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Review #1, by chasm There's A Grief That Can't Be Spoken

7th February 2014:
I can't read this without sobbing.

Just so you know, once, a while back, I did read this one-shot -- before I had even read Les Miserables, even. I think I was much too intimidated by the sheer beauty of it to properly review but here I am now to compensate! >D (Guess who? 8D Though it's probably fairly obvious by now, ha.)

Anyway, this one-shot is seriously, ridiculously good. You've captured the raw emotions that Remus must have been feeling perfectly, and even though I'm not even ashamed to admit that I am definitely biased because the Marauders are my favorite people ever, their friendship just shown through here; the drawing on the table is so very Marauder-esque that I shall now go bash my head on a table because it's not fair that you're so good at everything, gosh! D:

All of the flashbacks and the appropriate lyrics and gah, I can't even word now. I really love how at the end there's a flash of hope, of defiance, as they help him find the light again after being disillusioned. This piece was seriously perfect.

--Chasm ^___^

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Review #2, by PhoenixPulse There's A Grief That Can't Be Spoken

30th July 2012:

I've honestly been on an emotional roller coaster ride today, picking through the archives for something that will activate my "allergies", then picking something that makes me laugh and feel higher than a kite. I don't know what's wrong with me!

Anyway, on forward with my review. All I can say was that this was really amazing. It's so well written and it just shocks me how such a splendid piece doesn't have as much reviews as it should.

The emotions are raw, and the just the way Remus feels digs its dagger deep into my gut. And the song being tied in--it's perfection! I loved every bit of this piece because its so realistic and can be applied to Remus appropriately. Very well done indeed, for I have no room to complain.


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Review #3, by BellatrixLovegoodLongbottom There's A Grief That Can't Be Spoken

19th June 2012:
Absolutely beautiful! I love Les Miserables, I love this song, I love Remus Lupin... so all three of them together = AMAZINGNESS! Very well done. :)

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Review #4, by prongslittleflower There's A Grief That Can't Be Spoken

11th January 2012:
Wow. That was rough. And by that I mean I literally almost cried in the middle of the crowded library. Bravo. This was exceptionally well written and the emotion was raw and real. Write more!

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Review #5, by leopard There's A Grief That Can't Be Spoken

16th December 2011:
This was so good and very well written, the lyrics were well selected and fitted in perfectly.
I love les mis and am really pleased that it inspired you to write :)

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Review #6, by fauxthefox There's A Grief That Can't Be Spoken

16th December 2011:
Wah, beautiful! I'm usually not a fan of songfics, but this was absolutely seamless! :')


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