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Review #1, by Charlotte The First Full Moon

22nd July 2013:
I thought maybe you could do a chapter where Tonks I'd taken in the house by Fenrir just like the other women. Keep up the good work!

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Review #2, by Arithmancy_Wiz The Meeting

11th December 2012:
Hi, Keira. I'm here returning the favor for the Holiday Review Swap.

I've always had a soft spot for Remus/Tonks, so when I saw this in your review thread, I couldn't resist. And even though we didn't really get into the relationship parts yet, I still definitely enjoyed this first chapter. I like how it was canon-esque but with your own spin.

I thought you really nailed the characterizations here. Tonk's nervous tapping and her school-age "flashback" seemed very true to form. I liked your insight into how others might perceive her or perceived her in the past: inept and unable to function without magic. It was sad but very realistic and also telling as to her character. It adds a whole "wanting to prove herself" dimension to why she might have volunteered at the end.

I also thought you captured a lot of Snape's telltale snark in this chapter. I really linked his line:

"...Remind me, Nymphadora which family your mother belongs to?"

And I'm so glad you included a few references to the relationship between Tonks and Moody. I always thought their mentor/mentee relationship was sweet and makes for a fun dynamic to read (like when you have him swatting at her hand -- very cute). From all the introductions to the teaser at the end, I thought this was a really great beginning.

On a technical note, there were a few instances in your dialogue where you used commas when there should have been periods and periods when there should have been commas when connecting the dialogue tags. It wasn't a huge deal but since I saw it a few times throughout, you might want to keep an eye out for that.

Thanks for tagging me for the review swap. Happy Holidays :)

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Review #3, by Ron 4 Hermione The First Full Moon

1st December 2012:
Hey! I couldn't resist reading this when I saw it was Remus and Tonks and I'm so glad I did!
I was going to review each chapter but then I just decided to review the last one because I just wanted to read it all, so I made notes as I read! :)

In the first chapter it took me like a paragraph or two to figure out whos point of view it was but then when I realised it was Tonks I went back and read the start and I was like well obvoiusly it's Tonks! I love the way you potray her and the fact she wanted to volunteer even more when she saw Remus shake his head was somewhat amusing but I could imagine her doing that.

I don't like Steven much in the second chapter but Tonks seems to be able to handle him and I like how Molly is protectivfe over her, it's a nice touch.

The third chapter and I think Jack may have a crush on her, but it's cute not creepy like Steven. Molly and Tonks really do have a nice relationship but I'm loving the relationship between Tonks and Mad-eye, it's serious but also fun as well.

Wow, I would not like to be Tonks in the fourth chapter! The pack are great, creepy but yoyu've wrote them really convincingly. I like the idea of Remus giving her his coat, smart idea.

Aww, my heart almost broke with Chalene in the fifth chapter. It must be awful to have seen your parents and brother be killed and now you have to live as a wearwolf with there killers. Bless Tonks for trying to comfort her, it was sweet.

Wow, this was an awesome chapter and I really do hope she is going to be ok.
This is an awesome story and I'm going to be adding it to my favourites so I know when you next update! :D

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Review #4, by The Last Marauder The First Full Moon

29th August 2012:
FINALLY, an update. This makes me so happy! ;-)

Anyway, to the review, wow this chapter was fantastic. It was really dark and very chilling. I thought you got Greyback's character spot on. He was really brilliant, evil, violent, insane in ways, great stuff. I loved the idea about burying the wands so as to abandon that life (the wizard one) and instead properly and fully embrace the wolf.

I loved this line:

"Remus was watching the sky with a stony expression - so similar to a man awaiting an old friend after a long dispute." - it was just a great way of phrasing everything, you know?

I loved the little flash-back to their conversation while they were collecting water. I loved that joke, "Dora, I'm being serious", with the retort "That's funny, I thought you were Remus." It made me laugh a good bit. It was such a Sirius things to say and I liked that Tonks's took it up herself. I also liked how it had painful memories for Remus too, because Sirius was dead. Oh yeah, on that point, I'm a little confused, which book is this set in again? Half-Blood Prince I presume?

