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Review #1, by MrsJaydeMalfoy Tracey Davis

7th January 2013:
This was a very intriguing first chapter! When I first looked at the story, I was thinking that Nott was going to wind up being the child's father, so this was a really interesting surprise and it's got me wondering who Audrey's father is. And I'm also sort of suspicious of Nott... I wonder where all this is going to lead.

The way you described everything, from bathing Audrey to racing her at the park to waiting tables and cleaning up, made it all seem so... real, for lack of a better word. I don't know if you're a mother or waitress, but the way you described the things Tracey did in so much detail makes it seem like you've got a lot of experience in those areas... I hope that makes sense! In other words, what I'm trying to say that is you described things so perfectly that it really helps the reader connect and understand what Tracey's going through. (It's a compliment, I promise!! I'm just having a hard time explaining myself right now! :) )

Anyway, enough of my rambling! As I said above, this was a very interesting first chapter and I look forward to reading more! Good job!

Author's Response: I think a lot of people think that Nott was going to be the father but in this story, thats not so. You are at least the second person to mention how real/ human like my characters are and thats just huge! I was a hostess for four years, so I know a bit about being a waitress even though I never actually did it. But I'm not a mother so its always awesome when people think I've done a good job with the dynamic between Tracey and Audrey. Thanks so much for this awesome review!


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Review #2, by Courtney Dark Tracey Davis

4th January 2013:
I must admit, I've always had a soft spot for stories with Theodore Nott in them, which is what made me decide to read this! I have to say, it was very different to what I was expecting-but not in a bad way!

Audrey is very cute. You have written her just perfectly, and I like the mother-daughter relationship between she and Tracey that you have already started developing. One of my favourite scenes in this chapter was when they were making pancakes together...and the flour fight that followed. It was a nice little detail in this chapter that put a smile on my face and made everything seem so much more realistic.

That's another thing I liked about this chapter-the realism of it all. Each of the characters, especially Tracey, seemed so...human, as ridiculous as that sounds! There is nothing fancy about her life, and the way you described everything, especially all the little details, like the clothes she wore and the descriptions on her flat added to this. I also like the way you developed Tracey's character throughout the story through what she wears, her actions and what she says. It was much more effective than if you'd just described her in one paragraph.

Overall, I thought this was a great first chapter. Good job!

Author's Response: I think when people first pick up this story, they are thinking that Theodore Nott is actually the father and it will go over that, but he is not. I'm glad you felt that my relationship of Tracey and Audrey were cute and enjoyable to read! I dont have kids of my own so its always nice to hear people say that they liked the way I characterized them. Gah I made them human! That is such an amazing compliment to get! Thank you so much for this amazing review!


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Review #3, by SilentConfession Tracey Davis

13th December 2012:

And the plot thickens! i really like that there was that weird tension between them at the end of their date and instead of them both enjoying the date (as far as well know) there is that added fear and question to tracey's mind. This works well because it makes the reader want to read on and see what will happen next.

I'd love to see some more dialogue though, not a lot but it just seemed like through the date i couldn't get a good feel of his interaction with audrey or Tracey and it did feel like they were silent for most of the time. If i had a first date like that i probably wouldn't be interested in a second one. I don't mean to sound harsh or anything because your writing is improving with each chapter it's just something to think about.

i also feel like you sometimes focus on the details (like she has black mascara or there is a turkey sandwich and fries (they'd be called chips in England ) ) although it's fun to add those extra details and we want to know what the characters looks like and are eating but perhaps write it in such a way that isn't simply describing it. perhaps her blonde hair fell in soft waves behind her as she ushered a bouncing Audrey out the door. That makes us the action, it makes the reader see more of how Tracey interacts with people and her daughter and it shows what her hair looks like rather than just telling us.

