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Review #1, by alicia and anne What?!

30th December 2012:
Hello Mike!!! I am here to give you some reviews for Secret Santa, although totally pretend that I'm being anonymous :D

I must say I did chuckle when Peter said that there was an Elephant in the grounds and I did wonder how on earth an elephant managed to get into the castle? For a minute I thought that maybe James had been changed into the Elephant.
I love the candy cane broomstick! Go James for making the first edible broom, although it does sound a bit sticky hehe.
That was brilliant! Such a funny and crazy dream! :D How did you think of that idea? Itís so great and I couldnít help but chuckle at all of it.
Love Secret Santa :D

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Review #2, by LovlyRita What?!

10th April 2012:
Ohhh Mike!! You are SO SILLY!!! Hahaha

This was an interesting take on the marauders. And Remus/Sirius! I love them together, if I'm going to read slash that's the kind I like the most! Poor Remus, dreaming about him like that. But I love that you put kirby in here that is so RANDOM! lol! And pink elephants so silly!

And animated purses that bite arms!! hahaha!

Good work, music buddy. I liked this alot, and I don't read marauders very often, so good job!! :)

Author's Response: Hehe I know, I'm told often. :P

Anyways, interesting? I kinda thought my take fell into the general take of them... Hehe I'll take the compliment though! And I do too actually! And I was trying to be random so hehe, glad it was!

Thanks Ash! :D I wasn't expecting these reviews and they kinda made my day. :P


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Review #3, by Levana What?!

8th February 2012:
Hiya Mike.

Lol, this made me laugh. Thought it was just so ridiculously funny. I don't usually like slash (hates it) but I actually liked this. This makes me wonder why I haven't read any of your stuff before. Keep up the awesomeness!


Author's Response: Everyone has their preferences but I'm glad you liked this! And that it was funny! :D I'll keep up my awesomeness! Don't you worry!


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Review #4, by Millarz What?!

6th January 2012:
Hehe randomness without reason! It's so random :P (duh) ... Okay that was a weird sentence that points out blatantly obvious facts. Ignore the first sentence! So... your story! That's what we were talking about! It's a humorous mix of chaos and awesomeness! KIRBY! I love that you put Kirby in it, but where the heck did he come from O.o Aaaand how did the purple elephant get there? I think you should expand this story more! Put more chaos in it! Make the Sirius/Remus moment reaaallly awkward or really romantic! I liked your story! Now write more so there's more to love :D

Author's Response: Maybe if I ever get a plunnie to expand this I will Millarz :P but as it stands now, it's a one shot (Possible prologue. I could expand it, originally planned to but couldn't). I CAN guarantee I will end up writing a Remus/Sirius novel someday... It's a dream! :P It doesn't have to make sense... We've all had those odd dreams correct? This is Remus' xD

Thanks Mill! :D


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Review #5, by LilyFire What?!

28th December 2011:
Dude, you had me grinning the whole way through! Really, this was great! I laughed the whole way through. The weirdness makes sense because of the dream :) Nice story :)

Author's Response: Woo! I'm glad I had you grinning! I am just starting to write humor, so this was an early attempt at it! Thank you! :D


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Review #6, by LunarLuna What?!

28th December 2011:
You do realize that I am obliged to worship this story, if only for the fact that there is an evil purse, a purple elephant AND Kirby in it xD
Just a question:
How does it relate to my challenge? xD I read it twice and I still can't find the link!! Anyways, it was fun reading (I can't stop laughing right now because I can't help but picture James Potter on a flying candy cane getting bit by an evil purse while his friends are battling Kirby and a purple elephant!!)

So if you want you can edit this and I'll use your edited version for the challenge. lol

-Your Favorite Psycho Zombie Warrior :P

Author's Response: ... You know what xD At first I thought I WAS following your challenge rules... With Remus feeling out of place (Maybe I didn't make that obvious...) but I went back and noticed I broke about every rule you had in place... I'll write another one-shot at some point xD Sorry bout that! But.



Mike... The one who feels stupid. :P

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Review #7, by BKL8008 What?!

20th December 2011:
Well, that was different - and entertaining. I was expecting a "late for the train" and "going to school naked" thing! Whatever became of the elephant?!

Author's Response: I forgot to get rid of the elephant? O.O Whoops.

Glad it was entertaining! :D

I really thought I explained the elephant... I even edited this...

Mike. Thanks!

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