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Review #1, by ED The third sequel

9th October 2016:
Nice little story, especially as you started from a premise so totally different from, any other I have seen.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. Glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #2, by Caius I am Ginevra

7th September 2014:
This just doesn't make sense. You should've explained the motives and how things became as they were better, because this just doesn't seem possible. Ofc magic and such aren't possible in the first place, but they're MADE to look possible. The characters we know don't shine through the characters you've written here at all. The only resemblance seems to be their names.

Author's Response: Thank you.

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Review #3, by wolfsbanerose The third sequel

5th September 2014:
Love the idea of your story. While flat at times the story flows. Connecting better through emotions not just dry diary words will do wonders for your story. You have such passion for your characters. The message i got is... Life has ups and downs and one must learn to ride the waves with grace.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it.

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Review #4, by Mariano Pingitore The Second Sequel

6th April 2012:
"My libido alternated between kicking the door down and digging a tunnel as soon as I saw Marcus."

I think that sums it up nicely. Fresh style, spontaneous, rib-breaking, cough-inducing, chest-grabbing, devilishly fun! She is Ginny alright, she has that Fred and George-ish humour, coupled with Ron's 'straightforwardness' (is that even a word? =P) and Molly's hot headedness.

I will need to state what I don't like and it's merely a question of argument (because the writing is immaculate). I truly can't picture Molly and Arthur denying Ginny. Not after all they had gone through with Percy, not after losing Fred and Ron, and having Bill and George scarred for life. I think, though I'm not a parent myself that no parents that lost two of their children, got other two badly marked for life and spent troublesome and worrying years without speaking to another one would ever want to divide their family further. With the whole Ginny/Malfoy thing, I can cope (barely xD). Harry/Hermione is something that makes me curious enough to create an account and start exploring what can I write about them, but I simply refuse to believe Molly and Arthur, who have proven to be tow of the most loving characters in the whole story would neglect their daughter, especially after all she has had to cope with. What do you say?

I hope you don't take this too hardly, I'm rating it 9/10 simply because it is greatly written and I can't say it's a mistake the whole Weasley thing, just a different perspective that seems a little improbable to my eyes.

Anyway, it's a great work!

Author's Response: What a wonderful review, thank you so much.

First to Molly and Arthur. had Andromeda's father been anyone but Malfoy they would not have had a problem. This story isn't finished yet, its on hold. Maybe I'll reconcile them, but then again maybe not!

Please do create an account, come and join us. It's great. Don't forget to register for the forums as well. There are lot's of lovely people there.

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Review #5, by Puygme puff gal  I am Ginevra

21st January 2012:
Wow, really good but im a little confused with her lovers/ marriage. Do was her lover Draco Malfoy? And her husband Alec? And did her parents/family disown her because of her affair with Draco? Please get back to me and keep writing i want to know more!

Author's Response: Yes Draco was her lover, very soon after she finished school, so her family disowned her. After Andromeda was born, Ginny married Alec. Draco, Ron and Alec died in the same fight.

Next chapter is in validation.

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