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Review #1, by IdristheTardis An Unexpected Letter

8th June 2014:
Very Very Very nice! I really enjoyed this!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your kind review! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the story :)


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Review #2, by Dark Whisper An Unexpected Letter

20th June 2012:

Wow... nicely written, dear. I do love Viktor and plan to write of him someday. I love how you wrote his jealousy of her mentioning 'the boys she associates with.' :)

I really like how you spoke of his headmaster and the lure and promises of this circle that he'd been invited into. He knows that they would be against Hermione. Very good on his thought process!

I wanted to especially thank you for pointing to the song, "This Bitter Earth." I looked it up and listened to it before reading your story and it truly is hauntingly beautiful. I believe I will be going back to it again. I enjoy powerful, emotional songs when I write my own sad stories. Thanks for introducing it to me.

I think the sadness of the music set the tone and spoke volumes of his solitude.

Excellent job on this Krum one-shot. It leaves me questioning... What did he write back?! LOL!XD

On a side note... I was disappointed in not seeing him in DH2 on his broom during the battle. I would've really loved that. Oh well.. *shrugs*

Thank you so much for this little one-shot about him.

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Hi DW! I apologize for taking so long to reply to this, and thank you for coming by!

Viktor was really fun to explore, and I definitely wouldn't be adverse to investigating him further. I tried to use this one-shot to tie together what little we know about him, like his affection for Hermione, and to give readers a glimpse of what the war might have looked like within the walls of Durmstrang.

That song is lovely - I first heard it during the credits of Shutter Island and absolutely fell in love with it. I'm glad you liked it, too - it's certainly very haunting.

Thanks so much for your kind review!


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Review #3, by SerpentineOffering An Unexpected Letter

31st May 2012:
You are extremely talented, Amanda. You can write such a variety of ships and plots that it's absolutely amazing. This story was amazing. You're really broadening my outlook on different ships, this is the first Hermione/Krum I've read on this site!

I really enjoyed it! You've really kept to Krum's character which I loved. I can really see Hermione turning to Krum when things got bad with the war, especially since Harry was so distracted! I loved that you brought his jealousy into play, it wasn't too much and it wasn't too little. The perfect amount of jealousy added to his character.

It seemed very real to me, I could really see Krum sitting there reading that letter. You really brought the story to life with your words, such a beautiful one-shot. I really loved it!

Great job, Amanda!


Author's Response: Hi again!

Yes, Hermione/Krum is a really interesting ship, and I'm glad I took the chance to explore it a bit. Krum was definitely a little tough to figure out, since we know so little of him, and I'm happy that he worked well for you. I always strive for complexity within characters, so it's great that that came out.

Thanks for another lovely review :)


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Review #4, by slytherinchica08 An Unexpected Letter

20th May 2012:
Wow this is such a great oneshot to add into the series! Your description was amazing especially with the bit about the weather. I think that Viktor is very much in character and found myself to actually be hoping for a happy ending with Hermione but alas I know that is not how things end up for him. I really liked the bits that you tried into the tournament such as what his headmaster was doing and how wierd his behavior got near the third task. Also with Hermione's letter I really could hear her saying everything that she wrote. I've never really thought much about Viktor much after the 4th book besides thinking about how annoying he is but your oneshot really made me feel for him. I absolutely loved it! Great Job!

Recensio 2012

Author's Response: Hey again! Thanks for stopping by!

It's great that you felt like this piece fit into canon okay and that you liked my imagery. I think Krum/Hermione is a really interesting and underloved ship, and I really enjoyed working on this story. Writing about Karkaroff was one of my favorite parts, because I think the bizarre sort of father/son or mentor/mentee relationship he had with Krum is really intriguing as well, and for the most part, it remains unexplored.

Thanks for your very kind review! :)


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Review #5, by Miriel An Unexpected Letter

24th March 2012:

here's Miriel again :)

Sorry again for missing you post in review tag...I surely didn't intend to do so!

So, like "Crushing Butterflies", which I reviewed earlier today, this is another story of yours with an unique point of view.

You do have a knack for missing moments or describing a situation from another persons perspective. JKR only writes about Herione writing to Victor, we don't know what her letters mean exactly to him. That's why I liked this story, it was a canon addition to something we already know.

I also noticed that you dwelled into Victor's view on Karkaroff, another thing that's missing in the books. It fits very well and is absolutely believable.

