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Review #1, by lumos_knox The Mirror of Erised

5th July 2014:
Hi again!

Another beautiful banner, and a beautiful story to match! The technique, plot and emotion in this is very touching. I'm so glad that you chose to write this.

I always hated Fred's death. Didn't everybody? I'm happy George got the opportunity to see Fred, for the first time in years. When he found the mirror, I was so excited because I knew who he would see.

I think it was an interesting touch to have George not be able to find his way. It was good for the plot, that way he could stumble upon the Mirror of Erised just like Harry did. For a bit, I thought George might fall for the mirror, and stay there transfixed by it, but he's stronger than that. That's why I enjoy the fact that he could easily turn away.

The fact that Fred's voice is in Georges head could introduce a little mystery. Is it real? Is it like Harry and Dumbledore's chat?

I think that this is a very touching and heartfelt piece, very lovely. Thankyou for sharing.

Until next time,

Author's Response: Hi there! And thank you so much for your comments!

Did you see J.K's tweet about it this summer? She apologised for it. Completely unprovoked that was, but I suppose with a family as big as the Weasleys, they can't all survive. Appaz Arthur was meant to die in five when the snake bit!

But the Weasley twins were strong, and sooo clever! (Plus I assume Ron or Harry would have told them about the Mirror). They created all that joke shop stuff and were actually seriously good at magic.

Oooh could be! I just thought that George would partake in these sorts of 'chats' with his bro, as if that was the character he gave to his internal monologue.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by greenbirds The Mirror of Erised

3rd January 2014:
this is incredible. you've captured fred and george perfectly, and i admire how you didn't have them to be the same when they were teenagers; george is a family man and a much more older and wiser man, and fred is- rightly- bitter over seeing his twin brother lead the life he couldn't have. i'm choking up a bit, hahahaha. oh my god, the last sentence. i'm an emotional wreck.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This means a lot ♥

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Review #3, by classicblack The Mirror of Erised

28th August 2012:
Well why don't you just rip out my heart while you're at it? Ugh, this was brilliant. Really, I loved this one-shot. It was so Fred and George it's ridiculous. It was the lighter side of Fred's death and how George didn't really spend the rest of his life wasting away because of it. He made Fred proud.

Brilliant story!
Happy writing,

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You're too kind, really. It was my first attempt at proper canon characters so I'm so glad that you like it!

Thanks again for reviewing.

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Review #4, by marinahill The Mirror of Erised

11th February 2012:
I'm not sure how you managed to combine angst and humour so effectively, but damn did you do it well :P George seems so sad in his old age, though I have to admit I was accidentally imagining him reaally old instead of just middle aged, but never mind. The contrast between him and Fred in the mirror was so pronounced when you compared the two, yet when they spoke it was like nothing had changed at all in however many years.

I loved the banter between Roxanne and George and how Fred was proud of his family. It seemed so sweet and so sad that he couldn't be there to share the joys with his family. It was all so sad but then you whack in a funny quip and it made everything seem okay.

I loved it, in case you couldn't tell. :)


Author's Response: Thank you so much, you're too kind. I'm always so wary of writing about the Weasleys, because J.K did so much with them, and I'm worried I won't get their characterisation right, or their dialogue would seem off... but it worked surprisingly well, I think, and I'm glad you seem to think so too.

Thanks for reading and reviewing, Marina!

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Review #5, by daliha The Mirror of Erised

28th December 2011:
This was a melancholic one-shot I'm glad I stumbled onto to it. I love your portrayal of George he's mature but not too mature you know. I'm just wondering if he ever found Roxanne?

