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Review #1, by MargaretLane orbs.

20th December 2013:
*laughs at "major assassination duties*

And you know the funny thing? I haven't got as far as the romantic part yet, but so far you've managed to make the idea of students at Hogwarts playing kissing games and the idea of regular dances at Hogwarts seem plausible. I don't read many stories with those things, so can't really say other writers don't, but I generally think they are rather American teen dramaish for Hogwarts and yet they were pretty plausible here.

Yikes, Blaise's comment about wanting them even more when they "play hard to get" is downright creepy. Especially since physically attacking somebody is a lot more than playing "hard to get". It's fairly clear she didn't want him to kiss her.

*laughs at the dance involving imitating a Hippogriff*

And I love the idea of Luna believing in a creature that hides in your breakfast cereal. That's hilarious.

When Luna is telling Draco her blood status, there should be a full stop after "Pureblood." and "she wrinkled her nose", should have a capital "s" on the "she" as that's a separate sentence.

Draco's comment about the grounds of Hogwarts being dangerous for young girls is kinda creepy too. I mean, I suppose they ARE, but saying it like that makes it sound like he's planning to murder her or something, which, you know, isn't entirely impossible. I mean, he wouldn't, since he couldn't even murder Dumbledore and I guess it'd be harder for him to murder somebody in his own class, but since he is a Death Eater at this point, it is definitely possible they could make him do something dodgy.

Again, when Draco says "sort of" and shrugs, there should be a full stop after "sort of" and a capital letter starting the next sentence.

The last part surprised me. I didn't expect the thing to be declared a hallucination. It explains a lot though, particularly Hermione's final summing up of present and future events.

Author's Response: Hello again! Hee, it's the most wildly implausible thing I've ever written (well, thinking about it, probably not) so I'm glad it actually comes off as quite plausible! I'm kinda baffled by the fanfic trope of the school masquerade ball - the highlight of my secondary school experience was pretty much whenever the canteen served chips - but you've gotta love it as a trope for the possibilities it offers for drama.

Yep! Blaise is downright creepy. He scoops the inagural Robin Thicke award for 2013 in this!

Oops! Didn't even realise there were typos - thanks for pointing those out :) I'll edit when I get a chance.

Hee, I didn't feel like there was any other way to end it. Also, I wanted to use that terrible, terrible, 'and he woke up and it was all a dream' trope.

Thanks so much for the review! ♥

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Review #2, by IceCubism orbs.

22nd June 2013:
OMG the Twilight part was hilarious and brilliantly ingenious xD

Author's Response: Thank you, glad you liked it! I've always been amused by that scene from Twilight, although I think 'Say it out loud' 'MERMAID' might have been funnier. Thanks for reviewing! ♥

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Review #3, by willow1 orbs.

4th June 2013:
so funny and stupid (not stupid in a bad way, I am just saying that the intentional stupidity is funny)! I love that the string quartet pops out of nowhere and is quite flawed. The husky voice section is perfect for a spoof. It gets straight to the point of how stupid the ship is. The game is also a perfect element. I don't really like Druna or Dramiony at all. Draco/ Pansy I understand, but Luna is so sweet. If you want to see how impossible the ship is reread Harry Potter and don't read to many fanfictions in which the authors make Draco sound better than he is in the Harry Potter books-

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Slapstick is definitely my thing, I may have taken it to a couple of extremes in this one-shot...I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I definitely agree that fandom makes Draco a lot nicer than canon Draco - I'm guilty of it myself!

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Review #4, by Jessica orbs.

14th April 2013:
I just thought, in some places, the parody got a teensy bit serious. But then, there would be something ridiculously outrageous in the next line and I would be all "Bahaha!"
I sorta hate Dramione too. :)
AND vampire Draco... interesting.
It was edgy sorta funny, you know? Nice job. Lovely writing.

Author's Response: Hehe, glad you liked it! It does kind of toe the line between serious and ridiculous in places - but then again, doesn't Dramione ;)

Thank you so much for reviewing! ♥

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Review #5, by miss_lestrangexoxo orbs.

5th March 2013:
this actually made my day reading it. This was fantastic, and i love the ending!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, glad you liked it! :3 ♥

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Review #6, by aleshapatel orbs.