I liked the plan of escape for Tonks, she was to use the pebble as a portkey and get to safety. Very clever. Then when that failed I honestly could think of no way out for her, I thought she was going to be bitten for sure or something, but that would make his story AU then, wouldn't it?

I loved how Tonks escaped, it was really tense, because I honestly wasn't sure if she would make it or not, and I loved that she choose The Burrow instead of her Mum's house or her own place. That was just really nice.

I loved how you are capturing life among the werewolves, it's ridiculously interesting and I can't get enough of it really. It seems very plausable and realistic!

Anyway, another fantastic chapter, 10/10, please update soon! PRETTY PLEASE, and more of "Mischief Managed" as well, please! :-)

Author's Response: Hey!
I'm so sorry for the lateness of my replies (and the new chapter of MM!) - I've had quite a lot of RL stuff to deal with!

Your reviews always, without fail, make me smile. Thank you! Woo! Greyback was one of those characters I hadn't really though much about until it came to writing him, and the character seemed already complete! I'm really glad you think this sticks with canon. :D

Aw thanks! This story is set (so far) in the summer before Sixth Year. Harry has yet to arrive at the Burrow after meeting Slughorn. :)

Hehe! Yey! I think that's my favourite comment so far! :D I love to keep readers on edge and wondering what could happen next :P Yep, this is definitely going to stay 100% canon. ;)

Once again, thank you so much for your reviews and ongoing support with my stories. I'm studying creative writing now at University (it's incredible!) which will hopefully mean I'll have more time to write what I like! Keira :)

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Review #5, by Elphaba and Boyfriends The Wolf's Den

18th July 2012:
I read through all five chapters last night and hope you will post more. :) So far this is shaping up to be a great take on the Remus/Tonks ship ... I love the twist that Tonks changes her appearance not because she is lovesick or depressed, but because she is going undercover with the werewolves!

I also loved the interactions between Tonks and Moody, they seem spot-on. I hope Tonks and Remus get a chance to take on Fenrir Greyback ... I've never felt sympathy for him, and he's especially evil here.

Author's Response: Hello :)

PAW is definitely on my list! However, I've got really bad writers block at the moment which is extremely annoying. But I think cracks are starting to appear which means there will be an update coming soon!

Ha! Oddly, you're one of the few who've actually made that connection so far :P Thank you very much for leaving such a lovely review! Keira :)

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Review #6, by Dinky Dau The Wolf's Den

13th July 2012:
I love how you write Tonks, especially when she's trying to figure out Remus. You are able to make my hair stand up the way you describe the wolf's den and your oc's are really believable characters. I'm also really impressed by the way you write emotions. Update soon :3

Author's Response: Hello :)

Oh, thank you for such a lovely review! I've had bad writers block for a while now, but think it's beginning to crack! Woo!

Hopefully they'll be an update soon! Thanks so much for reading and leaving a really kind review! Keira :)

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Review #7, by ficlit The Wolf's Den

29th May 2012:
Wonderful story. Hope you update soon : )

Author's Response: Hello :)

Thank you for reading and reviewing! I've got exams at the moment, but as soon as I've finished I'm dedicating a full week to P.A.W. xD

Hope yo continue to enjoy it! Keira :)

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Review #8, by CambAngst The Meeting

11th May 2012:
A very interesting start to what seems like a very interesting story.

Remus and Tonks are one of my favorite ships to read because we know so very little about their relationship from the books. There's a ton of room to explore and expand and easily stay completely canon-compliant.

I really liked Tonks's report to the Order. She's the kind of girl you just want to love like a little sister, precisely because you know that it will annoy her. Clearly some of her younger Auror colleagues feel that way about her, and apparently at least one has feelings that are a bit creepier. Ewww...

You did a great job setting up her relationship with Moody and with Snape. Even though his role in this is small, I liked what you did with Snape in general, making him abrasive and unfriendly to the others. Moody comes across like the world's scariest uncle.

Remus's report was a very interesting take on the social dynamics within a werewolf pack. I thought you did a great job of building this up and setting the scene. You also do a fantastic job of engendering sympathy for Remus. You make it clear that he doesn't really fit into either world.

