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Review #1, by AbraxanUnicorn { 03 }

29th August 2016:
I'm a bit confused.
Firstly, I thought that Eustace was a boy's name; that being said, in the world of fiction, anything can be anything, right? So I suppose a boy's name could be given to a girl.
However, secondly, you mentioned that there were fifteen students taking NEWT Potions. Two Gryffindors, four Hufflepuffs, two Slytherins and four Ravenclaws do not add up to fifteen. No matter how much I open my mind to the concept that twelve equals fifteen, it just won't stick. Or have I missed some students somewhere?
Apart from the above, it's an enjoyable read. I like Scorpius as a Hufflepuff :)

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Review #2, by Harini { epilogue }

26th August 2016:
This story is like really good! I read it one go.

What I really like about this story is Flora Lancaster. She went from this really sweet girl into someone who seems to be on her way to being the tiniest bit cynical, in her own cute way.

Flora and Albus are also really cute! But I'm assuming their relationship at the end of the story is purposely ambiguous? Or maybe I wasn't paying close attention. I think they're broken up right? Either way, their interactions are really cute. In that melt into a puddle kind of way.

Scorpius in Hufflepuff? Totally was not expecting that, but what a pleasant surprise!

But there is one thing that irks me. The story started out really fluffy and cute and I inherently thought it was going to be all clichť (sue me for thinking that) until the end. The ending is not to say unsatisfying but I thought the transition to the ending wasÖ choppy? Weird? Something like that.

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Review #3, by Ribbons { introduction }

12th July 2016:
I'm literally dying because this is so wonderful. Zoomified and mega are my two favourite words.

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Review #4, by NightStar { 13 }

17th July 2013:
20% ?


I'm sorry I didn't review till like this chapter but whattheheck. My bbys D': What have you done to them?
I love Scorpius. Just saying, I love him so much. I'm not yet sure I ship Florp but I love him and omg this chapter killed me.

Poor poor Fauna. I can't believe it.


Let me give you a proper review without my feels painted all over.
I like Albus. He's very sweet :3 He's so cute and nice and he seems like a very fun person to be friends with too.
I also like Flora a lot. Her wallflower-ness is obvious so you've done a good job with that. I love the little one-liners that you add here and there :3
I also really like the story! It's pretty damn good and really, who can't resist such love triangles(or square? What? xD)? Love your usage of words and vocabulary :D I've read Starving Artists and its sequel by you and I have to say, you're brilliant babe. :D

Asdfghjkl there's only one more chapter for me to read now and I think I'm gonna explode with all this curiosity.
So I'm gonna have to end the review here.

With love,

P.S- No chapter images anymore? Why?

Author's Response: Haha, I do love my evil plot twists!

I'm really glad you're enjoying the story regardless, and that you like the characters (and love triangles!). And thanks for calling me brilliant - that's my ego boosted for the day ;)

Don't worry, there's more than one chapter left! This story goes all the way up to 24! Also, I ended up deleting the chapter images because they were such a pain to make, and I was struggling to find enough in the way of usable images. I may request them from TDA someday, but for the time being, the story remains chapter image-less.

Thank you so much for reviewing! ♥

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Review #5, by cathilde { epilogue }

15th July 2013:
I was not prepared for this. I started this fic four hours ago and I expected something really fluffy and fun and at the beggining it was but it slowly progressed into angst and I read on, hooked as ahanger to a wardrobe...or something. I teared up reading your last author's note and I now feel really emotionally linked to this fic... I sort of feel like curling up in a ball in a corner and sobbing wretchedly for a while so... yep, thanks so much for writing this.

Author's Response: Haha! Sorry for taking you on a wee emotional rollercoaster ride there :P writing the fic was a bit like that too - it started out with fluffy derp and swiftly plunged into bonkers misery.