14th February 2013:
Ok, so now I have that out my system, I just wanted to say, this was a brilliant piece of fanfic. You made it humorous but still managed to sound... smart?
Ok not sure THAT sounds "smart", but it is 4.16 in the morning and I am a little bit worse for wear.
Im actually lost for words, keep writing, please.

Author's Response: Up until that keyboard smash, you were typing somewhat coherently! But I know that feel bro.

Thanks so much for saying so! Well, I mostly write fanfiction at 4.16 in the morning, so...we have something in common there.

Glad you liked it :3 ♥

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Review #7, by MissMdsty orbs.

11th February 2013:
Hello there!

When I saw the pairings list and the word parody I just knew I had to read it! And it didn't dissapoint. I will never be able to understand Dramione either and I gave up trying. That will never work out, not ever!(says the girl who is a closet Sirius/Lily shipper). Back to you, m'dear!

I had parts of this where I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes! When you described Draco as a solid rock and with its weight on his shoulders. When he met with Luna. I spent a few good minutes laughing when he and Hermione had that "Twilight" moment with "I know what you are" "Say it" and then boom! No mark! I loved that!

But I didn't love anything as much as I loved this quote "For one night, homework, classes, and major assassination duties could be forgotten under the enchanted ceiling of the Great Hall.". That sums up the entire plot and tragedy of it all. Quite well in fact.

I loved this story, your humor and the way in which you showed these pairings! Good job!

Author's Response: Haha, thank you so much! I will admit that Dramione can be quite a guilty pleasure for me, even if I find the concept of the ship quite improbable. And this was dead fun to write.

Really glad you enjoyed it, and thank you so much for reviewing! ♥

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Review #8, by hdawg orbs.

6th September 2012:
This banner legit made me laugh of loud. Tom Felton just looks so damn beautiful, am i rite? ;) but gah, I wrote a whole fic about this and I regret it now. But ah well, I look forward to seeing your thoughts on it, and especially now that I agree with most of them.

"Daphne Greengrass and Theodore Nott, although they were less attractive and therefore less important". ah3h3h3, oh I like this. And the annual dance, nice touch. I can taste your irony from here (not literally, although I always imagine irony to taste like syrup)

'But,' Theodore's face clouded with confusion. 'What if they got papercuts-' That made me genuinely laugh out loud, which doesn't very often happen in fics. 10 house points for Julia!

"Draco, as the most handsomest, richest, and famousest member of the group, possessed an authority as solid as a particularly solid rock. Like all rocks, it was also heavy, and Draco often felt burdened and angst-ridden by the metaphorical weight of it upon his shoulders." Oh woe is Draco! But seriously, I love all your ironic cliches. You are just fandabbydozey.

Oh a masquerade ball! There should be some kind of internet bell to ring every time there is a cliche. And of course it would sound like the Inception brm. BRM.

"I like it when they play hard to get,' Blaise said, with a smouldering glance towards the dancefloor. 'Makes me want them even more.'" AHHH. I don't like Blaise, that is fully scary. But lolol, you wrote Pansy in the old quizilla way, and oh how I have a weak spot for laughing at Pansy when you write her like that.

But he needed his eye mask first (it was black, to match his outfit and his angst-ridden soul).../'Masks on,' Draco muttered. 'We've got girls to kiss.' When I read that in the chapter summary, I genuinely imagined gas masks and thought that it would be awfully hard for him to kiss anyone when he looked like a ghostbuster. But you have cleared this up for me. Thank you, oh brilliant one ;)

"'We already shook on this,' Blaise said cautiously, as Draco thrust his hand out./'Shake again!' Draco barked." I love this. There is something about it that made me laugh. I can just see him commanding in a kind of regal manner, like a king, a very drunk king...

And this dance is how I'm going to make friends at the Freshers Ball..."A silly dance that involved impersonating a Hippogriff; occasionally, the lights in the hall would illuminate another group of students stumbling around flapping imaginary wings and pecking their heads at thin air." Someone will join me and I'll know that I have found another kindred spirit. This sounds good.

"He sighed again, this time adding a bit more anguish to the act/he thought he could totally be the hottest babe magnet Slytherin house had ever seen." This boy is just brillopads. You don't understand how much I am laughing at this and at him - Slytherin's hottest babe magnet.

"He was drunk and he was at school and he was wearing a black tuxedo. That was the epitome of cool. That was the apex of the apex of cool." You are the apex of the apex. You are better than the apex.