Let's see, what else? You introduce some new OC's as well as characters from canon whose role was never defined in the books, like Amelia Bones. I like that you don't seem to be afraid to experiment a bit, and fill in gaps with your own insight and intuition.

Everything flowed very smoothly in your writing. Your narrative and dialog felt really natural, nothing was forced or artificial-sounding. You mix up your word choice and sentence structure nicely, so your writing doesn't sound flat or sing-songy.

This was a very interesting first chapter, and I find myself wanting to read more...

Author's Response: Hello :)

Thank you very much :) You've really understood my intention of making Tonks seem like a younger sibling. In my mind, the Order are all slightly protective of her - especially Moody and her collegues. Yes, Vincent is a little... creepy? :P

Remus never seems comfortable to me in the books; he's always an outcast. I'm so glad that this came across well! :)

Thank you so much for such as lovely review and for reading one of my stories! :)

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Review #9, by TooMuchMagic The Wolf's Den

10th May 2012:
I've never read a Remus/Tonks story before, so this will be an interesting first ride for me :) I'm enjoying it so far! Your characterisations are accurate and the story has been good. I look forward to seeing how you develop the characters and plot. Can't wait for your next update! (Btw, the names Charlene and Oliver Hemmingway are super cute. Just saying.)

Author's Response: Hello!

Oh - I'm glad I get to be your first! xD Well thank you very much - the characterisations are the most important factor to me and I'm so happy that you mentioned them! :)

I'm in the exam period at the moment so updates might be slower than usual, but they'll speed up as summer gets closer! :P

Thanks for reading and leaving such a lovely review! Keira :)

P.S. I agree! They came completely out of nowhere - my fingers decided to create them! :P

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Review #10, by ginerva_molly_weasley Just an Auror

8th May 2012:
Here I am for the review swap
Ooooh now I really like this chapter.

It almost seems like Tonks has some inner termoil still about whether she should have accepted the mission or not and that is shown by the flashbacks that she has showing the meeting. I thought the flashbacks really were excellent as whilst it recalled slightly what had gone on it also developed it without continuing the scene and I thought that worked really well.

I like your characterisation of Vincent too simply because he was slimy and I think if you can evoke emotion out of someone because you portray it that well then the writing must be brilliant.

I also like the idea of Tonks having an ally within the auror as it seems sometimes that its just a desolate place where no-one socialises in many fics! The idea also about her having to socialise with the werewolves is also interesting as it may help her get closer to Remus!

I love this!

Author's Response: Hello :)

Well thank you very much; you've picked up exactly what I was trying to portray. I'm so glad you think the flashbacks fit; they sometimes can seem really annoying or out of place - so I'm glad you think it works! :D

Awh - thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I really hope you continue to enjoy the story! Keira :)

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Review #11, by The Last Marauder The Wolf's Den

7th May 2012:
I had been waiting for this for a while, ever since you said that it was going to be validated soon, I have been checking every hour for about two days now!!! But I had to get some study done before I would read and review though, hence the delay!

Quick question though, why did you have to bump this up to mature? I couldn't find anything overly violent or anything about it really, just something I was wondering while reading.

Em... yeah, didn't like this chapter as much as the previous one, maybe it was just the long gap and I had forgotten what had come before, but I just had a bit of a sense of disorientation when reading it, as though I was not entirely sure what was happening or where Tonks was or what was going on (or was that your intention, because if it was your intention, you did a great job at it!), in the opening half anyway, once the conversation with Charlene started I knew where I was and what was happening.

I really liked how Lupin looked out for Tonks, how he made sure she stayed dry at night and how her food was cooked. Also in how he is very protective of her too. I also really like how you captured the werewolf society, how there is a hierarchy and everyone has their place with Greyback at the top. I liked how you had the children go through lessens, where they were taught to hate normal people. I wasn't too gone on how the children called everyone "uncle" or "aunt", it just seemed a bit too nice, if you get me. I just figured that Greyback wouldn't allow something like that, because it would make his werewolf society a lot like wizard or human society, which is the very thing he is trying to uproot, if you get me, or that could just be me here and I could be completely wrong!!!

The conversation between Charlene and Tonks was good. I particularly liked how you started it, with Charlene asking why she doesn't listen, children love asking questions so that was very convincing.