This is a beautiful piece of writing. Great job!


Author's Response: Hey! Don't worry, no hard feelings :)

I really love writing "missing moments" and exploring alternative perspectives, so it's nice that you can appreciate that and feel like I do them well. I think Viktor is an interesting guy, and I always found his little crush on Hermione to be kind of adorable, so it was fun to explore it with this plunny.

That part was definitely neat to write -- I could imagine Krum having mixed feelings about Karkaroff. On the one hand, the man was a mentor and father figure for years, but on the other, he was a terrible example. His unexpected death must have made that dichotomy all the more complex for Viktor.

Thanks so much for your very kind review :)


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Review #6, by WitnesstoitAll An Unexpected Letter

14th January 2012:
oh, wow.

I have never read a story written from Viktor's POV. This was superb. I think you did a fabulous job at creating the cold, lonely atmosphere of Durmstrang castle. The discription was wonderful and stark much like the place you were describing. I thought it was very interesting and accurate with the way you made Viktor regard our typical main canon characters... that red headed boy, harry potter... these weren't names he had any relation to (except for Harry's reputation), and it read wonderfully.

Now I want to know what the letter said!

Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you! It was very important to me to emphasize the differences between the warm holiday atmosphere at Hogwarts and the isolation that lives within the castle of Durmstrang. I'm also pleased to hear that you liked the imagery and characterization; as you know, those are the two things I push the hardest in anything that I write.

Everyone does, it seems! Who knows... I left it open so that the reader could fill it in :)

Thank you for your kind review!


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Review #7, by Remus a.k.a Perelandra An Unexpected Letter

31st December 2011:
Hey it's Perelandra from the forums!

Figured since I didn't have anything else to read to just go ahead and read yours, specially since it's just a one-shot. I'm really not a big fan of Krum/Hermione...I like them as characters but not as a couple. However, this was definitely an enjoyable read because we get to see a chapter in Krum's life that we never really got to see after the 4th book.

Your detail is amazing as your narrative making your story have a nice flow. Hermione's letter sounds...very Hermione so I'm happy that you got to portray her personality through a letter. Whether Hermione was into Krum in this story or not was something I couldn't tell...And I like that. Krum's personality also shines in this chapter...for me he's such a hard character to write so kudos to you!

I didn't see anything wrong with grammar or spelling either making your story even more enjoyable! Something about spelling words wrong just really makes a story so unreadable.

Anyway great one-shot!!

Author's Response: Hey! It was super sweet of you to come by -- again, I apologize about the mix-up in your thread. As a former review offerer, I used to get really worked up about people skipping my queue/not reading my rules, and I'm usually really good about making sure everything is okay before posting, so I'm not sure what happened with that. It's really cool of you to come by and review this anyway :)

I'm glad you were able to enjoy this even without being a fan of the ship. I suppose if you wanted to, you could just look at this like them being close friends or, as I sort of intended it to seem, like Hermione just represented all the good in the world for Krum, the contrast to Karkaroff and his ideas.

I'm glad the ambiguity of the story worked for you; one theme I tried to convey was the idea that Krum was willing to defend Hermione whether or not she returned his affections. I'm also pleased to see that I portrayed Hermione well, because I like her as a character and I don't write her a whole lot. I'm perhaps most happy to see that I got Krum right. He was a bit of a challenge, since he came across as a little two-dimensional in canon, but I think there's more to explore under that surface.

I agree -- I hate it when stories are riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes, so it's great to know that my proofreading paid off :)

Thanks again for your very kind review!


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Review #8, by TheHeirOfSlytherin An Unexpected Letter

30th December 2011:
Wow. Your descriptions are so beautiful, envy your writing. You're amazing. This one-shot made me really think about Hermione/Krum. Ron? Ron who? LOL. You can really see Krum's love for Hermione in this story.

Brilliant. 10/10!


Author's Response: Aww, thank you! I'm so flattered :) I'm happy that you were able to really get into the ship in this story, since I think Hermione/Krum is a really cute but rather under-appreciated pairing.

Thanks for your kind review! :)


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Review #9, by ariellem An Unexpected Letter

30th December 2011:
This was lovely, absolutely lovely. The feelings and the emotion that Viktor felt, it was just perfect. Obviously emotions and thoughts are your forte. :)

Author's Response: Oh, thank you! :) I guess I do tend to write a lot of stuff that focuses on emotions and characters' inner thoughts.

