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Review #1, by Mrs K Potter Trainride Back/The New Teacher

19th April 2012:
I like the intro but why did you stop writing???

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Review #2, by giulia Trainride Back/The New Teacher

10th February 2012:
i've read a lot of stories from HPF, but i just can't get yours off my head! please continue writing this story, please! it's been too long without new chapters :/ keep the good work!
xoxo giulia

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Review #3, by FollowingButterflies Trainride Back/The New Teacher

29th January 2012:
I really lie the idea to this, so it will be interesting to see where it goes. There are a few grammar errors but that's just me being nit-picky.

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Review #4, by Anonymous Trainride Back/The New Teacher

11th January 2012:
This is a great start to a fabulous story, if you have time, please can you update :)

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Review #5, by Freds_Twin Trainride Back/The New Teacher

30th December 2011:
I love it! but wheres Harry? Or did I not catch that...

Author's Response: He'll be revealed in the second chapter ;)
Though I gave a few hints of who he is in the first. :)

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Review #6, by auror_snape Trainride Back/The New Teacher

25th December 2011:
I'm very interested in this story, and I hope to see more soon. Now, if Harry's the new Defense teacher, I assume Snape is still teaching Potions? Will there be any confrontations between them, as there were in the books? I don't think I could stomach Snape and Harry being buddy-buddy. 9/10

Author's Response: I haven't decided on that yet, but I'm not going to have them on a " goody-good" side. I'm not really basing it off the books, persay but they won't be friends, when they confront. Guess you and i will have to wait and find out this is also, my first fanfic so .. XD. thanks for the review though

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Review #7, by She Who Shall Not Be Named Trainride Back/The New Teacher

24th December 2011:
I must say, a good start to what I'm sure will be a very interesting story, however, throughout the story I couldn't take my mind off your silly mistakes - I got very confused when you said 'you're superior' meaning 'you are superior', but after a while I realised you meant 'your superior'. After writing a chapter or even a couple of sentences, always remember to check your work and get rid of punctuation and spelling mistakes such as 'Golye' which your wrote once instead of 'Goyle'.

That's it really, it's a really good idea with great potential, but you need to go that extra mile and check your work. My pet hate is silly mistakes, so if you don't regain yourself I don't think I can read a whole story full of mistakes.

Sorry if I'm too hard, but I'm a believer of tough love

Good luck with your next chapters! :D

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