The ending was brilliant though, loved the ending, best bit! Well done for that, seriously good!

Anyway, can't wait for more and more MM. Hope the exams are going ok (I'm stuck in them too so I feel your pain!!!). Congrats as well on getting to do creative writing next year, completely deserved (based on your HPFF anyway), I did something like that last year and loved it, hope you get as much out of it as I did! Congrats. Keep writing, please, I'll go mad if you stop! Can't wait for more of your fics! :)

Author's Response: Hello! :)
I'm really sorry for the delay: exams, life, queue etc. :P The list can go on - the most important thing is that it's up! :P

Mature: I'm guessing it was the bit with Fenrir being... naughty :P That's only what I could come up with. :)

Hmm, well part of the idea behind this chapter is Tonk's slight diorientation. She's on a mission without her wand, pretending to be someone else, lost her metamorphus abilities, no idea where she actually is, surrounded by werewolves and rarely sees Remus - in mymind she's just focussing on what's directly infront of her then taking in all details as he normally woukd. Saying that, I didn't really want the reader to feel disorientated with where the chapter was going as well :/ I'll look back over it tonight and see if I can make it clearer! :)

Yey for Lupin; he always takes the blame on himself, so it would make sence for him to go slightly overboard in making sure that Tonks' life is slightly easier! :D

Oh, that's a really interesting take on the whole 'uncle' 'auntie' situation! In my mind, it was a sign of possession. Fenrir created this pack, so they must respect him - the 'uncle' etc names were a way of showing the werewolf bond - the pack life. But I comlpetely see where you're coming from! I'll try and make it clearer in the next chapter! :)

I'm just writing the next chapter of MM now so it'll hopefully be in the queue at some point this week. :D Ooh, good luck in them as well!

Thanks again for reading and reviewing - thanks also for pointing out the bits you're not sure on, it really helps me try to improve! :)

Keira :)

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Review #12, by TeaLupin Meeting the Pack

30th March 2012:
I really enjoy reading this story from Tonks point of view. Cant wait for the next chapter :D 10/10

Author's Response: Hello :)

Thank you very much :) Hopefully, the next chapter will be up soon!

Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

Keira :)

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Review #13, by SerpentineOffering Meeting the Pack

21st March 2012:
This was an incredible chapter! The plot is intense, the structure is amazing and it is incredibly well written! You could go a long way with this story and I can't wait to read more! Brilliant chapter! :) 10/10

Author's Response: Hello :)

Thank you very much! Ah! This review really made my day! :D

The next chapter will hopefully be up soon! (I'm a little behind on MM, but it'll be up straight after that! :) )

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!
Keira :)

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Review #14, by Moonyxluna Meeting the Pack

20th March 2012:
Wow.. Intense chapter! I don't really read a lot of Greyback but I think you did fantastic with his characterization. As well as Remus and tonks, but your characterization of them is always flawless anyway :) this chapter was very well written, and had me on the edge of my seat the entire read; so brilliant work.

I love the way his story is starting to unfold and I can't wait to read more! Great work :)

Author's Response: Hello :)

It was a slight break from her normal self wasn't it? :P Awh - thank you so much! Also thank you for your continued support with this story!! It's brilliant!

Keira :)

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Review #15, by The Last Marauder Meeting the Pack

20th March 2012:
BRILLIANT! BRILLIANT BRILLIANT! BRILLIANT! BRILLIANT! I could repeat that word forever and it still wouldn't be enough to describe this! :)

I LOVED THIS! I'm genuinely serious, I LOVED IT! This is officially now my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE Lupin/Tonks fic on HPFF (and believe me, I've been on this site since 2007, and I've read pretty much very Lupin/Tonks fic here, and I write them myself, so I'm not easily impressed, but this BLOWS MY MIND!!)

You're characterisation is flawless, absolutely FLAWLESS! I love Tonks, I love how you get inside her head and bring her to life here on the page. She is so realistic, so believable, exactly like I imagined her to be! Loved that Hufflepuff loyalty there, you can argue that it's better than Gryffindor bravery, becuase hey, you need to be brave to be loyal, so Hufflepuffs, in a way, already have all the qualities Gryffindor's prize, or maybe I'm going to far?