Glad you enjoyed it, though, and I hope you didn't sob /too/ wretchedly! Thank you for reviewing ♥

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Review #6, by KiwiOliver { introduction }

28th June 2013:
Review tag :)
Right off the bat this chapter had a great opening line, got me hooked instantly!
Only a few lines in I instantly like Flora, she seems like a solid, well thought out character. She's not a Gary-Stu who everyone likes, she has her flaws and she knows them. Which is brilliant :)
The part about sugary snakes made me laugh :) I genuinely thought that she had an awesome talent :p (Not that sugary snack finding isn't awesome, of course).
I like Scorpius too, he seems nice. (I like how he's in Hufflepuff, I always enjoy Scorp stories where he's in Huff/Rav).
Their relationship is awesome, they tease each other and frequently used made up words ('Zoomified' did have me confused the first couple of times :P) is awseome!
I really liked the line about why they're all Hufflepuffs, the end bit about Scorpius gave me a smile :)
In my few years of reading fanfiction, I do believe you're the first person to give the trolley lady a name! From now on I'll think of her as Agnes. (I'll probably end up calling her that in my stories too!)
The part where the Slytherins pushed the trolley over. I don't think I've ever frowned as hard in my life. I would tut if they could hear me. I don't like them. I like the way you put characters across, you made me hate three people in one push of a trolley.
Naww Albus is great, you made him great!
I can't wait to read on! (I'm adding this to my favorites and plan on reading it all!)
Overall the flow was brilliant. You consistently used the right mix of detail and action so that I wasn't confused or bored, you're characters were clear and I liked how they were all put across. I like how there was no spark, like in most love stories. I feel like I'm saying 'like' a lot so I'll try wrap this up soon.
My last 'like' was the fact Albus knew Agnes' name, that to me just shows that he is a nice character. Well, that and the fact he knew Flora's, and beat up bullies. You know...
Awesome chapter and I can't wait to read the rest!

Author's Response: Hey! Ah, glad you like it so far! And I'm amused that you called Flora a Gary-Stu...surely she'd be a Mary-Sue, haha!

Fun fact: when I was younger, I used to play pretend that I was the lady with the trolley on the Hogwarts Express. I found a notebook recently that had 'orders' in it. So yes, of /course/ I had to give the trolley lady a name :P

Really glad you enjoyed it and thank you for reviewing! ♥

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Review #7, by sea hassle { epilogue }

12th June 2013:
So, yeah - i've probable been putting this off for way too long because you've made my heart and head feel funny and maybe I cried a little. Only because I didn't really expect it. I guess i didn't really see that it was under the drama genre, although I absolutely do not regret reading Blunderland.

Julia, you're brilliant. I don't know, you've made me speechless - you're a brilliant writer, especially in the way of characterisation and character development and such. I felt like Flora was a real person, actually I wanted her to be real because she was so great but also three dimensional. She had all these flaws and issues that real people would have. I felt like I actually knew her. Like, this story was so good that after you completed it I went back to the start and read it again.

I was kind of hoping for a Florp in the end, but I'm actually kind of glad Flora ended up on her own (one can always hope). Keep up the brilliance, as usual.


Author's Response: Marney! Hey there~

Awhh no! Don't cry a little! Apologies - I just can't resist my angst and unhappy endings and undead Scorpiuses.

Thank you so much! Eeep, that's the nicest thing anyone's said to me all week. I'm glad you liked Flora! I had fun writing her - it was a bit of a break from Lucy anyhows - and trying to instill in her aspects of my own ~painfully awkward adolescence~ which in retrospect just seems absurd. And I'm happy you read it again! If you spotted any typos, please let me know, this needs editing...

Thank you so much! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #8, by patronus_charm { epilogue }

3rd June 2013:
Where to begin really? Ah this story was amazing and I loved every bit of it and Iím so glad that I read it. Plus thereís a sequel which got me really excited but Iím probably going to read it after June 17th as my exams will be over and I realised itís not a good idea to read a novel when youíre in the middle of them, but I had fun so oh well!

I didnít think Scorpius would be dead and Iím so glad that he came back to life. I think itís a call talent to have and I wouldnít mind electrocuting people if they annoyed me from time to time. I loved the idea of the ban of misfits too and it seemed really cool. Scorpius is still adorable and he will forever be in my heart by its team Floral yíall.

Iím guessing the curse used on Flora was sectumsempra due to Harryís reaction. It was really great how you tied that all in. Plus Dracoís ok and that made me really happy and the way he fought with Harry was awesome and I really loved Scorpiusí humour when he was like for some reason he doesnít want to work there again. I realised I wrote a massive sentence which should have been three so apologises for that.

I loved the twist and that Diadem win was well deserved as this is one of the most original stories I have ever read. I never thought the whole Death Eater uprising was going to happen when I started reading this but it made it infinitely better and it had some action scenes which are always fun to read. Plus Fauna made up with them I never mentioned that in the rest of the review and itís an odd place to include but it needs to be said.