Anyway, this is a good chapter and i like the mounting anxiety tracey feels, i think a lot of people can relate to her fear before a first date, the awkward pauses, and then picking apart everything that might have went wrong in the date. It does make me really feel for Tracey and i hope things end up going well between them!! Thanks for swapping with me, i do enjoy reading this story it's really good.

Author's Response: Yes this story is very much description heavy! I hope someday to maybe come back and change things a bit, add in more conversations and such. But this was written for Nano (my first attempt ever) so I was trying to add in as much description as I could so really up my word count, although I tried to make sure that it wasn't just going and going just for the sake of upping my word count. Tracey and Audrey and Theo are some of my favorite characters that I have written! I love this story that I have set out for them but then lost my binder with ideas and have only just recently found it so hopefully I can start writing and updating this story again! I will try and go back and look at adding in some conversation and changing the description around a bit! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review!


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Review #4, by ScarletEye158 Tracey Davis

11th December 2012:

This was a very cute first chapter! :) I loved the relationship between Tracey and Audrey and how Tracey was worried about whether she was a good mother or not. It made it pretty realistic and I felt bad for her being a single mother and having to do it all alone!

I liked the way you characterized Tracey, too. She seems like a pretty straightforward but nice and easygoing person and I like that :) The way she interacted with different characters depending on who they were was very realistic because I can act very differently around my friends, people I don't like, and guys, so I can see why she was nice to Lexi but sarcastic and annoyed with Loretta!

At first glance at this story I thought it was going to be a story dealing with Tracey getting pregnant by Theodore, but I guess I was wrong! I'm excited to know where this goes, though, and to see how Theo and Audrey get along :)

Great first chapter and I'll definitely be back for more!:D


Author's Response: Even though I haven't updated this story in a while (I do plan on updating it soon though), I still very much love this story! For some reason Tracey and Theo just belong together in my mind. I'm always blown away when people tell me that I've done a good job portraying the single mother life as I don't have any kids of my own let alone being a single mother so its a huge compliment for me to get for this story!Yeah this story is a bit different, she's already had her kid, and Theo is in no way the actual father, but instead its a telling of finding love after having a child. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #5, by SilentConfession Theodore Nott

9th December 2012:
Hey girl!

I still really like how you're exploring two characters who are really under loved. It's really interesting to read them simply because we know so little about who they were at Hogwarts. I think you're doing a good job at fleshing your characters out and giving them a voice.

You have a really lovely way of mixing dialogue and description so i don't feel like this chapter was dominated by either. I think it made it easier to read and imagine what your characters are doing and thinking. You've also really captured some really common, everyday things that i think helps us relate to Theo. I can't say the amount of times i've been at a job i don't care too much about and i just want the day to end but the clock doesn't seem to be moving at all!

The only thing i'd give as critique is that there are some spelling errors (apparate for instance) and it seemed strange that the boss would be giving Theo more responsibility since, at this point anyway, he hasn't shown any love for his job or showing that he was good at it. I'm guess Theo's feelings or special aptitude toward his job will be explained later :P.

This was a good chapter though and i think you're really helping push the story forward. I'm really curious to know Tracey's feelings towards him because she seemed a little cold to him, though, that may come from the fact that she has a child and she doesn't want to muck about.

Author's Response: Yeah Tracey's feelings are more that she does have a child that she needs to think about and she knows that its hard to find a guy who would be willing to just jump right into a family life. I can never seem to spell that word right no matter how many times its in a story, sigh. Hopefully some day I will come back to this story as I enjoyed it very much and it seems like everyone else has been as well! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review!


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Review #6, by Mystique Tracey Davis

8th December 2012:
Tracey Davis and Theodore Nott have always been one of my favourite pairings - probably because there is so little that is known about them. Also they seem to be good Slytherins - if you know what I mean.

So when I found out that this was a Tracey/Theodore story, I got a little bit too excited. As I was reading this my excitement didn't diminish and I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first chapter. I think that you've characterized Tracey really well and that you've written the relationship between Audrey and Tracey really well. They have a special bond.

