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Review #1, by Ariellem Quidditch For Girls

13th September 2013:
It's been, what, two years, yeah I believe it's been two years. Since I've properly looked through my favorites, I was so pleased to find this wonderful piece you made me. Just, thank you very much!

Author's Response: Ahh Arielle!! So good to see you around after this long! I remember loving writing this for you oh so long ago... still makes me smile :) I'm glad you're still fond of it too!

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Review #2, by Secret Santa Quidditch For Girls

12th December 2012:
This was such a sweet one-shot. I loved it. There aren't nearly enough Penny/Oliver stories on the archives - in my opinion there could never be enough as they are just so perfect together. Anyway, I was really pleased to discover this.

You're characterization of Oliver is just so perfect. And Penny is just utterly clueless. I loved the little details about Penny's mum, Hestia, and how even though she was a muggle she had taken to magic with enthusiasm and was discussing Quidditch with Oliver quite happily.

Merry Christmas from your Secret Santa.

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Review #3, by soufflegirl99 Quidditch For Girls

30th October 2012:
This is one shot not only has a different pairing - but a different plot, different to one I've ever seen.
It matched their two characters, despite the odds, well, you made their differences and similarities slot together brilliantly :)
I like the whole against-the-stereotype-house-personality, it's really inventive ;)
The whole thing is short and sweet, though personally I think this material could be turned in to a novel :D
The way they keep on meeting, and there dialogue is all very flowing and natural - which makes it very relatable and realistic.
Keep up the awesomely awesome work :D

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Review #4, by AC_rules Quidditch For Girls

5th February 2012:
Ah! I've read a couple Penelope/Olivers now and I think I'm actually starting to full on ship them. I actually think they'd just be perfect - they're in the same year and shes a Ravenclaw prefect and I just /yes/.

I could tell it was written for Ariellem with her love of the Pen/Oliver which I have now decided that I am very much on board with.

Anyways, I really really enjoyed this and it was a pleasure to have a read! I thought it was really cute all the way through, and I loved the classic 'I was talking about you you idiot!' it was cute xD


Author's Response: Ahh I just love them so much! They're far too cute together, and I've read all of Ari's Pen/Olivers so I am very much on board with them too :D

Haha yes, Ari has inspired many of us to Pen/Oliver!

Aww thanks :3 I'm glad you found it cute; I'm a bit fan of the 'I was talking about you!' and couldn't resist :D

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Review #5, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Quidditch For Girls

4th February 2012:




I can't wrap my head around this. Another Oliver/Pen lover and one who writes them? I'm bouncing at my computer! I LOVE Oliver/Pen and this was just perfect! Seriously, you should write more of them. And this was for Arielle? That's awesome. She's the reason I'm a bit obsessed with Oliver/Pen and write a ridiculous story about them.

I really wish this didn't end here. I wish it was a story...hint, hint. Maybe some more Oliver/Pen, one day...some day...soon...? :D

Author's Response: Hehe I'm glad you liked it then! :D I LOVE Pen/Oliver thanks to Ari (I see you ship them because of her too? Haha, she's started a revolution!), and I am very glad that another shipper approves!

Hmm, I am thinking about writing some more of them, I will have to see when the muse strikes! ^o^

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Review #6, by Aphoride Quidditch For Girls

22nd January 2012:
This is actually the first Pen/Oliver I've ever read, and I really liked it! Your characterisation of Oliver was spot-on - he felt and read exactly like the Oliver from the books/films and I could easily imagine him doing all those things (particularly the bit in the locker room :D).
I loved your Penelope. She was a very unique character - awkward, nerdy but occasionally clumsy, not stated as 'beautiful' - it was so refreshing to see. Also, she wasn't a huge Quidditch fan at the beginning! :D aww, Oliver taught her about it, lol.
The situations you put them in were so uncliche and original and worked so well.
I think you've converted me, lol. I'll have to find more to read about these two... after my exams, of course ;)

Aph xx

Author's Response: Aww thankyou! I'm so glad you liked it, and that Oliver was IC - it was a difficult point, but I'm glad you thought he worked :) Hehe, I like the locker room bit ;)

Aw, thanks! I wanted her to be original, and not the typical quidditch bloke's waif. Hehe, I enjoyed writing the teaching! And thanks :)

Ooh, more Pen/Oliver fans? I'm so happy I've converted someone!! And good luck with them :D

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Review #7, by ariellem Quidditch For Girls

1st January 2012:
HI! :) :)

I can't believe you posted this! I really loved this story and I love that you wrote it! *gives hugs and cookies.*

Author's Response: Aw thanks Ari! Hehe thankyou so much, I'm so glad you liked it :D :D

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Review #8, by stephatrix Quidditch For Girls

27th December 2011:
Yay, I'm the first reviewer! I really enjoyed this, it was light and playful and you have created lovely characters. I love Pen so much, I thought your ideas were adorable! Well done.

Author's Response: Aw, thankyou! That's very sweet and I'm glad you liked it :)

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