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Review #1, by Erised Light

17th July 2013:
Aww, this was so cute! Well, the beginning actually was very harrowing and bitter in what Ollivander thought of his life and his cell now - it was really very sad. However I love that it became more and more upbeat as the story went on and left Ollivander feeling a little less lonely and with a little more hope, even if was just only a little.

I really loved Luna in this and I think you characterised her perfectly. Her way of telling the story was beautiful and I can imagine her being a very good storyteller in canon anyway. Her optimism and hope was also lovely to read too.

Nice work!

Author's Response: I love Luna (who doesn't?) and was always really scared to write her, so I really appreciate when people comment on her characterization (especially when they do so in a positive way :P)

I think this is really Luna's gift. She has a way about her that is just so hopeful and inspiring that you can't help but feel a little bit better after talking to her, even if you are in the worst of situations.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by Jeenso Light

14th August 2012:
Luna makes everyone feel better, it's a proven fact, man. This was very touching. *nods*

Author's Response: True statement. If I were ever trapped somewhere, I think she'd be an awesome person to have with you. She'd definitely be great at keeping up morale. Given enough time, she'd also probably come up with some completely off the wall escape plan that would seem impossible, but would actually work amazingly well. I love Luna.

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #3, by BKL8008 Light

3rd April 2012:
Beautiful little short tale.
Very touching in so few words.
I loved Luna's backstory.

Author's Response: Thanks again for reading so many of my stories and leaving so many lovely reviews :D It absolutely makes my day when someone likes something I've written well enough to seek out and read some of my other stories.

Luna is one of my favorite characters, and I shied away from writing her for a long time for fear of ruining her. I'm glad you liked her Christmas tale and the story in general :)

Thanks again!

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Review #4, by BoOkWoRm24 Light

2nd April 2012:
Hi here for the BvB review
Aw that was cute. It was well written I saw no grammar and spelling errors.

There was one part when you said:
"They were not, strictly speaking, to talk to one another, though if they did so quietly enough, their voices wouldn’t carry up the stairs and give them away. "

I found this one sentence a little confusing who were they speaking to? Would their voices carry up the stairs or not? You could probably refrase it so it was a little less confusing.

Overall this was nice though. It was a good idea to write about and the characterization of Luna was superb. Good job.

Author's Response: Hi, thanks for reading and reviewing! I'm sorry you found that sentence confusing. I'll take a look at it and see if I can rephrase it somehow. For clarity, it's Ollivander and Luna who aren't supposed to be talking to each other, but are. If they're quiet, their voices will not travel up the stairs. Not sure if that helped any or just made it worse :P Sometimes explainations are not my strong point.

I'm really glad that you liked the story overall and thought Luna was characterized well. Thanks again for your review!

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Review #5, by AC_rules Light

28th March 2012:
Ah, this was really so beautiful and I really enjoyed reading it. This would be the second friendship fic I've read about Ollivander and Luna and they were both lovely and wonderful and the sort of stories that make me want to read lots of them.

I loved the idea of Luna being called a light, that was so apt and true. I've never thought about the association with the moon before, but now it seems like the most obvious thing in the world. Your characterisation of both of them was wonderful and I really loved reading it, it was just fabby :)

Plus it made me feel all cosy and christmassey, which is strange because it's so sunny outside but I loved it all the same.


Author's Response: Thanks for reading :) I'm glad you enjoyed this story and the characterizations. I'm also really glad that it made you feel Christmassy, even though it's nowhere near Christmas :)

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by fancy Light

10th March 2012:
Oh wow, that was really lovely! I've read so many Luna fic's but none have written her quite so well as you have in this amazing little One Shot.
I absolutely love how you have really made her the light in the darkness not only in that dungeon cell, but also for Ollivander. Especially the end where she is this beacon of hope, her belief in Harry gives Ollivander the slightest of hope even for a second, and I think that's the best christmas gift she could have given him.

