review #1, by SourGrapeSnape Chapter 5: Revelations

27th October 2012:
I'm really liking this fun story with a mysterious plot. It seems like it has everything, goofy friends, some love and (at the moment) lots of mystery as well.
I love your story. Keep the good stuff coming.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this lovely review it really makes my day and it means so much to me that you are enjoying this story! I'm going to try my absolute hardest to get the next chapter in before I go back to school as I'm really looking forward to it! Also thank you so much for adding my little story to your favourites- my heart pretty much exploded!
Thanks again
All my love
- The Mirror of Erised

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Review #2, by Hats For House Elves Chapter 2 The Hat Talks!

28th March 2012:
On chapter two and I still like it. I thought the whole introduction of the weasley potter clan was written well actually the whole thing has been so far. We all have a chapter we're not too keen on but I liked this one, it made me laugh.
I would say however that capitol as in "what is the capitol of switzerland?" is spelt capital. capitol being the U.S congress building, maybe thats a UK/US thing or maybe it was a typo but either way thought I'd mention it.

Keep Writing, I'll keep reading.


Author's Response: YAY another review! You are as awesome as your pen name (which is extremely awesome)! It makes me so happy that you liked the introduction of the Potter/Weasley clan because I was a bit uncertain on it and the fact it made you laugh! I can die happy now! Yh the capital thing was a typo I shall go fix that now and thank you for pointing it out.
You Rock and I will try my best to update soon!

-The Mirror of Erised

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Review #3, by Hats For House Elves Chapter one: Who the hell is Voldermort?!

28th March 2012:
I like your style of writing, I assume you will answer the obvious question later in your story. Why is there a muggleborn witch who, judging by her language is older than 11 arriving at Hogwarts late?
It's a pretty good hook to start the story but maybe I'm just being picky when I say wouldn't the staff at Hogwarts just stick her on the Knight Bus or something, instead of the Hogwarts Express running for a single student.
To answer your question. Yes you should continue, which you already have anyway so thats a bit redundant but oh well, you asked - I answered.

Well done I'll read chapter two now


Author's Response: Awww thank you so much for taking your time to review it makes me so happy, especially when you say you like my style of writing- it's one of the best compliments you could possibly receive. I never thought of her taking the Knight bus (you are clearly much smarter than me) but I think all newly discovered witches should experience the Hogwarts Express- also I really like writing the character of Madge!
Thank you so much for the review and I absolutely adore your pen name!

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Review #4, by littlemisssnape Chapter 4: Proposals, broom cupboards and Hufflepuff first years.

12th March 2012:
Gah!! she has a Beatles shirt! I love her. And I love you, you have great taste (but I already know that). So anyway this story has such a happy feeling. I love reading it! And I love your sense of humor! I laugh out loud at some parts of this chapter. Actually I don't mind reading uneventfull chapters, if they are well written and funny (which yours truly are), so I liked and enjoyed this one a lot! What type of fish is in a fish finger actually? I love Fides and I can't wait to see what will happen with her and a certain Potter boy. And Rose and Scorpius! That is going to get interesting! So anyways! I am kind of in a rush, so this is a short review (I apologize, because you send me such lovely reviews and I feel very guilty now, because this story really does deserve a long and brilliant review!)
With love, from me to you
(Your BFFL soupy twin who loves you, this story, The Beatles and food, in case you didn't know who me was)

Author's Response: Yh I couldn't resist the beatle shirt thing! YAY I made you laugh out loud (proof to my sisters that I am funnier than a jar of wrinkled prunes! I'm just joking...not really)! To answer your question, fish fingers are made from whitefish, such as cod, haddock or pollock, which has been battered or breaded. Intresting I know. Yh I have lots planned for good old Rose and Scorpius as well as Fides and Al. Don't apologise this is an awesome review like you and I will review your stories as soon as possible!
Love from your BFFL soupy twin Beatle/food loving stalker Hank

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Review #5, by BlameItOnTheNargles  Chapter 4: Proposals, broom cupboards and Hufflepuff first years.

