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Review #1, by prettywishes The Night of the Pretty Girls

23rd December 2013:
oh my gosh this was just an all around amazing chapter for so many reasons. I am absolutely in love with Rose, she's a bit scary but it's very amusing, and she seems to be good about getting things done. I imagine she runs some sort of underground crime right within the school or something. And poor Poppy! She seems like a nice enough girl who just happened to get herself in a not so perfect situation, but it was pretty amusing. I'm also a big fan of Louis from what we've seen so far. You've done a good job of making sure that all of the characters you've introduced are pretty well rounded, something a lot of fics seem to be lacking! I'm also a really big fan of your writing style and really look forwards to reading more!

Author's Response: Why thank you for leaving this kind review ^_^ your kind words mean a lot to me!

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Review #2, by Evelynn Rose The Night of the Pretty Girls

26th November 2013:
I love James and Poppy together! She is so sweet and Aphrodite is just so oblivious to the the whole ordeal. She is better off with someone else. Poppy and James however would be so cute and they are already friends.

Author's Response: I know, how much better is she? I'm glad everyone likes her :3 Thanks for the review x

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Review #3, by newgenerationlover The Night of the Pretty Girls

26th November 2013:
love the story. can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Ahh thanks!!!

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Review #4, by K The Night of the Pretty Girls

26th November 2013:
Great chapter, but I'm super confused: Andy, Poppy, or Aphrodite? Personally, I think Poppy is the pick of the lot, and I think JSP's affections are not deserved by Aphrodite :) But yeah, interesting setup!

Author's Response: Oh, Andy is nothing, I guess I did make them a little too flirty though... and you are right Poppy is definitely the pick of the lot ;)

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Review #5, by K Advice from a She-Devil

23rd November 2013:
OMFG this story just keeps getting better!

Author's Response: I hope you like the next chapter :)

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Review #6, by K A little about The Jeremy Incident.

23rd November 2013:
THIS STORY IS TOTALLY AWESOME (Imagine that being sung like it is in AVPM) AND PLEASE CONTINUE!

Author's Response: THANK YOU KIND PERSON

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Review #7, by Annalise A little about The Jeremy Incident.

23rd November 2013:
I absolutely adore your writing style, and especially the humour. The premise for this story sounds fantastic and I can't wait to keep reading!

Author's Response: Thanks for that! :)

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Review #8, by funyuns Advice from a She-Devil

18th November 2013:
I cannot even express how impressed I am with this story so far. It's incredibly hilarious, and oh god James is a riot! I don't know if you ever get like this, but sometimes I'll read something, and I'll get kind of upset (in childish sense), and think, "WELL WHY THE HELL DIDN'T I WRITE THIS I WISH I WROTE THIS WHY WASNT I THE ONE TO WRITE THIS I WANT TO BE CLEVER TOO WHY COULDNT I HAVE BEEN BLESSED WITH THE UNIMAGINABLE WIT TO WRITE THIS." And well, m'darling, this is one of those stories. I wish I could've been the one to write something as brilliant as this. Well done!

Author's Response: I GET THAT ALL THE TIME!!! Wow, I can't believe someone actually felt that about mine! So thank you very much for the ego boost ^_^ I hope you like the next chapter too!

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Review #9, by prettywishes Advice from a She-Devil

17th November 2013:
omg Rose was absolutely hilarious in this! I've never really seen anyway play out Rose anything like that before, but I really liked it! She was terrifying, but it was very easy to believe. The family dynamics you have going are really great, and I also really like the nicknames that you're using (I love the name Jem!). Really strong start with the first two chapters!

Author's Response: Thanks lovely! I will be posting chapter 3 in a matter of days, and hope you'll like it ^_^

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Review #10, by Crazy101 Advice from a She-Devil

29th July 2013:
I like your story! Continue! Also, do you know kiiinda the name of james on your banner? Well ya know the actual person? I will probably use that. so yeah! Whazzhisname? BUT ANYWAYS LOVE YOUR STORY! KEEP IT UP

Author's Response: Well thank you :) And the pretty boy on the banner is Gaspard Uliel.

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Review #11, by ataxaphobia Advice from a She-Devil

21st September 2012:
I don't normally read NextGen fics but this great! Writing is superb and the humor spot on!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!

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Review #12, by Bryarly A little about The Jeremy Incident.

11th September 2012:
I have to say I'm quite taken with this. For several reasons;

Firstly, you write well. You're grammar and punctuation far surpass mine, and you have a good vocabulary, which when looking for something new to read is a thing that irks me, in its rareness.

Secondly, the comedy in this feels entirely natural. Which is good.

And thirdly, the idea of a Wizbox amuses me greatly and I now want one.

Well done :)


Author's Response: Thank you very much! This review was beyond kind.

I would love a Wizbox of my own as well, it would be magnificent. I would do whatever it is you do with Wizboxes with it every day.

Well, thank you for this lovely review. I hope you liked the second chapter too :)

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Review #13, by Riopurple Advice from a She-Devil

11th September 2012:
Please continue C: I'm loving this story so far, especially since you put Rose into Slytherin - not something many people think to do. x Looking forward to the party XD

~ Riopurple

Author's Response: Oh, Rose is the best. So much fun to write like this. Glad you like the story, and thanks for the lovely review :)

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Review #14, by ashleym15 A little about The Jeremy Incident.

10th February 2012:
lol :) brill first chapter. i loved how hung up James is. its really funny :)

Author's Response: Thank you :D

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Review #15, by Rosabelle Ravenclaw A little about The Jeremy Incident.

28th January 2012:
This was absolutely amazing! I love how James is obsessed with her. update soon please!

Author's Response: I hope to update soon. Thank you so much for your review!!

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Review #16, by Funeral Of A Friend. A little about The Jeremy Incident.

28th January 2012:
I just want to say thank you. This is one of the funniest, potentially saddest, and generally all round best stories that I have read in a long time. I cannot wait for an update!!

Author's Response: Well your welcome! Such kind words, thank you so much (:

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Review #17, by Katy A little about The Jeremy Incident.

10th January 2012:
I really like this story so far!

It's nice to see a story from the boy's point of view every once in a while because people don't really write it as often it seems. It's also a nice change to see it from the pov of the guy who likes/is in love with the girl and is trying to win her over because it is usually the girl falling in love with the guy out of her league-etc.

I love how hung up he is on the Jeremy incident! It is an honest mistake and most people have trouble remembering names after all. And I agree with the reviewer before me, I love the quip about innocent Lily and him finding her in the broom cupboard. You have to love a brother who is in denial lol.

I hope to see an update for this soon

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much!! Yeah, it's actually quiet fun to write from a boys point of view, it lets me say and do alot of things I couldn't so otherwise.

Glad you like it, and I hope to update soon (:

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Review #18, by Magic_Phoenix A little about The Jeremy Incident.

27th December 2011:
Ooooh I got first review :D
For it being your first time, writing a first person boy's pov you did incredibly well. I'm already in love with this story. It kind of reminds me of the James/Lily pairing but with your own twist on it. That part were James talked about Lily being all innocent and then finding her topless in a broom cupboard had me laughing out loud ^-^

Anyway, amazing job and I can't wait to read more. Also I make chapter images, so if you're interested I can make some for you. I made all of the chapter images for PygmyPuffLover's Being Summer and Typical Clueless Guy, if you wanna see them :) Wow, I sound like an advertisement now. Sorry about that :P

Author's Response: Thank you for this ego-boosting first review (:

I'm glad you like it, you have no idea how nervous I was posting this story! The second chapter is halfway written, and should hopefully be up soon!

Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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