I'm really looking forward to reading the next chapters and I especially want to know who Audrey's father is.


Author's Response: Thanks so much for the wonderful review! Audrey's father wont be explained for a while i dont think.. I can't remember if I included that in their date or not otherwise its in one of the later chapters. I'm really glad you felt my characterization was well done. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review!


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Review #7, by LittleWelshGirl99 Tracey Davis

8th December 2012:

This is such a lovely story, I adored reading all the Audrey-Tracey interaction. You've written their single mother-daughter relationship so accurately, I can picture it all as if it were a movie. I particularly love the scene where Audrey is too close to the TV- I remember that happening so much when I was little, haha!

When I saw that this was a pregnancy story, and that some of the chapters were from Theo Nott's point of view, I sort of automatically assumed that Tracey would be pregnant in the story and that Theo was the father - I thought it would be all a bit cliched. However, I was very happily mistaken! I love the fact that Audrey is a character of her own (and an extremely adorable one at that! :p).

It was quite a long first chapter but it served as a very good scene-setter and was enjoyable to read, too! But I wonder why Theo would invite her to lunch so.. bluntly, and quickly too!? Seems like an interesting plot point.

I like that you used Tracey Davis for one of your MCs too, because while she IS a canon character, she's very unknown and that leaves lots of room for developments!


Author's Response: Aw this review makes me so happy! I'm so glad you felt I wrote the single mother/daughter realtionship well as I dont have any kids of my own so i'm just making this all up as I go. I'm so glad that you were happily mistaken and that this is not a pregnancy story between Tracey and Theo. And the fact that you recognize Tracey as canon makes my heart so happy! There are a lot of people who think she is just some oc I've made up and then I have to explain that she isn't so i love when people know who she is! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I'm so glad you liked it!


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Review #8, by wytchkitty13 Tracey Davis

6th December 2012:
Hello ^^ I'm here for the holiday review swap!

I like how you started out, giving us a nice picture of the five year old waking up her mom. I've got kids so I can totally relate. You put a lot of details into this first chapter. It was like a play by play. I personally found all the details well thought out and flowed nicely.
Audrey is so cute and just imagining her makes me almost giggle.

Tracey seems like a very well thought out, defined original character with her being a good mother and from reading the second part, a good worker as well. I find her to be one of those strong motherly, nurturing types.

Theodore Nott certainly seemed a little too nice as he was a Slytherin but then again since he's not that well known we really didn't get to honestly see much of him. He seemed really to the point when he was asking to have lunch with Tracey and even told her to invite her daughter.

Suspicious. Makes me wonder what he is up to...I'd say watch out Tracey, former class mate or not, I wouldn't be so trusting of him. It's hard to say much right now I'd have to read the next chapter or so lol.

This was a nice first chapter :)

Author's Response: Aw thanks so much! Its always nice to hear that I've done a good job portraying Tracey and Audrey's relationship as I dont have any kids so its nice to know that i've at least got a good idea and one thats not too far off from reality. Theodore is a bit different, he never really knew her in school, at least they never really talked much, but i picture him (at least in this story) with having a crush on her even back in school so when he sees her he just can't help but ask her out. I'm really glad you enjoyed this chapter! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #9, by shadowycorner Theodore Nott

10th August 2012:
This chapter was lovely. I'm starting to like Theo. He's so confused. No wonder, though. I had to laugh at his interaction with Jason. Is that guy a mind-reader? :D I guess they're just really familiar with each other to the point of knowing what's on the other's mind. What a nice friendship, I hope we see more of him.