This story was simply brilliant and I loved every second of it and I will be back for the sequel exam permitting ♥


Author's Response: Eee, I'm so happy you say that! And that you chose to procrastinate from studying to read this - I'm most flattered, but I sincerely hope your exams went well regardless!

Me too, to be honest. You could use the hands like cattle prods when you're trying to get about on a daily basis. I walk very fast, and often get frustrated by people who dawdle and slow me down - if I was Scorpius, I could just zap them out the way. Not that that's a bit psychotic or anything.

Yes, that was the exact curse! Ten points to Ravenclaw! I didn't really spell this out in the fic, which was stupid of me, but what happened was that, when Draco was taken hostage in the Department of Mysteries, he was forced to teach ~Death Eater~ spells to his captors. The idea is that he initially refused, but as the weeks went by and he was blackmailed with evidence of Scorpius being bullied, he cracked, and eventually taught him the worst he know, which he'd learned from Snape (and from having it used on him by Harry). So, whilst I'll probably never write any interaction between Flora and Draco that would explore this tension, I imagine he'd feel deeply guilty for the rest of his life that the spell was used on her. Poor guy - he's got enough angst in his life already...but, on the plus side, this is his turning point where he accepts that he can work with Harry, and this is where my 'Auror Harry and Draco Kicking Butt Together' headcanon comes in. Can you imagine them sharing an office...?

Thank you so, so much! I'm really honoured to have won the Diadem - I was never sure how this fic would work, because I didn't want to come out and say explicitly that it was intended to be subversive, almost a parody. I was worried that I'd just end up alienating people who were genuinely here to read romance - which isn't a bad thing, mind - but I've had some nice positive feedback which has made writing this fic very worthwhile! I'm really, really glad you liked it and thank you so much for your amazing reviews!

Thanks again, and I hope your exams went well! ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #9, by patronus_charm { 20 }

3rd June 2013:
Ahahahahahah! That is how Iíve felt reading the past few chapters ahahahaha I canít cope all this drama and action and tension and evil people, itís too much to deal with! Ok I may have seen that on your page that there is a sequel to this with Scorpius on so that gives me some small comfort that he probably isnít dead but itís sad thatís heís very injured/on the verge of dying.

This whole has so many twists, and I was naÔve enough to think that they would actually get to see Draco and come to his rescue but no some blood supremacist started chasing after them and a whole load of drama followed it, I was definitely not expecting that. I really liked the idea of the stamps as it was so strange and it gave me an inkling something bad was going to happen and then the stamps just left us on a massive cliff-hanger.

There was I thinking everything was going to be ok with Albus and Harry storming in and saving Flora and then the Aurors would go and rescue Scorpius but no. Iím not going to join in with the cake eating all this trauma over Scorpius being injured/maybe dead is too much, and heís still insanely adorable. I really want to Faunaís view on all of this and I hope she pops up again :D

Iím down to the final chapters now, how exciting :D


Author's Response: Don't worry, I went a bit stir-crazy writing these final chapters...more twists than a mobius strip. (Shake it up baby, [plot] twist and shout, [plot] twist and shout)

Oh dear! Sadly, Albus doesn't quite have the strength or the Dumbledore's Army to quite pull off a successful Ministry break - hence all the injury and pain and death. But I'd go as far as to say that Albus' Ministry break was a touch less traumatic than Harry's...there's no dead Sirius this time round...

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Review #10, by patronus_charm { 18 }

3rd June 2013:
Ok these past few chapters have been a massive rollercoaster. First there was that awkward thing between Albus and Flora in the bedroom and the whole book. I wanted to die of awkwardness. Iím kind of glad it didnít go ahead, I mean, Harry Potter was right next door and that might have been a little weird and that caused a little rift.

Then there was more awkwardness when Ginny was trying to talk to Flora and Flora couldnít reply due to eating and again I wanted to die. You may have gathered by now I hate awkward situations, itís probably because Iím in them a lot of the time so I can understand her pain. Then the whole issue of whether Scorpius was going to be able to go home or not and the permit and that was horrible for him.

Then when they finally managed to get home Draco wasnít there and that made me as scared as they were. When I saw all the mess I thought we were going to find Dracoís body underneath it all or something like that, so I got quite freaked out by that. Good old Albus suggesting they charged into the Ministry, I canít wait for that as I imagine itís going to be very exciting.

