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Review #1, by Pretense Of Perfection A Christmas Conundrum

9th July 2014:
Aw, I've always loved a bit of Marauders fluff! Don't get me wrong here, I love James and all, but it's nice to see the other three interacting with each other without him around. I feel like typically Sirius and James tend to steal the limelight, while Peter and Remus get put on the back burner. I love how comfortable they all are with each other, especially to actually tell one another if they truly didn't like their gifts. This is almost exactly as I've always pictured their friendship. I like that Sirius and Remus aren't mean or really rude to Peter, but they do tease him, as a lot of authors tend to exclude him completely or write him as a horrible person. The socks part was pretty funny, and I love the ending about the eggnog being used as a cleaning agent. It was just so Marauder like! Excellent spelling and grammar, I didn't notice any errors, and the pace was perfect.

--house cup 2014 review--
pretense of perfection, gryffindor

Author's Response: I love me some Marauders -- writing their camaraderie in a trilogy was so much fun, so I'm glad you liked it here! I think people tend to focus more on Sirius and James because they had louder presences in canon, but I think fan fiction should focus on the characters with quieter voices. So I'm glad you agree!

Thanks for taking the time to review -- it's very appreciated!

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Review #2, by Rainpixie A Christmas Conundrum

5th August 2013:
Hehe I like this story. It's cute. You are really good at writing your characters. They feel authentic. I love reading your stories! :)

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! I tend to overlook small stories like this one, but reviews like this remember that, however minor, I DID spend time on them, and that counts for something. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it! Writing real, authentic characters is extremely important to me, and I'm so pleased that translated across the story for you.

Thank you for reviewing! ♥ And I hope to see you back before too long!

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Review #3, by patronus_charm A Christmas Conundrum

13th December 2012:
Holiday Review Extravaganza Event Two

Aw, I thought this story was really cute and funny and exactly how I imagined a Marauder's Christmas to be. I loved how Remus refused to swop presents as you always imagine him to be easy going and would swop but, it was funny to see him so attatched to something he initially didn't want.

Thanks for giving me some Christmas cheer :D

Author's Response: I'm happy that you liked this! I really enjoyed writing this -- I actually like writing the Marauders in general, for the exact reasons you laid out. In my mind, they're very fun and easy-going, and there's a lot of humor and joking going around, and writing that always puts me in a good mood. :)

Not a problem! And thank you for giving me some right back with your lovely review -- I know it's taken me a while to respond to it, but I really do appreciate your taking the time to do so!

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Review #4, by adluvshp A Christmas Conundrum

13th December 2012:
Holiday Review Extravaganza Event Two

Haha this was a fun story! I liked how you wrote them all, and the way the narrative was written. The friendships between the marauders looked well-defined. The ending made me giggle.

It was like a mini-film or an episode of sorts, that played out in front of my eyes. The eggnog, Peter's hat, and the socks were all cute.

I didn't spot any grammar/punctuation/spelling errors either. All in all, this made a nice light read and I enjoyed it.

So, good work!


Author's Response: Hi -- it's so neat to see someone dropping by an older story of mine! And this is probably a good one to have used for some of those review event words. I'm going to go out on a limb and say there probably aren't too many HPFF stories featuring eggnog, but then again, what do I know?

Anyway. I'm very happy to see that you enjoyed this, and got a bit of a giggle out of it. This was a lot of fun to write! I was wrapping up the end of ITB when I was writing this, too, so it was nice to revisit a bit of the lighter side of things here.

I'm very glad to see you didn't find any errors, either! Thank you for dropping by and reviewing this for me, Aditi. It made my day! ♥

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Review #5, by No_oneKnows A Christmas Conundrum

28th September 2012:
Hi there!

This one-shot was so cute! I loved it! You seemed to capture their personalities really well in this one-shot and I could actually imagine this happening!

Thanks for writing it! :)

Author's Response: Hey, thank you for being willing to read these for me -- you definitely didn't have to do that, and it's really awesome that you did!

I'm happy you enjoyed this, too. :) I wrote this when I was still entrenched (as I am currently) in writing a trilogy largely centered around the Marauders, as well as Snape and an OC of mine, so their personalities are pretty well-defined in my head. I'm glad you thought that it captured them well!

Thanks again, and I hope to see you back by before too long! ♥

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Review #6, by WishfulMuggle A Christmas Conundrum

6th July 2012:
What did Sirius give them?

