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Review #1, by Arcinine Lupin Birthday Treat

6th November 2012:
I had a cake blow up on me I was covered in piping hot chocolate icing it burned like blazes for a minute then I ate all the icing it tasted great I had to make another cake the second one went quite well.

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Review #2, by Riya Potter Birthday Treat

27th February 2012:
Aww, so sweet! Severus' birthday. Perfect. I liked it. I'll go through your other stories later.

Keep writing... :)

Author's Response: Thanks very much! Hope you like the others in this series.

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Review #3, by Liana Birthday Treat

26th February 2012:
This is a great story to read on a Sunday afternoon. The cake sounded delicious. I have so much reading to go back and catch up on. My desktop crashed on Thursday so I'm stuck with my iPad and a laptop that can't seem to pull in the Internet. I haven't felt like fixing it yet. I'm not writing much here because I'm afraid it won't go through. I did enjoy this story.

Author's Response: Oh no! I hope you get your computer fixed soon! There's another story that goes with this called the Substitute.

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Review #4, by Vermouth Birthday Treat

28th January 2012:
Disasters in the kitchen--especially when one WAS paying attention to all sorts of things--can really come along as saddening to a child. I understand poor Al Sev perfectly.

But then, who's to say that the elder Severus wasn't surprised on his birthday? ;)

Author's Response: Oh, I think he was. And sometimes the unexpected disasters turn out to be blessings in disguise, as this one did.

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Review #5, by micking Birthday Treat

17th January 2012:
I went back and read ' All That Matters', and really like how they connect. Will you be doing this to some of your other stories? It's like reading deleted scenes. Kind of cool and really makes the story more exciting.

Author's Response: Yes, i may do that with some of the Prince Manor stories and I did do it with my Broken Wings saga. I wrote The Greatest Gift and Worth Saving for them. I also have another story I'm going to post for my Never Again series called Oh, My Easter Bonnet.

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Review #6, by KeptInStitches Birthday Treat

12th January 2012:
It's as great as your other work, but I have one question. I don't seem to be able to find the story "The Substitute" in your other works or by searching HPFF. Where is it? I'd like to read it for more insight into the backstory of Harry, Hedwig, and Severus.

Otherwise, wonderful story! I light up when I see that you've published something new because I know I'll be reading quality work.

Author's Response: Sorry, looks like I forgot to post it here. I'll do so now.

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Review #7, by micking Birthday Treat

10th January 2012:
As I read this, I thought about the last HP movie. The idea that Severus Snape survived and is now a godfather to Albus Severus Potter. It was very creative. thank you.

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