Author's Response: I think he did, but only after a long time. Thanks for enjoying, reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by Toujours Padfoot The Mirror of Erised

21st December 2011:
This was so sweet, Hattie. And it was sad, but it wasn't a I'm-going-to-go-wallow-in-a-tub-of-ice-cream-and-cry sort of sad. It was funny and very Fred-and-George-like. Fred had just as much spunk as he did when he died, eternally young and carefree; George was still funny, but also more worldly with age, and he's handled a lot in his lifetime, which shows. I especially liked the "someone isn't bitter" - "someone isn't dead" bit. They play off each other so well, they didn't even skip a beat. The second they saw each other, even so many years later, it didn't take long to fit right back into their old patterns. I found it realistic and just really lovely to read. Thank you for sharing!

Author's Response: Felt a bit odd not writing full out angst with rain and dead bodies and all the other things that seem to sneak into my writing. I really felt like writing something canon (never really see the NextGen as canon) - using characters that were developed by J.K. and having some sort of happy atmosphere. And I love Fred and George, so... Thank you so much for all your wonderful and lovely comments, Saz! ♥

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Review #7, by GracelesslyFalling The Mirror of Erised

19th December 2011:
This was beautiful.
I always loved Fred and George, but I'm awful at writing completely canon characters, you on the other hand are really good at it. I like how you managed to keep their light hearted jokey relationship.

It was really, really good. Even made me cry a bit ;)


Author's Response: Aaw, thank you Izzy for all your kind comments and words! I really tried to match canon on this one.

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Review #8, by justonemorefic The Mirror of Erised

17th December 2011:
OH MY GOD PAPA GEORGE IS SO ADORABLE WITH ROXY. “Unless they include several remarkably ingenious pranks or you giving a basket of orphaned kittens to some old grandmothers, I don’t want to know.” Oh lawdy.

OH THE MIRROR. THE MIRRORRR. Dead and George, snerk. THIS IS TUGGING AT MY HEART AND ALSO CHARMINGLY HILARIOUS AT THE SAME TIME. It's nice that it's been long enough so that George has gotten over everything, so he can just have this moment and not need any more.

This might sound really ridiculous, but I love your dead-people humor.
“Ah yes, death. My premature departure from this earth proved a little problematic.”
“Go waste your life away at some preposterous function.” / “Someone isn’t bitter.” /“Someone isn’t dead.”


Author's Response: OH MY GOD GINA, HELLO! And yes, love me some Papa George. Who doesn't? I reeeaaally wanted to write some canon, and so here it is. Some dead body banter. :) Glad you liked it though, Genie.

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Review #9, by RandomRyter The Mirror of Erised

17th December 2011:
That was beautiful, Thank you.

Author's Response: No, thank you.

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Review #10, by Hi! The Mirror of Erised

17th December 2011:
O my, that was funny and made me cry!
I love the twins and this is one of the best one-shots I've seen of them, one alive, both alive, it doesn't matter! This is the best! I was crying and laughing at the same time! My bro looked at me weird!


Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #11, by hdawg The Mirror of Erised

17th December 2011:
Oh Hattie, I could actually cry :'( it was so lovely and beautifully written. When Fred died in the book, I was literally beside myself. And this has made me feel the same, if slightly better about the whole thing.

I've been thinking about writing a George fic of my own, actually, but I wasn't sure how to do it without Fred :( but this has made up my mind. I'm going to do it, and I'm going to try and do it as wonderfully as this :)

So thank you so much. Love love love.

Author's Response: Oh, Hannah! Hello! I know, I was well sad when he died - with the etch of laughter still written on his face or whatever. I just couldn't handle what George would be like after it.

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments! Good luck writing your own!

Gaaaw... you nice!

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Review #12, by naughtforreal The Mirror of Erised

17th December 2011:
This is amazing! I almost cried! :') Keep up the good work!!!

Author's Response: Aaw, thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #13, by NeverGotHerLetter The Mirror of Erised

17th December 2011:
This was beautiful and gave me shivers. To me, Fred and old George's characterisations were spot on. Really enjoyed it! ~Chloe x

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I haven't really written totally canon characters in a while, so I'm really happy you liked it! Thanks for reviewing!

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