11th March 2012:
I actually want to know what type of fish is in a fish finger? Also is a fish finger really fish or just a finger? And if so is that finger a fish or not? If that is a fish is it a finger or fish? Then is it a fish or a finger? Or just a crazy piece of chicken?
Sorry I just had to do that ;) As you said we can review anything! =D
Anyway as I have previously stated I LOVE your story & Fides.
I can't wait for you to update again! I really want to know what happens next!
Albus is so cute! & James just makes me laugh!
One little bad point I noticed is that you spell Lily like Lilly when it should be spelt with only one L, other then that perfect! =D
Update soon!


Author's Response: Yay another review!
*several minutes of dancing like an idiot resulting in falling over and screaming loudly in pain later*
Sorry but getting reviews make me want to sing every beatle song ever written so thank you! Also millions of virtual hugs for adding this story to your favourites- I think my heart literally exploded with happiness!

In answer to your question the fish in fish fingers are whitefish, such as cod, haddock or pollock, which has been battered or breaded (I'm so shmart, who needs education when you're full of knowledge like this?) I believe that the fish finger is really a crazy chicken toe from out of space, but I'm just making an educated guess here. No need to apologise I meant it when I said you could review anything- random comments make me chortle like no tomorrow.
As I stated earlier it makes me indescribably happy that you like this story and Fides. You have no idea how happy you have made me. I'm also so relieved to hear you like Albus and James because there is a bit more pressure on their characterisation than OC because everyone has their own idea of them. So thank you!
Also thanks for the correction as soon as I read this I went and edited the errors. It's really weird that I made that mistake because I have a friend called Lily so I have no idea why I spelt it as Lilly. Well I guess that is what happens when you stay up late to write. Anyways sorry for that mistake and it has been corrected.
Anyways, thank you so much for brightening what has been a miserable week with your amazing reviews and adding this story to your favourites.
I will try as hard as I can to finish the next chapter but my school timetable is pretty hectic.
Thank you for everything!
All my love
-The Mirror of Erised

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Review #6, by BlameItOnTheNargles  Chapter 2 The Hat Talks!

11th March 2012:
Oh okay I totally get it now... Haha! So you can just ignore that part in the last review haha ;)
Anyway I am becoming addicted to your story already! I love it!
It has totally captured me in. I love Fides so much! The ending reminds me so much of me and my friends!
I still have no idea how this story will turn out. With most storys you can try and guess and are nearly right with this I have no idea! I want to find out!


Author's Response: GAH! I'm so over the moon, eat a chocolate cake, dance to the swan lake happy that you like my story and Fides! The fact that you find it addicting is another bonus and pretty much made my heart burst with happiness!
I'm glad you can't guess the ending to this story because I'm so often able to guess endings to stories and I hate it so it makes me dance the cha cha slide happy that this isn't the case with my story!
Anyways thank you so so so much for the amazing reviews and I hope you continue to read my little story! I will try to update as soon as possible!
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You have made me happier than a goblin with gold!

All my Love
-The Mirror of Erised

p.s. still in love with your pen name!

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Review #7, by BlameItOnTheNargles  Chapter one: Who the hell is Voldermort?!

11th March 2012:
I really like the story so far! It seems really different and unique! I hope it stays that way =D
One thing which really confused me was how did Hagrid know who she was? Does she know she's a witch? Because it seemed like she was a muggle who fell through and thought she was dreaming. Am I right? I'm probably being really dumb by not understanding it haah!
Anyway I love Fides she seems like an awesome OC so far! I can't wait to see how this story turns out! =D
Onto the next chapter :}


Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing my story and actually enjoying it *excuse me whilst I squeal with joy* Hmm... sorry about that but it was your own fault! Don't worry I have many twists and turns planned for this story.
Fides is a witch but she has only just found out for reasons unknown (mysterious creepy voice)...well I know them obviously but you don't...yet. Hmm I should probably stop talking now.Sorry for not making that clear enough though!

Anyways thank you so much for the review and for reading my story and it makes me die of happiness that you like Fides!
Much Love,
-The Mirror of Erised.

p.s. I absolutely adore your name! (eyes slowly turning green with jealousy!)

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Review #8, by SydneyBlack Chapter 2 The Hat Talks!

