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Reading Reviews for My Time in Heaven
10 Reviews Found

Review #1, by harmonystamerth14 The World is Mental

29th July 2012:
Wow! The world is mental I will agree.

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Review #2, by harmonystamerth14 Through the Looking Glass

29th July 2012:
I bet! Heck it does seem interesting!

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Review #3, by #1 Yaky fan (Melodi) The World is Mental

5th March 2012:
Hi this is a really good story, but why did you end the chapter with Dudley saying that the Annie girl was his wife?

it's so good!


Author's Response: Its supposed to end with a cliffhanger

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Review #4, by #1 Yaky fan (Melodi) Through the Looking Glass

5th March 2012:
i like your interesting thingy (and hair) and it's really good story.

Author's Response: err, thanks

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Review #5, by time9870 The World is Mental

15th February 2012:
well you hit some and some you strike out. your first chapter had a good start. you kind of when to hell in a hand basket in this chapter. you went major off course. yes the playful banter is fun (at times)but it end up kind of being stupid. you at time have a full thought and then start writing a another thought with out finishing it. the Binns ,you tryed to make it funny, it did not work. and end up being stupid. sorry but i got to grade you low on this chapter.

Author's Response: Well, thank you for your review, and i'll keep that in mind.

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Review #6, by alexa The World is Mental

11th February 2012:
comon update now!1i love this fan fiction it will be exciting please please please plaesa

Author's Response: aww, thanks! i just got chapter two validated today, so im not sure when the next chapter will be up. but thank you so much for your review!!!

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Review #7, by SweetMemories Through the Looking Glass

20th January 2012:
This sounds so cute! I cannot wait to read more! Please update soon!!

Author's Response: Thanks, i've always wanted to do lily potter's p.o.v..and i had a few ideas about heaven too. i have chapters 2 and 3 written, just got to wait for time to post it. thanks!

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Review #8, by Time9870 Through the Looking Glass

20th January 2012:
So far not bad. There a few thing I think she would be more suprise at that . Please be a bit tastefull about this.but you have a good start:)

Author's Response: Yeah, the shock part comes in next chapter.and its a really big shock, so hope you'll continue reading to see! Thanks for your review!

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Review #9, by tonks1998 Through the Looking Glass

20th January 2012:
Brilliant it is funny and interesting please keep writing

Author's Response: That's the response i was hoping for! Thanks so much, its people like you that inspire me to write!

chp 2 coming soon!

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Review #10, by Lily Through the Looking Glass

19th January 2012:
I think this story will be really...interesting. Will Lily remember who she was? And why is Hermione, Harry's wife? Just wondering. But I really like the first chapter but I would really like to read more, so.get writing! :)

Author's Response: well, I really hate writing harry/ginny or ron/hermione, so i just made it hermione and harry.

and they're not married, they're only 16!

full story coming soon!!!
and if you look at the review before/after yours, you can read a bit of next chapter!.

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