I had to laugh when Theo was trying to write a letter to Tracey and he just ended up crossing out half of it. Haven't we all been through this nervous ordeal? And typical guy, waits an entire week to contact her again. :D It's interesting that he went all the way to see her. And her mum is there, too! A bit too soon to meet the parents, poor Theo. I'm also curious why Tracey is dishelved? Did something happen? I'll definitely keep an eye out for the next chapter. I liked reading these chapters, great job. :)

Author's Response: Aw thanks for the wonderful review! Typical guy to wait that long and make the girl think that the guy isn't interested any more. I hope to post the 5th chapter soonish, I just have to find time to look over it again before I post it, that and we are getting closer to no more written chapters and without my outline I cant remember what comes next! Thank you agian for reading and reviewing! I'm so glad that you are liking it!


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Review #10, by shadowycorner Tracey Davis

10th August 2012:
This one was really nice. The writing is getting better and better. There are some commas missing and some sentences are run-on, but since you're getting a beta, I'm sure it will all be fixed soon. After all, grammar is only a sideline to the writing itself. I liked the interaction between Theo, once again I'd just like more dialogue. For example, the reader doesn't really need to know what they ordered to eat, but personally, I was much more interested in the questions Theo supposedly asked Audrey and how she replied to them. There was great chance to show Audrey's attitude toward this stranger.

In the other half, I was really touched by Tracey's thoughts and confusion about Theo, but mostly about her daughter Audrey. I can only imagine how hard it is to be unable to be there for your kid when he or she needs it. But she needs to work and there's no going around that since she's doing it for both their sakes. It's a tough situation. You're portraying it very well so far.

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you think I'm portraying the struggles of a single mother rather well as I've never had a kid myself so its nice to know that I can protray it well enough! I need to go back through the chapters I had written during NaNo and fix the small mistakes and such that I'm sure are riddled in every page I wrote that month. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review!


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Review #11, by shadowycorner Theodore Nott

10th August 2012:
This chapter was very good. There was a great combination of description and action and dialogue. Here, the description of Theo's working activities and such were vital because you also let us into his head and thoughts and I liked the conversation with his friend too.

I've noticed some spelling mistakes: Apparating, and it's always capitalised. Also you're mixing up your and you're. Your is possession, as in yours. You're is a shorter version for you are.

I wonder what happens next. It's never a good start to be running late on a date. I mean, lunch. :D

Author's Response: Silly mistakes, hits head, I guess thats what happens when I'm trying to write as much as possible in a month. I do know the difference between the two, just a silly mistake is all. But thank you for pointing that out. Yeah its never a good start when running late for a date, even if it's not a real date. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review!

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Review #12, by shadowycorner Tracey Davis

10th August 2012:
Hey there, here from the review tag! I see you have an interesting story here. I love that you picked two really obscure characters, which we know nothing about. Well, I guess Tracey is an OC since I only recognize the last name Davies, as in Roger Davies. I'm curious whether her'll be featured as a member of her family?

I wonder how this will happen since dating as a single parent brings along all sorts of complications.

One thing I'd suggest...I understand this, since it's been written for NaNo, where words are needed everywhere, but I suggest that in the editing process, you cut some of the descriptions of all the actions your character does. That, or divide it up and put some dialogue or plot between. It's nice to see Tracey taking care of Audrey, but instead of describing their entire day in detail, you could show them talking. Dialogue added with description shows for a much more dynamic portrayal of anything (character, relationship, etc.). Same goes for the scene in the restaurant. I think it's a bit unnecessary to let us know every little thing she does since she came into work that day, but then when Theo arrives, he just asks her straight out on a date with hardly talking to her before.

I hope you're not mad, I think the story and writing is pretty good so far. And what I've mentioned is nothing major, just the NaNo result. :D I've been there, don't worry.

Author's Response: Tracey Davis is not an oc as much as I wish I had thought her up but she is actually one of J K's characters though she is only known because she is on the piece of paper that lists all of Harry's classmates but she is never mentioned in the books. Roger Davies wont be in this story as they aren't related.. I had first thought so too but she is Davis and he is Davies.. I know they are way too close of last names lol! Yeah I know this needs to be fixed like something horrible but as I've lost my outline for it, I dont want to get a beta yet and have them wait x amount of time for a chapter to be written without having the outline on hand. But when I do go through and edit this I will keep all of your suggestions in mind. Thank you very much for the wonderful review!


