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Review #1, by Dinthemidwest So this is Christmas

12th March 2016:
Very good story-too bad it's only 1 chapter!

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Review #2, by ginny_malfoy1231 So this is Christmas

15th August 2012:
That was so sad *sniffles*. You did a really good job on this story, I'm still crying! I just love how you weaved such a good story together!

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Review #3, by Luna Dominique Potter So this is Christmas

14th August 2012:
Beautiful. Just beautiful. I really loved Ginny's thoughts and feelings, and I think you characterized her and everyone else very well. Very well done.

Author's Response: Thank you! Thank you so much for attacking my page with such lovely review, after a horrible night out last nice this is lovely to come home to :)

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Review #4, by CypressQueen So this is Christmas

23rd April 2012:
Hi. This is a really good story an I thought it rang really true.

Author's Response: Awh, thank you very very much CypressQueen! It was very different for me to write and I really enjoyed it :)

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Review #5, by Manga_girl So this is Christmas

2nd February 2012:
I only just saw this. But I love it so much. It is so touching and sad... I can't imagine Christmas without my sister (though no one DARE tell her I said that...). You wrote everything so perfectly, all the descriptions and characterisations. I love this so much!

Author's Response: AHHHA! Thank you Emma!

I can't imagination christmas without my siblings (as bloody annoying as they are) so yeah, I think it would be /really/ horribly hard.

Thank you!

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Review #6, by lizmusic45 So this is Christmas

24th January 2012:
I was supposed to read this two weeks ago, and I didn't because a video came out that I wanted to see.
Stupid, stupid me. I had to read this one, I an avid Harry/Ginny shipper (obviously), and this is one I had to, just had to read.

I know this isn't much, but I loved Harry in this story, how he was a little awkward but you could hear his love for Ginny just in his voice. I loved the bits with him.

I also loved how you wrote Ginny! it was so nice for a change to have someone that is writing her, and not some desperate needy or angry in your face type person it felt like I was reading Ginny's mind, it felt like the actual person.

I don't tend to make a lot of sense, but all in all I loved it, loved, it loved it loved it.


Author's Response: Oh, I knew you were going to pick this one! In a good way, and I'm really glad you took a look as I've officially decided you're the Don of H/G and well, I wanted to know what you thought.

Ahha, Harry creeps in for about a sentence. He's so hard to write - I don't know how you manage it.

Ah, wow, thank you so much for this lovely review! It means a lot given I know how much this ship means to you :)


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Review #7, by Olympia1863 So this is Christmas

20th January 2012:
Yeesh, you just know how to tug at the heart strings, don't you?

After I read After the Storm, I had to see what else you had posted. I found this, and I was so not disappointed. I think you captured the characters really well, despite being a canon-phobe as you say. I think it's easy to forget that the the Weasleys really suffered a permanent injury when Fred died, and I think post-Hogwarts fics tend to skip right into Harry/Ginny without really addressing that. I thought you did a great job capturing the sadness in light of such strong characters though!

I think my favorite bit was Ginny's observation about their hand writing, their giant personalities bursting out of the pen. It just struck me as really apt. You have a knack for creating situations that seem nearly canon, which is awesome. And the ending was adequately uplifting, and I think a really fitting beginning to whatever relationship Ginny and Harry are going to have :)

All in all, I really, really liked this. You're just awesome. :) - Elle

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm sorry about that -writing sad things is a bit of a habit of mine. And you managed to pick my two recent christmas related things, but I'm so glad you decided to stop byy and read this too! Ahha, thank you so muchh!

(your review is coming REALYYY SOON).

I love writing the bit about their writing, gah, Canon isn't really my thing, but I think it might become more of a thing I do because I've really enjoyed writing these one-shots.

Thank you very very very much!


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Review #8, by Tonks1247 So this is Christmas

17th January 2012:
Oh my goodness. This was one of the most beautiful, eloquent, sad stories I have ever read. There were so many points where I just felt like crying because the emotion rolled into the words of this story were so powerful. The emotions are so raw and fresh it was just…unbelievable.

And by that I mean unbelievably well written. They were so true to the real feelings that run through you when you experience something like that; the wishing that one person was still there, just for one more Christmas, one more birthday, but knowing they can’t be. It’s excruciating. And I feel you do a great job at bringing that out.