I appreciate your kind review :)


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Review #10, by TenthWeasley An Unexpected Letter

27th December 2011:
I figured since you were reviewing a Christmas story of mine, this was the appropriate piece of select of yours, and we could come full circle. This was fueled more, too, by the fact that I saw it was a Hermione/Krum story. I have a secret -- not love, per se, but admiration, for this ship, and I know that you've written some really good things in the past. If anyone could do this well, you could, and my intuition was well-founded!

Your imagery was absolutely gorgeous -- from the first paragraph, you had me drooling, and that expectation did not wane as the story progressed. My absolute favorite was the description of the grass and the dew, and it seems like such a small thing, but that was an extremely beautiful way to describe something so common and everyday. I just... It blew me away.

Viktor's emotions are so lovely, poor man. I just want to give him a hug. ♥ One of the most accurate representations of devotion I've ever read here, because it just translates as so pure and real. He can remember every detail about Hermione, and he treasures the mere way she writes his name, and it almost makes me want to ship Hermione/Krum. Like this line:

He may be miles from her, but he would stand strong where he was, extending her the tiniest of courtesies: he was resolved never to act against her, never to hurt her.

I /adored/ that -- it speaks volumes without taking volumes to say it. It's so lovely. This is rambling now, but it's all just beautiful, gorgeous writing.

You can definitely expect me back here at your author's page -- a couple of your banners featured Snape, and I'm such a huge fan of Snape that I was actually mourning the fact they weren't one-shots. But that just means I can snuggle deeper into your writing later, and I'm actually really excited for the chance to do so! You are a fantastic writer, Amanda -- never stop using this gift. :3 Thanks for giving me the opportunity to drop by!

Author's Response: How do I even respond to this?!? Oh MY. I have received some flattering reviews in my day, but this one... Jane, you're too much. TOO MUCH.

The imagery! I love imagery, and I'm so happy that I did it justice here. I always try to put a decent effort into setting the scene by focusing on little details, like the shadows and grass, and weaving them into the entrance of the main character and the beginning of the plot.

Hermione/Krum is so underloved, but I think it's a really adorable ship, and I'm glad you admire it. I'm pleased as pudding to hear that I executed the emotion well. People don't tend to think of Viktor as an emotional being, but he was obviously a bit sentimental about Hermione, and I can easily imagine him rushing in to save the day with his strength.

You know, for being such a huge fan, my Snape work is not what I would consider my best. "A Tale of Two Princes" and "Disgusted" are both rather maudlin compared to my more recent stuff, though "At Great Personal Risk" isn't too bad, if I do say so myself. Also, if you're still in the Christmas spirit, you might check out "Belief". It's a Lily/James piece with a similar sort of feel to this one.

THANK YOU! I know I've probably already said this, but this review made my day :)


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Review #11, by EverDiggory An Unexpected Letter

22nd December 2011:
Darn,I was really anxiously awaiting to read his reply...:3

Anyways,onto the important stuff...

Your strong point in this one-shot was details and very strong emotions. The details you included created a very clear and distinguished picture,which is amazing and fantastic. Also, the flow of your words,and choice of words made it somewhat hypnotic,and soothing. The emotions,were absolutely brilliant. You didn't make it painstakingly obvious like some authors. You used words to show the emotions. You didn't just say "he was sad,angry,etc..." You went beyond that and manipulated your words to get that point across. That was mind blowing and just brilliant. I am definitely impressed with that!

weak points"

Forgive me,but there aren't many weak points(: which is good,but therefor I'm giving you nothing to work on,so I'll be insanely picky...
I really really would have liked to see some flashback of a sort...maybe like when he saw her hand writing,describe how he had the same reaction to her previous letters,or maybe how more of the stuff she said brought back even more memories.

Goodness,I'm sorry,but I'm reaching now. This was so fantastic,I'm struggling to find something wrong!

All together,this was a beautiful magnificent work. This is definitely something you should be proud of. I really enjoyed this,and I was overwhelmed by the emotion that came from it. I could probably read this over and over and still feel the emotions as strongly as I did the previous time. Amazing job! 10/10

Author's Response: Hey! I'm glad you enjoyed the piece and that you were kind enough to leave me this nice, in-depth review :)

I suppose I could have included a flashback, yes, and that might have been a nice touch. I didn't want the piece to drag on forever, since the lack of action tends to deter some readers. Maybe I'll keep your suggestion in mind next time I write something similar to this.

