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Review #1, by looneylizzie Grief and Love

10th April 2015:
CTF - Round 5 - Jailbreak Post!

Wowza. Let me just begin by saying that I'm awed that you managed to take such a sensitive moment after the battle and turn it into moments that were both happy and sad at the same time. Every time I began to tear up, there was something that made me smile, something that made me remember that they would eventually move on and be happier.

The way you wrote Harry, and how mixed up and jumbled his emotions were following the battle, is very true to character. He does blame himself, but at the same time he doesn't, and sees a future, a brighter one than he'd seen before, despite all the sadness.

All in all very well done. They were such wonderful moments you captured.

And I found how you had Mr. Weasley's reaction to Fred's death interesting. It isn't what I'd expected it to be. Honestly, I think it'd make more sense that Molly was the one who was breaking down, and not Arthur. This is not just to be 'stereotypical' per se...but it feels truer to character. Arthur, as bonkers as he is, is much tougher than he is made out to be. He loves and cares for his family very much, and I feel that it would be more accurate to have Molly breaking down first, and then Arthur. Molly is very much the backbone of the family, but I'd expect her to fall apart with the loss of Fred very much like she did with Percy when he walked out on them.

I dunno, I think that's the one thing about this beautiful little story that bugs me a bit, but on the other hand, it is nice to see Arthur break down.

Wonderful job! I do love reading your work a TON!


Author's Response: Thanks!

I'm not sure wether Arthur or Molly would be the one who would be the one breaking down. It's no different being a mother than a father... We know very little about how people react in extreme situations before it happens. Maybe Molly keeps herself together just because Arthur isn't? I'm not sure about this at all.

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Review #2, by Laurenzo7321 - round 5 Grief and Love

10th April 2015:
Hi Molly,

Aww this was such a mix of emotions, it's hard to deal! What a roller coaster.

First things first. Fred. I need a moment to shed a tear over him after you brought back all my emotions over it. Poor Ginny though, it must be so hard for her... Being so cut up about her brother but wanting to be happy about harry too. I can understand it must be hard and very confusing time for her and you started to bring that out well.

Her not wanting to leave harry was cute. Especially considering, no matter how good the intentions, Harry had just left her the year before. She's very courageous to want to just be with him despite everything and then finding each other while asleep was quite sweet.

Now my favourites in this had to be Ron and Hermione. I know they weren't the main characters in this one shot but oh my god they were cute. When Ron was thinking of her as a girlfriend and kissing her and falling asleep together. Oh my god the feels. They've just come through a war and they're like this together. It warned my heart so much. You did a really great job with them pair and I'd love to see your take on a story revolving around them very much!!

Anyway, great job on this!

Lauren :)

Author's Response: Thanks Lauren for a sweet review! I'm glad you liked this, as it was my very first story, and I sometimes feel like I don't know if I like it or not myself any longer...

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Review #3, by StarFeather Grief and Love

19th March 2015:
Hi, Molly. I'm reviewing your another lovely one-shot for HPFF Fundraiser.

After I finished this story, I had happy, warm and fluffy feeling. You're writing from Ginny's eyes about the aftermath of the war. Readers enjoy their getting together reading your story.

My favorite parts are,
first,:‘No,’ Ginny firmly said. ‘I’m not leaving without him.’
I understand you wrote like this. She witnessed Harry died once, so this part is very understandable.

Second,:‘He's so beautiful,’ she thought. But how thin he had become... Ginny conjured a chair and sat down. She took his hand and watched him sleep.
These part gave me warm and happy feeling.

And describing about his dream is the best part of this story. It is Harry who deserves the happiest dream after lots of predicaments.

The end scene of Book 7 was okay with me, but you wrote additional model explanation instead of J.K.Rowling, which is a really good work, I think. So I'll click your story as my favorite. :) Kenny

Author's Response: OMG, what a sweet review! Thank you!!!

I'm glad you liked this story. It was my very first fanfiction, and I've got this love-hate feeling towards it to be honest. It is my headcanon, but I'm not sure I would write it this way if I wrote it today.

Thanks for a loveley review!

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Review #4, by Arthur Weasley (did I do that right?) Grief and Love

24th January 2015:
I DID IT! I SWITCHED THE PONCUTER ON! Hermione promised she would teach me but she's away in Australia to find her parents and restore their memories, and I just couldn't wait. I'm not quite sure how I've ended up here, or what 'fanfiction' is but this little story was delightful. I'm concerned as to how you came across the information surrounding these events though, or why you're posing as my, maybe I'll do some more research here and then let the Ministry know that we might have spies in our midst.

Spy or not, you certainly captured these moments with my family perfectly. My Ginny is such a strong-willed and stubborn thing, isn't she? It's lovely that Harry makes her so happy...though I think I'll try and forget about all of the kissing that went on here. I was most cross that he thought he was intruding, that silly boy needs to realise he is part of this family whether he likes it or not.

Fred being gone is something we will always be aware of but I couldn't be more proud of how my family are coping, and of course he wouldn't be happy with us if we sat around moping all day!

Oh, ho! I must go, a message has just popped up on the page telling me I've won an 'iPad', whatever that is! If it's anything like this poncuter then I definitely want one!!

Author's Response: Thank you, Arthur!

Well, let's just say that I've got information from a secret source... Let's not tell the Ministry, please?

Oh, a good piece of advice is that you probably don't want to read "Birthday Gift" if you don't want to know too much about your daughter's kissing... :-p

Love, Mollywobbles

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Review #5, by True Author Grief and Love

21st January 2015:
Can I just say that this story is simply amazing? :D

Because it is! It was all just so beautifully written and it's so believable. Just wow. I really loved everything about this story. I could almost feel the sudden calmness after such a long and exhausted war. The effects of the fighting and the almost unexpected victory were perfectly captured. I especially liked that everyone was sleeping and crying. That was needed, I understand it. :( I liked that you didn't make them too happy or too grieving.