10th March 2012:
You may be able to find Audrey's Last name on the website: J k R o w l i n g . c o m (Take out the spaces, it won't let me post a link). Just look around the site and you should find a family tree.

Anyways, I really love this story. Now excuse me while I go read the next chapter of your completely adicting story.
:) 10/10

Author's Response: Yay another review! THANK YOU! As suggested I went on to the J.K Rowling website but it is currently being "refreshed" as they said, so I'll try again later. Nevertheless thanks for the suggestion, much appreciated.
Thank you so so so much for the amazing reviews and for adding this story to your favourites- I think I died a little bit when I saw that as well as when I read that you find my story addicting! EEK!
I genially can't put into words how happy it makes me when someone reviews my little story and actually likes it! Thank you again and you have really set me up for a good day, no week!

*Virtual cake saying "YOU ROCK!" coming your way*

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Review #9, by SydneyBlack Chapter one: Who the hell is Voldermort?!

10th March 2012:
Awesome! I'm just wondering, how do you pronounce Fides? Slightly cofused. I really like it!!! Goin' on to the next chapter :) 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading my story and giving it a chance. It's pronounced as Fee-dez as mentioned in the second chapter. Strictly speaking it should be Fide pronounced as Fee-day because it's Latin but I thought it sounded better as Fides. What do you think? Hmm sorry for rattling on about Latin there, hope it didn't bore you too much.
Anyhows, Thanks again for reading and reviewing it makes me die with happiness!

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Review #10, by PotterGirl75 Chapter 4: Proposals, broom cupboards and Hufflepuff first years.

9th March 2012:
Simply astounding! Now how am i suppose to spend the rest of the day? Lol I was just going to read the story from front to back!
You've got a great sense of humor.

Author's Response: GAH! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really really really appreciate all the lovely reviews you left me and they have sent me on a writing rampage in order to get the next chapter out as soon as possible. Also I'm so glad you found this story funny, it makes a nice change from my sisters telling me that a shrivelled up prune is funnier than me. Lovely people my sisters.
Anyways thank you so much for giving my story a chance and reviewing. I hope you continue to do so and I will try to update as soon as possible.

*Millions of virtual hugs coming your way!*

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Review #11, by PotterGirl75 Chapter 3: The unlikley uses of a croissant

9th March 2012:
-bows to you, and continues to read-

Author's Response: bows to you in return for making me burst with happiness at these lovely reviews!

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Review #12, by PotterGirl75 Chapter 2 The Hat Talks!

9th March 2012:
Percy was Married? Hm, I seemed to have completely missed that tid bit of information. Regardless, I love it! -is off to the next chapter-

Author's Response: That's what I thought, who would marry Percy?! Harsh but true. Anyhows thank you for reviewing again, as I said before it makes me dance like a loon!

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Review #13, by PotterGirl75 Chapter one: Who the hell is Voldermort?!

9th March 2012:
I think I shall favorite you, for you have brought the gift of laughter into what has been a very dismal week.

Author's Response: Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for giving my story a chance and reviewing it! It makes me dance like an idioit for hours on end so thank you! Also I'm so glad to hear that my little story actually made you laugh and I hope you continue to read! Thank you!

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Review #14, by clownfish_potter1188 Chapter 4: Proposals, broom cupboards and Hufflepuff first years.

8th March 2012:

Yay yay yay yay yay yay yiddledie yay!

The only way to describe how happy I am :)

I really am sorry that your teachers are voldy's minions, but this story is absaloutely...maravilloso! (Spanish for wonderful.(may I just say, I'm not Spanish.))

I LOVE this chapter, keep updating!


Author's Response: I'm really glad you liked this chapter and thank you so much for sticking with this story and reviewing it! You personally have really kept me going with this story especially when it was getting little response.

I have to say your Spanish really is quite impressive and I'm so excited for your next chapter to Blue as Your Eyes. You are really really talented and your story is incredible so I hope others start to notice your amazingness too. By the way I have had the same problem with asking for a banner on TDA, let me know if you figure it out! Gah I can't wait to find out what the enormous plot twist is in your story. I'm practically falling off my chair with excitement!

