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Review #1, by Ron 4 Hermione The parting of the way's

16th April 2017:
Hey there, here for CTF!

First off Iíll apologise if my review seems a bit off topic because I haven't read the first two chapters, so sorry about that!

Well, this was cute to read. Never thought I'd see that side of Fred, all romantic and being nice and sweet to Hermione. Well, not in a romantic way, although I liked the addition of the fireworks, that was a nice touch. The descriptions were great though, I especially liked the ones of Hermione, you can tell he loves her. What a coincidence though, that she tastes of strawberries and that's his favourite fruit. :P

Her mine was quite the cryer in this, although I suppose Fred declaring his love would make any woman start to cry. Not sure weather from happiness or not though aha. She seemed fairly happy by the news though, even if she did take some persuading. I do feel sorry for Ron though, if you're sticking to that but if canon he's liked her for ages and now his brother is moving in on her, with a little insult about Ron to make things worse.

While I'm guessing since this is marked abandoned you've got no desire to finish it but it would have been cute to see how it played along, especially with them not seeing each other for ages while Hermione is off saving the world

A fun read, I might even have to come back and check out the other two chapters!

Shaza :)

Author's Response: Hiii,

Oh god, *hides* Bless you for reading this. That's fine, it's not a great loss lol. So

It's probably not very Hermione like the crying but well dhe didn't believe Fred at first, and of course then everything else happens at the wedding and she feels bad about the ron situation as well.

Yep, no chance of finishing this, lol it was my first ever story and it needs so much work, I also hit a block with it so there won't be any more of this at all. But also I don't think I could do the canon parts any justice.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!!

-Potterfan310 :)

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Review #2, by Dojh167 The parting of the way's

16th April 2017:
Huffelpuff CtF review

Last chapter, last time you have to be mortified someone is reading your oldest work!

Oh no, Hermione was immediately so rude and dismissive about Fredís confession of love! It looks like she didnít really mean to be mean though, but genuinely thought it was ridiculous, as he has to tell her that he is serious and she is quite shocked by that.

Haha I like Fredís reasoning of ďThere are so many weasleyís - you really have to double check that you got the right one!Ē XD omg Fred thinks George should marry a nun? At first I thought that meant that Fred didnít think any normal girl would really like George, but it took me a second that you were making a joke with the saint-like thing. Thatís very funny and well played, said all offhand like that.

Haha there are literally fireworks when they kiss XD

I wonder why Hermione was crying. Is it because she doesnít want to disappoint Fred by not liking him back, or because part of her does like him?

Wow, Ron and Hermione are ďOTP: Tears at the Burrow.Ē

We donít see much of Ronís reaction. How does he respond? Does he keep this information to himself, or does he explode with it? Does he fight for Hermioneís affections or give up on her?

I think itís interesting that you set this to align with HP canon - I didnít quite expect that, but Kingsleyís patronusí arrival confirms that. I wonder how much you would have been able to keep in line with canon and how much you would have changed.

While we donít and wonít have any more of this story, I like to theorize that Hermione des or will return some of Fredís feelings. The way that she referred to Ron and Harry has her boys and that they would be helpless without her suggested that she saw them in the same way, not necessarily having deeper feelings for one than the other, so maybe her heart does have room in it for Fred.

Believe it or not, I did genuinely enjoy reading this story. It was a fun and light diversion from a lot of heavier works that I seem to be drawn from, and in a way itís kind of cool to see that a writer as good as you can come from such humble roots. We really all start in the same place!

I promise next time Iíll read something youíll be heappier to receive a review on! ♥


Author's Response: Hi again!

Ha thanks, it's so cringy and bad I know. Thankfully I think I have definitely improved a lot since this was first written.

Yup Hermione is definitely shocked, and I mean the twins aren't genuinely series so she was quite shocked by it, and she never thought that he'd look at her that way.

Again my silly attempt at humour when I first started writing lol, but yeah the nun thing was to do with being Saint like XD

Hmm, we'll never now. Maybe both ;)

I think that, aside from the dreadful way this is written is what put me off from continuing. I was at a loss an stuck from where to go, plus I think the fact I would have had to say mostly canon compliant scared me a little. But I think I would have definitely tired to keep most things canon.

I have to agree with you there, if I had continued I think yes she would have returned Fred's feelings eventually, possibly after seeing than Ron hasn't yet made a move.

Aww thank you so much Sam, I think everyone cringes at their first stories and I definitely agree!! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing again :)


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Review #3, by Dojh167 The confession

14th April 2017:
Hufflepuff CtF Review

Iím back! And bringing my jailbreaker with me ;)

Fred and Hermione is an interesting pair because they are so very different, but not totally unbelievable. Ron and Hermione are also pretty different, but they still work well together. I think you could probably say that some of the same things that Hermione likes about Ron are present in Fred. But I do find myself wondering why Fred is so attracted to Hermione. Not that I donít think she is attractive - she really is quite a catch, smart and kind and beautiful. However, I am still curious what about her appeals so much specifically to Fred when they differ on so many levels like quidditch, sense of humor, and academics. For me personally itís not enough to believe that someone is in love with someone else if I donít understand what they personally see.