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Review #13, by AC_rules Theodore Nott

9th August 2012:
Hullo there! There's something really compelling about this pairing that I find a tad irresistible - I guess it's because they're both mentioned so little that, now I've thought about it, I find it really difficult to imagine either of them ending up with anyone but each other. So, thank you for introducing me to shipping these lovely two together... I like it.

There's this one paragraph starting with Finally, alone in my office again my thoughts returned to Tracey and Audrey. where your tenses suddenly go a bit off. It doesn't happen much during the rest of the story so I thought I'd just point it off - you have him wondering something in present tense, which is fine (although might be a little clearer if it was in italics or ' marks) but then you have 'it's' instead of 'it was'. Just an itsy bitsy mistake :)

But, I like the way this whole relationship is moving - in early stages, but he has a definite intention for them to be together together which is realistic and nice to read about. Basically, another lovely instalment and thanks for writing! I'm glad I got a chance to stop by this one :)


Author's Response: YAY! A new Tracey/Theo shipper! I'm so glad that you are able to see them being together now that you have read my story! Yeah I have a bit of a problem with switching tenses and need a beta to help fix all those small errors but as I've lost my outline for the story, I want to wait and get one until after I've found it so I can continue on with the story. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review! I love getting your reviews they always make me feel warm and fuzzy!


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Review #14, by SilentConfession Tracey Davis

27th July 2012:
Hey Erica!!

I loved this beginning chapter, it was a lot of fun! I think you've done something really neat here and really captured this mother/daughter kind of interaction. I like the playfulness and Audrey's love and adoration for her mum. It was really cute. I also think you got the dynamic right, as a single mum she's going to be really protective of her daughter, maybe even a little overprotective but being such a young mother she's going to just want to be her friend. It's a hard dynamic to write but i think you have done a good job with it. Especially with touching on some of the issues like she has no idea what she's really doing.

I also really like your style and I don't know why i haven't stopped by before to read some of your work! It's really nice and you make it seem effortless! I like that they are such unknown characters! i'm a huge faun of minor characters and i like the story you've given them. We don't know much about them other than Nott's dad was a DE and that Nott did make fun of muggleborns (or at least snickered when other people were making fun of them). But you have so much leeway with them that it'll make this story fun for discovering who they were.

One thing i noticed is that there are some grammar and spelling issues like spelling apparting as appearating. Not too big of deals really but it does disrupt the flow of the story a little. Also, the use of muggle electronics. Although i don't think they'd go crazy since there probably isn't that much magic in the house. However, i felt it odd that she'd use a blow dryer... she can just charm it dry. So although that scene was nice for description and easy to imagine... i just found it odd. The TV makes some sense as her mum was muggle right? So she obviously is part of both worlds.

Otherwise, i really enjoyed this beginning and am really curious what Nott's intentions are and how her having a daughter is going to affect their relationship! Great job with your writing!

-zay! :P

Author's Response: Wow thank you so much for this! This story is one of my favorites to write though I have sadly lost my outline for it so I wont be able to work on it until I find it but the story really just flowed so well for me! I'm so glad that you felt I did a good job with Tracey and Audrey. Tracey and Theo are one of my favorite pairings, I'm not really sure why or how they became that way but I do love them so I'm glad that you are enjoying reading them! For me, I think I have her using more muggle gadgets than using spells and such to show her daughter that while magic is nice, there is another way to do things. Being that Tracey was raised with a muggle mother, she would have done things the muggle way so I think its just her picking up habits from her mother. I'm awful at spelling and grammar issues and I'm thinking about getting a beta for this story as well. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review!


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Review #15, by Ever Theodore Nott

10th July 2012:
Read and now reviewing, as promised!

Yay, yay, yay, yay! I love this story and I am so excited that he is going on a date with her! Oh, I hope they get married quick! Please update soon!

