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Review #1, by laci malfoy-lestange Prolouge

29th June 2012:
try not to use so much space between parts of the story it's really annoying

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Review #2, by Hermione389 Chapter 1

14th March 2012:
I notice your chapters are a bit short... good, but slightly too short for my liking.

Author's Response: thanks 4 reviewing. im sorry about that i try and make them long but it dosent seem to be working.

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Review #3, by titch95 Chapter 2

19th February 2012:
Very good please update soon!

Author's Response: thanks 4 reading titch.

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Review #4, by titch95 Prolouge

19th February 2012:
This is very good, a few minor spelling mistakes but nothing major. I like the concept of Draco having a little sister and the insight into everyone's feelings!

Author's Response: thanks. my spelling has never benn strong. i have had this conceprt playing over in my head 4 a while.

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Review #5, by magicmuggle01 Chapter 1

13th February 2012:
Another nice chapter and only one or two spelling errors, for example the correct way to spell father is without an r between the a and t.
You have started to have me wondering what role Draco's sister is going to have in this story. So 8/10 and moving on.

Author's Response: thanks again since its half term ive been writting more. and im sorry my spelling is very bad

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Review #6, by magicmuggle01 Prolouge

23rd December 2011:
Well I found that the start of your story was interesting and alright. Your main character sounds interesting, I'll just have to wait and see where you go with her before I comment further.
You do have a few grammer errors (which don't appear to impede the plot in any way) which are easily corrected. If I may make a suggestion, type out the chapter on word 2003 or 2010 and set your spell check to uk english. You can make any corrections at that point and copy the chapter onto the site.
9/10 for your start awaiting your update.

Author's Response: thank you so much. i will be trying to update as the sight lets me

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