I also feel like you do Ginny’s character some justice. You let her have the weakness of falling apart, but also give her the strength to hold herself together in front of her family. It shows the soft side of her character, that she isn’t hot headed. It also shows her love for her family.

Also, when you have Harry in there? I feel like he’s accurately portrayed. I can see him as being really withdrawn after the war, and keeping much of his guilt and other feelings to himself. He also keeps up with his concern and feelings for Ginny too, which is good.

I also like how you strive to keep most of the Weasley’s kept in the loop of this story, even though the main focus is on Ginny. It really pulls the whole piece together.

Two things that I did notice:

"There was nobody to tell you how to rebuild your life after it has been pulled from under your feet, how to live after war and how to continue when so many things have just stopped." –I think has should be had, because of the past tense in the beginning half of the sentence

"When Ginny went to bed when Christmas day was drawing to a close she..." instead of ‘when Christmas day’, maybe’ as Christmas day’, just because you use when to start the sentence and it sounds a bit weird when you read it out loud.

Otherwise I really did love this story! It is so beautifully written! Great Job!


Author's Response: That's a hell of a compliment right in there. I almost definately need to sit down and poke my inflated head with a couple of pins for a few minutes. I'll save that for after i've finished responding though, ahha :)

Personally, I'm terrified of writing characters like Ginny. I'm half convinced that I don't even really GET her from the books anyway, so to think that you think I managed to get her write is like yayayayayayaya. And even MORE so with Harry!! He didn't appear much, which is how I think I just about managaed to get away with his presence.

Oh, thank you for pointing those things out for me! I'll go fix them right away :)


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Review #9, by forsakenphoenix So this is Christmas

14th January 2012:
Oh, Helen, this just...hurts. It's beautifully written, very raw. You've exposed the Weasley's grief so naturally, without it seeming overdone or not enough. I love that you tell this from Ginny's perspective and not George's. It gives us an opportunity to see how someone else in the family is affected by Fred's absence. I love her observations of the twins, and how close she is to them.

This line killed me: not least because she knew she had no right to miss Fred so much, not when George had lost so much more.

I think my favorite scene was when Ginny went down and Molly was knitting the sweaters, and she still knit one for Fred. Then Ginny asked for it, and ohmygod, my heart.

And then George giving her a smile, just trying a bit too hard to act like he was okay, so much hurt. But you write it all so subtly and beautifully.

A few errors I happened to notice: let her thoughts wonder - wonder should be wander and at one point, you call the Weasley's the Wesley's.

Other than that, this was fantastically written and just so wonderfully done. I love the Weasley family but am not a huge fan of fics that surround them, but you did a wonderful job with their dynamics and how it's affected by Fred's loss. The idea of Molly clutching her clock when everyone was absent, just so she knew where they were, and Fred giving Ginny George's sweater because they share's just...perfect.

Just perfect. :)

Author's Response: Ooh thank you so much! You're so lovely!

I've just suddenly realised that I don't know your first name... do I? Maybe I do. Its strange not being able to first-name right back at you. No, I do know it. Everything's fine.

Thoes pesky errors! Its cause I wrote this at a very early point in the morning so I could sumbit it before the queue closure, but... no regrets. I've actually changed a couple of things you've mentioned there. It's one of the many edits I have in the queue.

I've never written anything so Weasley-centric before this, but now I'm sort of tempted to. And definately not from Ginny's POV because I'm still not even sure whether I like Ginny but... yeah, I enjoyed writing this a lot and thank you ver very very very very very very very very very very much (that word feels strange to type when you type it that many times. Do all words do that? Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks... no, just very. Huh. well. Learn new things and all).

Weasley jumpers are just so cute that anything associated with them automatically becoems cute, I think. So that's all down to JK I feel ;) Thank you!


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Review #10, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap So this is Christmas

11th January 2012:
I just cried when reading this, why you don't write canon characters is beyond me! This was lovely...oh FRED! Why Fred, why! I'm still mad at JK for killing him!

