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Review #1, by 800 words of heaven Luminescent

3rd November 2013:
Hello! I was browsing through the Recently Added stories, and I stumbled across this - I'm glad that I did. This was a wonderful read!

I adored the fluff and slight angst. Romance can be so difficult sometimes, and I think you captured the subtle complexity here really well. I understood that both Lucy and Lorcan had lost something, and were grieving that loss in their own ways.

I almost expected Lucy to make that first move at the end of the chapter, but I guess it made sense that Lorcan did. That was a compliment, by the way, about your skill in writing two characters so well that I feel that I can predict their behaviours, in so few words.

This was such a lovely one-shot! Are you thinking of perhaps expanding it, or leaving it at this length?

Author's Response: Hi there! This was definitely a pleasant surprise.

I know what you mean -- this was my very first one-shot so I pretty much dived into the whole romance thing with no thought to the outcome at all xD Still, I'm glad to see you enjoyed it so much, and thank you for the compliments! You're very sweet :D

I'm very set on leaving it at this length, but I /was/ thinking of a whole short story to accompany it and give it a little background, but we'll see! Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #2, by GinevraMollyPotter Luminescent

27th July 2012:
This is a really cute story!

I really like so many things in here such as the angst which is within here which involves so much sadness, romance but at the same time it makes the small amount of words on this page seem so powerful.

I think that you characterised Lucy very well here because she seemed to have her own personality and also seemed to be off in her own world as she would if she was deeply thinking about her circumstances and just found out that her boyfriend had cheated on her.

The fact that Lysander and Lorcan almost seem to be her minders is interesting as it seems that they are extremely close and I like that you conveyed that to me even within the one shot.

Lucy just does seem to be heartbroken in this without you explaining the situation and Lucy and Lorcan being united by one shared heartbreak is almost heartbreaking within itself. I found myself feeling really sorry for Lorcan there as he seemed to be really nice as he'd been minding Lucy to make sure she was okay and also the story of his heartbreak seemed really... awful in a way.

They kissed at the end though! That really was very very sweet and i'm really glad that happened.
Well done on this!

Author's Response: This was a really sweet review, so thanks! When I was writing this, the words just seemed to flow out until I had my very first one-shot and story, no thought process involved, so I'm glad you liked this and all the angst and romance :) I reckon that this Lucy was kind of most like me, so it was really quite fun writing her and Lorcan, so I'm glad you liked them!

Yeah, they kissed :p I thought that maybe that would make up for - even slightly - their awful heartbreaks, and I never actually saw it in that way, so I'm pleased you pointed it out! This was such a sweet, gutting review, and I'm glad this story is getting more attention, so thanks :)

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Review #3, by Shortie Luminescent

26th July 2012:
Whoa. I mean whoa. This is just... Let me clarify.

First of all, she's my Lucy too :D (The image I mean) so yay I love her. Secondly I love your characterization. You haven't said much but the little you've said is enough to form a complete character in one's head. That's just amazing.

This is really short but also very very good. I love the way you've ended it. Also the way you've started it. There is no confusion whatsoever, both of their feeling are very clear. :)

I didn't find any mistakes so that's great.

I love this story :D


Author's Response: You didn't have to review me twice, silly, but I'm not complaining :p Yay! I love it when people have the same image of characters in their heads as me! Then they can relate to how hard it is to write them, sometimes. Seriously? You're not kidding? Well, thanks for the compliment! I'm blushing like crazy now, and I'm seriously glad you've enjoyed it, because this was so sweet *squishes*

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Review #4, by forsakenphoenix Luminescent

5th July 2012:
You had me at cuddly Slytherin.

This was a sweet one-shot between some lovely Next Gen characters. I love the setting and the atmosphere you've described. It's perfect and I am there next to them at the lake, watching their interactions.

I think what's great about these characters is how relatable they are. I think most of us have gone through what they have and it's just nice that they have each other, even though Lucy wanted to be alone at first. Lorcan's a bit of a stalker, isn't he? Heh.

Their dialogue flows so naturally. I love it. They're like old friends.

And the kiss! Gah, so precious. I just want to snuggle them both (and Slytherin!Lorcan is just a fabulous idea, really, and he sounds so pretty).

This was just lovely. :)

Author's Response: I was totally only going to put that in the summary, but I thought it might have been a little short *laugh* This was such a sweet review! This one-shot literally came out of nowhere but writing Lucy and Slytherin!Lorcan (whom everyone seems to love, but I can't talk, I adore him, too) was so /fun/. How stalker-ish of him to follow her at dawn, ha.

