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Review #1, by alicia and anne What About Us?

17th March 2013:
This made me teary again, so many of your one shots really give me so many emotions and feelings and make me so happy that I feel like crying tears of happiness at all of the love. And then I think I'm going to be okay and then you use the lines "After all this time" and "Always" and I almost become a blubbering mess. That was some very good and sneaky use of those words to tug on my heartstrings.
The way that Scorpius told everyone about him and Hugo was so sweet and amazing, I'm so glad that he did.
Haha Scorpius's mum has fainted!
I love cliches! So I'm glad you used the rain one, that's the best one! It's so cheesy and romantic and I love it!

Author's Response: On, the feels. I'm sorry. *hugs*

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #2, by GrangerBrain What About Us?

25th September 2012:
I love it sooo much! I agree with Victoire I wouldn't say no either... well if he was cute! lol! :) Gay guys are so awsome!

Author's Response: Rose, you mean? lol. Thank you for reviewing, you really made me smile when I read this. And I agree; slash in general is awesome. And I write lots of it. :P



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Review #3, by ariellem What About Us?

7th May 2012:
Hello! You and I both joined the same challenge and I remembered seeing this story being entered so when I saw it again I decided to review it. :)

First off this story was really quite cute, the kiss was adorable and the pairing was sweet, I don't think I've ever read a Hugo/Scorpius until now and I'm really glad I read yours. :)

Author's Response: Thank you. :)

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Review #4, by Lillylover22 What About Us?

24th April 2012:
What a dramatic way to come out of the closet. Brilliant 10/10 : )

Author's Response: Yes, so dramatic. But it was for a challenge where I had to write a cliche, so why not go all the way! :P

Thank you.

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Review #5, by Manga_girl What About Us?

6th March 2012:
Hey Sam!

I'm just leaving this review to say how much I admire your work. You are such a talented writer and everything you write is so beautiful! This is such a gorgeous piece; I'm adding to to my favourites now!

E x

Author's Response: Hey, Emma!

Thank you! I literally don't know what else to say to that, I'm just so... Speechless? Happy? Ah, thank you! :D


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Review #6, by SexyDoorFrames What About Us?

6th March 2012:
I have a little confession to make...I love your writing and I've read every single thing on your page. There is something about it that I just adore, the way you write the characters and the interesting plots you come up with. This one shot is a personal favourite of mine. I really liked your Rose and how she would spend all that time covering for her brother. That showed a lot about her character. I also loved that they made up in the end, it made me squee. This was my first Scorpius/Hugo I've ever read and I loved it. I loved the way you wrote them both. The first part had me yelling at my computer, well, at Scorpius really but I'm so glad they made up in the end. In all, I loved this and you're an amazing writer.


Author's Response: Really? Oh, that's so awesome to hear (read)! Thank you!

I've always imagined Rose would do anything for her brother, all of her family really, but Hugo would come first... Maybe it's just because I love Hugo so much! :D

This was my first time writing Hugo/Scorpius, so that you loved it makes me so happy, it really does, because it was like when I wrote my first Hugo/Lysander, or Next-Gen in general, I didn't know what people would think and was a little nervous about it.

Thank you so much!


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Review #7, by SeverusSnape15 What About Us?

17th February 2012:
Hello! Cierra from the forums with your review!

I LOVE all of your stories, I have to say this now. Your slash is remarkable and it's some of the best I've read. You create your characters very well, describing them vividly. It's okay that this is slightly uncanon, because it's not too noticable, nor would many people care about that.

I love the ending. It's perfect. Maybe it is random, but it fit in pretty good. I love 'kissing in the rain' cliches. They're so romantic.

As for errors, you have a lot of little ones, like just forgetting to add the 's' on 'makes.' small things like this. On one, I saw "Amdromeda." They're small ones, but you'll want to go back and fix these.

I was surprised that Teddy wasn't upset that Scorpius sort of took his spot light. It was his wedding and Scorp pretty much made people concentrait on them instead. I would get upset with this. But your Teddy seems like a nice guy. The way you described Victoire, though, I would have thought she would have gotten upset.

Altogether, I honestly say, this is a wonderful fic. Just a few edits needed. Maybe get a Beta :) Or just read it aloud to yourself. You'll see your mistakes if you do that.


Author's Response: Thank you for that!

It's my favorite cliche (if you can have one). I love it in movies, I just can't help it. :)

I fixed the errors you pointed out. :)

No. Teddy planned it, to help Hugo. He'd do anything for family and he'd told Vic beforehand, so she knew. It was never a surprise, he just wasn't sure it would work. I'm thinking of writing a sequel, it would be explained then, bu I'm not sure.

Thank you for reviewing. :)


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Review #8, by ginerva_molly_weasley What About Us?

1st February 2012:
Awh! As the 2nd slash fic I've read I can say this is really cute!

I love the way you've incorporated their relationship into the wedding and how they get together is just amazing :D

This is beautiful and emotional!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! :D

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Review #9, by forsakenphoenix What About Us?

31st January 2012:
I love kissing in the rain and happily ever afters, so I was totally a-okay with that ending!

I felt so bad for Hugo in the beginning, to have to watch the man he loves pretend to be with his sister, to mislead friends and family for years. It must hurt to never be acknowledged and I am totally behind his decision to walk away. I think that's what Scorpius needed - a swift kick in the rear.

I love that Rose and Scorpius are best friends, though, and she can just tell him that he needs to admit his feelings for Hugo. Then Teddy outing them after his speech! I actually didn't even think that he would have known about their relationship so that was a pleasant surprise.

Scorpius's little comment about how they were close, just wrong sibling made me smile. I think Hugo's anger at first was justified, but I'm glad he didn't hold onto it any longer so that him and Scorpius could just kiss and make up. I giggled when his mother fainted at his declaration, though. Of course.

I really enjoyed this. I think you did a great job dealing with Hugo's hurt that Scorpius wasn't acknowledging their relationship, and later with a sensitive topic like Scorpius outting himself to his family and proclaiming his love for Hugo. Well done. :)

Author's Response: Yay! It's for a challenge and kissing in the rain was essential. :D

It is definitely what Scorpius needed. Yes, no one is allowed to tell Scor what to do except for Rose... And Hugo. Teddy had to know; he's Hugo's "big brother" figure. Albus has James, Hugo has Ted. Plus I love him, so he needed a big role. :D

Thank you so much for reviewing this fic!


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