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Review #1, by Lexa Take A Chance

21st June 2012:
Dear DubGee, I liked your story is "Take A Chance"! So I would like to translate it into Russian. I'll write that you are the author and give a link to the original. Do you agree? =)

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Review #2, by andee lou Take A Chance

21st May 2012:
well i loved but i wish there was more

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Review #3, by SerpentineOffering Take A Chance

29th February 2012:
Really well done, I really enjoyed it!

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Review #4, by Harmonia Take A Chance

27th February 2012:
Girl look at that body XD. LOL

This was good! I liked it a lot. :)

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Review #5, by leylaLOVEdh4eva Take A Chance

25th February 2012:

oh WHY does it have to be a one shot? :(

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Review #6, by Dramione4eva Take A Chance

25th February 2012:
Your story, it's just AMAZING! I LOVE IT!!! Write more

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Review #7, by DracosCookie Take A Chance

24th February 2012:
lol lol lol lol lol lol lol "I'm sexy and I know it"? love it! i love how you gave him humility and a heart without making him a MAJOR SOFTIE! that takes talent.

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Review #8, by SundaySunshine Take A Chance

31st January 2012:
It's perfect! I love it! I was wondering how exactly to write an one-shot fanfic and I was searching for a good one as example. Well, I proudly can say I found it! It's marvelous and for the second time: I totally love it!
I like everything Dramione, but that's amazingly perfect! I'm inspired by this story, lol! :D

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much. That means so much to me, I'm glad that my story inspired you to write your own, it means more to me than you'll ever know.

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Review #9, by Ginger Lust Take A Chance

27th January 2012:
Hi. I loved this story. First of all, it is very well written. But more important is that it is very believable.
The letter from Narcissa ripped my heart out. I have always wanted to believed that she was good. I wrote a story where she died giving up her life for Drago but I'm not that good with feelings.
The letter was so beautiful. I cried from line one myself. It took me forever to get through it.
And it works because you made it work gradually, not..."I hate you Draco"...*kiss*... "I love you Draco". Draco had to work with action as well as words to convince Hermione that he had changed.
I enjoyed your story and look forward to more. Have you written others? I shall go look. :-)

Author's Response: Well thank you, this is the first Dramione that I have written so I was a bit worried that I didn't get it right.
I'm not a mother so I wasn't really sure what to write for the letter but I sort of imagined myself as Narcissa and what I would say and my dad also passed away a few years ago so I also pulled from the experience, so I'm glad it worked out well.
I tried hard to make it dragged out a little bit, I hate when in one chapter they absolutely loathe each other and the next they are proclaiming love for each other, it was a little difficult to do that in a one-shot haha.
I have written others but not all of them have been validated yet and I'm in the process of writing three more haha so keep an eye out :)
Thank you for your review lovely!

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Review #10, by CocoaMocoa Take A Chance

26th January 2012:
Oh my gods, did he die?! But either way, cute story, I loved it.

Author's Response: I'm not sure what made you believe that he had died but let me assure you that he didn't :) I love Draco too much to kill him off haha. Thank you :)

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Review #11, by plainjane00 Take A Chance

23rd January 2012:
i got directed here from the dramione team fb page. i think i've read this before on ffnet. still enjoyed reading it, though. :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed reading it a second time then :) thank you.

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Review #12, by jack8 Take A Chance

22nd January 2012:
loved reading every single thing.if you have the chance please write a would be so great of you do!

Author's Response: At the moment I'm not writing a sequel, although I have written another one shot that is like 8-9 years after they finish Hogwarts and they are together (it hasn't been validated yet) so I guess that could sort of be it's 'sequel' . Thank you so much lovely! I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #13, by confusedlover Take A Chance

22nd January 2012:
very lovely.

aw, this was really cute! you did a wonderful job writing thins and making the whole Head Boy/Head Girl concept exciting and original. this plot was new and refreshing and i am very pleased that i got the chance to read this story. wonderful job. keep up the amazing writing!! (:

Author's Response: Thank you so much, this was the first Dramione that I had written so I was a bit worried about it especially because the head boy/head girl thing has been used so much. Thank you once again lovely!

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Review #14, by Ren Take A Chance

19th January 2012:
That was really cute, I liked it :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! :)

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