Your descriptions are beautiful as well, how you had Luna herself describe the first part of her favourite christmas, and then the rest is garnered through Ollivander's thoughts.

This was really such a lovely one shot. As I said you write Luna so well. She's a little cooky, a little odd, but also one of the most wonderful characters J.K came up with.
Well done, this was a pleasure to read.

Author's Response: Oh wow, that's such a great compliment! I love Luna, so I really appreciate when readers think that I've captured her well.

One of my favorite qualities of Luna's is that she has this innate faith that things will work out, and she can, however briefly, pass that faith along to others. She does that for Harry several times in canon, and I wanted to write a scene where she did that for Ollivander as well. It's the only gift that she can give him, but probably the one he needs the most.

Thanks for commenting on my descriptions. I struggle with those and know that my stories often lack a lot of descriptive detail, so I'm glad you liked what was in this story.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by AndrinaBlack Light

7th March 2012:
Awww! That was so sweet. I had a tear in my eye by the end of it. I always thought there should be something written about Luna and Ollivander together either in the Malfoy dungeons or later as friends after the war. I haven't actually actively looked for something like that, but I was happy when I found this. And it's so well written too!

I liked how you wrote Luna as his light in the darkness even though he wouldn't believe that either in the beginning. I think it's so Luna-ish that she offers to do something out of kindness that the other one only later realises the value of, like the value of the story she is telling here. It was also really sweet how they had sort of little Lovegood family traditions with shaking out the wrackspurts and such. :)

I think you wrote Ollivander really well and I got really into his emotions; tiredness, fear, caution and then some hope and warmth. I really enjoyed reading this story. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! I'm glad you liked this little one-shot.

I love what you wrote about Luna and the value of her story. I think that's exactly right. So often, people don't take her seriously and so don't realize how much she really has to offer, at least not at first. In the books, she seems to have a knack for telling Harry what he needs to hear, so I figured she'd be able to do the same for Ollivander.

Thanks for this review, and thanks again for reading!

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Review #8, by TenthWeasley Light

4th March 2012:
Hello! I'm dropping by with a rather late QTR review for you. :)

This was such a lovely and warm little one-shot -- I love Luna stories, and lately I've found more and more to satisfy me. She's such a fun character to write about, all whimsical and cheerful, and you've captured that very well here! That description of her childhood Christmas suits her to a T, and it's just the sort of story Ollivander needed.

She's so bright here -- I really like how you've drawn out that characteristic of her. She really is like the light in the darkness! She complements Ollivander very well, and I felt a little sense of pride welling up inside at her staunch defense of Harry. It makes me analyze how grim things must have looked to those who didn't know Harry personally, and Luna's so positive through it all. You've written her very well. :)

I'm glad I got the chance to come by this story! And if you haven't written more Luna, I think you definitely should -- this read quite naturally. Excellent work!

Author's Response: Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it :)

It's always great to hear feedback on my characterization of Luna. She's one of my favorite characters, so I shied away from writing her for a long time for fear of ruining her. I'm glad you found her well written.

I think you have a great point about how the war would have seemed from other perspectives. The people who don't know Harry personally are probably completely torn on what to think. On one hand, he's "the boy who lived" and "the chosen one" who may be their only hope to defeat Voldy. On the other hand, he's seventeen years old, possibly deranged, (according to the old prophet articles) and missing. I think it would be hard to hold onto the hope that Harry could really win.

I have actually written a bit more Luna. Hers is the last perspective in my one-shot "This Ends Today" and the second chapter of my short story collection "Embrace It" is about her. If you want to read them, that would be awesome *cough* Shameless plug *cough* :P

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by long_live_luna_bellatrix Light

30th January 2012:
Hi there, just stumbled upon this and thought I'd give it a read. It was a sweet story, well told, and Luna was perfect. That's exactly how I would picture her in the cell, with a story as a present, and how I'd imagine her response to Ollivander's lack of a story. Her household seemed like a really warm place to grow up in, which made it all the more sad when she added on the part about her mother dying. Still, she tacked on the typical Luna optimism, which was sweet. Overall, a nice Christmas story, I enjoyed reading it.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing :) I really appreciate your comments about Luna. She's one of the hardest characters for me to write, and I'm always a little terrified that I'm going to mess her up. I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Thanks again!