Ouch, that must hurt that Hermione canít tell Fred and George apart, which suggests that she doesnít see something more special in one than the other.

Haha is Wizard Book like a magical version of facebook? Thatís clever.

I see what Fred was trying to do there, but Iím not sure Hermione is the best one to ask about dating advice. The most experience she has is looking for her in the reeds. She is smart, but probably more school smart than date smart.

Haha, she suggests Fred help his crush with homework. That is definitely something Hermione would suggest, but not so much I imagine Fred would want to do.

Wow, Fred certainly got his nerves up quickly to tell Hermione how he feels! But that is something that makes sense for Fred - he is very gutsy, and it makes sense for him to dive into something risky than for him to wallow in privacy for too long.

Your cliffhanger was effective, and Iím really curious to see how Hermione reacts. You can expect me back in about two days for the final chapter =)


Author's Response: Oh god, *hides* Bless you for reading this.

The original inpiration for this came from the fact JK said that she was going to put them together instead and voila. Opposites definitely attract and I think that is there with these two as well in a way but I do totally get what you're saying :)

Haha it is, my weird attempt at humour even though this story is set Deathly Hallows ear, oops.

Most definitely a Hermione suggestion, and even if Fred did offer to help her she probably wouldn't need it anyway. It is mega gutsy and I'm jealous it took me a long time to work up that courage so good on him!!

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing this story, it was my very first so I am internally cringing a lot, lol..

-Potterfan310 :)

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Review #4, by SunshineDaisies The confession

14th April 2017:
OH MY. I was not expecting that! In hindsight, I realize it was stated right there in the story shell but, who really looks at those? I quite liked the surprise, actually. I did figure it out when she referred to herself as a bookworm, but I didn't really have a clue before then. It was a good moment.

I really like that you're not just ignoring the obvious chemistry that Ron and Hermione have, that's been built up since the first book. You've done an excellent job of setting up another ship for Hermione without really devaluing Ron. It's obvious that Hermione likes him, but I also think at this point, she could be easily swayed into liking someone else. I can't imagine Fred and Hermione would go over well with anyone else in the family, especially not Ron! Although I think it would be super interesting to see the fall out from that discovery.

I'm very interested in seeing what happens next and where the story goes from here! Not only is there your cliff hanger, but there's also the knowledge that death eaters will be attacking the wedding very soon, and Hermione will have to take off with Harry and Ron. Leaving Fred alone with probably no response. :( Poor guy.


Hufflepuff CtF

Author's Response: Hi again :)

Ha I did drop a few little hints, bookworm being one of them. So I'm glad you didn't catch on too soon.

I doubt it would go down well either, definitely not with Ron I mean look how he was thinking about Hermione with Harry.

Yup, slighty cliffhanger (I'm mean lol) and of course the fact that the wedding gets crashed.

Thanks again for reading this mess, and reviewing.


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Review #5, by SunshineDaisies The Wedding and a daydream

11th April 2017:
Hiya! Iím here for CTF! Bailing Sam out of jail againÖ

This was an extremely intriguing first chapter! It took me a good minute to figure out who was speaking (story shells, who needs Ďem?), but once I did figure it out I was hooked. I donít often read characters from the Hogwarts Era, but it was interesting to get to peek inside the head of a character we didnít see much of in the books!

I loved watching Fredís comments on the wedding and all the preparations that had been taking place around The Burrow. It was obvious in text that he was annoyed, but reading his inner monologue was very entertaining. I definitely share his sentiment on weddings; they should be totally casual and fun! Who cares what people wear?

I enjoyed the little interlude about Uncle Bilius as well. It was definitely an entertaining anecdote. Having him reminisce about a relative so casually really makes him seem human. Itís tough to make characters really feel alive, especially in so few words! Youíve done an excellent job of characterizing Fred right from the start. Very impressive! :)

The most intriguing part of this chapter is definitely the mysterious woman Fred seems to have fallen head over heels for. I definitely thought it was Angelina at first, but I seem to have been mistaken. Iím so curious now! It really took a lot of effort for me not to skip writing this review and move on to the next chapter, just so I could figure out who the heck Fred is talking about? Is it someone we know? An OC? A Ravenclaw? WHO? Alas, this was the chapter for jailbreaking, so I restrained myself.

Iím definitely curious about this story, I hope I get a chance to read more of it!


Author's Response: Ahhh, how can you read this lol. *hides*

I'm the same, I feel like I can't read Hogwarts era mostly because of the books, if that makes sense.

Weddings should definitely be fun!!

I wish we could have heard more about him, he would have given Fred and George a run for their money I think.