Anyways thanks again for continuing to read and review my story. You make me jump up and down with happiness! I'll try and be as quick as possible with the next update.

I love you more than Dobby loves socks!
-The Mirror of Erised

p.s. I blame your sister's personal hygiene for your broken leg! ;)

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Review #15, by AlbusPotter123456789123456789 Chapter 4: Proposals, broom cupboards and Hufflepuff first years.

8th March 2012:
I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!!! I LOVE YOU!!! I absolutely love ou and our story! I have always wondered what type of fish is in a fish finger. You wouldn't by any chance know, would you??? Moving on if I had to tell which was my favorite part, I would have to copy and paste the ENTIRE THING... I know, super cliche, but it is SO TRUE!!! I hope that you make this story 100 chapters long. Okay I know you won't but PLEASE make a sequel. Or at least a one shot of Al and Fides's marriage. WAIT, they are getting married right... RIGHT! I'm so happy that you updated soon. When I saw it I was like this must be a mistake, but then I was like YES! Im so happy that this chapter was quite lengthy!! I just wanted to let you know that every single one of my compliments,You COMPLETELY deserve them. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY MINE AND ALL THE OTHERS AS WELL!!! I'm SO HAPPY that ou gave my story a chance. I can not tell you how HAPPY I was when your reviews were even better than mine. I don't like to brag, but for the really good stories my reviews are pretty epic. I don't know why but your one of the authors that are just so friendly, that it's really easy to leave reviews worthy of your talent. I rate you story 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,/10. I think your EPICNESS just broke the scale. Wow, I'm really cliche today amnt I. I just have one favor to ask of you. UPDATE SOON OR I WILL DIE AND GO TO HEAVEN AND THEN COME BACK AND COMPLAIN. Actually I probably won't, but if it takes you two months to update I will come back and haunt you. So the conclusion, YOU ARE AN ELIC. SRITER, YOUR STORY ROCKS MY PURPLE SOX OFF, AND UPDAT SOON!!

Author's Response: So I should be doing my maths prep (sorry we call homework prep at my school because we aren't exactly at home) right now but I may or may not have thrown it out of the window in frustration...ops!
Anyways I want to say a massive thank you! I have had a pretty miserable couple of days so this review has made me so unbelievably happy I think I might burst (which would be pretty unfair on my dorm mate because I doubt she wants to clear that mess up!)

To answer your question the fish in fish fingers are whitefish, such as cod, haddock or pollock, which has been battered or breaded (I did not google that I swear *she lies*)

I'm so glad you liked this chapter because I thought you might not like it because it's kind of uneventful but the other chapters I have written just weren't jelling well because I felt like I needed to develop the characters a bit more. Hearing you say you liked it made me so relieved and happy so thank you so much. I hope the length of the story made up for the uneventfulness.

I hoping to make this story of a decent size and have debated writing a short sequel but I think it would be best if I complete this one first and just see where it takes me. However, after popular demand I have considered doing a one shot on Madge as soon as I've got this story going properly. As for Fides and Al we are just going have to wait and see (read in cryptic voice).

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your story so much and I hope my crappy reviews bring you the same amount of joy that yours bring me. I think you're really talented so your reviews just make me want sing every beatles song ever written (which again would be terribly unfair on my dorm mate). I'm trying really hard to explain how amazing you are but failing because there aren't good enough words! I have to agree with you that your reviews are amazing so I'm so happy that you take the time to write them to me.

I'm going to try as hard as possible to update soon but my school likes to overwork us but I'm making an unbreakable vow to you now that I will spend all my free time writing the next chapters (as well as reading your epic story!)

I better go and rescue my maths book because I think it might rain in a second!

Thank you for being the amazing and talented person that you are and please update your story because it is incredible.

I LOVE YOU AND YOU ARE THE COOLEST PERSON ALIVE! Unless you end up dying because of my slow updates (which hopefully won't happen) but then you would be the coolest ghost!

I wish you all the best,
the girl you have nearly killed with happiness!

p.s. I'm a lover of cliches!

