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Review #1, by Wildfire Patronus Chapter Four:- Where are The others????

21st March 2012:
At first I thought Liz and the others were going to land in Malfoy Manner but "dirty and grimy" don't exactly describe the mansion. I hope nothing happens to Liz and the others in Knockturn Alley. As Hagrid once said, "dodgy place" :p When will the next chapter be out? I'm really anxious for it :) 10/10!!

Author's Response: I was going to post the next chapter yesterday but I hit a snag with it. But hopefully it'll be up very soon.
Thanks for the continued support and all your wonderful reviews.

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Review #2, by Wildfire Patronus Chapter Three: - Meeting Dumbledore

19th March 2012:
10/10!! I'm so happy they're at Hogwarts!! I can't wait to read more! The next chapter is gonna be great! I just know it :) I'm glad it takes place during fourth year. I loved the fourth book!

Author's Response: Hi again.
Good to know your still enjoying the story.
I decided to set this during the fourth book because there is so much scope to do a side story.
Thanks again for the read and review, plenty more surprises to come.

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Review #3, by Wildfire Patronus Chapter Two:- Under House Arrest.

18th March 2012:
10/10! That's pretty intense! I was like no! Chris!!! Don't get arrested! D: but then I read they were going to Hogwarts and I was like woohoo!!! the story picked up really fast and I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Hi

Good to hear from you again.
It was unfortunate that Chris was arrested, but he was soon released when Doctor Williamson knew he wasn't the one who used the time machine.
Yes they're going to time travel to hogwarts. To the time when Harry was 14 years old. I won't say much more in case I give to much away.
Thanks again for the read and review.

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Review #4, by Wildfire Patronus Chapter One:- What Happened?

18th March 2012:
10/10 this is a pretty suspenseful chapter :) I could imagine every part and I'm really curious about what happens. Poor Chris goes through so much at T.E.C.H.

Author's Response: Hi again.
I do like to throw in suspense, it makes a story more thrilling.
And I suppose your right, poor Chris does go through a lot, but he is the centre of the story.
Thanks for the continued support. Your reviews mean alot.

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Review #5, by Wildfire Patronus Prologue

15th March 2012:
10/10! I love Astronomy and a shapeshifting alien is certainly different from a clone in Godric's Hollow. I think he is the most calm alien that's ever crash landed on Earth. Can you imagine being in that situation (obviously you can) and just thinking "This might hurt a little..." I smiled when I read that :)

Author's Response: Hi again, and welcome to part two.
I suppose it would be due to what he is and how he came into being is the reason he's so calm.
Thanks again for coming back and reading part two. And thanks again for the great 10/10 and review.

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Review #6, by MagicalMuggle321 Prologue

8th March 2012:
Sorry this is irrelevant to your story, but I used to be WishesandRealityCanBeTheSame but then my email went spaz and i had to create a new account, anyway I wanted to let you know cause you had me as a favourite and I didnt want to leave you wondering why the hell id stopped writting. I also just realised that my new name is like yours :o weird...

Author's Response: Good to hear from you again, I was wondering where you'd disappeared to. Good to see you back. Thanks for letting me know.
Next time (if your on the forums) just send me a pm.

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Review #7, by donnas ghost Chapter Four:- Where are The others????

28th February 2012:
oh isn't that brilliant. love the way this story is going, especially my autophobic self. while i'm here, wanted to run an idea past you. some friends and i from theatre, we're all really close, we practically are nextgen and i started writing a nextgen story based on us except better. we're going to end up blowing up Durmstrang. the places my mind goes when not watched. anyways i don't know if i'm gonna post it,, its been kinda personal but i don't know because its going quite well at the moment.

Author's Response: Hello again my friend it's always great to hear from you where my stories are concerned.
Thanks again for reading and reviewing my chapter. It's good to know your still enjoying the story enough to review.

As to your other matter, your story idea sounds really good. I would post it and see how well it's received. Or you could be kicking yourself and wondering what would have been. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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Review #8, by Hogwarts27 Chapter Four:- Where are The others????

23rd February 2012:
Hi, nice little chapter. I was so glad to see Chris at Hogwarts face to face with Dumbledore. And Liz ending up at Knockturn Alley was a very interesting surprise and a great way to end a chapter leaving me wanting more.

Author's Response: Hi. My idea with this chapter was since Chris was more powerful than the others, he managed to make it through the apparation shield erected around Hogwarts. And Liz and the others didn't get through the shielding, and ended up elsewhere. And Knocturn alley seemed the right place to go with their loss of memory.
Thanks for still reading and reviewing again.

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Review #9, by donnas ghost Chapter Three: - Meeting Dumbledore

8th February 2012:
why fourth year? i mean that's the year of the triwizard tournament and all, and the year Voldemort comes back fully but still? oh, and i think fourth year was set 1994-95, not 2001. but all in all, great, as per usual.

Author's Response: Hi.

That's pretty much why I chose that year, because there was alot going on at that particular time and would be easy to work in a side story. I might be way out on the date, I was going by when the book was maybe published. So I will change that quite soon.
Thanks once again for reading and reviewing once more.

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Review #10, by donnas ghost Chapter Two:- Under House Arrest.

2nd February 2012:
wait, if the shape shifter wanted to stop fighting. it's a trick by the other guys, isn't it. the shape shifter's a good guy. oh, and hello again from boring old america

Author's Response: Yes the shapeshifter is the good guy. And the people chasing him are the bad guys. That will become more clear later on. Thanks for continuing to read and leave a comment. It's aways good to hear from you my Texas/Canadian friend.

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Review #11, by Hogwarts27 Chapter Two:- Under House Arrest.

12th January 2012:
Hi, I enjoyed reading all your new material over the Christmas holidays and have been waiting for chapter 4 of this story to appear. You're off to a good start here with another creative adventure idea that will certainly be interesting to watch unfold now that you've defined the objective of the story with these first 3 chapters. Write on!

Author's Response: Many thanks for this awesome encouraging review. You certainly know how to encourage people along. Thanks again for stopping by.

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Review #12, by Dobby1964 Chapter One:- What Happened?

23rd December 2011:
Once again another good chapter. You have me wondering who this shape shifter alien is, and his intentions. Another 9/10 and please update soon. I will be adding to favourites.

Author's Response: Glad to see your still enjoying the story. All will be revealed soon enough about the shape shifter. If I tell you about things just now, it might ruin parts of the story. Thanks again for the 9/10. I'm working on the next chapter just now and it will be posted when the queue opens up again. And thanks for favouriting. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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Review #13, by Dobby1964 Prologue

23rd December 2011:
Not a bad start to your story. It sounds very much like a science fiction story which in a way makes it kind of unique, and interesting. I can't wait to see where you go with this. So 9/10 for your beginning and move onto the next chapter.

Author's Response: Many thanks for the review. Yes it is a sci-fi story. Thanks also for the awesome rating it's good to know that people enjoy a story enough to leave even a few words. Thanks again.

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