Author's Response: Awh! Thank you so much! I'm beginning to get into canon characters more now - I'm warming to them. I'm a little mad at her too. She couldn't have picked... just, owwh :(


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Review #11, by Omg So this is Christmas

5th January 2012:
Ong this so sweet yet so sad it nearly made me cry!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really appreciate that you took the time to review :)


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Review #12, by slytherinchica08 So this is Christmas

4th January 2012:
Wow! that really seems to be the only word i have to describe this! the emotions were so raw and real and honestly I started to cry when she asked her mum for Fred's jumper as i know how hard it is to actually ask for something of someone's even though my someone was my dog but still its not easy and you dont want to take it away from the other person. i really enjoyed this, I thought it was absolutely wonderful and i loved what you did with it because christmas isn't always a happy time and i think sometimes people forget that. I mean we are able to put on a front and pretend we are happy and join in on conversations but that one missing link is still there and on the inside you realize it but you try not to display it and remind everyone else around you. This was truly amazing and you are such a great author! Great Job!


Author's Response: Oh, thank you :D -blushes profusely and hides face to avoid you seeing former mentioned red face-

I'm a big advocate for christmas not being so shiny as it seems (mostly because I'm a depressing person, but...) so I think depressing christmas one-shots are right up my street. Anyway, thank you so much and I really appreciate this review :D


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Review #13, by javct So this is Christmas

4th January 2012:
javct45 with your review!

First off, I loved this story. It's original to see a Post-Hogwarts story with Ginny coping with Fred's death - it's usually George coping with death. It's refreshing to see :)

I think that you got the characterisation of everyone really good! I thought that you nailed Ginny on the head. We never really got any insight into how Ginny acted after the Battle but this is exactly how I imagined her to be.
However, I do think that George is 'off' - that is, unless, he is hiding behind a mask and pretending like everything is all right. If so, then completely ignore this

I think that Mrs. Weasley is perfect, I mean, no mother would be okay if their child died and she was so attached to them. Her still making the jumper for Fred made my eyes water a little though because I think that she would actually do that.

All in all, great story! Loved it!
*Jaz, 9/10

Author's Response: Hi there :)

Thanks for coming by and reviewing. I'm really not sure about Ginny's character, even from the books, so it was really strange writing from her point of view... so thank you very much :D

George, yeah, see in my mind he'd be trying extra hard to be 'normal' because it was christmas - but I might go back and add in a little bit about that in to make it more clear.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to come and review and such :)


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Review #14, by classicblack So this is Christmas

3rd January 2012:
Aww this made me feel a funny little feeling in the back of my throat- almost like I was choking up... I think you did a wonderful job at describing each character- Ginny was just as strong yet sensistive as usual, Harry was brave, Hermione nostalgic, Ron was, well, Ron, George laughed but with just the right amount of saddness that was required with this story. You got every character down nicely. Overall, it was really sweet. Nice job.
Happy writing,

Author's Response: Oh wow, thank you so much! Honestly I was so worried about this, but with these positive reviews I'm slowly beginning to get over my cannon phobia. Its nice :)

Thanks :D


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Review #15, by And a Happy New Year! So this is Christmas

1st January 2012:
So I wasn't planning on also leaving reviews for your secret santa gift, but this one shot was too good to pass up!

I loved this. It was sad, yes, but it was also so very canon. I know you said you were worried about your canon-ness in your A/N, but really please don't worry! I adored this, and I'm a huge proponent of all things canon. One of my favorite things to read is Weasley family scenes, and this is right up there with my favorites.

I had never really considered how stark the weasley christmas would have been in the winter of 1997 when Ron was abroad with Harry and Hermione and the rest of the family was in hiding. Christmas is basically analogous to christmas in my mind and I found Ginny's emotions to be very relatable. I really adored her characterization in this one shot. On that same thought-wave, Christmas of 1998 was an equally empty holiday even though the house was full. I'm currently working on a George-centric first christmas without Fred chapter and loved seeing this from Ginny's POV. She really was always close to the twins, and I felt badly for her. I thought the idea of Molly finishing Fred's sweater was incredibly merose, but Ginny asking for is was such a nice touch. It really was a tribute to her youth, and the simplicity of her request felt young and innocent. Almost as though having his sweater to hold made him closer to christmas.

This was gorgeous. Really truly Gorgeous, and I'd read your rendition of the Weasley family any time.

