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Review #1, by marinahill Teacups and Television

27th June 2012:
Naww this was so cute! I have to say fluff isn't the first thing I'd associate with Tobias and Eileen, I've read so many fics where they have an angsty, dark relationship, but this was so refreshingly different.

I loved his cynicism of magic, his lack of understanding of how it works. Of course it's going to be hard for him; he's grown up not even knowing it was possible and probably not even thinking about it. To try and make your every day life include magic is going to take a lot of work. He's quick to give up though and slightly bad tempered, which is sort of how I imagine him to be in my had. Of course Snape's father would be grumpy! Perfect!

Eileen's quip at the end was so cute. When in doubt, make tea, and when doubting magic, make tea magically.

This was so cute! Excellent one-shot :)


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Review #2, by blueirony Teacups and Television

4th February 2012:
Hey, blueirony here from the forums with your review! Sorry it took a while, but I did get here in the end.

I think this is the first Eileen/Tobias story I have read. And not on just the HPFF archives, but ever. There is no real reason for that, I just have never really thought about reading the pairing. And I'm kicking myself because it is one of the pairings that can offer so much. There is a lot there that is just waiting to be explored. So I applaud you for taking an unconventional pairing and working with it!

What I think I liked most about this story is that, to me, this embodied what a one shot should be. I absolutely adore one shots and I think they can offer a lot. I particularly like them when they are just a small glimpse into someone's life, nothing more. I don't think that one shots need to have an entire story within them. The way I see them is that they should just explore a certain character, relationship, situation or setting. That's what you have here. You have the reader see what Eileen and Tobias's marriage is like. It's just a small scene in their marriage, nothing more, and that's what I absolutely adored about this. Too many times, authors try to incorporate an entire story into a one shot and it just doesn't work.

So the concept was ace. It really was. I love the idea of this and you executed it well.

The tone was unexpected but I liked it. We have all imagined that this marriage would not have been a happy one and there certainly elements of that here but you just touched on them. I honestly was expecting there to be a huge wedge between the two and stony silences and possibly even a bit of abuse. You didn't have that here and, while unexpected, I quite enjoyed the lighthearted-ness. It worked well.

The characterisation of both was well done. I can tell that Eileen just wants to please her husband but also is quite playful. She is playfully teasing her husband and she really does seem just like your ordinary young woman who is working out the kinks of a marriage. You did really well with her and I honestly would not mind reading more about her. She was a joy to read. Tobias was also very well done. He was a bit quieter, obviously a little bit confused about the wizarding world and while he was not angry in this, I can easily see your Tobias turning angry. I don't know what it was, but there was something a little bit quieter about him and you contrasted his character really well with Eileen's.

So, yes, it does work overall, to answer the question in your review request. It definitely does. It is an unusual take on an unconventional pairing, but it really does work. Nothing seems forced or out of place, neither character seems out of character and it really was a lovely short piece that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. It was a small glimpse into Eileen and Tobias's marriage and it's comforting to read that they are just a couple that faces all the troubles that any other couple in their situation would face.

Good job!


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Review #3, by javct Teacups and Television

18th December 2011:
Here with your review!
Sorry for taking so long to reply, real life caught up with me for the first time in a while :/

Anyway, I really enjoyed this story. This is the first Eileen/Tobias fan fiction that I have ever read (and seen) but (from what we knew) their relationship was never stable.
I think you portrayed their marriage really well though. Tobias reminded me a lot of Severus.

The tone of this story was really good. I'm glad that you kept the story the length that it is though, because it really showed their relationship and set the tone and foundations for their marriage (I'm assuming this is before Severus was born).

The characterisation is good. Even though we didn't get much information from them in the books Eileen is how I imagined her to be. Tobias was good as well. I could honestly classify this as canon because I think that Tobias only went sour after Eileen died :)

I think this story works; I really enjoyed it :)
Here's a somewhat length-y review to make up for the late response. Happy holidays!
Jaz, 10/10

Author's Response: Real life always comes first, so I don't mind that it took a while for you to review. It usually takes me a while to respond!

There aren't very many of them out there, especially on this site. I looked and there's about 20 here.

I'm glad you picked up on the parts of Severus I put into his parents personalities. Basically, I got their personalities from what we know about them, and from Severus's personality.

The story isn't tied to a particular time, but I sort of envisioned it prior to Severus's birth (or while he's at Hogwarts).

I'm glad you like the tone and length and how I characterized them.

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Review #4, by Rose Wilts Teacups and Television

14th December 2011:
Hey there, It's Laura or Rose Wilts from the forums here with your review!

That was lovely! Short and sweet. I think making it any longer would have made it drag a little, so good work on choosing to leave it as it is.

As far as concept goes, I think it was a really original and new concept. I've read very little (try almost nothing) about Eileen and Tobias and absolutely nothing about their relationship. So I think it's great that you've chosen to take them on in this way. I really enjoyed the light tone you wrote it in. It seems that a lot of fic writers think that because they are Snape's parents they must be depressed all the time - so I'm glad you decided to challenge that.

I really enjoyed your characterisation as well. Whenever I've read anything involving these two characters they've been quite angsty and angry - so I'm glad you chose to portray them this way. They must have been in love once and I thought you managed to show that well. I also like they way you brought in the muggle vs magic aspect of their relationship. Well done!

Overall, that was a really lovely, enjoyable fic. Good work!

Author's Response: Hello and thanks for the review!

I'm glad you liked the brevity of the piece. I only wanted to write one little scene and have it speak for itself.

You are right, not many people write about Eileen or Tobias, and when they do it's not all that happy. I think that there has to be something more besides that (this isn't Merope for Merlin's sake, that'd be cause for depression!). I don't think the relationship was perfect (I've put hints at that, little things that any other day would spark a fight) or that they were good parents, but I think that their relationship is a lot more complicated than most people write it.

Thanks so much!

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Review #5, by CloakAuror9 Teacups and Television

14th December 2011:
The concept was very interesting since there's not much stories about Eileen's and Tobias' relationship in the archives or everywhere else. (Or at least I haven't read much.)

The characterisation was fantastic. I really get the whole 'my-wife's-a-wizard-so-maybe-she-can-make-everything-work-using-magic' idea and in fact I think your the first author to have applied that in a story.

Overall, I think the whole story worked. I did not find any mistakes, at all, so great job on that and I really enjoyed your story -it gave me a bit of time to relax and it was very enjoyable.

Happy Holidays,
CloakAuror9 xx

Author's Response: As I was writing, I looked around the site for others, but there is only a handful, and the majority of them are very dark fics. Completely different from the scene that just popped into my head one day and would not get out.

Tobias's take on magic is pretty fun to write, actually, I found. In canon we know he doesn't like magic, but then again he doesn't really like anything. But I think that he would have seen the uses of magic, even if he didn't like it. Or at least, that's how I wanted to write him.

Glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #6, by Emerald_Eyed_Bookworm Teacups and Television

12th December 2011:
Love It! Love It! Love It! It's brilliant. It was a sweet and heart-warming. The characterization was good, as well as the flow.

No complaints or problems.

Overall great job!

Author's Response: I'm really glad you liked it. I was worried about the reception it would get since many people don't seem to like this couple to be happy.

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