I'm so pleased and flattered by your compliments! I did try to focus on making the emotion obvious here, and I'm glad that it came through and felt very real to you.

Thanks for the swap! :)


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Review #12, by Beeezie An Unexpected Letter

20th December 2011:
Hey, this is Beeezie, here with your review! I'm so sorry about the delay - my life has been insanely busy lately.

So going into this story, I was very excited. I know that Hermione ended up with Ron, and I don't dislike them as a couple, but I was actually a pretty big fan of Hermione/Krum, and I don't think I've ever read a fanfiction that really centered around them. So yay!

I've said this before, I'm sure, but mechanically, you're a very strong writer. You have excellent mastery of the English language, and you use it to describe a scene elegantly and poetically. I especially loved the first paragraph - reading it, I could very clearly see the scene in my mind. It felt to me like I was remembering a scene straight out of a movie rather than imagining it myself, if that makes sense. Beautiful job.

However, amidst the genius, there were a couple isolated descriptions that felt a little odd. In the second paragraph, the "irises of coal" seemed a little odd to me, as did the description of the window as "fragile."

Those aside, your prose was, as I said, outstanding.

I also really liked your characterization of Krum. There wasn't really anything that went against what we saw of him in canon, and because he was so quiet and introverted, I think that there's a lot of room to work with. I really like that about characters like him - the flexibility they allow writers to have without being completely open books like an OC is great, and you did a great job at extrapolating what he might have been feeling based on his actions.

That said, there were a few points about Krum that gave me pause. He seemed to be quite focused on the fact that he was famous, and at times it felt like overkill. His thinking of Harry as "one of few young men more famous than himself" seemed a little odd - Krum never seemed in GoF to be incredibly focused on his fame, and I don't know that he could have gotten Hermione's interest if he'd really thought of her friends in terms of how famous they were or weren't. Additionally, if you're going to bring up Krum's jealousy - which I think is fine - I would suggest that you have him address or acknowledge in some way that he's feel jealous of two fifteen-year old boys and that he did talk to Harry about it.

That's really my only major complaint. I think that you gave Krum a distinct, likable voice that really fit what we knew of him in the books, and I also liked the way you interpreted his relationship with Hermione. When their relationship is mentioned in fanfics at all, it's typically done in either a "They were deeply in love and never broke up" or a "They were basically just friends, maybe he had a little crush on her, no romance there!" You kept it in moderation, which made it believable. I also thought that the way you described her letter (especially the, "Viktor, I'm afraid") was brilliant.

Looking at this review it feels horribly short to me, but I don't really have much more to say. :( I hope you can forgive me!

Author's Response: Short? No way! I always appreciate your thoughtful, in-depth reviews, and this one is no different :)

I'm glad you can appreciate Krum/Hermione. I, too, feel that they make an interesting pair, but they kind of get lost between all the Dramiones and the canon Ron/Hermione stories. I find his devotion to her kind of sweet, especially knowing that she doesn't love him in the same way that he loves her. You could almost kind of think of it like a less stalkerish version of the Snape/Lily story, with a great deal less drama, of course. Anyway, glad to have found a kindred spirit, and I'm so flattered by your compliments about my writing.

I appreciate your critique as well. I always try to insert as much imagery as I can into my stories, and perhaps I went a little overboard in places here. As for Krum's jealousy and focus on fame, I can see what you're saying. I think I was operating from the mindset of his mild paranoia concerning Harry during Book 4 and his frustration during the wedding scene in Book 7. Still, you're right to point out that he did come to terms with it and recognized that his Quidditch skill was not his only defining feature, and I agree that I could have emphasized more of that to add even more depth to his character.

Thanks so much for your thoughtful review! It seems like a lot of the couples from Book 4 get lost in fanfiction (Fleur/Roger, anyone?) and it's nice to see that others appreciate it when the focus is brought back to those pairings.


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Review #13, by Slytherin_Ravenclaw_chick An Unexpected Letter

19th December 2011:
Wow, that was incredibly written and I loved it! I have nothing bad to say. Brilliant! Thanks for doing my challenge!

Author's Response: Hi there! You're very welcome - I'm glad you enjoyed the piece, and I had fun working something out for the challenge. I look forward to seeing the results when all is said and done! :)

Thanks so much for your kind review!