Happy Holidays!
Your Secret Santa

Author's Response: Hello! And thanks for this lovely lovely review :)

You complimented my canon! -dies- you're one of the like canon elite in my mind (and I'm in awe) and thus this essentially made me squee a lot. "One of your favourite things to read is Weasley family scenes" - that's acutally how I managed to guess it was you, if you were wondering. Oh, and the bit about George :D

I'd never thought about that untill I started writing this. Then I was thinking and trying to work out when the last really good Weasley family christmas would have been - what with Percy missing, Arthur in St Mungos... that's reallly sad.

Anyway, thank you so much for this lovely lovely review! I really appreciate it, and its going to take me a long time to get over the fact that you COMPLIMENTED MY CANON. Thank you!


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Review #16, by TheHeirOfSlytherin So this is Christmas

31st December 2011:
I don't know what you are talking about. Quite obviously, Fred did NOT die (neither did Remus or Tonks or Sirius. But that's a different issue. :P). He lives and he's happy and he and George are making new products for their shop right now...

Okay, I feel better now. :)

This is an amazing, yet slightly sad, Christmas story. Which I didn't see until now, so am reading on New Years Day. You may think there are holes in characterization (I have no idea - I write Next-Gen for a reason (besides the fact that they're awesome)) but you've brought their emotions brilliantly.




Author's Response: Ahha, true story. This is actually an overly depressing AU fic that doesn't bare thinking about...

The fic wasn't up till after christmas due to me not finishing it till the day before the queue closed (and taking something else out so I could have something christmassey up). Thank you very much! And thanks for being my first review of the year! :D


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Review #17, by LysLovesHP So this is Christmas

30th December 2011:
I was tearing up at this story! It is great! I must say, not as strong as it could be, but still great. This story is so heartfelt and tender. My favorite moment was when Ginny took Fred's Christmas jumper and wore it to bed. It was so strong and tender.
There are very few things I would change in your fic, for one, the pace. It goes a bit too slow at places, and the flow of your story is a bit rocky as you change scenes, but overall, this was amazing. I hope you write more cannon fics! :D

Author's Response: Thanks :) I'll admit that this was written in a one in the morning rush before the queue closed (and I must have been delerious, AC doesn't write Canons!) but I'd hardly though of the pacing before. I' go back and read over it soon.

Thanks for reviewing! :)


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Review #18, by NaidatheRavenclaw So this is Christmas

30th December 2011:
HOLD ON. You have a FRED story out and I didn't know about this! AND you're writing with HARRY and GINNY? Really, what has the world come to xD

I have a really bad habit of scrolling to the bottom of the page and reading the author's note first, so when I read this one, I was determined to poke holes in Ginny's character. I mean, you can't be perfect at everything, right? But I read it through twice, and I could find nothing wrong. She was the perfect blend of the strong, fiery girl and a young daughter who's greiving for her brother. The part where she asked Molly if she could keep the sweater was brilliant. That had Ginny written all over it. She actually suits your style, I think. But everything suits your style xD Someday, I WILL find a character you can't write perfectly. Even though that's pretty much impossible... >.<

I loved all the touches of Fred in this. When DHp2 had just come out this summer, I went on a Fred spree and read all these tragic one shots of the aftermath of his death and cried my eyes out, etc, so I thought I had seen every unique take that you could put on this story, but you gave me something new. I like how this wasn't everyone bawling their eyes out and writing cheesy letters at his grave, but rather, it was strangely normal. But through the entire thing, I could feel that there was something missing. And just that slight bit of emptiness 1) made this absoultely gorgeous and 2)made me cry for Ginny. And I don't LIKE Ginny. So that was an accompishment.

BECAUSE I'M DETERMINED TO FIND SOMETHING TO CRITIQUE:"That one’s for Hermione," Ginny's mother said when Ginny picked up a dark blue jumper with a stack of book upon the front. " It should be stack of books, not stack of book xD HAHA. I DID IT. I FOUND A MISTAKE IN YOUR STORY.
I literally did not think that was possible. And even when I do find something, it's a typo. *hangs head*

So the point of this strange ramble was to tell you that this story was amazing and you are perfect and you can most definitely write canon. And that this is one of the only times I've actually liked Ginny in a story :D


Author's Response: I don't know HOW it happened if I'm really honest with you. One minute I was sat casually and the next I was mid-ginny-story going 'WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS AC? YOU CANNOT WRITE CANON CHARACTERS' and I struggled so much with the beginning, so I have no idea why I continued :p

(and since then I've written a slash one-shot too, I'm going craazzy).

