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Review #1, by slytherinchica08 Little Bottle

11th March 2012:
I really liked the beginning of your story! It's a very interesting idea and I love how you tackled the subject as well. The flow and characterization and flow of the chapter was wonderful as well and I really enjoyed the little tidbits like the part where Percy had to stay home because he was sick. I think your first chapter does a great job of opening up the reader to your version of the characters and where your going to bring the story from here. I'm already looking forward to reading the next chapter! I see that this is also your first time trying this type of narrative and I must say I really liked it and thought that it added a bit to the story as well. Great Job! Thank you for entering my challenge.


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Review #2, by Olympia1863 Little Bottle

4th January 2012:
This is a great start! I liked the style - it reminded me of a fairytale of sorts, like someone telling their kids a story? Maybe that's just me. Regardless, I'm interested. The little interludes about her dad and whatnot seemed weird to me at first, but you definitely made them work. I want to hear more, and see where this goes!
-Elle :)

Author's Response: Interesting that it made you think of that. I don't know if this is a story you'd tell your kids, but then again... kids these days.
The interludes are an important part of the narrative style I'm using, and generally very important to the story as a whole. Anything brought up in an interlude should be remembered since there's a reason why I put it there!
Hope to see you again!

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Review #3, by PinkHinkyPunk Little Bottle

4th January 2012:
Great first chapter :)
I really like the narrative style, you've done it really well.
I like next gen fics, it's nice to see one of the 'other' Weasleys getting a story of their own, usually Lucy and Molly are the annoying ones in the background of a Rose/James/Albus/Lily story.
I look forward to reading more

Author's Response: Thank you. I was really worried about how this narrative style would go over here, since it's very very different from what I usually write. I'm glad that you liked it.
Honestly, I'd rather not read about the Golden Trio v2.0. That's what I feel like a lot of Next-Gen fics turn into. For this story, I really wanted one of Percy's daughter to be the main character. Originally, I was thinking about Molly, but Lucy kind of stole the story from her sister. (It happens.)
Hope you enjoy the rest of it.

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Review #4, by I_trusted_Snape13 Little Bottle

4th January 2012:
This was good :)

I see a lot of potention for this story!

I like that you chose one chooses Lucy :)

Good Job :D

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.
For this story, there was really no one other than Lucy who could possibly be the heroine. ^_^

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Review #5, by Harry and Ginny Little Bottle

3rd January 2012:
this fic seems very interesting! i don't think i have ever read a fic from Lucy's POV so it's quite interesting to see something different. I can't wait to read next chapter and find out more about what's goingto happen to Lucy. update soon please!^_^


Harry and Ginny

Author's Response: It's not quite Lucy's POV, but it's Lucy-centric. I haven't read many Next Gen fics, but I've never come across a Lucy one.
I hope to update as soon as I can.

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