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Review #14, by Selkia An Unexpected Letter

18th December 2011:
Wow! Really, I have nothing else to say but wow!!!
Keep Writing!

Author's Response: Thanks! You might want to check out some of my other work, especially my other one-shots, if you found this piece enjoyable :)


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Review #15, by lia_2390 An Unexpected Letter

16th December 2011:
Oh my. Krum! This was a pleasant surprise, I almost forgot about him.

Your characterisation of Krum in this one-shot does a lot to reflect the time at the point of the story. Actually, so does the title. He's one surly, bitter guy, and I honestly don't blame him. I'm glad that you brought up Karkaroff in this story as well, even if things hadn't been painted in a good light. I suppose you can say the events of the summer and the subtle mention of his mentor's departure was a wake up call for Krum as well as all the others.

I like that Viktor still has such strong feelings for Hermione underneath his irritation that she hadn't written to him and he was pretty much rejected in the end. What makes me even more curious is the fact that she wrote to him in the first place. Of course, things got a bit difficult for Harry and the others during 5th year.

fame did not impress everyone
I love that you brought up how Krum's fame or fame in general isn't the only thing that matters, so that's why I like that line. Yes, I know, of all the lines in this story to quote, I chose this one.

In the end, I felt Viktor's deeper feelings bubbled forth which I quite admire. To be honest, Hermione writing to him sort of gave him the wrong impression too, but at least from his response she would know there's still someone around who would listen to her.

I enjoyed reading this one-shot of yours, you did a great job with it!


Author's Response: Hi Lia!

I'm so glad you thought my characterization of Krum went okay, and that you liked the discussion of Karkaroff and his ever furtive motives. I like experimenting with different characters, particularly those who don't typically see the light of day, and I'm always pleased when I "get it right" with someone new.

It is interesting that you chose that line. I was thinking about Snape's reaction to Harry during that very first Potions lesson, but I thought he would deal with Krum similarly, what with Karkaroff waving him around like a trophy and whatnot. Probably just one more thing Snape found distasteful about Karkaroff :)

I did want to tap into those deeper feelings, and I find his adoration of Hermione sort of innocent. Even though she'll never love him back, it doesn't mean that he doesn't love her, and he wants to show her by protecting her.

Thanks for your very kind review :)


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Review #16, by Roots in Water An Unexpected Letter

15th December 2011:
It's Roots in Water here with your review!

I don't know why I thought this, but when I first started reading this story I thought that Viktor was much older than the nineteen years it turned out to be. In fact, it wasn't until you mentioned that Hermione was in her fifth year (I thought that she was on the Horcrux hunt because of the mentions of war) that I realized that Viktor was younger. However, the story works well both ways, since both Hermione's fifth year and what would have been her seventh year at Hogwarts were dark and scary.

I think that you did a marvelous job with Viktor's characterization. I didn't know where you were going to take this story when I started reading it but I really like where it ended up. I never thought too closely about Viktor's relationship with Karkaroff before and it took me a moment to realize that those "dark and powerful" men he was talking about were Death Eaters. It was very interesting to read about Karkaroff's mental decline from the perspective of someone who had known him well, since we only heard about his disappearance in passing in the books. For me, Viktor felt perfectly in character and very real.

As for Hermione, I enjoyed the way you wrote Viktor's feelings towards her. He's concerned, jealous and has very strong feelings for her, things we already had glimpses of in the fourth book. Hermione herself sounded exactly like herself, and just like the scared, practical and loyal teenage girl we know her to be in the books.

As well, the description at the beginning of your story was very poetic and I thought that it was a great introduction because it introduced the setting and the atmosphere very well. The story definitely had a darker, sadder edge to it. As well, it was clever of you to first describe the owl as a shadow- it made the start of the story seem that much more mysterious.

That was such a wonderful last sentence. It summed the whole story up beautifully and made it feel complete.

I also enjoyed the comparisons between Durmstrang and Hogwarts, especially during the holidays. This was especially evident in the lack of holiday spirit Viktor was feeling- he felt depressed, not warm and content, which makes sense with his circumstances.

All in all, I really enjoyed reading this story. It was very unique and very well written. Thanks so much for requesting a review and I hope my comments are helpful!