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Review #16, by AlbusPotter123456789123456789 Chapter 3: The unlikley uses of a croissant

4th March 2012:
Madge is probably more okay in the head than he is. Wow I can be such a bitch. Thank God no one can read my thoughts. YEAH!! You got Madge in there AGAIN!! I really love your story so NEVER STOP!! YOU ARE AN AMAZINGLY AWESOME WRITER!! UPDATE SOON!! And reading this inspired me to write the next 5 chapters!!!

Author's Response: You won the prize for spotting Madge! The prize is the next Chapter of Fortes in Fides is in queue! I'm so smart I found a loop hole to the blocking problem I was having at school!
Thank you so much for all the compliments I really don't deserve them. Your reviews really cheer me up especially since I've had a couple of rough days so Thank You for filling my day with joy.
I really really love your story too! I think you are a very talented writer who is very funny and I look forward to the next chapter.
You are the dog's, elephant's and cat's pyjamas and I love you and your reviews so much as well as your fandabiedosie story!

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Review #17, by clownfish_potter1188 Chapter 3: The unlikley uses of a croissant

24th February 2012:
Hey, I've reviewed this chap already, jut thought that the first chapter of my fanfiction is up! Check it out if you want to ;)

Author's Response: Already done and reviewed! It was amazing!

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Review #18, by HarlowKittie Chapter one: Who the hell is Voldermort?!

24th February 2012:
Seems quite interesting and I look foward to reading more. Itll be my first oc certer fic

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing my story. I can't even begin to describe what it means to me! I can assure you there is alot to come so I hope you stick with this story as it would make me so happy! I'll try to update as soon as possible.
Thank you once again for reading and reviewing as well as favouring this story, you have really brightened my day!

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Review #19, by littlemisssnape Chapter 3: The unlikley uses of a croissant

22nd February 2012:
My dearest Pheobe (or BFFL, or soupy friend, or Beatles friends, or the Jane to my Elizabeth-or the ELizabeth to my Jane, I don't really know which one you preffer. I like Lizzie better, but Jane used to be my favorite. I find Mary very funny, but you know who I love the most? Mrs. Bennet!!! And Mr. Bennet!! they are hilarious! "Oh, Mr. Bennet! You have no compasion for my poor nerves!" I just love all of them! And Mr. Darcy of course!! I don't like Caroline Bingley though, she looks like a hiena to me! Ok, sorry now I was just talking about P&P for far too long!)

So anyway! I enjoyed this chapter a lot!!! I really want to know what's up with Fides's past and everything. I love Rose! and I can't wait to find out more about her and Scorpius! I am a bit sad that Madge isn't in the story anymore :(, you should totaly write a one-shot or a spin-of about Madge. It would be brilliant! The food fight was great! It was so sweet. I like Al! I'm really excited to see what will happen there.

Did you ever have a food fight at your bording school? How was your first day back? I hope you didn't get food poisoning, because that would mean that it would be the end of this story and I really want to see what will happen. And also you know, I don't want you to die cause I like you, you are my best any only BFFL!
So stay amazing, *virtual hugs as always* and a snickers brownie congratulations on this chapter!

Author's Response: My Soupy-Beatle-Jane-Elizabeth-mrs/mr Bennet-Twin!
I would have to say Lizzie is my favourite too and always has been. I love Mr and Mrs Bennet too but I have to say I love Mr Colins! Oh and Lady Catherine (because she's an idiot). Weirdly enough I just returned my P&P copy to the Library today. Twas sad indeed.

Just wondering have you ever seen or read the Little Princess because that is also one of my go to films when I'm ill.

I have laods in store for Rose and Scorpius as well as Fides (of course). The next chapter also has quite alot of Al and Fides interaction too and it was loads of fun to write. I'm just editing it now as well as finding a loop hole to the blocking situation. Don't panic Madge will return in later train rides if you stick around long enough! I was actually thinking of doing a one shot on Madge because she has proven to be quite popular! I'll wait untill I have more chapters posted up too.

I have had many a food fight at school because the boys are idiots! However they are really fun but I always feel bad for the cleaning staff!

sorry for the late reply but my first day was terrible because I was sleep walking throughout the entire day. In fact when it got to prep (that's boarding school lingo for home work because we aren't exactly at home are we?) I fell asleep on my chair. Attractive I know.