Oh my, my, why would you do this to me? I absolutely CANNOT handle that George accidentally said "We saw that coming." THIS MAKES ME CRY. I WANNA CRY. OMG WHY DID FRED HAVE TO DIE. I'M SUCH A MESS OF FEELINGS RIGHT NOW.

Excuse me. :P I just love them too much to bear to see them apart.

Anyhow, I love love love the sweet moments between Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny. Gah, so cute! :S :D I especially liked how Ron and Hermione were as a new couple. Uhh. Too cute.

But you know what the best part is? It all made sense. I can see this all happening right after the chapter before the epilogue. It was that canon. Great job with that! :D

This was really good! I had fun swapping with you!


Author's Response: Thanks for a lovely review! I'm glad that you liked this one shot! It was my very first fic. :-)

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Review #6, by Shay_Gryff Grief and Love

8th August 2012:

I really like this one-shot. Most of the other day-after-the-battle stories I've read are either all sad or all happy. This was a refreshing mixture of both.

Yes, the war is over and Voldemort is dead, but may other people are dead too. It's a time for greiving and celebrating. You put the two emotions together so well and made it flow instead of having everyone be HAPPY and then go from extatic to depressed.

Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind words! This story was my very first fanfiction. i know that there are too many after-battle-stories already, but I just had to write my own...

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Review #7, by CambAngst Grief and Love

27th April 2012:
I thought this was really lovely. You laid out a really nice vision of the extended Weasley family coming back together in the aftermath of the battle, coming to grips with their loss and coming to terms with the new relationships that tied their "adopted" son and daughter into the family. In a sense, it was a lot to bite off in a short space of time, but everything had just changed so dramatically in the world that it probably didn't seem like such a big deal.

Harry's first actions after the end of DH seemed perfectly plausible and in character. He doubtless wanted some time away from everyone as well as an opportunity to just clean himself up and sleep.

Ginny's stubborn refusal to leave Harry behind, which led Hermione and Ron to remain as well, also seemed very much in character. I really liked the way that Ginny's presence brought Harry out of his nightmares and into a peaceful, happy place. I do think I would have like to see you explore his feelings just a bit more before the two of them began to cry. It's such a rich tableau.

After they returned to the Burrow, the pace of the story picked up a bit more than I would have liked. There were situations where you implied dialog without really writing it out, and I found myself interested in what had actually been said. An awful lot of situations were simply one person saying, "what?" and others reacting. I thought you could have been more nuanced with this part.

Harry's mixed emotions made for a strong ending. So many things going through his head at once. It was fun to take some time to try to explore them all.

Author's Response: Thank you for your review! This was my first fic, and if I would re-write it today I would probably change quite a lot. But, basicly, this is how I imagine happened right after the battle. :-)

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Review #8, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Grief and Love

8th April 2012:
This was a cute one-shot showing Harry's and Ginny's love because obviously they would have gotten right together once the battle was over.

I was a little unsure with some parts though because I don't think Ginny would yell at her mother that she doesn't want to go home because she wants to find Harry. I guess that seemed a little...mean to me, especially because her brother just died, she didn't seem to torn up about it at first but then later on when she was crying I saw more of the pain she should have been showing.

There were a few things:

When Ginny came back to the common room half an hour later she found Ron and Hermione at sleep together on a couch.

'at sleep' should be 'asleep'

and yet she felts that it was the right thing to do

'felts' should be 'felt'

He has his hand in her beautiful hair and the field are suddenly spinning around him and he is flying without a broom

^ This sentence was confusing, are you trying to say: He had his hand in her beautiful hair and the field was suddenly spinning around him and he was flying without a broom.

Also, you switch tenses a lot so it makes some of the paragraphs sound awkward.

'I thought you died yesterday' Ginny said when they stopped to get some air.

^ You do this frequently too. You're missing a comma. It should be: 'I thought you died yesterday,' Ginny said, when they stopped to get some air.

The next thing Ginny knew was her brother barking in.

^ 'barking' should be 'barging.'

'Home, you silly prat!'

^ I thought this was rude. Under the circumstance and even under normal circumstances it doesn't sound like something Ginny would just throw out at Harry.

'It is just that I haven't got used to the idea of you growing up...Well, I just have to get used to it, right?’

^ You do this several times throughout the story. 'Well' doesn't need to be capitalized. It isn't a new sentence. And contractions are your friend! Especially when you're reading on the internet. 'It is just' sounds mechanical. Try instead 'It's just...'

Ginny, of course, was the only one who could out up an innocent face and look her mother in her eyes.

^ This sentence is confusing as well. I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to say. Should it be: Ginny, of course, was the only one who could look up (or cook up? or make up? an innocent face and look her mother in her eyes.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! This was my first story ever, and sadly I had no beta reader back then...

Thank you for the grammar and spelling mistakes you pointed out! I really should go through this fic again and edit it. I am happy that you helped me with this! :-)

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Review #9, by RosieQueen Grief and Love

11th February 2012:
Huh? The Weasleys would never ty to ditch Harry like that!

Author's Response: No, probably not! ;-)

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Review #10, by HarryPotterGeek Grief and Love

30th January 2012:
So cute!! I can bearly type from the giggly feeling!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! :-)

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Review #11, by Aurorofthelight Grief and Love

8th January 2012:
Very good story and I enjoyed it thoroughly! I think you have a nice take on the day after! The only thing that would have made it better is an exchange of I love yous between Harry and Ginny! Maybe Ron and Moine too! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! :-)

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