Author's Response: You know, I've never thought about that. ;) Although I kind of imagine that Sirius thought his disastrous homemade eggnog was a gift to the others, never mind the fact that it turned out to be a house elf cleaning agent. Got to love that boy!

Thank you very much for taking the time to review this one-shot, too. I do appreciate your taking the time to do so! :)

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Review #7, by angelicdemon1209 A Christmas Conundrum

28th May 2012:
Haha.. Sirius is sooo cute, I cannot believe he made a cleaning agent for the house elves.. :D
So is Remus, feeling sab about the socks at first and then totally falling in love with them. Ohh and Sirius and his carpet slippers...

Author's Response: Sirius is SUCH a fun character to write -- and I really, really enjoy doing so. :P When I thought about writing Missy a story, and remembered how much she loves Sirius, this idea came to me almost immediately. I'm happy you liked it, too!

I think the sort of twist ending is my favorite thing about this story. :D Thank you so, so much for returning to my author's page -- I'm always glad to have you back! ♥

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Review #8, by slytherinchica08 A Christmas Conundrum

26th April 2012:
Tehe I found myself smiling throughout this whole entire oneshot it was just so cute to see these three interact especially without James there to be with Sirius but I did notice that we got to see what everyone else got each other but Sirius so I wasn't sure if that was intentional or not. But really it was a cute piece and I loved how his eggnog ended up becoming a cleaning agent for the house elves.. see was so nice he got the house elves a present! lol! I loved the description in this as always and particularly enjoyed the bit where Peter mimicked kicking Sirius! again i enjoyed this piece and it was very cute! Great Job!


Author's Response: True story -- this is basically a scene from ITB, as it would be if Beth didn't exist. :D These characters just got really, really ingrained in my head, and when I set out to write this for Missy, it just sort of appeared! She loves Marauders anyway, so it was well worth it. ;)

I ADORE Sirius. ♥ I'd like to think that, as a teenager at least, he had a very positive outlook on life. And he's certainly be the one creating mischief for his friends. :3 I'm so pleased you enjoyed it -- thank you for coming by and reading this! Your reviews are fantastic, Erica! ♥

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Review #9, by Cavell A Christmas Conundrum

15th February 2012:
This was ridiculously funny, and very touching and sweet. I loved the way you wrote the boys, and how you didn't leave Peter out at all! Excellent story, and you're a brilliant writer. I just wish it could be a bit longer, but nevertheless, it was good. I loved the gooey eggnog, and Remus refusing to swap his socks for the quill set. I so would've done the same!

Author's Response: I'm really so glad you enjoyed this! The more I write the Marauders, the more I find that I love doing so. :) This is, if you will, a sort of alternate spin-off of the Snape/OC trilogy I've got up (alternate spin-off meaning my OC isn't actually included, but the boys' personalities are basically the same).

Socks beat quills any day -- my feet are always cold, anyhow. :D Thanks so much for leaving a review on this, and it completely made my day to read such lovely things! I'm really glad you enjoyed the story!

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Review #10, by Woodrow Rynne A Christmas Conundrum

13th January 2012:
(your secret santa)

Uh..helloo there. I actually feel very ashamed to be this late, and I can write down a string of excuses, but I'm pretty sure you don't want to hear that. Lets just say, I haven't had access to the archives for the past two weeks. So, I'm going to dive straight into a coherent review that you surely deserve.

Ahem...You. ARE. Such. A. wonderful. writer! Gah! (Hm..I can see my coherency going to bits). But seriously, I've only ever read a couple of chapters written by you before(hint..hint :P), and even though I lovedthem, there was a reason I never returned- and that's because, you make me nervous! I know that sounds silly but, after reading such brilliance, my already low self esteem as a writer goes to pieces. Because then whenever I would wish to get down to writing, I would keep scratching off everything, because I wanted to be as good as writers like you. Oh dear, I sound so silly...

Anyway, this story was so short and cute and made me feel warm and fuzzy! I really enjoyed it! :) There's nothing like a well written Marauders fic to make you grin. Characterisations were fab- I adore how you can make them so strong even through a couple thousand words. :) My favourite has to be Sirius, because well, you write him in such an adorable way.

And aww...I actually liked your Peter, even though I shouldn't because he honestly sounds so much like Neville if we forget what he did later in his life. Dialogues were very realistic, everything was just... super-adorbs. :D

And I warn you in this first review that I'm not going to be very constructive in my reviewing because it's so hard to find a fault in your writing!