I'll try my best not to die because I will miss your story and your reviews too much!

Thank you so so so much for the review as well as the dedication on your recent chapter! It made me cry!

Virtual hugs

p.s. I'm tots listening to Jack Johnson at the mo!

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Review #20, by clownfish_potter1188 Chapter 3: The unlikley uses of a croissant

21st February 2012:
You are AMAZING.

I love this chapter and can't wait for the rest of the story :)
10/10 (As always)

Author's Response: I LOVE YOU!
you probably already know this but I thought I would remind you. I'm glad you like this chapter because I thought you guys might have found it a bit boring so this has really cheered me up and encouraged me to continue.
I'm just going through some editing of Chapter 4 which is much longer you will pleased to know and has a lot of character development. I'm really hoping my school doesn't block it but if it does please don't abandon me I will find a way to update mark my words.
Anyhows thank you for the reviews you have no idea what they mean to me and I'll keep you updated as to when I post the next chapter.
I love you and your reviews really brighten up my day.

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Review #21, by AlbusPotter123456789123456789 Chapter 2 The Hat Talks!

19th February 2012:
"Hogwarts: a History- my mum treasures that book more than me so if you damage it in any possible way she will personally come into your room at night and kill you!” I almost peed myself. Bloody hell if you keep up righting hilarious chapters, my mum is going to keep wondering why I always laugh when I'm on the laptop. And the Sarah Parker thing was quite genius as well.Same goes for when Rose said "I managed to persuaded James to lend you his Qudditch throughout the ages, it’s probably the only book he has actually read. I swear to God he nearly cried when he heard you didn’t know what Qudditch was." I was like typical James Potter. Well I could go on and on and name the parts I liked but the. I would just have to put the whole story. ( okay I know that was SUPER cliche, but come on cut me some slack.) anywho your story is SUPER MEGA FOXY AWESOME!!! Lol A Very Potter Musical. Gotta love StarKidPotter. Anyway I for one did not roll my eyes when I read the whole orphan part. Im dieing to know her history. PLEASE PLEAS E PLEASE UPDATE SOON. I don't I've ever gotten so attached to a story after only 2 chapters but what can I say YOU ROCK EVERYBODY'S SOCKS OFF THEIR LITTLE FEET. Anywho I really want to know if she falls in love with James or Albus. I know you probably won't tell me but I just couldn't resist. I had to ask. NEVER FORGET YOU'RE AN AMAZING WRITER!! Ps: I love how you got Madge's name in their. Even if it was only for a second.

Author's Response: YAY another review!
*several minutes later of dancing around in circle whilst gaining worried looks from my parents*
I'm so glad you liked this chapter too because I wasn't too confident with it and the fact it actually made you laugh makes me so flipping happy. (Fides will be happy to hear that you thought the Sarah Parker thing was funny ;)) haha I just closed the brackets on a smiley face and he looks fat. Not funny? Okay then.
No I LOVE cliches its my middle name (do you like the cliche I put in there for you?)
Wow I have never been called super mega foxy awesome before in my life so I thank thee and returneth the favour (don't asketh me why I am now speakething in old English but just goeth with it).
I can safely say that Fides's history is very interesting and she has a lot of secrets to spill in chapters to come. I'm hoping the pace will begin to pick up so it's only a matter of time. I'm sorry but I'm going to have leave you in suspense over who she falls in love with but I think it will become clear in the next few chapters.
Chapter 3 is already in queue and should hopefully be validated by Tuesday if we are lucky. I have a couple more chapters written out but I may not be able to post them depending on whether my school blocks the page. I'll let you know what is happening. I think I managed to get Madge a mention in the third chapter too- I just can't get enough of her! It should become a game like spot Madge- makes the reading experience so much more enjoyable.
Your reviews are super mega foxy awesome and rock my socks of my little feet (and dobby's). Thank you for making my day, no week!

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Review #22, by AlbusPotter123456789123456789 Chapter one: Who the hell is Voldermort?!

