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Review #1, by soufflegirl99 The Clever Way

17th October 2012:
I love the satisfying plot line and the hanging end sentence that leaves the reader unsure.

This story makes you savour every word and finally releases it's grip on the last line. I think it's very clever, and very awesome (as always) with the whole set-out-to-do-something-but-it-didn't-happen-yet-a-better-outcome-came-along is perfect style for a one shot.

The third person works spectacularly well with this, as I think the first person wouldn't have as much as an impact on you.
The name "Eleanor McGrath" is just too totally cool and awesome dude :D

Author's Response: Ahha thank you so much! :D I did want to keep away from the typical reunion scene in the greenhouse and make y'all guess where it was headed, so I'm glad it worked ;)

Ooh thank you! I do love writing one-shots, and would like people to get something from them too - I feel very flattered that you like my style :3

Hehe yes, I do like first person but it would have been a bit too emotionally over-involved; a degree of separation, I think too, works better. And thankyou so much for your lovely review! :D

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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap The Clever Way

29th April 2012:
What a clever one-shot! It was funny and at first I thought 'Oh, they're trapped together and one of them is going to admit feelings and feelings are going to be shared and that's that,' but you really surprised me with all the turn of events. I haven't read such a good Sirius/OC story in a long time!

Author's Response: Aww thankyou! Yay, I'm glad that the humour DID come across :P and I find Sirius/OC so hard to write, but was desperate to stay away from cliches hehe! I'm glad it was refreshing, then - and thankyou very much :3

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Review #3, by Cavell The Clever Way

23rd February 2012:
Brilliant - absolutely brilliant. I loved the way you wrote Eleanor and Sirius and I most definitely enjoyed the flashbacks. You seem to be an excellent writer, and I really enjoyed reading this, as you did everyone really well. Definitely going into my favourites!

Author's Response: Ahh thankyou so much! I am very glad you liked them; it was my first attempt at Sirius/OC :) Hehe thankyou so much!! :D I feel very honoured!

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Review #4, by charlottetrips The Clever Way

19th January 2012:
Hi ‘Claw!

Here’s my only criticism – some things not capitalized – “muggles” & “charms” in the beginning.

“Land of Heartthrob” – *presses “Like” button furiously*

Look at Sirius, using his smexy manliness to render girls dumb, but go Eleanor! Rally yourself together! Ignore the soft silky hair, the beautiful expressive eyes! It’s not worth it!

LOL – Sirius’ pockets are basically trash bins.

♥ so much Sirius having a blank expression on something so obvious (why Poppy would be out to get Eleanor).

My running review stopped because I got distracted by the hilarious antics of everyone involved! Adorable, simply adorable! But dear, a turnip! Ouch! I love how it’s friends that can do this to friends and get away with it…almost :P


Author's Response: Hi there!

Yes, thankyou for mentioning it - I should go back and edit :P...(later)

Haha, thankyou! I loved writing Sirius like that, he doesn't know what he's doing ;) Hehe, I felt sorry for Eleanor as I wrote her - it was difficult not to give in. Ahh these characters, what will we do with them, eh?

Hehe, I that's what I thought they'd be like :D

Thankyou so much! I'm glad you liked it, it was a lot of fun to write, and I'm glad it made sense! Yes, only friends can get away with it :P


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