I really liked how we got to know more about Scorpiusí background as I always wondered how his mother died and it makes him background even more tragic. I like how the Malfoys really have fallen from their graces in this story as Iíve never seen it done before but it seems even more realistic than all the other suggestions about what happened to them. I have a feeling Dracoís been kidnapped or something as thatís the only possibility I can come with for his disappearance.

Another amazing few chapters :D


Author's Response: Hee! I'm glad I'm messing with your emotions.

Oh, I understand the pain too. It's not so bad now I'm older, but when I was in my awkward adolescent phase I sincerely believed that I was put on this earth to be awkward, and spent many a sleepless night reliving the same awkward moments over and over again in my head. Flora's just suffering from that same angst. Realistically, I don't think Ginny, for example, would see her that way - Ginny would probably just see her as a sweet, rather shy girl - but in Flora's mind, the world's just her big awkward oyster.

I actually expand a bit more on Scorpius' background in the sequel - which I can see you've already started on! Apparently I can't write the Malfoys without some sort of tragedy, hey ho. If I don't divorce Draco and Astoria, I end up killing one or both of them off. In this story, I did the latter...

Thank you! Your reviews are so lovely and have given me so much to think about - I can't quite express my thanks enough ♥

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Review #11, by patronus_charm { 15 }

3rd June 2013:
Is it bad that Iím sort of enjoying the darker turn? I never expected for it to happen so thatís probably why I really like it due to the massive plot twist. When I started reading this I thought it was just some next gen romance but this is so much more than that.

Itís really interesting to see how similar the wizarding and muggle worlds. I agree with Scorpius about the whole pureblood thing. If they really did oppose muggles and muggleborns surely they wouldnít use muggle cameras? But thatís the whole stupidity of their argument because they never back it up fully.

Iím kind of worried about Fauna sitting with the Slytherins in Potions I hope that she doesnít turn into one of them, that would be even bigger plot twist. Iím sad to see that all three of them are so fractured and broken up. I guess Flora and Scorpius are sort of friends but Fauna seems to be out of it completely.

I suppose the one cheery thing is that thereíll be some Albus and Flora time if sheís going to stay with him. Though the way this storyís going itís probably going to end up going badly! Another amazing few chapters even if they are considerably darker ♥


Author's Response: Not bad at all! I enjoyed writing it a lot - I do tend to gravitate towards slapstick humour but my training was in angst and stories where everyone dies at the end so, yeah, the mood whiplash here was somewhat inevitable.

I might actually be able to answer that! It's been my headcanon for a while that, post-war, wizarding society began to accept a more muggle way of life, ergo muggle clothes became more commonplace, pop culture became more muggle, etc etc, mostly because I can't write about people wearing robes without sounding like a dork. From what I inferred in HP, magical photography is a lot like muggle photography, but with a couple of altered processes that make the photos move (I figure it's that the camera captures photos like an ordinary film camera, and a special processing potion is used to combine them into one image - kind of like making a .gif). But, at the same time, the hardcore pureblood bigots would reject this sort of stuff, hence Scorpius' confusion. Wow, that was very irrelevant, but I won't delete it.

Thank you so much, so glad you're enjoying it! ♥

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Review #12, by patronus_charm { 13 }

3rd June 2013:
I think all authors are sadistic at one point or another so thereís no waving pitchforks from me, but wow Floraís life is not going well at all.

I agree, timetabling your social life is a little weird but her Flora is weird so itís almost expected of her. She and Albus continue to have the most random moments but theyíre so cute. I think my favourite one was the look over breakfast and the way he eyed her breakfast and that had me cracking up.

I never expected Scorpius to start shouting at her like that. I mean, I guess it was sort of deserved as Scorpiusí life is a lot worse than hers at the moment but it was a little mean. This line cracked me up so much ĎĎNo,í I felt very small indeed. ĎI meanÖinside. Youíre hurting my heart.íĎ itís bad to laugh at her hurting I know, but it was just the way it was delivered.

Then all the screaming and shouting from Flora was unexpected again. I do have a feeling that Scorpius does/did like her but the whole possessive idea Flora came up with Iím not too sure about. I knew she went too far bringing Fauna into this, but I never guessed that she would be standing there in the doorway. I wanted to die from the awkwardness of it all and I wasnít even there.

What a massive cliff-hanger to leave us on! Iím so glad this is completed otherwise I would be dying inside with not knowing what happened next :D


Author's Response: Some authors are sadistic, but some are more sadistic than others. It's up to you whether I fall into the former or latter category.