Ahh, I applaud for actually reading this it's awful being my very first fic, but I haven't the heart to delete it.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

-Potterfan310 :)

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Review #6, by Dojh167 The Wedding and a daydream

11th April 2017:
Hufflepuff CtF Review

Yes, yes, I am opportunistically reviewing your shortest chapter ever even though this story is abandoned, but this is capture the flag and that means war ;) I hope thatís not too awkward for you. Iím not here to judge, just to fight for Hufflepuff!

I assume you probably know there are some grammatical and typo issues on this, so I wonít nag you on those.

At first it seemed weird that this story opened with the focus on Fleur, since I assume itís about Hermione and Fred, but it actually makes sense and works well, in that it establishes the time and place of the setting, and sets you up to talk about how Fred feels about weddings. At first I thought it was Ginny as the narrator, since it makes sense in my mind that the girl would be the one imagining her wedding and rolling her eyes at her mother, but I like how you switched that up.

Haha Iím glad someone gets to appreciate Uncle Bilius! Heís normally seen as one of the odd ones out, but I like the idea that heís a it of an inspiration for Fred and George.

At first I assumed that the twin in love with Hermione in this would be George since he, you know, survives the series. But no, you are so much ruder that that. Unrequited love and inevitable death. Fabulous.

Hehe, I like how nosy George is about whatís going on inside Fredís head. He doesnít like his twin having secrets!

Itís interesting that you tie in Angelina at the end here. It makes her storyline work better for me, knowing that things with Fred hadnít worked before he died - thatís far better to me than the idea that she loved him and after she died she ended up with his twin.

As I know this is abandoned I wonít prompt you to write more, but I also canít promise I wonít be back for the next chapters in future rounds of CtF ;)


Author's Response: I want to hide lol, this was my first ever story and it is horrific.

Uncle Billius is someone I wished we could have seen, he would definitely been a great laugh :)

Oh there shall be no more of this, it was abandoned for a reason and although I have been tempted to delete it a part of me can't.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing even if it is the worst lol.

-Potterfan310 :)

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Review #7, by alicia and anne The parting of the way's

28th December 2014:
Awww Fred is such a cutie! Bless him! He really does like her doesn't he?

I want Hermione to agree to dating him! I want Hermione to fall in love with him and like him back!

Ahhh! he kissed her! YAY!!

Awww no! Don't cry Ron! Oh no there's going to be a love triangle and it's going to be awesome and so entertaining!!

Author's Response: How are you still reading this?? With sentences like "i mad for you", I'm questioning why I still have this posted.

I love(d) Fred so much, he's adorable when he wants to be!

If only there would be, gosh this feels like a life time ago that I wrote this. Sadly there is no more.

Thanks so much Tammi *hugs*

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Review #8, by alicia and anne The confession

28th December 2014:
It's got to be Hermione... the title says bookworm... it makes sense!

:O Hermione is there! Go on Fred!! Ask her out!! What was she doing hiding?

Oooo he's getting Hermione to help him! Fall in love with him Hermione!!

Oo he told her! I can't wait to see her reaction!


Author's Response: Haha, it is most definitely!

You deserve so many virtual cookies for reading this!

Haha, she was hiding from Viktor Krum :p

Hermione knows everything of course.

Thanks again Tammi *hugs* Hope you had a fab Christmas!


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Review #9, by alicia and anne The Wedding and a daydream

28th December 2014:
HELLO! I have decided that I am going to be spending my time going through all of your stories and reviewing them, because I can! :D

Oooo I am intrigued as to who Fred's talking about, is it Angelina?

:O It's not Angelinna!! it must be Hermione!
That's my other guess! :D

Awesome first chapter! Off for more! :D

Author's Response: Tammi hi!

Aww thank you, haha. That's going to be a lot of time :p

Oh dear lord, not this story. *hides in a corner and wishes this one didn't still exists on here, but it does as I haven't the heart to delete it*

I cringe so bad at this but thank you for reading and reviewing despite this being awful!! You deserved virtual cookies.

Hmm but which one, ahhh...


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Review #10, by Me The parting of the way's

24th June 2012:
Will you add to it please?

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, but right now I have so many other stories/ideas that I it's not possible.

I will update try and update it this year but right now I'm just lost with it. I mean It keeps changing from 3rd to 1st person and I just think it's very confusing.


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Review #11, by MagnanimousMoony The parting of the way's

17th April 2012:
I love it, haha.

Author's Response: thank you :D
i'm not sure yet when the next chapter will be up as i need to re-read the 7th book and actually write the 4th chapter
since this story just came to me there wasn't a lot of planning involved like my others
i will get round to updating it,it may just be a while

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Review #12, by BK The parting of the way's

11th February 2012:
I think this will be super amazing I really like it so far

Author's Response: thank you,
the next chapter might be a while as i need to re-read the 7th book :)

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Review #13, by BK The Wedding and a daydream

24th January 2012:
I like it so far keep writting see where it goes

Author's Response: thanks,the next chapter is already written but im not too sure about it, so it should be up some time soon

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