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Review #1, by The Last Marauder The Letter

22nd July 2012:
I will admit that the last few lines sent a shiver down my spine! I never thought about what Petunia felt when she saw Harry's letter, the thought never occured to me!

I really liked how you did the scene between Lily and Petunia about the Hogwarts letter. After I read the Prince's Tale for the first time in DH, I found that I felt enormously bad for Petunia. I mean how hard must it have been for her to watch her younger sister have this amazing powers, then go off to this magical school, while she was stuck just being a Muggle? Then it was the magic and that world that killed her, and I can't even begin to understand why Petunia must have felt about all that!

Anyway, another great fic, very original, very unique, and very different to your other ones! Brilliant stuff! :)

Author's Response: Petunia is one of those characters who suffered but never showed it and no one really cares about her. I'll admit, like most people, I hated her for a very long time, but The Prince's Tale shows us some of her pain that she covered up with her bitterness and threw her emotion into hatred for magic.
Thank you for the review!!

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Review #2, by ginerva_molly_weasley The Letter

18th July 2012:
This is just... I don't really know.

I liked the way it started off in a very light atmosphere with Lily running off from Tuney and then Tuney with her curiosity trying to keep up with Lily. I liked how it was almost just a childish game of tag, with the taunting and no seriousness.

Then when Lily tells her about the letter, its very easy to see the rejection Petunia feels with her sister going off to Hogwarts with Severus and its sort of a little sad because the chances are Lily would have been her best friend too.

The ending is just sad. It shows that losing Lily did affect petunia and as much as she moaned about her and cursed her, she still loved her and wished they'd been closer.

I liked it

Author's Response: The beginning of this was written quite a while before the rest. It just came to me, but it lacked plot. When I did come up with the plot, I really wanted a contrast with the beginning and the end, just to show how easily things can go wrong.
Lily and Petunia's relationship is so complex and confusing and I love writing it from different perspectives just to try and discover exactly how it was!
Thank you for the review!!

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Review #3, by KnightRoseSword The Letter

9th June 2012:
I looove this! Really good story =D I love how you compare Lily's letter to Harry's! And even making Petunia seem nice hehehe =P

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! I'm glad you liked it!!! I am a firm believer that Petunia is a nice person deep down, turned horrible by things that happened in later life.

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Review #4, by TheHeirOfSlytherin The Letter

29th May 2012:
Ah! The letter for Harry?

It always starts with something small, doesn't it? This was not as sad as the George one, but still made me go aww. Everything changed after a letter; tis a tad sad.

But I loved this, very well done. :D


Author's Response: I like to explore the little things from the series that most people don't even give a second thought to. It sometimes gives an entirely new perspective on things! This one wasn't meant to be as sad as One Last Goodbye. It was intended to hit hard though and make people realise how small things make big differences!
I'm glad you loved it and thank you for the review!!

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Review #5, by AC_rules The Letter

28th May 2012:
Ah, I love reading about a young and innocent Lily and Petunia! And I think you really captured their young, innocent conversation really well here. Their whole conversation was very... very childlike and sweet and made me want to jump in and give them both big hugs. And also to stop all the bad stuff happening in the future, because... you know, their lives really suck.

The retrospective bit at the end was really poignant too. I really liked it. It summed the whole thing up for me really, Petunia's bitterness only getting worse after Lily died... so it became more than just jealousy. Yeah.

Anywaayys, I really liked this! It was a good read :)


Author's Response: HELEN! I'm so glad I managed to capture them well. It's always the hardest part of fanfiction. You live in hope of getting it right!
I was contemplating whether to put it on the end, but I decided to since the original idea was what went through Petunia's head when she first saw Harry's letter. I'm glad it fits well!
I'm glad you liked this and thanks for the review!!

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Review #6, by CloakAuror9 The Letter

18th April 2012:
Hey there!

So far, all of the stories I've read from you have been really great and awesome, and this one doesn't disappoint. I love how you manage to always put all the emotions you need in a one-shot. For this one, 1207 words passed in a blur, but I felt that everything was so complete.

I love your dialogues, I love how they seem fit for Lily and Petunia. I can so imagine them saying the words like that. I love the way you kind of balanced their relationship between, so that Petunia is still mean but much less. So many people portray them as having a very good no-fights relationship when they were a kid and everything bad happens when Lily gets her letter, which obviously in so not true and un-realistic. Yours is believable in many aspects...and I am running out of things to say because it is just so so so perfect! :D

Your perfectness is blinding mee! Welp!

Sheesh, how can you write so much fantastic stuff? :D
CloakAuror9 xx

Author's Response: Hello again!!
Awww, thank you so much!! I'm not one for writing excessive words :P I like to write things that are short and to the point, but with enough details :D
I'm am so glad that I wrote them right! That's always the thing I am worried about the most! (which is the reason I hardly write dialogue). What siblings don't fight? I'd consider them to be very odd if they didn't! I have always thought that they got on (and didn't) like all other siblings and then Petunia just got jealous and turned it into hatred when Lily got to go discover this whole new world. It always seemed to me like, being the oldest, she was used to having power over Lily, and now she couldn't have that because Lily was special in a way she could never be!
*blush* ..It's not that good...

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Review #7, by Ayla The Letter

24th December 2011:
Love the perspective that this gives the entire series! Petunia displayed in this positive and weak light seems really, just fresh.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review and I'm glad you liked it! :D

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Review #8, by ILoveYouChristopher The Letter

23rd December 2011:
You did a really good job here ... it kept my interest through the whole thing. I definitely enjoyed the story and I love the way it ended ...

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! :D

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Review #9, by gingersnape The Letter

22nd December 2011:

This just... wow. I loved how the whole thing built up the the thought process that Petunia was going through. You captured so many emotions with the little snapshot in time and I did not expect the bit at the end, though when I read it, I was just sat there in thought for a good few minutes afterward.

The balence between Lily and Petunia's relationship is also really well done, as they are close but still have the snags and sisterly fights. The whole piece walks the line between playful teasing and aggression fantastically and your Lily was amazingly written. (Not that you've written about Lily before... or that I'd looove an update with her... nope, not at all)

Steph did a great job, so I can't think of anything to point out, Julia's banner is SO PRETTY, and the whole story was great! HAPPEH CHRISTMAS AMEZ!! And I'm looking forward to that other one-shot! ;) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h)

Keep up the awesome and general world suck decreasery via amazing writing! :D


Author's Response: OMG ANNIEZ!

Wow, it really made you think? I am glad! I never thought I could pull that one off, but apparently I did :D

You will get an update on that day! I promise! It's on the top of my list after my exams! I will do it! And I always thought that Lily and Petunia would have just been normal sisters. They have to have been. Everything horrible between them was because of the jealousy of Lily being a witch, so before that, when this is set, would have just been them being normal sisters :D

:O Nothing wrong with it? *dies* THANK YOU! And it is a VERY pretty banner! :D HAPPY CHRISTMAS ANIEZ! The short story, you mean? It will be on its way next year! (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h) (h)

:O *dies again* I decreased world suck with this? :O

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Review #10, by RosieQueen The Letter

22nd December 2011:
That was adorable! I always wondered what Petunia had thougt when she read Harry's letter. It seemed as if Petunia had hated Lily, but I knew that deep down inside she didn't. Great job! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad that you liked it!! :D

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