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Reading Reviews for Undisclosed Desires
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Review #1, by BookDinosaur Victoire

5th December 2013:

This was an amazing piece! I've tried writing one myself about the pressures of the press and being famous, except mine was focused on Lily II instead of Victoire, but I think you did an amazing job with this!

The way you described Victoire's feelings at the beginning of the story, the indignation and a bit of fear and frustration, was just perfect for this. And I can completely sympathise with Victoire - I wear hideous clothes when I get home, I can't imagine what it would be like to be criticised and ridiculed because of that. And needing to wear uncomfortable things just because you're scared of journalists isn't right.

Hahaha, I loved Dom! She was unfriendly and rebellious from the looks of it, and her dry wit ("Go Team Victoire.") was the thing that made me laugh the most here. I hope we get to see more of her in coming chapters. :P And Dom proved she really does care for her family by letting Victoire take her clothes - jogging bottoms, no less. :P And Humphrey seemed like one of those adorable old men with white hair and a charming grin. I can feel myself liking him already, and it's clear that he and Victoire have a strong relationship, which is lovely to see. :D

It sounds like Victoire is going though a bit of a tough time right now. :( Teddy broke up with her, and then he was with another girl, and Victoire really doesn't have anyone else to call on from the sound of it... I can se why she would want to wear some comfort clothes. But she came out the other side all better.

And ahh, Victoire stood up to them! She did it! SHe faced those journos head on and she won! Yay Victoire! I'm so proud of her right now, and I've only known her for a chapter. I love the ending, with Victoire just feeling content. She didn't get her boyfriend back, and she didn't have a mgicl reunion with her friends, she was just happy and comfortable with herself fo the first time in years, and that's a lovely place to end, I think.

Anyway, I really loved reading this story, it was amazing and really enjoyable. I'm so glad I'm doing the Day Five Christmas challenge thing right now, it's introduced me to so many amazing authors and stories! So update soon, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing where you'll go with this. :D

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Review #2, by Claw Secret Santa Victoire

28th December 2012:
I absolutely love how you started this chapter. Just simple sentences stating a fact or modifying the one before it. For some reason, that’s something that easily draws me into the story. Maybe I’m just easily amused, but seriously, I loved it. And this isn’t the first story that starts this way either, which is a nice as it really puts a certain spin on your style of writing.

Anyways. I love Victoire. Her being this model and constantly having to be worried about her looks and what she’s wearing and everything while being uncomfortable with it all seems to fit so distinctly with how I see her character in my head. Just a touch of preppy while still trying to be a people pleaser (Cause honestly here? I would not have done well being lectured about wearing joggies to bed. It would have ended badly. xD).

I also give you kudos for writing Victoire as someone who’s able to hold her own and ignore the questions being thrown at her and ignore the pain some of them bring on. I’ve tried writing characters like that and it always seems more forced and unbelievable but in some way or another, you’ve got past that. You make it seem natural and really let her show the cool demeanour which is just fantastic!

Also adore Victoire finally figuring out that the best way to deal with the press is to show them it shouldn’t be considered bad for her to wear something comfortable at home as they would do the exact same thing. Because sometimes I think even in real life people make a big deal of something celebrities do even though they do it themselves…and also with that part, I love Humphrey. He’s so awesome. He may not say a lot, but what he does say made me giggle quite a lot. His character is just totally awesome!

Absolutely loved this chapter and actually can’t wait to see what other next gen characters are thinking about. Really enjoyed the chapter and hope to see more! :D

- Secret ‘Claw Claus

P.S. This review is for the first gift! I apologize immensely for how late this one, along with the three others are. I don’t know where my brain was but I was smart enough to save these reviews in a word document and not actually post them online after I finished them and I only just discovered this yesterday. So huge apologies for that! xD

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Review #3, by marinahill Victoire

7th December 2012:
Okay, I LOVED it. Victoire is such a great character, it's almost a shame that the whole story isn't dedicated to her. Dominique as well was so well written, I really could feel them come alive as I read.

Her narrative voice was so strong. I felt her insecurities and her frustrations and I really sympathised with her. The relationship between celebrity and the press is an interesting one, and I thought she coped remarkably well. She was pretty brave to do what she did and go and show the world what she's like when she's not all dolled up, but she was so right. Out of office hours, it's her own life she's living.

Brilliant stuff. Merry Christmas!

Author's Response: MARRRINA! *hug*

Victoire is lovely, but alas the story can not be about her. I don't think I could wallow in her sadness over the break up for a whole story. And anyway, the rest of them are going to be just too much fun. But I'm glad that you thought that she could be. I do think she is quite brave, but she is right. I think I would cry if I could never wear my fat pants again. I felt sorry for the girl.

Thanks for the review, lovely. Merry Christmas!