I feel loved! Thanks for the update!

Author's Response: Your reviews make my day! Honestly, I wasn't sure that many people would even read this novel being that its two minor characters so seeing reads and reviews on this story makes my day! I love this pairing so much and it makes me so happy that I can make more people tracey/theo lovers! As I've already told you, I hope to have chapter five up sometime soon I just need to fix a few small things! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review!


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Review #16, by limwen Theodore Nott

9th July 2012:
Its so cute! They are so cute!! UPDATE!!! PLEASE!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review! I'm so glad that you enjoy it and I will hopefully be posting chapter five soon!


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Review #17, by potterfan310 Tracey Davis

18th April 2012:
I have never read anything about this pairing before, but i like it :)
you portray tracey and her daughter's relationship really well and her daughter sounds like a sweet little girl
you dont normally see any other slytherin couples either, i think that's its really good and i cannot wait to read the next chapter

Author's Response: Ah thank you so much! I absolutely love Tracey and Theo and I'm just so glad that everyone else is really liking them as well! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #18, by EverDiggory Tracey Davis

14th April 2012:
Yes! Yes! Yes! I have never read this ship before, but you have hooked me! I'm definitely continuing to read this! It is absolutely wonderful! The detail you put into this was fantastic! I think the mother/daughter relationship was displayed really, really well! I cannot wait to read more, and I'll be adding this to my favorites!



Author's Response: Oh yeah a new Tracey/Theo fan this makes me so happy.. I'm not really sure what it is about this pairing that I love so much but I really do! I'm so glad that you liked this as it was my NaNo piece last year and didn't do any edits to this chapter since I first wrote it so i'm very glad that people are finding this to bbe good! Thank you so much! I'm going to try and put up chapter four soon! Thank you for reading and reviewing!


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Review #19, by ginerva_molly_weasley Tracey Davis

9th March 2012:
Hey :)

I've read the other two chapters of the story before and I think you're developing the plot really well throughout these three chapters especially by writing them in different view points and writing about little known characters whom you do have a lot of license to develop with them.

Audrey is one of the cutest children I have ever read about particularly because she is just a sweet child and she seems to be just so compliant with her mother and even attempting to speak to Theo which a lot of children are very shy about.

Tracey seems to like Theo very much since she is planning to go on more dates with him and I do like Theo because although the comment from the waitress was a little awkward he left as to try and make it a little less awkward.

I just really like this story and where you're going with this. There was just a couple of Americanism's I noticed such as calling chips 'fries' but it's not really a big deal since it's still understandable!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you are enjoying this story! It really means a lot to me as it's not a pairing read very much! I love audrey, now if every child could just be like her.. lol. Thanks for pointing out the Americanism's I always forget to look and see what word I should use instead. Again i'm glad you like it! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. (side note I will be getting to your reviews soon)


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Review #20, by Elenia Tracey Davis

16th February 2012:

Oh wow, I'm really glad I picked this story, because I really liked this! I've never before read a Theo/OC story before, so that was a nice change already. And I also love the ones that are about the adult-life of the characters, since it feels like so many concentrate on happenings in Hogwarts.

This was really well written. I loved all the little details you planted everywhere and the description. They just really made this story flow and held the interest up through the whole chapter.

I really liked Tracey, she was a great character. Loved the interaction between her and her daughter. It was very well written and made me smile to see all those special little things they have going on between them. and I really like how you handled and described the difficulties of being a single mum; it was very believable and realistic. So great work!

Didn't learn much about Nott yet, but I think I'll take a peak on your next chapter to see what he's like (:

Excellent work!

Author's Response: Technically its not a Theo/OC as Tracey Davis is listed on J K rowlings list of Harry's classmates even though she is never mentioned in the actual series. I'm really glad that you liked this story and thought it was well written. I'm so glad you like Tracey and her daughter! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #21, by AC_rules Tracey Davis

16th February 2012:
Hey there! I've read the rest of this sory so I thought I might as well continue reading and reviewing. I still really like the idea of this pairing and the more you write the more it's sort of growing on me - you don't often see Slytherin couples that are particuarlly cute now, do you?

