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Review #1, by WandaBFF Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

4th January 2018:
I love this story as much if not more than the first 100 times I read it

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Review #2, by Anamika Living The Reality

12th June 2016:
Awesome plot.. Really enjoyed reading it..

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Review #3, by Bluewolf80 Memories

8th April 2016:
I was enjoying your story very much. I just noticed a little mistake with having Cho Chang attend at the same time as the others. She was a year older so she would not have had to go back to repeat her 7th year.

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Review #4, by Ramsey Scott Discoveries

25th January 2016:

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Review #5, by Ramsey Scott Something Went Wrong In The World

25th January 2016:

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Review #6, by Ramsey Scott Be Careful What You Wish For

25th January 2016:
I love how you've started this off. Everyone seems to be sticking to their part, which is very good! I'm so excited to continue *.*

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Review #7, by Kylie Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

18th November 2015:
I've seen this story quite a few times and didn't read it coz I dnt like anything too sad.. but I finally wanted something different from the typical dramionie stories. And wow. It was amazing. I absolutely loved it. I couldn't stop reading it!!
You are an amazing writer and I'm so glad I finally read your story!!

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Review #8, by ScarlettTulips Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

26th March 2015:
Wow, this novel was so epically amazing. Really loved reading it. xoxo

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Review #9, by Azerty Light In The Darkness

26th March 2015:
How was Harry able to apparate if there's been a magic failure?

How is that even possible? Isn't magic in the genes?

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Review #10, by SilverPatronus Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

17th March 2015:
OMG are you an Indian? So am I!

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Review #11, by DMFT3 Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

18th February 2015:
Hi, I loved this story. It's so beautiful, especially with the everlasting love. But something has been really bothering me. How ever did Draco end up with Ritch for those few months? How did he believe he was falling in love with Ritch, so much to the point that he wanted to file for divorce from Hermione? I just don't understand how that could happen if he loved Hermione for so long both before and after.

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Review #12, by Silenceislouderthanwords14 Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

5th January 2015:
Before I get into how much I love this story, I will admit that I have passed over it many times while trying to find a Dramione to read. It would pop up every time I searched for a completed Dramione, and I just skimmed over it because it never caught my attention. Recently in my search for a new story to read I saw this one once again, and I thought,"Okay. I have seen this story a lot, so finally I will give it a chance."
I will admit though, I almost stopped reading after the first chapter, but I thought no, let me read another one and see if it progresses. And progress it did!

This story was wonderful. It was very realistic, which I love. Other stories have a tendency to jump right into their relationship, which is fine, but realistically it would not happen so quickly.
There were a lot of points where I was impatient for them to just be together already, but you timed it so right. It all fell into place.

I can not express to you how happy I was when Ritch was put into Azkaban! Good riddance! In the beginning I was a little nervous that Draco would leave Hermione for her, but if he had then there would have been no story! That was some good suspense.

I especially loved reading the parts when Draco stepped up and became a respectable man, even through his faults. He struggled a lot, but I can't blame him. I'm glad Hermione didn't blame him too much either.

I adore this story! Reading about how they fell in love three times was beautiful, I smiled a lot throughout this story! I'm so glad they grew old together, and that their children are finding love as well. It's a wonderful happily ever after :)

Bravo! Thank you for the wonderful story! :)

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Review #13, by lostinlife0814 Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

17th December 2014:
Love this story. A beautiful piece of work. I keep rereading it and everytime I cry. Great job!!

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Review #14, by Mirgob A Nice Kind Of Weird

22nd July 2014:
FLUFF FLUFF FLUFFF..You're the greatest Rey!

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Review #15, by Mirgob The Accident II: Suddenly Understood

22nd July 2014:
D'aw.FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF...hehe so cute.
Good chapter, Rey!

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Review #16, by Mirgob The Accident I: Mudblood & Death Eater

22nd July 2014:
ugh, you little piece of poo! Your twists are..ugh. >< haha

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Review #17, by Mirgob Something Went Wrong In The World

22nd July 2014:
Hey Rey ;)...I'm rereading your fan fiction works...I love them still! haha.
Great work, as always!

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Review #18, by papilio The Modeling Project I: Don't Let Me Fall

22nd June 2014:
i really love this chapter!! it was so good to see draco and Hermione getting on so much and it so funny but you know when u said draco hasn't hugged aboyone other then pansy, his mother and that girl, hehe what about Voldemort (movie) sorry but just thought I'd be funny to say!!:)

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Review #19, by Hara Chaarag Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

28th April 2014:
Hi. Okay. This actually my first review. I've read many FanFictions here before. And I would always think of reviewing. But this one i just HAD to. One reason for this compulsion is probably the fact that I'm an Indian too.
But the bigger reason is how amazingly brilliant this is!! I so totally live it! The romance, it was just.I don't even have the words to describe what I'm feeling.
You characters have made me laugh, cry, tell with surprise, feel the electricity. I've lived with your characters. And that is all I've ever wanted from something i read; a chance to live something that isn't my life.
I'll spare you the sob story and just say that I have a pretty pathetic life.
So thank you for giving me a chance at an amazing life. Even if for just a few hours, it was the greatest thing in a long time.
And I must say you have now got yourself a huge fan!
Hope to read more from you!
PS. I tried to sign off with my name. But a part of my name happens to be a certain 4 letter word which they won't let me type here. So weird. But I hope you'll be able to read my name SOMEWHERE!

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Review #20, by shamsilly Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

26th April 2014:
I have to be completely honest here because I've lost track of how many dramione fanfics I've read. But this, this here is a darn good piece of work. It was amazing and I could not stop reading. I love the plot, I love the sequence in which you wrote it and I love how you depicted each character. Bloody amazing. Had me hanging on for more at the end of each chapter. All in all an excellent fan fic. 10/10 in my books. Love your other stories as well. :)))

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Review #21, by Dutchgirl Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

3rd April 2014:
I just finished reading your story, and I've got only one thing to say: thank you

Author's Response: Thank YOU (:
Im glad you liked this xx

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Review #22, by dramione4everanever A Nice Kind Of Weird

18th February 2014:
I was literally thinking the same thing about the child wanting to kill her! I have this awful feeling in my stomach that the baby is going to end up killing her D:
This is amazing by the way, completely different to everything else I've read :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Keep reading to find out what happens! :) x

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Review #23, by Sindhu Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

27th December 2013:
Awesome story! I especially liked that sari bit.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #24, by Winnie Any Other Reality (Epilogue)

22nd December 2013:
This, is beautiful. Really, it is. I shed a lot of tears. I wish that there would be more Dramione moments.

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much! There are some more TOR one-shots and bits on my page if youre interested! x

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Review #25, by Winnie The Other Reality

22nd December 2013:
This is beyond beautiful. You deserve an award.

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much :)

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