I have to agree; I've never timetabled my social life. Once for school we had to make a timetable of how we spent our time during the average week, and I allowed roughly an hour for day for 'writing' because I was working on this fic quite a lot at the time, and all I got was raised eyebrows from my form tutor - 'seven hours a week writing? writing what? essays for school?' 'no miss, creative writing.' 'well, Julia, I rather think you should cut back on that.'

We'll see who's laughing when I don't win any awards for the books I'm never going to publish lbr.

Also, sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes Fauna's nipped back from a lesson to take a quick shower before heading out to Astronomy Club and is actually standing right in the bathroom instead. I don't know why I'm paraphrasing Adele now. It may have something to do with the fact that it's two in the morning. Sleep is for the weak.

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Review #13, by patronus_charm { 11 }

2nd June 2013:
That was cutest, most adorable and most awkward thing ever. I never expected it to end up the way it did. I thought it was going to be an innocent little swim you know. I was just sitting there like this Albus, all his dad was go on walks with Ginny never anything like that but it was brilliant. I was squealing happily away and got more weird looks from my mum.

I feel proud of Flora as sheís really come into herself thanks to Albus and sheís so confident now and itís really lovely to be able to see that change. I dread to think what would happen next if they return to the bathroom and whatís going to happen tomorrow. That scene gave me so many feels and gah theyíre so cute and perfect for one another.

When Flora and Fauna were talking though I seriously wondered whether it could get any more awkward. There were two parts which have joint first place in the awkwardness scale. The first being when Fauna asked about why she wasnít talking to Scorpius anymore and I almost thought Flora was going to say why and I was insanely glad she didnít. Flora and Albus are too cute and canít break up. Then the second one was when she said that Flora had ink on her neck and Flora was just like itís not ink and then she had to put the pieces together.

The past two chapters have possibly been my favourite ones so far due to the feel inducingness of them!


Author's Response: I just realised that, in my last response, I went from discussing serious current affairs to making a Star Wars pun in the space of about a hundred words. I am so, so sorry.

Albus has a bit of a saucy (read: mean) streak that really comes out in these later chapters. It all starts when you take a dip with him in the Prefects' bathroom, and it just snowballs from there...

It was fun torturing Flora so much in this story. She's damned if she does, and she's damned if she doesn't. Just like everyone else I write, she can't catch a break. I'm glad my characters aren't real people, they'd probably murder me in my sleep for what I put them through.

Awh, thank you for saying so! :3

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Review #14, by patronus_charm { 09 }

2nd June 2013:
I got so excited when Scorpius kissed Flora. Though Iím definitely in the Florbus camp, I was glad to see that my theory was proved to be correct. I canít believe that they actually kissed though and it wasnít even through the spin the bottle game. I felt so bad for Flora though as this is effecting her so much.

Another thing I really liked is that your showing the muggleborn hatred coming back and the analogy of it in British society. Itís rather fitting considering whatís currently happening due to everything that happened in Woolwich. Itís nice to see that Albus cares a lot about the issue and he really reminds me of Harry so much.

I could sense the awkwardness between Albus and Flora when they were with Agnes. I have feeling a row/mini breakup may be on the cards for them or just awkwardness due to what happened between Flora and Scorpius. I hate seeing them like that as they really are cute together.

Fauna and Scorpius are going out? I never, ever saw that coming. I thought it was going to be Lucy and Scorpius or Rose and Scorpius but never that. This is just making their lives even more tangled. I think the strangest thing about it is that Scorpius has a girlfriend as heís so adorably awkward and if he got one I imagined it to be someone just as socially awkward not one whoís quite confident like Fauna.


Author's Response: Ah, yeah - regrettably, it has become topical now. I totally fail to understand the motives behind both the attackers and the EDL - usually I can find it within myself to see the situation from someone else's viewpoint and empathise with them, but I couldn't this time. While the attack itself was horrifying and sickening, I think the ensuing mobilisation of far-right groups was so wrong it had me physically shaking - but, alas, HPFF isn't the place for politics, so I'll stop there.

Back to lighter affairs - Fauna and Scorpius is a rather unlikely ship! Fortunately, it's rather short-lived. It's a sad fact widely known that I base a lot of my woobie Scorpiuses on myself, and a feature I've replicated in a lot of them is my barnacle-like ability to latch onto anyone who is nice to me, and my desperate need for ~deep trust~ in any sort of meaningful relationship. So this Scorpius has recognised that there are two girls in his life who are kind to him, respect him, and trust him, and he's mistakenly mistaken that for troo lurve and latched onto them both like barnacles. Like Luke Skywalker, he's looking for love in Alderaan places.

