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Review #1, by Cupcake22 One Year More

27th September 2015:
I liked the story but I feel like everyone make Ginny so stuck up, stubborn and not caring at all. Like why does Harry have to be sorry that he left Ginny to fade feat Voldemort, he did if for her, but no, Ginny gets all angry at him and says "I need time to think." Like SHUT UP. Harry suffered WAY more than you did but she acts ts like just because she lost one person everyone should love her and give her time, but no one does that to Harry do they!
But I still like Harry/Ginny fan fictions as long as Ginny is nice to Harry.

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Review #2, by May Old and New Friends

25th April 2015:
Won of my favourite stories

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Review #3, by May With These Words Spoken

25th April 2015:
This is a wonderful story

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Review #4, by May One Year More

25th April 2015:
Thank you for a wonderful story

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Review #5, by b_lewis61 One Year More

29th March 2015:
I can't believe it is done, I want to jeep reading! Great work and I hope you choose to write more in the future.

Author's Response: Wow! You certainly finished this quickly, and thank you for reading it and I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I'm doing a big edit of For Hope, just cleaning it up and making it how I want it to be, but after that I'm going to be getting more new stuff up! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by b_lewis61 I Try My Best

29th March 2015:
Another good chapter overall. I like that you are showing a skilled Harry without resorting to an Uber Harry that is overpowered to the point of simply being untouchable.

One note, while JK never said who created the spell to allow a patronus to speak I don't know how plausable it is that it was Dumbledore. As powerful as he was we never heard of him creating spells and the talking patronus was used by a number if people. It is certainly possible that he taught it to all of them but if that where the case I would also expect the Aurors to know about it; especially given that Kingsley (an ex auror) used it in DH.

Author's Response: I'm glad that you like my interpretation of Harry, he is an outstanding wizard, but he isn't so powerful that no one can touch him. He still has a lot to learn.

I thought in the Order of the Pheonix it said that Dumbledore created the spell for the Order, but I'll have to look that up again (and reread the books because it's been a while) because I'm not sure.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to review!

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Review #7, by b_lewis61 Moving Away

27th March 2015:
Have you ever read "Toy Soldiers" on fanfic net? If not I highly recommend it. The bit about Harry drinking and cutting is very reminiscent of it and the overall story is about his recovery from his guilt. Good chapter and looking forward to more.

Author's Response: I'm going to look it up and read it if I haven't, but I've read so many different fics that I can never be sure if I've read one before or not. Glad you are continuing to like this fic! And thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by b_lewis61 It Wasn't Just Me

27th March 2015:
Just finished reading the first two chapters and I am impressed so far. I especially wanted to mention that I like the fact that you don't just have Ginny running back to Harry right away. I am a huge Harry/Ginny ship fan and I believe they belong together but realisticly it would take some work to heal the sounds from the war. Good job so far, looking forward to reading more.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review! I'm glad that you agree that Ginny and Harry would have taken a bit to get back together, but they totally deserve to end up together. Harry/Ginny is my OTP :)

I hope you continue to enjoy this story!

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Review #9, by billyd One Year More

13th January 2015:
Awesome story any thoughts to a sequel!

Author's Response: Thanks! As for a sequel I have a couple ideas bit nothing solid yet. Probably be a while until things got solid at all, but I'll think about hurrying that up.

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Review #10, by Amy Rebuilt

22nd January 2014:
I'm confused why Harry lied here. He knows that Draco did identify both Ron and Hermione which led directly to Hermione being tortured. He also knows that Draco fought to keep them from escaping.

Not really loving Harry's dishonesty here. Even worse is his complete disregard for all of the people, including Ron who were victimized by the Malfoys. Incredibly disappointed in Harry,

Author's Response: Draco did identify both Ron and Hermione, but he wouldn't identify Harry even though they both knew that it was each other. You could argue that Draco didn't, but I believe he did. Yes, Hermione got tortured, but without Draco identifying Harry Voldemort was not immediately summoned which would have spelled doom for everyone involved. So, that's why Harry did it. Also, did Draco deserve imprisonment? He was mostly trying to not get killed and that meant following Voldemort after his dad was captured. There is a lot of things I don't like about Draco, he did bully Ron and Hermione, but in the end he saw why those things were wrong and grew out of his immaturity. So, those are the reasons I chose for Harry to "lie" about the case, even if I didn't consider it lying.

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Review #11, by Cicero_daredevil This is the Time

20th December 2013:
Arghh. Unexpected stop. Still I think you need to address kercher and the house since you included him in the plot earlier and the drinking. Otherwise your story reads well. I wonder about neighbor but that could be set up for 2nd novel.

Author's Response: Kreacher will be wrapped up soon. The neighbor may or may not pop up again in this story, but if I write a sequel he should be in that one.