Lupin was great too, you had that self-depreciation on the werewolf front down to perfection. We get this sense that he hates what he is, but at the same time is embracing it so he can help Dumbledore and the Order, so he can do his part in the fight against Voldemort. That and I loved how protective of Tonks is was too.

Incidently, I am ridiculously happy that you are not going for that love at first sight rubbish with the pair of them. It is far more believable if they get to know each other and then fall for eachother. Other fics wreck my head like that, they have this first moment where they meet and from then on everything is just fluff romance which makes me cringe and want to scream. Your way, however, is how it should be (or at least how it is in my head anyway!).

I loved Greyback as well. You had his way of speaking and thinking down to a pound. Brilliant stuff. Again, he is exactly like he is in the books. You also achieved that without having him swear/use overly vulgar language (a lot of fics do that). I think it is much harder, but far more effective, to do what you've done and capture him without having to resort to such over the top obscenities. I mean JK Rowling didn't do that, so why should fan-fic writers?

Em... yeah, I just freakin' loved this. 100/10. Seriously. 1,000,000/10 even! Please keep writing this! Please, I'll go mad if you don't. Thank you so much for sharing this story, and for taking my favourite characters in the whole wide world of literary canon and creating such a brilliant story in which you stay true to their natures and personalities! No easy feat that. Well done.

Ps. not that it matters or anything... but why you no reply to my review on MM? :-/

Author's Response: Hi!!

Ah! You've no idea how much this review made my week! I just want to go write the next chapter immmediately!! (Though I can't... it's MM week next week! :P)

Ah! Really? Wow! I'm so glad you're enjoying this and Mischief Managed! :) Yey for characterisation... haha - I keep sending Dumbledore away - he scares me slightly :P

I really don't know how to reply to this - it's the exact same issue I had with your review for MM (hence the ridiculous delay in responding!) -they're so kind and make me want to write that I have no idea how to respond! :P

Just - thank you so much for supporting my stories and leaving such amazing reviews!!!

Keira :)

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Review #16, by HuffGriffSlyRaven Time to Change

19th March 2012:
I have loved your story so far and can't wait for the rest of it. I am glad someone is finally delving into this tragic romance. Good job and loads of luck!

Author's Response: Hello :)

Thank you very much for reading and for the lovely review :) The next chapter has just been validated (about an hour ago).

So I really hope you enjoy it! Keira :D

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Review #17, by Elenia Time to Change

23rd February 2012:
It's me again (:

Wow! I mean just wow! Your characterization keeps getting better and better in every chapter! Tonks, Moody, Remus, they're all just so perfectly written, I couldn't find anything to critisize about them. Just amazing!

This plot seems to be so interesting, I can't wait for you to post more chapters! I really want to see where this all is going!

And your descriptions and all the little details you sprinkle everywhere! They're amazing, it's just so great and keeps the reader captivated through the whole chapter. Love it.

Brilliant work! I hope you update soon! I'm really glad we did this swap and I got to read more of this story because this is going straight to my favourites!

Author's Response: Hey (again!( :P

Yey for characterisation xD Haha - Molly was fun to write in this - Ginny & Ron will be making an appearance soon! :P

The next chapter is the top of my to-do list (shortly followed by school work ;) ). I just need to finish the next chapter of MM first, but hopefully it'll be up this week :)

Thanks so much for leaving these reviews! They really made my day xD And I'm glad aswell - I really loved your story :)

Keira ♥

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Review #18, by Elenia Just an Auror

23rd February 2012:

First of all, great chapter! It just flowed forwards perfectly. The pacing was nice and mellow, and the little flashbacks just fitted perfectly. Nice job!

Amazing job on Tonks! I think she's very real to her character, just the way I imagined her to be!

I loved all your ideas. The part where Dumbledore explained that Remus was to 'bite' Tonks, and she would just transform the markings on her skin, was very creative. And I also loved the little comments about the growing dark forces, you know, the removal of the family photos and the safety measures on the notes. Those were really good.

Great job! I'll read the next chapter now (:


Author's Response: Hey! :)

Yey! :P I'm always wary of keeping Tonks canon - my hardest task so far has been Dumbledore! He's so difficult! Haha - normally he just becomes mute ;).