"The dress was, indeed, very expensive and low-cut, made of some daringly red satiny material and built to hug the curves that she’d apparently been hiding, which Draco was rather pleased to see were mostly in the right places." I adore you.

THE DWARVES! "Out of nowhere, a string quartet began to play." They always appear just in time for some sombre music.

"I know what you are,' she said./'Say it,' he hissed. 'Say it out loud.'/'Sorry,' Draco said, a little sheepishly. 'I'm not supposed to get the mark until next week.'/'Christmas present, is it?" I reiterate my earlier point: I adore you.

"The music crashed into a climax with all the force of a troll with a jetpack. /'I still hate you,' she said, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Bright red lipstick smeared across her face." I need to say something witty to show you how much I love what you are writing, but instead I will just say that those were my intentions, but I can't think of anything to rival this genius.

"'Head Boy and Head Girl. Think of the shared dormitory. Think of the shared hot tub.'/'I don't want you to walk in on me coming out the shower or anything.'" Your cliche knowledge is astounding (unlike this review, which is terrible and consists of too many quotes with too little reflection on said quotes)

"I shall discover that I am actually the heiress of a substantial fortune and Blaise's long-lost sister and I get a makeover." AH CROSSOVER WITH MIA ZABINI. And lolol broom cupboard. AND BONSAI CROSSOVER WOO.

BUT AHHH I DIDN'T HAPPEN. AHH INCEPTION. AH IT WAS FUNNY AND I LIKE THIS. "This isn't an antidote,' he said. 'This is tea.'/She shrugged. 'Same thing.'" YOU KNOWWW!

Draco is legit a brooding vampire, how dare you suggest otherwise ;) Julia, this was hilarious. I want to cuddle you and let you know about how much I adore you for writing this and for making me laugh as much as you did. You are just brilliant. I love you. I LOVE YOU. I LURVE YOU ♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: it is the most beautiful, majestic photo of tfeltz in existence, how dare you mock it.

water you on about, irony tastes like spinach!

oh ho ho i like house points, they are pointy.

when you say ironic cliches, you really mean spinach-flavoured cliches, right?

brr rrr rrr rrrm.

yes, blaise is a bit of a creep, hehe. and remember pansy and the neck-high, floor-length, full-sleeved brown frilly nightdress? because I do.

gas masks! are you my mummy?

draco used to rule the world, seas would rise when he gave the word. now in the morning he sleeps alone, sweeps the streets he used to own.

it's the birdie dance, only magical!


I'm bringing sexy dwarves. hey! them other dwarves don't know how to act. hey!

seriously, though. /think/ of the shared hot tub.

inception dramione! brrrm.

I wuv yu ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #9, by OZ123 orbs.

29th February 2012:
This completely confused me, but I think I liked it.

Author's Response: Haha, thank you! ♥

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Review #10, by livinginamagicalparadise orbs.

21st February 2012:
This story made me laugh, though it had a way of confusing me. I still thought it was amazing. Great work!

Author's Response: Thank you, glad you liked it! ♥

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Review #11, by HarrietHopkirk orbs.

18th February 2012:
JOLOO YOU'RE MY FAVOURITE! Oh my dayz, I really, really love this. You made bad story lines good and everything was wonderful and beautiful and made me squee and fangirl with the best of them.

Tea, bonsai, orbs. Congratulations on this.

Author's Response: hatE it is myoot-you-elle. Ta, ta, ta lovely! I've wanted to write Dramione for so long but, you know, only in the parody way. ♥

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Review #12, by Zora Weasley orbs.

17th February 2012:
This is a amazing Parody of Draomine.
I realy don´t like that ship! and I love to read Parodies about it, but I agree with you that Luna/Draco is a nice ship. probably because it is just crazy and funny to imagine. I loved how you portrayed Luna.
I didn´t recognize the Twilight quote when I read it, I just thought it sounded familiar. But I think it is great that you managed to include this parody in your parody.
And the conclusion with the potion in the pbathroom was a really nice ending for the pice and outlook into a Astoria/Draco future.

Author's Response: Haha, I've never really got Dramione, and I felt I had to add to the huge pile of parodies that already exist. I do love Draco/Luna, though - seems to make more sense to me, somehow, because Luna is accepting and very open-minded and...okay, I won't try to justify the ship because I'll be here for forever and a day, haha.
Thank you so much for reviewing, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! ♥

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Review #13, by Dragonet orbs.