This was a lovely review, so thank you! And great minds think alike ('Claws, unite!) because I loved everything you loved, too

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Review #5, by caoty Luminescent

6th June 2012:
Let me start off by saying this was a sweet little moment between two characters that aren't explored much in fic, so I applaud you for that. It was nice, and I especially like your choice of setting it at dawn near the lake; it fit the atmosphere well.

The only thing I can really take issue with, is that a couple of Lucy's reactions are a little off. Her beginning to cry after mentioning Robbie's infidelity didn't really affect me as much as it could have, and I'm not sure personally that she would be made *that* emotional by it if she's had that crush on Lorcan for ages. Maybe that's just me, but still.

That said, your Slytherin!Lorcan was cute as hell, and this made me smile. :)

Author's Response: Why, thank you! :) That's a lovely compliment, and I'm quite glad you enjoyed this. Yes, Lucy /is/ a bit too emotional, isn't she? That definitely puts this down as 'revamp' on my to-do list. Lorcan is adorable and I loved writing him, so thanks :) Thanks for reviewing this!

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Review #6, by AC_rules Luminescent

13th May 2012:
Hey there! Review number three/six :)

This was another really nice one shot (and a very different Lucy to the Lucy I've just read in your other fic) which was really nice, actually.

Poor Lucy, trying to get some time alone and ending up being harassed at some insane type in the morning. I suppose that at least the harasser happened to be nice and understanding though.

Yup, this was another great one-shot you've got under your belt! :)


Author's Response: Halfway there! I love reading your reviews, they /always/ brighten up my day. Yes, /this/ Lucy is very different - however, some of other!Lucy's characteristics are taken from this one, but they are mostly different.

Harassed at some insane time in the morning :D That made me laugh, honestly. You're right, though, at least it's Lorcan, so I don't think Lucy minds much.

Thanks (once again!) for reviewing this! See you.. well, when I see you next!

- Linn

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Review #7, by bri_5_stars Luminescent

21st March 2012:
Aww, very cute. A fluffy little take on young love(like?) that can actually make the reader understand and feel the emotions of the characters. I never really read much about the less popular Next Gen kids, but as I read more, your one-shot definitely included I am thinking more so that I should. I really like your Lucy, she is a very realistic teenager which makes it easier for the reader to feel her emotions.
Good job!
brithewriter :D

Author's Response: Really? Aww, thanks. I like reading about the less popular Next Gen too, and yes, you should definitely read more Next Gen, there are some really good ones out there! Yeah, I like Lucy too, she's one of my favourites to read and write. Thanks a bunch for the review, and it's been fun review-swapping with you!
Cavell :D

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Review #8, by Aderyn Luminescent

16th March 2012:
Hi. Review tag :D

I figured I would review this story because it only had one tiny review, and I felt sorry for it. But now it will have two. So, I thought that this was a well done snapshot sort of one-shot. You described one moment well, and it was sweet and a nice read.

At the beginning, you were doing a good job of not giving too much backstory, but I think you slip up on that in a few places. What I mean is that, since this isn't telling how Lucy got with Robbie, and broke up, and then kissed Lorcan, etc, you can leave some parts of that to mystery. I think the biggest place I saw (which is still minor) is Melanie's last name. Lucy, if talking, wouldn't really say her last name out loud, since both she and Lorcan know which Melanie they're referring to.

But other than that, I enjoyed reading this. I'm surprised no one else has taken a look at it before.

Author's Response: Hi! Oh, gosh, sometimes I cringe while looking at this, but sometimes I smile and say - "Hey. This wasn't as bad as I thought it would turn out." Hmm, yeah, I think the point of this one-shot was to give as less backstory as possible and still have it make sense to the readers, so sorry for the slip-ups! Lucy probably wouldn't say Melanie's surname, huh? Maybe one day I'll rewrite this, and add a bit of length to it and edit out the mistakes. Anyways, thanks a bunch for the review - this story is the most under-loved of mine, and I'm glad it's getting some reviews.

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Review #9, by horseyrosyrb Luminescent

14th February 2012:
Aww! That's the cutest thing ever! I love this story, it just made me feel all warm and happy inside :) Please write more like this!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing, you made me feel all fluffy and warm inside. :) I really loved writing this one (even if it wasn't my best work) and don't worry, there's more stories to come!

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