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Review #1, by Serendipity1234 It Started with Quidditch

17th February 2013:
How has it been so long since I've read this? I know I can be an unreliable reader but I'm actually amazed its been this long. But never mind that.
James is completely adorable and I love him. Cecilia is growing on me too, though I think she's a bit ridiculous for denying the fact that James likes her when he's told her up front and continually does things like leaving flowers on her doorstep. A silly boy for a silly girl, perhaps ;)
But they are so cute.
And I really like this story. I do hope there's a possibility of more chapters coming...I really do like your writing :)

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Review #2, by emma It Started with Quidditch

1st February 2012:
'Excuse me, I think i'm worth a cow and three sheep at least'
Love it!

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Review #3, by ashleym15 It Started with Banana Bread

29th January 2012:
awww soo cute xD i loved James describing his family :)

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Review #4, by Serendipity1234 It Started with Banana Bread

16th January 2012:
Hi :)

I LOVE James :) he's so sweet! And cute!!
I like Cecilia, though not as much. She's kinda uptight. But when she's by herself she's kind of funny. Like with the squirrel in the last chapter.

Update soon!

Author's Response: You like me, you really like me! Thanks for all the reviews! Cilia's got some issues that need resolving, which you'll learn more about soon. I've got the first chapter of another companion story in the queue, and then it will be the latest chapter of White Blank Page, but then Charming gets a chance again!

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Review #5, by Bluestreakspirit It Started with Banana Bread

11th January 2012:
Looking good! Although the age difference bothers me a bit, but I'm too young to really be out of that what-grade-you're-in mindset. Keep up the nice work! Mel is hilarious--apparition visit, anyone?--and I'm liking James more and more. Celia is, of course, awesome. :) -Cat

Author's Response: Yeah, I would have preferred to have them closer in age, but three or three and a half years difference isn't that bad. I couldn't make James older of course, since I had a timeline to work with, and I wanted Cecilia to have been through more school/worked a little at least so... Couldn't really do anything about her age either.

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Review #6, by Bluestreakspirit It Started with a Scream

28th December 2011:
This has some nice potential and I am eager to see where it goes! I can't remember who Celia is from "White Blank Page," but that's fine because they (James and Celia) are evidently graduated already. Looking forward to the next update! xo - Cat

Author's Response: I don't think Cecilia has actually said anything in White Blank Page yet, but her name has come up a few times. The second chapter is the first thing going up once the queue re-opens!

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Review #7, by Cassandra It Started with a Scream

18th December 2011:
Oh, I love this!
It's great how you've made Cecilia and James get off on the wrong foot and it makes you wander how James won her over because in White Blank Page they obviously adore each other! Great start, can't wait to see more:)

Author's Response: Thanks! It's been really interesting working on Cecilia and James' story, as I have a time frame that I need to fit it into. It's really different having to get everything worked out by a certain point in the story's timeline. I'm really enjoying working on this story, and it's my first James centered one! I've finally hopped on the bandwagon.

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Review #8, by PearlsDream It Started with a Scream

15th December 2011:
I liked it :) I can't wait to read more. It's a bit short, but I can see that it's definitely going some where.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by BlackIsAwesome It Started with a Scream

12th December 2011:
hehe, i can totally sense a beautiful relationship in the making ;) I'm not exactly sure if that's supposed to be sarcastic or not... oh well :P
Either way, great start! Hoping for some more awesome chapters.

Till then,
BlackIsAwesome (when i'm signed in) AKA Sankavi :)

Author's Response: Ha! James would like it to be a beautiful relationship, but Cecilia's not too sure about that. Thanks for the review!

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