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Review #1, by Soulstice/ (kalie) Beginning

20th February 2012:
Hello, it's (kalie) from the forums here with your [incredibly late] review for your challenge entry! Thanks for entering! I'm logged in, but for some reason, it's asking me to type my name in? It could be the system acting funny, since I can review other stories right now without typing my name or proving that I'm a human. Soulstice is my penname, if you were wondering.

It's a little bit cliche, but I really liked this. You write imagery well, and I like how you didn't forget Hagrid's accent (it's a pet peeve of mine when people forget it). There was a few grammatical and punctuation errors, but nothing really annoying. This story has a lot of potential, especially with your imagery skills. :)

Overall, this was good! Thanks for entering my challenge! :)

Author's Response: I actually enjoyed your challenge. I know this is actually some small idea I had in my mind because as you know this is my first story to write about Next-Gen. I'm glad you liked it though.

I'm sorry about some errors because this isn't beta-ed yet. But I'm doing my best correct them or find some beta soon. I'm trying to write out of cliche, so I'm planning to write the next chapters out it. Maybe around the third or fourth chapter. By the way, I'm not sure if you need other chapters but I posted another one in case. Thank you for reading!

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