Thank you so much for leaving this review! ♥

Keira :)

P.S. Loved your story! xD

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Review #19, by HarrietHopkirk Time to Change

23rd February 2012:
I love, love, love this! Love me some Remus and Tonks - Rowling wrote them so beautifully in the book and I think they were so ignored in the films (maybe because the actress who played Tonks really frustrated me!) that I jump on board any sort of Remus/Tonks fic! I love the parallel you've drawn to Beauty and the Beast! ♥

Your characterisations are pretty spot on. I love your take on Moody, Tonks and Remus, and you seem to have a really tight grasp on Snape and Dumbledore! Aah, I love how you've written all of them! So good!

I love your writing style too! Just watch out for having /too/ much action, remember to have some thoughts and emotions in their for a bit of contrast. I would also try and vary your sentence structure a little bit: you've got a lot of sentences that are short, and they work really well at moments when impact is needed. Try varying it a bit: use colons, semi-colons, commas, hyphens, whatever. It'll make it flow better too.

Other than that, I really love what you've done here! Some great stuff! Sweet and touching and funny in places! Well done! ♥

Author's Response: Hello :)

Ah! Me too! It's one of my major let downs about the film is how they cut out Tonks and Remus! And completely about Teddy! :P Oh thank you xD I came up with this idea whilst I was at a Christmas pantomine of... Beauty and the Beast ;) so I'm glad it's coming across :P

Hmm okay - I get what you mean! I'll have slower parts in the coming chapters - hopefully the next one will be up soon ;) Haha! I normally get told I write too long so have been deliberately writing in short sentances :P I'll try and find a middle ground soon! :)

Thanks so much for the review ♥

Keira :)

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Review #20, by The Last Marauder Time to Change

21st February 2012:
Yay! I was so glad when I saw that you had updated it. The chapter reads so well, I mean your mastery of how to tell a story and make it flow effortlessly is brilliant!

I really like the relationship between Tonks and Moody - Tonks had me laughing on both occasions when she threw in those funny retorts about Moody. I like how he obviously cares about her, but at the same time still treats her with that stiffness we associate with Moody. What I mean is that he doesn't seem out of character at all!

I loved the paragraph of Tonks's thoughts at the beginning, that made me laugh too. It was a really good piece. Overall, I love how you are getting inside Tonks's head, it's so realistic and convincing - I dunno why but I always find her hard to write myself, but you've done such a brilliant job *stares jealously* ;-)

Oh yeah, I also like how you are creating this sort air of mystery about Lupin - Tonks doesn't know why he is fighting and she doesn't understand him - that's why she cannot copy his eyes. It's really cool!

Anyway, I am really liking this story. Please keep going with it. I can't wait for the next chapter, but right now, this is going into my favourite's list ;) 10/10

Author's Response: Hello! :D

...Thank you so much! Really made my day! xD

You've described their relationship perfectly - it's just how I've always seen it. He cares about her in a fatherly manner but at the time is the paranoid, grumpy Moody we all love xD

I'm sure you write Tonks brilliantly! I think everyone feels doubt over their work until reviews like this one make you think.. 'oh.. they like it!'

I'll come and read your stories when the school load calms down a bit! :)

Thanks so much for the wonderful review (and the one on MM)!!

Keira :D

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Review #21, by Moonyxluna Time to Change

20th February 2012:
I absolutley adore your characterizations. Moody is perfect, as well as Tonks, Remus, and Molly are just amazing. This was such a joy to read, I loved every sentance. The way you described her transformation, and the way she has to understand people in order to copy their appearences.. was just amazing.

Yes, vincent still creeps me out :p
And I do like Jack, he's concerned, and it's sweet of him. I loved the flashback to Tonks' first day of Auror training... I think that just goes back to how amazing your characterization is, it just flowed so naturally, brilliant work!

This story is so intersting and different from anything I've read on here before.. I really can't wait to read more, great job!