19th February 2012:
I look down at the gold badge that’s pinned to her crisp white apron that says “hello my name is Madge”. Of course she is called Madge, why wouldn’t she be. After all she is the stereotypical old lady who lives in her lavender house knitting socks for her grandchildren whilst rocking back and forth on her old oak chair. She is so sickly sweet, right down to her overpowering sugary scent, that I think I might be sick. No wonder she is the trolley lady seeing as she looks and smells like a giant walking candyfloss. Lol when I read that I was like she makes so much sense. My friends grandmother is named Madge, and she's exactly like that. What a coincidence!!! She has alot of wrinkles,and blue eyes too. Now you might think I was making this up, but I'm telling the truth. It's kind of scary. And when I read. They make me feel like I should confess my sins or bathe in holy water for a week (which in my case probably wouldn't be long enough). I was laughing like no tomorrow. You're story is one of he few that really make me laugh. You are defiantly one of my favorite authors though I just read a chapter. Goes to show you how amazing you are. I really like Madge so could you try to put her in future train rides. Also how is it to live at a boarding school? Is it just like Hogwarts? Or is it even better? If it is it must be pretty incredible!! Sorry it might be a bit weird that a girl u don't know is rambling on about how ur life is. If u don't want to answer, it's completely okay by me. And by the way, I didn't accidently click on this and I will remember that she has seen death. Well there's another chapter so I'm off to read it. Ciao

Author's Response: GAH! Thank you so much for this review it makes me so unbelievably happy and really encourages me to continue with this story so thank you thank you thank you! Did I say thank you probably not so THANK YOU!

I'm so happy you like Madge, she appears to be quite popular- perhaps I should write the story in her perspective, It would be way more fun. Also I'm a little freaked out that there is a real life Madge but I really want to meet her too! Don't worry I have many plans for Madge to return in the train rides, I just hope you will stick with me for long enough!
Your comments mean so much to me even though I really don't deserve them and the fact that my random rambling (hey look alliteration my english teacher would be so proud) made you laugh makes me bubble over with happiness.
I love boarding and I suppose it is pretty similar to Hogwarts in the way that we have houses, a lake, a forest etc. but I think the real Hogwarts would be so much better. Apparently though J.K. Rowling was inspired by our school but I have no idea how much of that is true. I'm actually travelling back to school tomorrow which should be fun.
I love getting asked questions even if it is completely irrelevant to this story e.g. is there really butter in peanut butter? so ask away.
I love you so much for this review you have really made me so overly happy. (I think my sister is getting freaked out by my manic smile).
THANK YOU again and I hope you enjoy the next chapter.

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Review #23, by clownfish_potter1188 Chapter 2 The Hat Talks!

19th February 2012:
Hehehe, I was on the floor in hysterics (yet again) when I heard Oliver in German part, because once I actually spoke German in my sleep. I had gotten back from my friends house, and for the majority of my time there, they were babbling at each other in German. Apparently, when they translated it for us, I was saying stuff along the lines of "hose ate shoe box."

Once again, I'm about to remind you, I'm pathetic. Anyway, I'm still waiting for chapter 3 ;)

Author's Response: I get two Reviews? This is what royalty must feel like! I'm so glad my rambling managed to make you laugh because your review certainly did. "hose ate shoe box" nice.
You're not pathetic because you are the coolest person in the world and I love your reviews- they make me so happy.
sorry that was probably a bit full on but I have trouble with containing my emotions (that's what the doctor said anyway. I'm just joking...)
Anyhows you'll be pleased to here that I put the third chapter in the queue two days ago and the current backlog is 4 days so fingers crossed it will be here soon.
However, I have some grave news for you (worse than when Harry found out he was a Horcrux...Okay maybe not that bad) you may have gathered that I go to a boarding school and because they are all death eaters they sometimes block the page which allows me to post chapters. Therefore there is a possibility that chapter 4 will take a while to appear but I will make sure I have loads of chapters to post in the hols so please don't give up on me. However I might just get lucky and they won't block it so fingers crossed.
In the mean time enjoy chapter three when it comes and thank you thank you thank you for your amazing reviews. I love you!

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Review #24, by clownfish_potter1188 Chapter one: Who the hell is Voldermort?!

