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Review #1, by LilyFire Chapter II: The Act

5th February 2012:
Sorry it's taken so long to leave a review! But I really like this chapter. I feel like with this, everything is set up and ready to go, and the last line was very powerful. That is the way to end a chapter!

I have no complaints with this chapter. I love your characters, and Ris is brillantly defined. I feel like you really have a good solid character with her. And this story is still fantastic. I'm excited that we're getting into the.plot now. You are doing an great job.


Author's Response: Sorry it's taken so long to reply to your review! Honestly, as long as you read I don't care how long the review takes to get there :P Especially when they're so nice! I guess all I can really reply with to that is a big hearty 'thank you!' I'm currently struggling to make the next chapter as good as that one, wish me luck ;)

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Review #2, by LilyFire Chapter I: These are the Facts

21st December 2011:
I love how you tied in the last chapter and this chapter, though its sad that his fears came true. I thought he was very open to werewolves, so its a bit depressing that ine seems to have killed him, and possibly the one we met in chapter 1. I had hoped he would be a good werewolf.

I love the MC though. Ris and Jer...nice names :P lol, but really, they are kinfa cool. I love how she has a crush on her best friend, though he doesnt seem to notice at the moment. You already have me hoping they get together!

I like how you start the chapter out, slowly leading into the fact that she not only asked to be brought there, but needed to be there. You did have a couple typos but its.nothing you couldnt clear up with a quick read through.

Also, I think if you arent already, you should join the foruns, because they are pretty cool and can help alot with your writing, not to mention they are fun!

But I think thats all I have for noe, so please, update soon!

Author's Response: You're still reading and reviewing! You might be my most favoritest person ever :D

I'm glad you see all the connections with this and the prologue and are formulating your own ideas :3 And I like hearing your ideas! See if you're figuring it out the way your supposed to or not...not that I'll let you know if you're right or wrong ;)

The names just...worked out that way. I like 'em though, but I could never change them now, even if I wanted to! These charries have been with me a long time, even if I'm just now uploading the story :)

I am on the forums...but not all that often XD I'm still not sure what all the different forums are for, but I'll get to them eventually when I get some free time.

Thanks for reading and reviewing, I really appreciate it! I love having feedback :) Chapter 2 is written, just needs revised a little and should be ready for posting once the queue's open again!

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Review #3, by LilyFire Prologue

19th December 2011:
This seems really interesting! I cant wait to see where you take this.

Author's Response: A review! I'm so glad you're intrigued, I can't wait to see where it goes either ;)

Oh wait, I'm supposed to know that, aren't I? XD

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