Thank you! ♥

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Review #15, by patronus_charm { 07 }

2nd June 2013:
The awkwardness in the carriage was awful and I was so pleased when they separated as I really couldnít handle it anymore. Then when he started leading her over to the Shrieking Shack and they made snow angels it was all so cutesy but I never anticipated what happened next.

You killed me with this line ĎExcept I didnít have to, because then he kissed me.í Ah I was wrong about the date going horrible wrong it went brilliantly! I joined Fauna in the high pitched squealing when I read that bit. It probably wasnít the best idea I ever had as I was in the living room with my mum who gave me a weird look, but it was worth it.

Gah now Iím going to have to come up with a ship and thatís always so hard. Florbus? Alora? Iíll just stick with Flora/Albus for now as it doesnít sound anywhere near as weird as my suggestions. I was really surprised by Scorpiusí reaction as I thought he was going to do a mega freak out (sheís rubbing off on me ;) ) but he seemed quite cool about it, perhaps my theory about him liking her was wrong.

Another amazing chapter ♥


Author's Response: For once, something in one of my stories didn't go badly! Ah, that scene was equal parts adorable and excruciating to write. I'm notoriously uncomfortable at writing any sort of romance, but this was a bit sweet so it wasn't as bad as some of the stuff I've grimaced whilst typing out.

Floral is the official name of the ship! (Captained by the Certifiably Awesome Jess The Enthusiast, nonetheless). Florbus is v. v. cute though, and Alora sounds like a girl's name. I personally ship Scorpius/Willoughby (Willoughpius) but I feel I may be in the minority.

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Review #16, by patronus_charm { 06 }

2nd June 2013:
Ah thereís going to be a party how exciting. I liked the sound of the Hufflepuff party because if thereís free food going around no oneís ever go to turn it down, are they? The Gryffindor one sounded fun too, and I have feeling that something may happen between Flora and a certain Potter boy at this one. Iím getting far too excited about them going to Gryffindor and itís not even that amazing cough unlike Ravenclaw cough.

Aw Scorpius is so adorable. I really felt for him with this line ĎOkay, maybe not because itís Scorpius, but the principle still applies.í Even though itís nice to see him not being portrayed as the playboy who everyone loves it does make me pity him to see him as such a tragic figure. At least he has a supported in me :D

Oh god the tension at this point ĎĎItís okay,í Albus said, giving Scorpius a dead funny look. ĎItís a nice surprise.íĎ Iíve never seen so much hate between the two before and I really wonder why there is so much. There was part mention of the title at this point Ďí UhÖjustÖblundering about.íí I get far too excited when things like that happen.

Ok I have a theory that Scorpius likes Flora and thatís why heís over protective of her when she comes back late and why he dislikes Albus so much and sort of flinches at a mention of him. Another amazing chapter :D


Author's Response: I'd never turn down a party with free food. I have also been known to turn up late to parties either because I am eating food or watching Doctor Who, sometimes both.

And no house, /no house/ is as amazing as Ravenclaw. Fact.

I love my woobie Scorpiuses (or Scorpii). I feel like I can't write him any other way now. He's got to be this ~tragic~ mope with a big fringe. Sorry, Malfoys.

All will become clear in the future! (Alternatively, one can consult the orb).

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Review #17, by patronus_charm { 05 }

2nd June 2013:
I wondered how Fauna was related to Cho and it makes sense thatís her aunt! I shipping Albus and Flora big time! I loved the idea that they bonded over the Weird Sisters and I always wondered what happened to them after the war so itís nice to see that theyíre still around. It reminded me of my love for The Rolling Stones or The Beatles and how people canít understand how awesome they still are.

I was intrigued after reading your blog about the different clubs you made and they all sound like so much fun, a lot better than the ones at my school where theyíre all sport ones. Scorpius is continuing to rise in the cuteness levels with him wanting to have a good reference after Hogwarts as heís such dedicated person and reminded me of Hermione in a way. I havenít heard any mention of Rose so far so itís making me wonder whether sheís going to pop or not.

Albus is catching up in the adorable levels though. The way he keeps on saving Flora is really nice and itís great to see that theyíve developed a friendship first. Iím so glad that the library sessions are continuing as theyíre so cute and the sort of date to Hogsmeade got me a little too excited but I have a feeling itís not going to go so well.