A very late and belated happy new year to you! ^_^

Author's Response: Hello, Secret Santa! :3 You hid your identity quite well, I must say. And no worries about the absence, Charlotte duly informed me of such. I completely understand!

I make you nervous?! Oh, that is such a strange thing for me to hear! Not that you're strange -- not what I'm saying at all! -- but I guess I never see myself as a very intimidating person, especially in writing. But wow, those compliments. I just cannot formulate coherent responses to them. Thank you so much for saying such nice things!!

I've had a lot of practice lately writing the Marauders, having finished my first of three novels in which they are very much central characters. :) This was an exercise as much as a Christmas gift, and I'm really, really glad you enjoyed it! (And Peter's a character I'm working quite hard on, because though I'm biased against him, I KNOW he had to have redeeming qualities when younger, or he wouldn't have been accepted by the other three boys. Definitely a complex character!)

This review is love. ♥ Thank you so much for leaving it, and again, don't worry at all about the delay! You are a great Secret Santa, and I am very honored by this review. Happy New Year!

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Review #11, by Toujours Padfoot A Christmas Conundrum

3rd January 2012:
I loved this missing moment! Just like with everything you write, it could have very easily happened. The only thing missing from it was Beth, since it's like blasphemy to have the Marauders there and Sirius pining for carpet slippers without Talons around. BUT SHE'S CANON, RIGHT?

This was lovely - the eggnog, the socks, Peter miming kicking Sirius in the bum and Remus snickering. Oh, how I love me some Sirius. I hope Missy loved this, I thought it was very warm-fuzzies-inducing. WHY ARE YOU SUCH A BEAST WITH WRITING FABULOUS STORIES, WHY CAN'T I WRITE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. CREYYY. Also, I really want a Sirius. I just want to store him in the closet and eat lunch with him and take him on adventures and I'll even butter his toast with jam because I think he's too jumpy for knife-handling. And I want Remus, too, but mostly to balance my checkbook and write my stories for me, because he's bookish and he can just deal with it. And Peter can just...well, he can take Lily with him when they go away forever.

number one fan 5eva~

Author's Response: As you know, I definitely started writing Beth into this before I realized she wasn't canon. Awkward. :D SHE IS SO CANON THOUGH, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT.

Sirius is such a character, and so influenced by my Sirius-loving friends. :D You /so/ write as much as I do! You can sit down and knock out chapters in one sitting, I am very jealous. I can only do that with rare chapters.

Peter and Lily are offended. ♥ Thank you so much, Sarah, as always -- you're fab!

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Review #12, by BKL8008 A Christmas Conundrum

2nd January 2012:
I seldom laugh when reading a story, in fact, I seldom do...period. But I did with this one! There was just so much well-placed wit and sarcastic banter that I couldn't help myself. Definitely one of my favorites. Even though we can't really tell how old the boys are here, it works wonderfully.

Author's Response: I'm the same way -- for some reason, I find a lot of things funny, but I'm very reserved about expressing humor -- but I'm really glad to hear this story got a chuckle out of you! I love writing the Marauders, and although I was a bit worried about this particular story, your positive feedback has definitely reinforced my feelings. :)

Wow, you're taking my author's page by storm -- thank you so much, I really cannot even express how much it means to me that you're reviewing all these things!

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Review #13, by academica A Christmas Conundrum

27th December 2011:
Hi Jane! Thanks for swapping with me :) It's always a pleasure to read your work, you talented person you!

This was adorable. There's hardly a better word for it. You kept things in line with canon, of course, which I fully expected you to do, and do well. I really liked the dynamic between the three Marauders who remained at Hogwarts. They've got a good, boyish relationship with one another, not too nice but not too harsh, either. You've got an excellent level of teasing while still making it plain that they're close enough to endure a bit of ribbing from one another, and I like that Peter doesn't have to endure it by himself in this one. Poor Peter always gets the raw end of the deal, but I like that Remus was the one responsible for the sludgy eggnog (Eww.).

I enjoyed the sock bit as well, and I'm happy that Remus kept them. I would find it hard to picture Remus actually getting up the nerve to return a Christmas gift to someone, wouldn't you?

Clearly I should work harder to convince you to write something on my behalf. Between this and the piece you wrote for Sarah, I'm persuaded that you write nothing less than Marauder gold. Excellent, dear! :)


Author's Response: Oh my gosh, Amanda! ♥ I don't even know where to begin in responding to this, except to say THANK YOU so much!