I also liked how we heard more about how the Audrey situation arose (and I agree that Tracey is a good mother, for sure) and I definately feel pretty sorry for poor Tracey going through that on her own - although she seems pretty strong.

Hopefully theo will contact her soon!


Author's Response: Eek! this just makes me so happy that I'm getting more people to love one of my favorite pairings! Yes Tracey is pretty strong and I'm so happy that you like her! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #22, by Ring_Felton97 Theodore Nott

15th February 2012:
Ou la la! Is this a case of love at first sight for this couple? ;) Haha, this is getting really interesting. I like how you decided to incorporate both Tracey and Theodore's point of view.

I like Jason so far, he seems like the kind of character that'll push the plot line and try interfering in Tracey and Theodore's relationship. Or I guess...relationship to be! Great chapter!

Author's Response: Well it's not really love at first sight considering they did know each other back in Hogwarts but it does spark something that's for sure! I'm so glad you like the two different pov's I really feel that having both of them has the main focus really helps the story along. Jason really is one of the characters that will help the plot along that is for sure! He has a big push that comes later in chapters that really helps the plot further! I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #23, by Ring_Felton97 Tracey Davis

15th February 2012:
I really loved this start to your story! It was captivating and really detailed. I wonder who Audrey's father is... That's a lovely name by the way. I think it really suits her character. This Loretta sounds real charming though...I wonder if she'll continue to play a part in your story?

Ouu and Theodore has always been an enigma for me. I adore stories about him because he's been so passed over in the books. I can't wait to see where you decide to go with developing his character!

Author's Response: Loretta will continue to play a part throughout the story though not a big part but she will be there that is for sure! I absolutely love the pairing of Tracey and Theo and I'm really glad that you enjoyed this chapter! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #24, by ginerva_molly_weasley Theodore Nott

7th February 2012:

An amazing followup chapter to the first! I really like how you're doing this story from two points of view so we get to see both sides of Tracey and Theo's life and how they actually meet! As I said before the characters are so underloved that the stories about them actually capture more interest and I really want to see what you're going to do next with this.

The only think I noticed was you spelt 'apparate' wrong in two places but no biggie because it doesn't really interupt the story!

I want you to get the next chapter up as I'm really interested about what's going to happen on the date. I am starting to really wonder though what actually went on with them whilst they were younger as Tracey was quite frosty towards him to start with. I still think Audrey is Theo's :P

Good chapter!

Author's Response: For some reason, this is one of my favorite pairings. I'm not sure if it just because it doesn't get much attention or what but I absolutely love them so I'm glad you are enjoying this chapter! I can never remember how to spell that word! Oh well i hope to get a beta to help me out with those small mistakes. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #25, by ginerva_molly_weasley Tracey Davis

3rd February 2012:

Hey! I really like the idea of this story as I think you have so much licence with the characters as they're so unknown and you can basically mould them to be your own. The plot idea that has been introduced too is also very interesting.

The fact she has a daughter will make the relationship between nott and davis harder which I hope you get to show in the later chapters because you could really build on the relationship. Also the fact that she has a daughter but hasn't told us as of yet who the father is makes me intrigued to see whether it is Nott or not!

The only thing I was a little concerned about was the major use of muggle appliences (such as the TV/Hairdryer within their home. We know from Hogwarts that magic makes them go haywire so you may want to change those things into something a bit more magical although it is not essential.

Nevertheless, well done. A well written chapter and I would love to read on!

Author's Response: Hello! I'm really glad you find this story interesting! I don't know what it was that made me decide to have her have a daughter and such but I love the relationship that i've built between them! I'm really glad that you enjoyed this and that you thought it was well written. Thank you for reading and reviewing!


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