Anyhow this story has been amazing so far ♥


Author's Response: Ah, you noticed! Very, very early drafts of the plot centered on Flora trying to set up Fauna and Albus (and it backfiring and him going for her instead), and Fauna being related to Cho was meant to create slight tension of the 'my aunt dated your dad!' variety. But that never happened, so Fauna's surname became a bit irrelevant.

Another headcanon feature! The only way I'd survive at Hogwarts would be if there was an art club, honestly. Yep, Scorpius is a wee hardworking Hufflepuff. Poor kid probably wanted to be a Ravenclaw, he's so stuffily (pseudo-)intellectual.

Thank you so much for your reviews! ♥

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Review #18, by patronus_charm { 02 }

2nd June 2013:
They kissed? I never saw that coming, well to be fair Flora probably didnít either. I usually hate this genre but youíve already turned me into a squealing fan girl over Flora and Albus and itís actually rather fun compared to the dark stuff I tend to read. Then the awkwardness of it all after happened was adorable and I was sitting there pitying both of them.

I knew that Flora would have a secret talent and itís nice to History of Magic is getting more love as Iím a big history nut so I donít see why everyone moans about having to go to it because I would be jumping for joy if I got a lesson like that.

Iím in love with Scorpius heís so adorable. I donít think Iíve called him that before but it really fits in this story. All your characters are so fresh and unique and itís really lovely to read. Iím not sure whether I like Lucy or not. Sheís annoying me at the moment but I have a feeling sheís going to change after a while.

I canít wait to read on :D


Author's Response: Classic trope, that, the spontaneous diversionary kiss. I think if that happened to me in real life, though, I'd punch the person who kissed me.

And, don't worry - as you know by now, this fic isn't all sunshine and rainbows...

Eee me too! History was one of my best subjects at school, and I've always felt that the things I'm good at were very poorly represented on the Hogwarts syllabus (English Lit, Art, Music) so I would suffer there, and I sort of gave Flora that as well. Just so you know, Binns isn't teaching anymore in this fic. As much as I love History, I'm not sure I'd be able to stand an hour of Binns.

Thank you so much! ♥

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Review #19, by patronus_charm { introduction }

1st June 2013:
I have never read an Albus/OC story before, believe it or not, and when I saw this was nominated and won a Diadem I decided to give it a try as Iíve wanted to read some of your work for a while and Iím so glad that I did.

Iím already in love with Flora and the Hufflepuff trio. Iíve never seen Scorpius as a Hufflepuff before but it fits him so well. I loved the multiple mentions of cats as that brightened my day significantly and the idea that Draco was allergic to them was excellent. I really liked how Albus sort of saved her and the whole idea about her being a sort of outcast, as it's really intriguing to see how you're going to develop this!

I would carry on saying how awesome this is but I really need to go to bed! I canít wait to read the rest of it and Iíll try and review whenever I can :D


Author's Response: Welcome to the madness! Well, I've seen all your lovely reviews, so I consider you well and truly welcomed to the madness already...

Ah, I'm glad you liked them! My headcanon is that Scorpius was a Ravenclaw but I often write him as a Hufflepuff too, when I want to take the 'Scorpius is the Malfoy anomaly' trope to extremes. I tried to write the trio here as embodying different Hufflepuff characteristics - Flora is loyal, Scorpius is hardworking, and Fauna is honest, although she gets so little time in this fic that nobody would really notice that. Anyway. And then of course those stereotypes get a little overturned by the end of the fic.

Thank you for the review (and the others you've left!) ♥

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Review #20, by weasley123 { introduction }

28th March 2013:
Someone likes Jane Austen. And the word mega. :) :)

Author's Response: Ironically, I can't abide Austen! But this story is one giant slab of irony ;) Thanks for your review, one might say it is...mega. ♥

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Review #21, by LittleMissPrincess { epilogue }

17th March 2013:
it's like an end of an era.

or more rather, an end of a year.
well this entire story makes my heart feel wibbly wobbly and timey wimey but everything about it is perf.

you are an amazing writer and im so happy you exist.

i am really looking forward to more stories by you, whether they're starving artist or flora and co. or anything else, really.

i dont know how to thank you for writing such an amazing story, that changed MY LIFE okay not really but it made me aspire to be a better writer. (:

bye then (: for now.