I love writing the Marauders, because I feel like a lot of people try to make their Hogwarts selves a lot more than they were, if that makes sense. First and foremost they were just a really close group of friends, and that's very underestimated in fic. And in my experience with teenage boys, there is no shortage of teasing. :P

The offer still stands -- any time you want a one-shot, just let me know! I value your opinion, and your friendship, and would be honored to write it for you. :3 Thank you so much, Amanda, this review means a lot to me!

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Review #14, by Everlasting Faerie Light A Christmas Conundrum

26th December 2011:
~Requested Review~

This is a very nice holiday read. The scene presented in the story is a very realistic image of a Christmas present opening for the Marauders (with the exception of James). I love the fact that you manage to keep it innocent, yet fairly humorous. Marauder stories always usually end up fairly promiscuous or overboard rebellious (not that I have a problem with that hehehe), but you managed to capture the marauders in a particular situation in a very canonical way. I love the little quirky narratives about Sirius's eggnog at the beginning and end, as well as Remus's reaction to his argyle socks. It adds to the overall light tone of the story. The dialogue is well done and the overall flow of the story is pretty good. My personal favorite quote in this story is

"...holding up his hands as though warding away the bubonic plague."

I absolutely love it because it's a clever usage of simile and it's something that I, personally, would write in my stories.

There were a few awkward sentences and typos, particularly in the beginning of the story, but nothing that would detract from the contents of the story. All in all, this is a short and sweet piece that is perfect for the holidays. Well done.

-Everlasting Faerie Light

Author's Response: Thanks for being willing to review this! I'm glad you enjoyed it -- I have a different view of the Marauders from most people on this site, it seems, but rebellion and promiscuity were never rampant among them. :P

If you could point out some of those awkward sentences or typos, I'd be obliged! I read back through the story and didn't really see anything, but of course, I have author's bias. :) Thanks again for the review!

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Review #15, by forsakenphoenix A Christmas Conundrum

26th December 2011:
Aside from being devastated that I am not the first person to review this wonderful piece of fanfiction, this story has made me feel all happy and warm. Thank you for writing me a story about my favorite characters and bringing some holiday cheer into my life. :)

I love the idea of the Marauders at Hogwarts and I wish I could find more people who wrote them as well as you did. This is such a perfect time too, some holiday cheer without the threat of the war. Just a few best friends hanging out and exchanging gifts.

I'm kind of jealous because from what I've been reading of your stuff, you're so talented at writing any character. The Marauders, for me at least, are spot-on. Sirius with his lame attempt at making eggnog and oh my god, his little comment about Mrs Potter being more of a mom than his own and her knitting him slippers because his old ones spelled so bad James chucked them in the fire. Just...gah, so precious.

I loved your Peter - Sirius's little knock at his forgetfulness, his slight obliviousness, being pleased as punch to give them both something they'd enjoy, and his happiness with James's hat.

And, of course, Remus is my favorite! Giving them books! That's such a Remus thing to do and I laughed when Sirius was like, 'are you kidding me?' and Remus was totally expecting that. I guess getting socks is what he deserves after giving them books every year. ;P But they sound like cute socks and they're warm!

Just, oh my god, I can't believe you wrote this for me. I'm so lucky to call you a friend! Thank you so, so, so much. This was the perfect Christmas present.

Author's Response: I'd write you a story any day -- thank YOU for letting me do it! :)

I think a lot of times in fan fiction, people get the Marauders totally wrong (and yes, I'm a bit biased), but we seem to see their personalities similarly, which makes me so happy. :P They all have very distinct personalities, though, and your little comments on all of them just put the biggest grin on my face.

Poor Sirius -- I imagine books are the last thing he wants. And then Remus gets the wrong present, to boot! I am so, so, so glad you liked this, Missy, I really am. :) Merry Christmas, and I am proud to call you a friend! ♥

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Review #16, by MidnightBlue_x A Christmas Conundrum

26th December 2011:

I'm hoping I'm the first one to review this! *crosses fingers and toes* I love this one shot so much, it is so sweet! I just want to scream it from rooftops next Christmas so that everyone can hear the amazingness of Miss Rachel! Once again, amazing story and I can't wait for more things from you!

x Ely

Author's Response: You win, Ely! :D Thanks for the lovely review, you always know just how to make my day. :) I'm glad you enjoyed it, too!

Thanks so much -- honestly, I really appreciate your leaving a review for me! ♥

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