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Review #1, by AbbeyStarKidx13 31st October 1981

11th July 2012:
Hey! This was really good and it really captured the essence of Peter to me. I always thought he would have had a bit of resistance rather than just telling them where James and Lily were hiding. Your description of Sirius and the scene in the street also is the version of the events that I find most believable and similar to what I had imagined. Thank you for producing this and I shall hope to read more of your work soon!
Abbey x

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading this Abbey. It is one of the stories I have most enjoyed writing. I'm so glad you think it is believable and thought it was good. I appreciate it :D

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Review #2, by TaylaBraxton 31st October 1981

27th February 2012:
Wow that was really really good. By far the best fan fic I've read in a long time. Just two thoughts though Peter was working for Voldemort before he became Secret keeper and he was passing Voldemort and the death eaters information from the Order and The muggles in the street heard Wormtail call out that Sirius murdered them before he cut off his finger and blew some people up. Other than that it was perfect and I really hope you write more, you're so descriptive and it was written so well. Loved it heaps. =)

Author's Response: Well, I had the idea that those who did hear him, ended up dead when the explosion hppened; maybe I should have made that clearer. But I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #3, by Corleone 31st October 1981

25th February 2012:
one word: WOW...seriously i don't usually read one shots but of all the ones i've read this is HANDS DOWN the best one! Totally bril!

Author's Response: oh thanks corleone. i wasn't expecting such a good review. glad you liked it :)

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Review #4, by MadamePuddifoot 31st October 1981

20th December 2011:
I was a looking for a completely different story to the ones I usually read and came across this one.and I'm so glad I did! It's a very unique piece which gives the reader a really thorough insight to the events of Halloween 1981.

Your characterisation was spot-on; Peter in particular was excellent. Most fanfics just show him as a silly little boy completely in awe of James and Sirius but I really liked how you portrayed him as resenting them and using that as justification as to why he did what we did. I also really liked how you showed Peter's progression throughout the story and how you cleared up the matter of Peter having Voldemort's wand!

The characterisation of Sirius was perfect; it could have come straight out of the books. The confrontation between Peter and Sirius was described so vividly, you have a wonderful style of writing.

I could ramble on for hours here, but in short, a really brilliant one-shot, a new favourite of mine and a definite 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I had planned to write more james and lily but it would have been way too long and also I wanted to focus more on why rather than how they died seeing as jkr already told us the details on that. We don't really know why peter did it so I focused on that. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for reading! :)

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