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Review #4, by gingersnape Victoire

6th December 2012:
A NIKKI. A VICTOIRE. A PRETTY BANNER. AND NO REPLIES IN YOUR THREAD?! HOW CAN THIS BE! *superhero music* *swoops in* Okay, I go read story now. I just wanted to say how much I love you and that banner and Victoire and everything. :D

Ehehehe. Joggies. I'm using that now. MUCH better than sweatpants. I don't even sweat - they're for when I sit in bed and eat and watch Doctor Who all day. :P

This had me absolutely six inches from my screen THE WHOLE TIME. You're hilarious, but I was also just deeply drawn into the story without any effort of my own (and I can't pay attention through all of Mean Girls, so that is saying something :P) and I don't think there was a line of it I didn't like!

Her character arc is really profound in this and I loved that she was able to own the look and do what she wanted in such a cool way! The fashion industry absolutley fascinates me in an I-can't-place-why-you-are-so-interesting-you-make-no-sense-but-I-am-captivated-by-your-everything kind of way, and this had that whole feeling of mixed confusion and admiration the whole way through.

As much as I liked Victoire and wanted to be her, I feel like I connected more with Dominique, being that I am secretive, grumpy, and quietly throw things at people. (I'm not nearly as cool as she is, but I really liked her characterization i this and connected with her in ways that I don't think I could have connected with Victorie.) Their differences played into each other really well, and I laughed at how they showed their sisterly affection. It was perfect!

Well, I love this and you and reading your work and generally your everything! *squishes*

Looove, Annie

Author's Response: THANK GOODNESS YOU'RE HERE! *faints like a heroine* I addooorre the banner two, graphic makers are magical. I LOVE YOU TOOO!

Apparently that's what they use in Britain! I think it's cool. XP I call mine fat pants, and they are wonderful. (I approve of your DW lounging).

Daww Annie you are too kind. I'm glad it kept your attention, being boring is saddening. *bows* I'm glad you liked her, sometimes I worry she comes off a little too perfect girl. I'm glad she's at least admirable.

Yes, Dominique is, I think, a inner part of all of us. I know that I really enjoyed writing her grumpiness, so what that shows about me, I don't know. She is cool, but she does't like to think so.

*squishes a thousand times* Thank you for the review!!!

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Review #5, by ginerva_molly_weasley Victoire

10th March 2012:
This is actually fab!

It focuses on the press and the pressures that Victoire had with her job and just simply how many models feel when they are hounded by the press all the time and even have to comply with the rules set by the modelling agency all the time.

I think you've done a really good job at showing us how ridiculous the pressures the models have on them are because why shouldn't they be able to go out in their 'track pants' (Not sure what they are, assuming they were jogging bottoms) and why other people should have to see them as a 'goddess' all the time.

I love how in the end though she did stand up to everyone and was sick of the stigma attached to her job. The bit about Dom not wanting anyone to know where she lived was a nice touch as it was almost a safe haven for Victoire as she was being hounded which was good.

The last sentence had rather a lot of impact which also enhanced the quality of this piece!


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Review #6, by Secret Santa Victoire

16th December 2011:
I loved this so much!

You started it off so strongly, and it completely pulled me in once the track pants were mentioned. It was a very insignificant thing to have been made so significant, and you brought them in as a sort of theme really well!

Victoire's characterisation was absolutely brilliant. You showed her stresses and how she was trying to cope with everything, and how brave she was to always be putting that mask on and keeping up appearances. You portrayed her hate of the press and the unimportance of it from early on, and I loved the build-up to the moment when she reached her decision.

In fact, the entire build-up was just brilliant. With the help of the strange Dominique, who was such a contradiction of herself and Victoire and very refreshing, it was easy to trace the path of Victoire's motivation.

But the moment when she came outside was just amazing! She was so sure of herself, and it was encouraging to the reader aswell, as Victoire gave her speech about not being bothered about what people think. I love how she just completely disregarded the rules she had stuck by for so long, and it was just so well-described - the details of the scene and the atmosphere - it was difficult not to get caught up.

I'm wondering if maybe Teddy Lupin might have his story explained a bit later too. Is he a complete idiot? Or is there a reason for it other than the Olivia cow?

Complete 10/10, adored it!

~Secret Santa

PS. Loved the names you created :)

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Review #7, by Ravenclaw333 Victoire

16th December 2011:
Really good start here. You have quite original characterisations and situations - Dom living in a grotty apartment! Victoire and Teddy broken up! Le gasp! The cut-throat nature of the fashion industry was done well, and I really love how Victoire's big moment of freedom was something that seems like quite a small thing - walking out on the street in trackies. I like where you're going with this - the idea that our biggest battles are sometimes the things that seem so simple. Great start and good chapter!

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