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Review #1, by ms simone Chapter Five

20th May 2013:
love it.. need to go back, & reread some past chapies.. it's been a minute, since I read this amazing plot.. love luna & andy scene in this lastly chapter!!

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Review #2, by ravinamalfoyblack Chapter Three

13th May 2013:
i know this story...
correct me if im wrong, and if i am, im sorry in advance..
but is this inspired by . "life as we know it"

the story just seems very similar
then again maybe its just a coincidence ahah

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Review #3, by Ice Chapter Five

25th April 2013:
You should have mentioned something about her death being hard after Fred's. Other than that I found it very interesting. :-) Post next one soon please!

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Review #4, by Ice Chapter Five

22nd April 2013:
Hurry up please! :-)

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Review #5, by sillylion Chapter Five

28th March 2013:
Wow read it all in one sitting! Good Job and I expect more!

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Review #6, by Lillytiger87 Chapter Five

10th January 2013:
it was funny

want more

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Review #7, by Drunaforever Chapter Four

18th September 2012:
Wow... They're dead. Weird. I hoped it hadn't been this bad, but now it all makes sense! The title Andy, I was curious about that, and now the little girl Andy! Wow, this is really great! I absolutely love this story and this update, I did a little happy dance when I saw a new chapter! I can't wait to see how this develops and works out and everything!
XD Drunaforever

Author's Response: Thank you dear, I'm glad you're liking it xx

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Review #8, by LunaDracoLover Chapter Three

26th July 2012:
Hi! So I really like your story but you have to hurry up because I want to read more! 10/10


Author's Response: The upcoming chapter is on it's way soon. Promise! xx

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Review #9, by Adien Chapter Three

8th July 2012:
Um I think that it could use a lemon

Author's Response: I'll consider.

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Review #10, by DracoLunaLover Chapter Three

28th May 2012:
Who made your banner?

Author's Response: I made it x

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Review #11, by LunaDracoLover Chapter Three

2nd May 2012:
Ah! I hate you! But I love you at the same time! Write more!

Author's Response: Next chapter will be up soon x

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Review #12, by Drunaforever Chapter Three

25th April 2012:
Talk about a cliffhanger! I can't wait to see what happens next!! Please update soon!!!

Author's Response: Next chapter is on it's way. xx

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Review #13, by Drunaforever Chapter Two

25th April 2012:
Well I think this story is great. No, it's not great... ITS AWESOME!! I like how you are writing this and this was my favorite line: "After the wedding, you can chase one another as much to your heart's content."
It reminded me of the part in Tangled (yes, I freakin love that Disney movie and have it all memorized) when Rapunzel is trying to get Flynn and Maximus to be nicer to one another! Nice work! 100/10 if I could!

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Review #14, by LunaHayden Chapter Two

23rd February 2012:
I want more..and not in a month...NOW

Author's Response: I wish I could update that fast! Anyways, don't worry the next chapter will be posted soon! Thanks for waiting!

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Review #15, by metalkpretty Chapter One

21st February 2012:
Enjoyed reading. hope you continue to write and finish this story.

Author's Response: I shall! Thanks for reading and hope you stay with 'til the story is finished! :)

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Review #16, by ravenqueen93 Chapter One

3rd February 2012:
interesting i want to read more i do like the pair

Author's Response: thanks dear!

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Review #17, by ElizaBrookz Chapter One

30th January 2012:
YOU, should DEFINETLY CONTINUE, NO DOUBT :) it was very well written, advanced to say even!

Author's Response: thanks so much dear! :)

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Review #18, by HP fan freak Chapter One

27th January 2012:
Love it! Please continue!

Author's Response: thanks dear! :)

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Review #19, by LunaHayden Chapter One

27th January 2012:
I have one word for your story:



Author's Response: HAHA, thanks! will post more soon ;)

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Review #20, by LunaBee Chapter One

27th January 2012:
I LOVE IT ( i REALLY do ! )
Your writting is just excellent and I like how Luna acts with Draco. I can feel her frustration.
I can't wait to know what happened between the two of them :)

Author's Response: thanks! glad you like it! ;) stick for more if you want to know what happens! hoho. thanks again! :)

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Review #21, by iamapoet Chapter One

26th January 2012:
This story is intriguing - please write more!

Author's Response: thanks! shall post the next chapter soon ;)

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Review #22, by ms simone Chapter One

8th January 2012:
an interesting plot!! not enough pairing og luna & draco!!

Author's Response: thanks dear! and ive got to agree! we need more of this ship! :D

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