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Review #10, by UH60TI Light

17th January 2012:
Once again you have created a masterpiece of a one-shot.

I truly like the fact you use characters that are not a major part of the cannon.

I feel you have captured Luna's voice wonderfully, I see her not losing her spirit and trying to help Olivander as much as she can.

Thank you for a magnificent story.

Author's Response: Hi :) Nice to hear from you again. Thanks for reading and reviewing. I'm glad that you liked this story. Luna is one of my favorite characters, but she's also one of the hardest for me to write, so I very much appreciate your kind remarks about her characterization.

I hope you are still working on your story. I'd really like to read more of it.

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #11, by LillyBlack Light

31st December 2011:
This is an example of what a One-Shot should be! x x
Great idea, wonderful imagery... Awhhh... I love this story :) Good name too, really suits it! :D

Author's Response: Aww, what a great compliment! Thank you so much! *hugs* I struggle a lot with imagery and description, so I'm glad you liked what I included in this story. Thanks for the review!

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Review #12, by Timechild Light

30th December 2011:
Interesting one-shot.

I find both Luna and Ollivander quite believable. The story was nicely done too.

Overall, good job

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing :) I'm glad you liked it overall.

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Review #13, by Pacific Wizard Light

30th December 2011:
Singularity: Sigh...I'm just sitting here with eyes glistening from reading this touching story. I was in the cell and darkness with them because you so adroitly put me there. Your story's message was clear and the dialogue crisp. "Luna, (named) after the moon, the light in the darkness". What a great line that so aptly describes Luna. The charming empathy that Luna possesses is not wasted on Olivander. Love the way you had him change his attitude because of her story. You don't quite know whether she was imparting a personal story as a way of remembering her parents during Christmas or if she knew her message of hope was exactly what the old wand maker needed to hear at that moment. In any event, you nailed this story love. It was sweet, moving and in the spirit of Christmas. You truly are gifted. Merry Christmas and I can't wait to read your new stories this coming year. Very well done. PW

p.s. I will be on the forums soon.

Author's Response: Happy New Year, PW! Good to hear from you again :) This was about my third attempt at writing a Luna Christmas story, so I'm glad that you responded so positively to it. I'm really glad that you liked the "the light in the darkness" line. It's one of the first lines that popped into my head when working on this chapter and I thought that was just the perfect description of Luna. That quality of hers is one of the reasons why I think I love her so much.

Thank you so much for this wonderful review and for all of the time, attention, and inisight that you've given my stories over the past year. It means the world to me, and I cannot wait to see you on the forums. :)


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Review #14, by Moonyxluna Light

30th December 2011:
This was so beautiful.
Luna's name, light in the darkness, oh I just loved this so much. You captured the feelings of each character so greatly, I just don't even know how to tell you how fantastic this is.

Author's Response: Thanks so much :* I'm glad you liked this so much. I'm glad you liked the characters, I wasn't sure how well I had done with them. Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #15, by tenlittlesoldierboys Light

29th December 2011:
Splendid. I really enjoyed it. :)

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #16, by hausofluucy Light

29th December 2011:
I loved this, this was a beautiful story. Well done. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reading!

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Review #17, by Akussa Light

29th December 2011:
That was so beautiful! I really loved it!

Luna was so well written and Mr. Ollivanders as well. His thoughts and feelings felt very in-tune with what he had been going through.

Luna's best christmas was just perfect; a simple day made of the most important value of the Holiday : being with the ones you love. It is definitly the kind of day Luna would remember.

Very well written and emotionaly perfect, thanks for sharing your missing moment with us!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review :D Luna is such a difficult character for me to write, so I'm glad you thought I captured her (and Ollivander) well.

Happy Holidays :)

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