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Review #12, by Cicero_daredevil Hear All About It

19th December 2013:
Hey. Kreacher and the new house. U might want to address that

Author's Response: Loose ends like that always escape me. Thanks for pointing it out, I'll look to address it.

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Review #13, by Cicero_daredevil A New Dawn

19th December 2013:
I have been reading since the revisions and it make very good since and read to me.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #14, by Darcey I Can't Believe It

31st August 2013:
Really fantastic story I only ever review the ones that I really love so feel honoured, haha!
As I was reading this I had thought it was completed and when I found it wasn't I screamed and shouted a great deal, hurry up and update I will now be checking every day. Curse you for writing a good story that will hold me captive now until it is done...I knew there was a reason I only read complete stories X

Author's Response: I am very honored thanks for reading and reviewing! I used to do that, it was always so annoying when stories would be abandoned and I wanted to avoid them. But I then discovered so many good stories that were WIPs and I just had to read them, and yeah some of them have never been finished but I'm glad I read them. Thanks for reading and I will try to add new chapters soon!

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Review #15, by GinnyGryffindor I Can't Believe It

30th August 2013:
Awesome! Well, how much of a * am I for not reviewing for ages. Lets just say, you have had me in so many tears and gotten me to laugh so much that I am in love with this story. Can't wait for the next chapter! 10/10

Author's Response: It's alright, sometimes when I "binge" on fanfiction I don't review at all and feel really bad. I am honored that I drew that much emotion from a reader and so thanks! I am truly blown away. I will do my best to update soon. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #16, by Tani Potter He Said What?

29th August 2013:
Good chapter. I really enjoyed the way Harry was talking about marriage and engagements with Ginny.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! Glad that you liked it! These reviews always help keep up the determination to finish!

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Review #17, by GinnyGryffindor Class of the Horntail

28th August 2013:
finite? finite? I thought it was unjellify! (starkid reference)

Author's Response: Haha! I love starkid but I think that they may have made up some of the spells... Anyway thanks for reading!

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Review #18, by Tim Nice to See You Too

27th August 2013:
It would be nice to see that Harry and Ginny wrote each other will she was at school.

Author's Response: Good idea maybe I'll include that in some future chapters. Thanks for reading!

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Review #19, by Hopeless Grand Plans

16th August 2013:
Well hello there! Hopeless here. I wandered away from the site for quite some time. Recently got back in and was thrilled to see that you've revised and continued your story. I think it's wonderful, the plot is stronger and the story is flowing well. I am looking forward to catching up with you.

Only thing I noticed were a few misspells which we all know can happen even with spell check (i.e. no should have been now or the should have been they), so keep an eye out for that.
You're doing a great job and thank you for taking the time to write this story so I can enjoy it!

Author's Response: I'm glad that you wandered back! My writing just felt weaker and I had read some other stories that had meshed politics with the whole "After the War" idea. I like politics so I was like why didn't I do that! So, I knew my story needed revision and I went back to working on it and making the plot better! Glad that you like it!

Thanks so much for reviewing and I love how you catch some of the things at the end! Those will eventually be fixed!

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Review #20, by queenwombat You Said So

1st April 2013:
okay. this is really awkward but yeah ummm sorry about all my reviews cuz it was just an HPFF joke so yeah um this is really awkward

Author's Response: haha no problem. At first I thought that it was real too, but then I remembered it was the first of April. No problems and thanks for checking my story out.

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Review #21, by queenwombat No Rest for the Weary

1st April 2013:
sorry about my other reviews i realize noe that you are an awesome writer and that all the weirdness is from HPFF stupid new no romance rule I'm sure you probably figured that out but I thought it would only be right to apologize. Good luck with your story now that you can't write any romance!

Author's Response: It's really strange seeing all of these right after each other.

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Review #22, by queenwombat A Long Way Coming

1st April 2013:
this story would actually be good if it wasn't for 'Hermyi.. Hermon... bloody hell, why didn't they call you something simple, like Janet' because any educated person can say Hermione and those charters have been saying it for years

Author's Response: I'm assuming this is an April Fool's joke so thanx for looking at my story. But not really sure what your point is.

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Review #23, by queenwombat Moving Away

1st April 2013:
this story is kind of annoying the Hermione Janet thing was funny at first but it got old repetitve and annoying fast

Author's Response: Um, okay? Not really sure what you mean.

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Review #24, by Mikayla A Long Way Coming

4th March 2013:
i really like it so far good job!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #25, by Taylor Grand Plans

2nd March 2013:
KEEP WRITING! I check ALL the time to see if you updated yet. Love. It.

Author's Response: I will! It's really flattering to see this review. I try to get a chapter up every weekend, so hopefully I can keep that up! Thank you for reviewing!

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