19th February 2012:
You are possibly my new favorite author.

I swear, I burst into song, full out screaming 'the hills are alive' at the top of my voice. I saw your review for the epilogue of 'still delicate' and I just had to go and see who this person who left the funny review was. I was very pleased with the result. Don't put yourself down, your a good writer :)

Everybody say NAY! It's actually quite warm today, the first warm day of 2012, which means I'm in a very good mood, causing me to submit my first chapter of my first fan fiction EVER. It's yet to be validated. Definitely keep posting them, Marge just makes my day, and love the alternative name for chocolate frogs. I would still buy them even if they were called snot noodles though, I ADORE CHOCOLATE! And food in general. I tried giving it up for lent, but it failed miserably and I gave up after 2 hours. I'm so pathetic.

Anyway, submit chapter 3 ASAP, I still have to read chapter 2. Keep submitting, and I did translate the title, but I won't give it away. Keep writing, you are hilarious!

Author's Response: So I was sitting in my bed munching innocently on a Viennese biscuit and was just like hmmm I wonder if anyone has read my story yet? So I went to check and I literally chocked on my scrumptious biscuit when I saw your review- so if you want new chapters please refrain from killing me!
So you probably gathered from my review for "Still Delicate" that I was in a bit of an emotional state and then I saw your lovely (wait I'm going to look for a better word because your review deserves it...)
*several thesaurus checking minutes later*
...and then I saw your pulchritudinous (real word. who knew?) review and it just set me off again. In all seriousness your review meant so much to me and has encouraged me to continue with this story so THANK YOU!
I'm glad you like Madge and I might make her appear again much later in the story but don't fall of your chair in anticipation because it hurts (seriously I would know seeing as I just did whilst choking on my biscuit).
You like food? stupid question I mean who doesn't? I LOVE food so I'm getting quite nervous for the upcoming lent as I fail every time like you. You're not pathetic because I'm just as bad- food is my kryptonite.
Where on earth do you live because I'm in Scotland at thee moment and I'm convinced I'm going to die of pneumonia which would be pretty inconvenient I'm not going to lie.
I'm really looking forward to your story and I promise I'll be the first to review as soon as it's validated!
Good on you for translating the title because it will appear later on in the story-quite important.
Thank you sooo much for all your compliments and you have made being a shut-in worthwhile. (I'm just joking about the last bit *she lies*). I can't get over how amazing this review is. You have made my life! I'm now going on a writing frenzy to get the next couple of chapters written just for you.
Good luck with your Fan Fiction and thanks again I really don't deserve all your compliments.

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Review #25, by littlemisssnape Chapter 2 The Hat Talks!

19th February 2012:
So first of all, i forgot to anwser one of your questions in my reply: The story I'm lucky...(I am to lazy to write the entire tittle), will last for seven whole years, so I've got a lot of work to do still. But the first few years are shorter: as you have probably noticed, but then they are going to get longer.
So now, onto the real part of the review: Firstly I am so happy that MAdge was mentioned again. I love her still and always will (you se how poetic Madge gets me). Second, I absolutely adore Rose! I think she is portrayed wonderfully so well done. I also really want to find out about Fides's past (where did you get the name Fides? I've never herd it before). SO anyway I am in a bit of a hurry, great chapter I am excited that the next one is already waiting for validation. Sorry for the shorter review.
lots of love, always
Lana, your BFFL plus big virtual hugs

Author's Response: YAY my BFFL!
I'm so happy you liked the second chapter and I have also just noticed that Madge is mentioned in the third chapter too! I just can't get enough of her. Madge has that effect on people. I'm really glad you like Rose too because she is really fun to write.
Yh Fides has a lot of secrets to spill in the story (because whats the point of a character who doesn't reveal her secrets). I got the name Fides from my favourite Latin saying (nerdgasm) Fortes in Fides- shocker I know. Technically it's meant to be Fide (pronounced Fee-day) but I thought Fides sounded better as a name. By the way the title and her name will become clear in probably chapter 4 so watch out for it.
Thanks so much for reading and reviewing it means sooo much to me!
virtual hugs.

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