Author's Response: I love your delightfully long reviews :)

I can imagine that Hermione thought of contacting Viktor a time or two during seventh year as well, particularly when she and Harry were alone in the forest. Maybe she thought he was too closely connected with the Dark Arts at that point. Hmm.

I think the Krum-Karkaroff incident is an interesting parallel to that of Draco and Lucius. Both of the older men are shamed Death Eaters, both of them trying to guide their proteges along the same dark path they once took. Whereas Draco follows blindly for the sake of his family and only comes to regret his decision toward the very end, Krum (as I've written him) uses the influence of someone as pure and righteous as Hermione to defend himself against that persuasion. As a side note, I'm glad I got Hermione right as well. I did want to play up her youth, innocence and general desire for peace here.

I'm glad you enjoyed both the beginning and the end of the story. I always try to start a story with some kind of imagery, so the owl seemed like a good avenue for that, and I wanted to let the reader fill in the ending a little bit. Did he offer to come help her? Did he simply try to reassure her? Who knows? :)

Yes, this seemed like an interesting twist on a Christmas story. Though Durmstrang is lacking in the holiday spirit, Viktor's desire to help Hermione and his fond feelings for her have hopefully done a little to warm his heart.

You're so helpful, as always! :) Thanks for another delightfully in-depth, thoughtful review.


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Review #17, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap An Unexpected Letter

11th December 2011:
That's it? It's over already! I just read this over twice and I had to check. It's just a one-shot? No! sad. How terribly sad. I never read Krum, I only read one other story about him but this. I think this really hit him on the nail. I always thought that he thought about Hermione but I think he knew, I think he always knew that Hermione would never be his. They have more of a friendship even though he is in love with her and I always imagined him wanting to fight off whatever dark forces that threatened to hurt her. Wow. I have the urge to cry but I'm conflicted because I'm just imagining what he would write back to her. What would he say? I don't know. I wonder how she would read his letter. Would she stare at his name longingly because he's out there in the 'real' world but remotely safe and want to be with him? This was wonderful.

Author's Response: Yes, only a one-shot, I'm afraid. I feel like my best pieces are one-shots, but I'm trying to work on that. Anyway, I'm so glad that the characterization worked for you. I really tried to play with the rather innocent way that he interacted with her in canon and contrast it with his tough, take-no-prisoners attitude on the Quidditch Pitch.

I'm always glad when my work makes readers wonder what would happen next. Hopefully it inspires them (you included!) to try out something they're unfamiliar with and write their own version of events.

Thanks for your thoughtful review! :)


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Review #18, by Toujours Padfoot An Unexpected Letter

11th December 2011:
This was lovely, Amanda. It was so sad because he could feel the rejection, the hopelessness, the loss of what might have been between him and Hermione. But it was also very powerful because even though he knew he probably wasn't going to get the girl, he would do anything to keep her alive. To the oblivious Hermione, sitting in Hogwarts so very far away, that doesn't sound like much - but it's a symbol Krum needs to carry him to the finish line. She's his fuel, his flag, his "someone worth fighting for", and I'd like to think that he returned for the Battle of Hogwarts and ripped a few men limb from limb with Hermione's safety in mind.

He's a simple-minded man, in a few aspects - one of those men who are driven by goals and a very strong moral code. His bravery and protectiveness really shone here, as well as the difference between him and Karkaroff - who was a quivering little coward. Maybe if there had been no Ron, or maybe if they'd had different lives, Viktor and Hermione could've tried out a real relationship; but I think he knew deep down that it wasn't really in the cards for him.

Maybe Rose Weasley and Krum Jr. in the next Triwizard Tournament, eh?

The descriptions were absolutely beautiful, and I felt every single emotion. Really well done.


Author's Response: Aww, Sarah! So kind of you to come by :)

Krum is kind of sweet under all the bruises and muscles, isn't he? I really liked the way he melted over Hermione in canon, and I agree that he would probably be willing to put his brawn to work if it meant that she would be safe. He is really simple, and I'm glad you saw a definite contrast between him and Karkaroff, who is just plain despicable.

Oh my, Krum, Jr. and Rose. Well, it would be a nice break from the constant stream of ScoRoses, wouldn't it? Hah.

I'm so pleased that you liked the imagery, but even more so that the emotion came through. My pieces tend to be pretty emotionally driven, and I'm always happy to see an appreciative reader.

Thanks again, so very much!


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