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Review #1, by countrymusicfanatic One And Only

19th August 2012:
This was great! I loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review :)

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Review #2, by PatronusGirl101 One And Only

5th February 2012:
Yeah, i started crying...

Author's Response: :S Oops, it wasn't meant to make you cry... But I'm glad I stirred up some emotion in you, lol. Hope you liked it, and ta for the review :)

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Review #3, by Cassius Alcinder One And Only

20th January 2012:
I'm finally here from the forums with your review!

This was a pretty interesting take on Remus/Tonks, who don't seem to be written about much in the fanfiction world, but its definetely an interesting pairing to explore.

I enjoyed the imagery and descriptions, particuarly the use of the rain and the setting of the castle after the battle and Dumbledore's death. If you wanted to stretch the story out a little bit more, you could add a few more descriptions like that.

Plot wise, it seemed to fit pretty well with what we know about Remus and Tonks from the books. You got the timing and events right, and it captured the tensions of how Remus was reluctant to commit becuase of all his issues.

As far as characterization, Tonks was spot on, exactly how I would picture her. Remus may have seemed a little too melodramatic at times, but you did capture his attitudes and the emotions he would have been experiencing.

Author's Response: Hiya :) Thank you for your review. I'm glad you enjoyed it -- I've read some really lovely Remus/Tonks stories before, and I definitely agree with you that it is a very interesting pairing and one I enjoyed writing even if it did give me grief.

I'm happy you liked the description (it's always my weakest point, lol) and I'm glad you thought Tonks' characterisation was spot on. I do agree with you about Remus, and I will definitely bear that in mind should I choose to revamp it at a later date.

Anyway, ta for your review :)


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Review #4, by DracoFerret11 One And Only

15th January 2012:
Hello there! This is DarkRose from the forums, here with your review. :]

Well, let's start off with plot, shall we?

I think you had a pretty good plotline. It was simple and cute and a nice moment in time that you captured to explain. Very sweet. The only thing that didn't particularly make sense was at the end: the sun came out before they kissed, but at the beginning of the chapter, it had been the middle of the night. Either that was a very short night, or you should explain that it was nearing morning. :]

Characterization: well...let's see. Remus was predictably belligerent and said things that made sense for his character. I feel that he rushed the things he was saying, though. He jumped from not wanting to hurt her to HAVING to be with her very quickly. Tonks was better than Remus. She made a lot of sense to me and I like the way you wrote her.

Pacing: I feel like this story was really rushed. You could have taken more time to explain things and given people a chance to get attached to the plotline before it was over. This can be done by adding more descriptions: of the setting, characters, emotions, etc. It would help a lot, I think.

Overall, the story flowed well. I think you did a good job. Just describe things more and focus on slowing the story down and I think you'll be fine.

Again, good job. :]


Author's Response: Hiya :) Thanks for your review. I'm glad you liked the plot -- my main problem was that when things got *too* plotty, it got too long, and that was an issue. More below. I do understand what you're saying about timing, and I'll try and edit that when I get a chance.

I also get what you meant about characterisation, and yes, things were rushed. I would have slowed it down, so it would seem more natural, though I am glad you liked Tonks. She was harder than Remus (which doesn't really make sense, lol).

Okay. The main reason this story was so rushed was not because I had run out of ideas or anything. It was because it was written for a swap, and in that swap, there was a word limit of 1500 words or thereabouts. I'm thinking of expanding on this story one day, so hopefully this isn't the end!

Ta for your review; I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I totally get what you mean re pacing.

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Review #5, by SydneyBlack One And Only

14th January 2012:
Do you have anymore chapters? You should really make this a story! It would be great! :) 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you for your review. Unfortunately, this is only a one-shot, but I am considering expanding it one day, so watch this space, lol. Ta again :)


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Review #6, by HermioneJGranger One And Only

12th January 2012:
Oh, I just loved this! It was so beautifully written and it flowed/read incredibly well!

I loved the theme of the rain throughout, and I loved the last line--a bit abrupt but perfect for a one-shot. I loved how your Tonks didn't give in to Remus too easily after he'd messed things up the first time and I loved how you explained Remus' inner turmoil. I also loved the idea of them getting together at Christmas and Tonks' misinterpretation of Remus' feelings on that night.

As I said I think you wrote both characters beautifully, especially Tonks--just the right mixture of anger and desperation. Your Remus was also spot-on--hesitant for all his noble reasons yet clearly in love with Tonks.

Basically, I loved the entire thing! Wonderful, wonderful job!

Author's Response: Hiya :)

Thank you for such a wonderful review. I'm so glad you liked it. This was written for a story swap, and my recipient wanted something with a mix of fluff and angst. I probably veered closer to angst than fluff, though, lol.

I do know that the ending was rather abrupt but that was mainly down to the word limit restriction -- it had to be 1500 words or around that, so I couldn't really do much about that. And I tore my hair out with this story because I've never written the pairing before and I still am not completely happy with it -- but I'm also not really bothered to write another draft, hehe.

Once again, I'm so glad you liked it. This is my first time writing them as a pairing and I've never written Tonks at all, so I'm flattered you thought I got the characterisation right.

If you're interested, I'll be submitting a femmeslash two-shot (possibly three-shot) in the coming weeks, so if you like that kind of thing, do review :)


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