"She was the perfect blend of the strong, fiery girl and a young daughter who's greiving for her brother."

^Thank you -blushes- you're too nice to me, honestly. I'm not sure whether I like Ginny, you know, I've never quite been able to get a grip on her character so writing this was definately a little strange (not least because both Harry and Hermione speak. What is THAT about?)

Thanks for finding the typo! I'm entirely sure that my stories are littered with mistake, particuarlly when I'm lazy about editing...and I'm sure you've picked them up before. Well done? Ahha. I'll fix it when the queue opens :P
(I'm writing this at quarter to nine in the morning, hence why this sounds a little more normal)

And thank you very much for your lovely review! I'm still not entirely convinced about my canon-abilities. I guess I'll have to try a couple more one-short/short stories about real characters :P


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Review #19, by LittleWelshGirl99 So this is Christmas

28th December 2011:
Hello AC!
I am finally making the effort to review all the lovely stories of people in my favourites, and that I know on the forums :)

OK, before we go anywhere: 'as if their enthusiasm for life had exploded from the pen.' That is the most amazing description of a signature that I have ever seen! Actually, I've never read any particular descriptions of a signature. None that stood out like this one at any rate. It's perfect; Ginny would be torturously going over every detail of Fred, George, the twins. She wouldn't want to forget a thing.

Oh, and I love how it's kind of from Ginny's POV. That's different. You've done her pretty well, so you may now be released from your fear of canon!

I don't quite understand the first paragraph-why did they receive no note from Harry, Ron or Hermione? Where were they? Oh, hang on I think I've figured it out-is the first paragraph the Christmas during the war? When H&H&R are Horcruxing?

the way the paragraphs kind of jump around is very effective. adding to the confusion and joy and sadness everyone's feeling at the same time. You said in your MTA that your strongest point was the emotion in your stories-this is very true. You're great at getting even the trickiest of emotion across.

A lovey read!

Author's Response: Oh, don't worry - I'm still scared of canon. I seem to be writing things that are really going to push myself at the moment, and this was a great big scary thing for me so I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

I liked the line about the pen, that was fun to write, and I thought it especially fit the twins. No, you're right - I haven't seen that many discription sof a signature either :P

Yeah, Harry, Ron and Hermione were off horcrux hunting :)

Thank you very very much for another lovely review! They mean a lot too me :)


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Review #20, by Loony_Scorpy So this is Christmas

27th December 2011:
Wow. I think you nailed Ginny, she seemed so realistic :) Molly as well. I think you captured the emotions really well as well as Ginny's relationship with the twins. I don't think you should think it's laughable, it's done ridiculously well! Ginny is soo often done really ooc, so this is awesome :) I only wish there were more, you are such a talented writer :)

Author's Response: Oh wow, thank you very much! This means a lot to canon phobe like myself so I'm smiling a lot over here :D


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Review #21, by BKL8008 So this is Christmas

26th December 2011:
To be brutally honest, the only reason I found this one was because it was #1 on the list when I checked for new stuff. Otherwise, I'd have never found it! Amazing how busy this site is, even with the queue closed to all but TA's. I think your characterization of the characters is fine. I think Molly might be too over-the-top at the beginning, hugging the clock, but not too much. She certainly has had to be too strong for too long, so it's entirely believable. I liked the bit with her reminding Ginny that she too had lost her brother(s). This is something that one doesn't think about too often, as Gideon and Fabian are only mentioned in passing. Knitting a "F" sweater/jumper was an excellent touch. It illustrates the lingering grief that one may not WANT to let go of at Christmas. And yes, one does tend to hang onto that grief, even for years to come. All in all, I think you did a good job with this, although I had a hard time following it from year to year, I assume? Perhaps a note, or a bold text date in each bit? Well done.

Author's Response: Hi there :)

I love it when you find a story just by accident, and I also love it when people randomly stumble across something of mine... ;) I guess everyone submitted queues right before the queue closed - giving the validators plenty to do even on their holiday.

Thank you so much for the review! I really wasn't sure about this so I really appreciate the feedback. I'll bare that in mind when I edit it! Thank you :D


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