Author's Response: Hello :)

Thanks so much!! That means... loads! Really made my day xD

Haha Vincent.. is creeping a lot of people out lately :P Thank you so much for reading this! And then also reviewing! And then leaving really nice reviews :)

Keira :)

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Review #22, by magicmuggle01 Time to Change

20th February 2012:
Wow exciting stuff. You certainly know how to build up the tension, and then leave people hanging by their fingernails.
I think that Jack has feelings for Tonks, but not sure if they're brotherly or deeper. Vincent is like a limpet that clings unwanted to you and can't get rid off.
I look forward to reading about the actual mission when it starts and I await your update. So 10/10 and plz update soon.

Author's Response: Hello :)
Thank you xD It's a talent to be annoying ;) Hmm Jack.. you'll see where this is going xD

Haha! You've described Vincent perfectly :P The mission will start in the next chapter! Thanks for reading (and reviewing!)
Keira :)

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Review #23, by Illuminate The Meeting

18th February 2012:
:D Hi! I've not read 'Mischief Managed' so I couldn't review the fifth chapter xD

I really like this opening chapter! I think you've got the characterisations of everyone down wonderfully, especially Moody and Dumbledore (both of whom are extremely difficult characters to write, so well done). Your narration as Tonks is believable, she definetely seems younger and more kooky than the rest of them. I also like how you subtley foreshadowed the romance between Remus and Tonks.

Great job! :)

Author's Response: Oh! Don't worry about that xD

Yay - Moody and Dumbledore are ridiculously hard to write! I think Dumbledore goes slightly OOC in the next chapter so I'm editing it now :)

Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #24, by The Last Marauder Just an Auror

11th February 2012:
I really liked this! I loved how the story floated between memories of the night before at the Order meeting and the present moment in the Auror Office. It flowed so effortlessly in that regard and it didn't seem bitty at all (which sometimes happens when people flit back and forth from memory and reality like that).

I will admit, when I heard Dumbledore say that Lupin was to bite Tonks, I thought that this story was an AU and I just missed that in the description, it really caught me off guard, I mean why would Dumbledore suggest such a thing? But then it was revealed that Dumbledore just wanted Tonks to pretend she had been bitten. That was a really cool idea.

I loved how you had Moody protest against Tonks taking the mission, how he is sort of protective of her, like an older brother. I really liked that.

All in all, this story is shaping up nicely, I can't wait to see where you go with it. I've never read a Lupin/Tonks fic with this plot-line before (so in that regard it's refreshing, as in it doesn't go down the usual route, so fair play to you for that! Nice originality!). So, anyway, please keep writing this and please update soon, I look forward to more

TLM ;)

Author's Response: Hello again :D

Yay! I get what you mean with the 'bitty' bits when you do flashbacks - it was something I was very conscious of! :)

That crafty Dumbledore ;) Haha :P Oh thank you :)

Thanks for these reviews (and the MM one!) and I'm just about finished with the next chapter so it will hopefully be up within the week :)

Cheers again, Keira :)

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Review #25, by The Last Marauder The Meeting

11th February 2012:
I was just having a look at your author page and I saw this story and I had to read it! Lupin/Tonks stories are my favourite, I've read pretty much all of them on the site, and I write loads of Lupin/Tonks fics myself.

This was really good, I mean I can't really judge it too well yet, because I've only read the first chapter, but so far so good!

I loved how it's from Tonks's point of view, and how she made initial observations about Lupin, they were interesting and informative! I loved your take on Lupin's mission with the werewolves, it seems so realistic and believable really! I also liked how you linked Tonks's Muggle Grandparents and their carers with living without a wand. That was really clever and a really interesting way to look at things! I also liked how you had Tonks volunteer in Moody's place! I always pictured the two of them as having a close friendship, the master and his protege, so I really liked Tonks taking Moody's place. Plus, it also makes for interesting Lupin/Tonks interactions in coming chapters.

All and all, I am liking what I am seeing and now I look forward to chapter two! :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Woo! Another Tonks/Remus fan! I'll have to go check yours out! :)

It's my first ship so I'm slightly nervous - so thank you :D

I've always imagined Tonks and Moody as having a fun father/daughter relationship. I think both of them care more then they let on - so for me it seemed the right thing to do! :D

Thanks so much for bothering to review (and also for looking at my author's page :D)

Keira :)

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