Author's Response: Baww, that's a very high accolade! I hope you don't suffer any long-term damage from having a timey-wimey heart. I can empathise, I've got a minor heart problem - it goes ding when there's stuff.

Eee! Also thank you for saying that :3 it really means a lot to me when people say stuff like that! I do dream of having the stamina and talent to write a book someday, and even though I know that's impossible, lovely HPFF people like you and the lovely things they say make it seem a little more achievable.

Bye for now! ♥

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Review #22, by LittleMissPrincess { 22 }

17th March 2013:
okay can we just talk about how amazing this is :

The three of us sat in silence for a bit. For some reason, I thought I felt sorry for Fletcher. He was a year above me and technically an adult in the magical world, but a kid all the same. It was all his parentsí doing, evidently, instructing him from afar. Just like Scorpius had only suffered because of who his dad was, and Iíd only been picked on because of my background. We were living with the legacy of the second war, just as we seemed on the verge of falling into another.

also was the spell sectumsempra? it was, wasn't it.

this story means so much to me now. i dont want it to end.

Author's Response: The spell was sectumsempra! Draco taught it to the terrorist cell (let's call them a terrorist cell) under duress, and thus it was used on Flora.

All good (although this is of questionable quality) things must come to an end!

Thank you for reading & reviewing :3 ♥

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Review #23, by LittleMissPrincess { 21 }

17th March 2013:

LIKE MY EYES WERE WATERING (but don't worry i didn't cry, im not a

IMEAN, I DIDN'T PUT IT PAST YOU TO KILL OFF SCORP BUT I MEAN CREYS. oh scorp. im literally so happy he's alive. you have no idea.

also, perfect imagery, and description and everything. also, sorry for being MIA for the last 2 months and not reviewing any chapters, i had mock GCSE's.

oh and the healer, was that supposed to be Oliver Wood? idk, im just pulling at threads here - maybe i'm wrong. but you said scottish, and fairly attractive so i just assumed...


Casual reminder that Scorpius is only semi-alive...

No worries! I hope your mocks went well, and good luck for the inevitable GCSEs!

Also, no, the Healer wasn't Oliver at all! Oliver is only Scottish and attractive in the films, I think :P

Thank you for reviewing ♥

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Review #24, by nina lupin { epilogue }

10th March 2013:
you're amazing, this is amazing, the ending was amazing and i've really enjoyed sitting behind my computer screen reading this! i'm pretty sure i've increased my vocabulary by at least one word (MEGA!). anyway, i sort of love how you ended it will albus and flora not really together (though i'm still finger-crossing (it's secretly a verb) for future floral children) and scarred flora (because fanfic people are usually too damn perfect) and undead lightning-powered scorpius is the best thing since trolley ladies on magical trains. thank you for writing this!

Author's Response: You are also amazing for leaving such a lovely review! And I'm glad I've slipped 'mega' into so many people's vocabularies ;D

When you say 'future floral children'...I imagining some sort of cross between a child and an upholstered armchair. Please don't ask. It's been a long day's revising and I'm going a bit mad here.

Thank you so much for reviewing! ♥

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Review #25, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne { epilogue }

13th February 2013:
It's been a whole year since we were first introduced to Flora, with her tragic jumpers and awkward friends - and now, she's a hero!
First of all, I LOVE that you made this story about Flora. Not about Floral and all the love triangles and romantic drama- it's all about Flora. How she grows and changes. That's mega.
Many, I could even say most, stories with romance, the romantic aspect is the main focus. It's really wonderful to have a story where the main character grows by themself, pushed by events, not guided by other people.
Of course, this story (as all of your stories) was brilliantly written, managing to still be funny even when the story took a darker turn.
I love everything abou this story, from characters, to plot twists (ZOMBIE SCORP!... ELECTRIC ZOMBIE SCORP!) to just use of language.
So, to sum up my feelings for this story: ASDDFLASDHGKJHEORIGHERNB'J'PI]K.;LOIR;LKAHJ
Love it. Love you. Keep writing amazing things please :D

Author's Response: Aaah, I'm glad you liked that! I always found myself getting really frustrated with the neverending focus on love triangles and relationships in stories - I'm like, hey, a female protagonist doesn't need half a dozen boys hanging off her arm to be awesome! Also, Albus and Scorpius are both prats. There. I said it.

Really glad you liked it - even the random zombie!scorpius plot twist ;)

Thanks for reviewing! ♥

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