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Review #1, by Rhizz What the bloody hell was that about?

31st May 2012:
Wonderful! You write Ron in such a hilarious way. Can't wait for some bonding moments between Draco and Hermione. Wonder if he plays piano. I'm missing this story so keep writing!!!

Author's Response: Really? Haha, thank you!
I've been trying to stick to the way he speaks in the films and books. I'm very picky with the way they speak, so it's taking a while to write the chapters.

WELL. You're going to have to wait and see if he plays anything. (: For now, I'm not very sure.

Nice to know you're waiting patiently. I'm going to get it up before I finish school.


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Review #2, by Hagridsmother What the bloody hell was that about?

4th April 2012:
I love this story! Continue!

Author's Response: :D Thank you! I will, don't worry. (:

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Review #3, by PotatoLord The beginning

3rd March 2012:
Hehe. I don't know if I'm just insane and I am the only person who does this, but when I hear certain songs, I think of certain books, fantasy worlds, stuff like that. And ironically, the title of this story is the name of a Coldplay song that makes me think of Harry Potter. Probably just a coincidence, but just I'd thought I'd throw that out there. For a first fanfic, exploring an area as unknown and unpredictable as the pairing of Malfoy and Hermione is quite outgoing and adventurous. But you've got a lot of competition out there with all them romance addicts that think the darkest kid in the series should date the most do goody one. Being more of a complex, actiony writer myself, I may not be the best for advice on how to spin a luvvy duvvy tale, but hey, I try to help.

Author's Response: (: You're not insane. I do that all the time. Songs and books and fantasy worlds, I mean.

Yeah, I know. There are a lot of good stories out there. Well, I think the problem with a lot of romances is that nothing really.. erm happens. Apart from the obvious 'oh no we can't be together, I'm going to push you away and not tell you anything anymore and then I'l break down and get into trouble with something', they always try to turn it into a.. relationship since 3rd year or soemthing. (x that's just my opinion.

Well, I'll check out your story, if you have one ofc.

Thanks for your review. (:

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Review #4, by Rhizz Plans and worries

1st February 2012:
This is really rather amazing! :D I loved how you wrote Draco (I know he's a difficult character to do...almost as hard as Sherlock ;) ) I really enjoyed his interactions with Blaise. I'm so excited to see what happens when they get to Hogwarts. Really great stuff.

Author's Response: Thank youu. (:
You can't imagine how hard it is. Next chapter WILL be up soon. Possibly in a few days.

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Review #5, by Julio Plans and worries

27th January 2012:
This is wonderful. You've really hit your stride with this story. There are lots of nice little moments that hint at a bigger picture for the characters. I can see how this is leading up to a sort of awakening for both of them. I'll say it again - your descriptions are very Rowling-esque, and I like that in a Potter fanfic. Anyway, keep up the good work!

Author's Response: You really now how to make a review! :D Thank you ever so much. I'm so glad and happy that you like my story. I don't know what to say.. Rowling? Haha (:
Next chapter will be up in a bit. x

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Review #6, by Julio The end of a past

12th January 2012:
Very good! I like seeing a bit of conflict in Draco. Will the story be flitting between points of view? (e.g, will it be Hermione one chapter, Draco the next). The name Miffy is adorable. Makes me think of the rabbit cartoon. :-)

Author's Response: Thank you loads! I'm trying to have Draco come across as insecure and contradictive through the first few chapters. It's proving quite the work. Yeah, it'll be something like that, but I'll sometimes do both in one chapter or leave Hermione or Draco out for a while at important points. The third chapter will be both of them.

I thought Miffy was adorable too, so I had to use that name for a house elf. (: A rabbit? I thought it was more of a mouse!

Once again, thanks!

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Review #7, by genuis :) The beginning

11th January 2012:
i finally came to see what the fuss was about and i must say you have worked hard. Now i have entered into your world so could you cut down on the addiction of adding hpff into every conversation we have :P DRUGS R NOT GOOD FOR YOU GURL
but seriously this is good stuff :)
love, me

Author's Response: Well, thank you.
Sadly, this only makes me want to talk about it more. Haha (:

x anythingbutmuggle

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Review #8, by Rhizz The end of a past

6th January 2012:
Wonderful, sweetie! You write so beautifully and I'm liking Draco's change of heart. A slut? My, my! ;) keep going, I'll be waiting.

Author's Response: Thank youu (:

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Review #9, by AussieLottie The end of a past

6th January 2012:
Well, you have certainly written well my dear beta. :)

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! (:

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Review #10, by Jakumo1 The beginning

21st December 2011:
What happens next? :3

Author's Response: I'm going to write something on Draco's behalf in the second chapter. Beware, this is a slow story (:

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Review #11, by Rhizz The beginning

20th December 2011:
I'm so proud of you, honey! This is pretty wonderful. Though I'll always be a ron/hermione shipper at heart, you might just convince me. ;) keep going, you talented thing! x

Author's Response: Oh thank you! I hope I can. I ship romione too, but not as much as dramione. haha :D
Again, thank you very much (: x

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Review #12, by Julio The beginning

19th December 2011:
Very well done so far. :) You've characterised Ron and Hermione particularly well. Excellent, un-affected writing style with a hint of Rowling. Write more, please!

Author's Response: Wow! This means so much to me. Thank you SO much for such a lovely first review. This really helps.. I'm going to be posting chapter 2 as soon as I can after the winter break. :/ long wait.


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