16th February 2012:
I LOVE THIS. I. Love. It.

Author's Response: Thanks very much! ♥

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Review #14, by ariellem orbs.

9th February 2012:
I know what you are,’ she said.

‘Say it,’ he hissed. ‘Say it out loud.’

‘Actions speak louder than words,’ she said, and, without warning, pulled up his sleeve.

The music died down a bit again.

‘Sorry,’ Draco said, a little sheepishly. ‘I’m not supposed to get the mark until next week.’

‘Christmas present, is it?’ Hermione said.

‘Sort of,’ Draco shrugged, but the music had begun to swell again. More pressing matters were at hand.

Complete genius, I'm actually in the same challenge you are AND I entered in with the same pairing, but some of the competition (like yours) is GENIUS!

Author's Response: Haha, Dramione /needed/ to be mocked. Can't stand it! Thank you for the lovely review (: ♥

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Review #15, by Livelaughlove25 orbs.

25th January 2012:
Haha, I recognized the twilight quote! Nice to meet a fellow twihard - or are you a mocker? Eh doesn't matter. I loved this story, it was ridiculously funny and Luna is amazing. :^D

Author's Response: Hee, not a twihard in the slightest :P I liked book two a little bit, but it was edward cullen generally that sort of put me off the series. Really glad you liked it, thanks for reviewing! :D ♥

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Review #16, by confusedlover orbs.

23rd January 2012:
very lovely.

well, this was interesting! i enjoyed this story very much...the end humored me greatly. go figure. well done and well-written. keep up that amazing work!! (:

Author's Response: Thank you very much! ♥

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Review #17, by mybabygoesrawr orbs.

22nd January 2012:
This story made me LOL. Which is saying something. When I got to the part where Hermione gives that whole spiel about knowing he has to kill Dumbledore and that she would find out she's the long lost Zabini daughter and she'll get a makeover, I was dying with laughter. Because I feel exactly the same way about that particular plot! Your sarcasm and dislike for certain ships was definitely apparent, at least to me, but it made the story that much more enjoyable. Especially when you used the word Orbs over and over and over. Anyway, funny spoof/parody! Definitely enjoyed it :D

Author's Response: Orbs! Glad you enjoyed it, haha. There are a ton of Dramione parodies out there, but I felt it just had to be parodied again~ thanks so much for reviewing! ♥

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Review #18, by Ravenclaw333 orbs.

22nd January 2012:

That is all.

Well, actually, that's not all because I made this challenge and I probably have an obligation to review your entry properly rather than the keyboard equivalent of an open-mouth gape.

This was brilliant. You incorporated all the horrible cliches of a spectacularly bad Dramione (the mask! the mudblood! angry Hermione! ORBS!) but somehow managed to sandwich that within the gloriously matter-of-fact humour I've come to associate with your stuff.

Please tell me that the "tricksy" Nargles was a reference to Gollum. Tricksy Hobbitses? Yes? No?

And the Twilight parody! It's like a parody within a parody! PARODYCEPTION.

And the daydream potion? That was good. That was very good. And a nice way to incorporate your OTP. Ten points for cleverness.

I don't know what the protocol is for discussing placings in reviews before anyone else has submitted their entry, but it's looking good, I assure you. Lookin' reeeal good.

Thanks for the entry, this made my morning.

Author's Response: Don't worry; the keyboard equivalent of an open-mouth gape is basically how I write these days, haha.

ORBS! The best word in the Dramione canon. Not that, like, there is a canon. But you know.


PARODYCEPTION homg we are truly upon the same level. -ception is my favourite suffix in the entire English language these days not that it's really a word or anything but.

Thanks so much for reviewing! :D ♥

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Review #19, by Aspidistra orbs.

22nd January 2012:
I never realised there were that many cliches with Dramione. I've never really liked that pairing.

"...his steely grey orbs, which were especially orby." Haha.

Love the twilight quote too!! *Goes off to look for more parodies.*

Author's Response: Haha, it's one pairing I've never really understood, and I felt there were some aspects that /really/ needed more parodying in the fic world. Glad you liked it & thanks for the reveiw! ♥

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Review #20, by Onomatopoeia orbs.

22nd January 2012:
I am so glad you did this, there were so many cliches that needed to be mocked, and you did that successfully.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yes, I am rather cobbsquinty about Dramione. Masquerade balls and such. Glad you liked it! ♥

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