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Review #1, by amna The Sock

7th January 2013:
this is the most unique piece of fan fic i have ever read! Loved it!!! hilarious!

Author's Response: hahahaha thank you :)

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Review #2, by UnluckyStar57 The Sock

21st November 2012:
...Nice. :)

I'm not really sure if there was supposed to be any meaning whatsoever in this, but I think that's what was so great about it. I just enjoyed the tale of a sock with some major identity issues. :D

But seriously, it was quite a cute little story. :)

Author's Response: Hey! This was total crack fic, and had no meaning and a sad little drivel of a plot if I ever saw one. But it has created a fair bit of amusement and laughter, so I suppose that's all worth it! Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for reviewing ;D

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Review #3, by GinnyGryffindor The Sock

2nd November 2012:
hahahahahahahahahahaha 10/10!!!

Author's Response: lol thank you!

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Review #4, by soufflegirl99 The Sock

29th October 2012:
Alliteration coming up:
Absolutely Astonishingly Amazingly Awesome And Ace!!!
Mwhahaha I am the king of alliterations.
Erm, back to the reviewing serious bit.
The orginality blew my mid, I was scrolling down your stories (break from work) and I thought - wow, you're not crazy enough to write a story from a sock's point of view, are you?
I guess I underestimated the true extent of LittleWelshGirl99's power.
I love the whole superior, bragging and over use of the word "awesome" (I totally don't over use the word awesome cough cough).
It's so so so so so so so inventive that it's Dobby's sock too!! It's stories like these that people join HPFF!
Very comical; I'm pretty sure my sister thought I was dying because I was laughing do much I was making these weird wheezing noises.
I like the way i gets chucked in the bin at the end - though it's pretty sad :'(
"Personally, I think its a fine work of literature" I love that quote, it's so awesome! The whole ramblings thing is not boring either - you made it not too long and not too short, the perfect length that gets the reader hooked and satisfied when they finished it that they read an amazing one shot.
"While Im waiting I think I shall call for my minions to chop off a few heads."
That bit is pretty awesome too, it leaves you lingering with the hilarity of the story, like an after-dinner mint to top off the meal.
Woo! I think the sock could seriously be a new superhero :D

Author's Response: More alliteration coming up:
thank you thank you thank you thank you

Ok yours was better than mine. :P

Haha not sure I like the idea of someone scrolling down my stories - my older ones are pretty bad - but ultimately I'm very glad that you did! This is such a lovely review!

Haha weird wheezing noises FTW! Lol I bet Lottie was weirded out. ;D

Some people were actually suggesting I write a sequel to this, but I'm not sure what it'd be about! If you have any ideas, PM them to me and I'll see what I can do!

OH AND THANK YOU FOR THAT GRAPHIC! I'm adding it as the chapter image! :3

Ahaha! Superhero sock!

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Review #5, by Ron 4 Hermione The Sock

27th July 2012:
I never thought i would ever read a piece where a sock is the main character, I'm so glad I was wrong!
This is incredibly imaginative and really funny, I love the part about the minions chopping off a few heads :)
Aww, but poor sock, getting thrown away! :(
A truly great piece and I'm going to add it to my favourites so I can read it whenever I need cheering up! :D

Author's Response: Hey ;). I have to say, I never thought I would ever WRITE a piece where a sock is the main character. It was pretty surreal to do! I mean, how do you characterise a sock?!

Haha, I like the minions too. I felt just so sorry for Sock while writing this- he is so pathetic :P.

Aw, thank you! And thanks for reviewing =D

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Review #6, by Noori The Sock

16th July 2012:
OMFG (Oh my Fred and George) This is AWESOME! Really it is so funny, and I just love it when he says to get his minions to chop off heads! AWESOMEO!!! How about a sequel? That would be A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!

Author's Response: Oh my fred and george indeed :D I love that btw. Ahaha, I'm glad you liekd it. You know, this was surprisingly hard to write, so I probably won't do a sequel as I think I'd find it hard to get the right tone again :P Thanks for reviewing!! -LWG

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Review #7, by luvdobby26 The Sock

16th May 2012:
Hey Annon, it's Eilidh (MrsPotter) from TDA. As promised, a review! :)
Hahaha!! Oh my holy nargles! This was so funny and probably the most random thing I have EVER read! I love sock. like he his now my favourite character of all time (and that includes donkey from shrek- that is saying something). HE IS SO AWESOME!! Sock could hear me laugh, I'm in Scotland!! yay! But you wrote, och, me hearties - isn't that what pirates say? We say och but not me hearties, if you were trying to be Scottish there, but who cares, this fic was AWESOME!
Your royal coolness. So funny. And I'm going to call you Doris, you can be my pet! Sock allergic to cats and so am I. Oh my god, we have so much in common! :p
Oh wow, I loved this so much! 10/10 :)

Author's Response: Hi Eilidh! I'm pleased you reveiwed this one-shot, because it was at 13 reviews which is unlucky for some :P So thank you!

Oh no, poor donkey! Dumped for a sock? :P I'm very honoured, I have to say! This is definietly the most random and silly thing I've ever written.

Haha, 'me hearties' was just random, not Scottish! I keep forgetting you're Scottish, it's very awesome :).

You and Sock would be great friends, I'm sure!

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Review #8, by house elf The Sock

25th March 2012:
Poor sock!
How could Harry be so cruel :/

Author's Response: Hello! thanks for the review! Well...I guess Harry doesn't realise the sock's actually.alive? It's all a bit of a joke-story really!

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Review #9, by TheGoldenKneazle The Sock

29th February 2012:
Ahha this was so brilliant! I never thought I'd say this, but: I LOVE HOW YOU CHARACTERISED SOCK :3 He was so funny, with his optimism and casual hatred of all human things, as well as his huge ego. I loved Sock's autobiography too - it was a sheer work of brilliance 8D such an awesome mixture of stories!!

Also, I found the ironic ending pretty hilarious. On the one hand, I feel sorry for Your Coolness, but... he didn't like Lily. And thought himself cool enough for Harry. *pouts* I don't like people who don't like Lily! But I loved Dobby's appearance in here, and how Sock was /Dobby's/ sock. It was really clever and had me laughing so much! :D

Author's Response: Sock now likes you because you agree with him about the two-line autobiography 8D (He'll save from calling his minions on this occasion).

Well Sock isn't a person, so you can still like him even though he didn't like Lily!


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Review #10, by AC_rules The Sock

16th February 2012:
That was possibly one of the most random things I have ever read. And, you know, I've read fanfiction from the point of view of Harry's wand, Hermione's Cat, Ginny's Pgymy Puff and the giant squid.

And I genuinely think you just won on the random stakes, so congratulations on that. I don't really no what to say actually. I did enjoy it with all it's bizzareness but I'm still slightly bewildered.

Had you drunk a lot of coffee before writing this?

Again, there was the slight attack of the huge paragraph at the beginning. Which is strange cause I've only seen you do that in Marlene before... but mostly the spacing and such was all dandy.

I've become a sock's pet. I'm feel... violated.

Although ACTUALLY I am AC at HPFF, which is 'acathpff' which means the socks probably alergric to me? Yeah?

Still, very unique and bewildering. I enjoyed it a lot.


Author's Response: Hey :) I think I may have had several *cough* mochas beforehand, yes...
Well to be honest this really wasn't meant to be serious so I guess it has achieved in that aspect! Can't believe I actually wrote it though! It's not my style at all. But ah well, people have had a few laughs xD
Argh the paragraph attack! Imma make that my February/March resolution :)
*sneeze* Mighty sock is allergic to you, oh lesser being :P
Thanks for the review! x

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Review #11, by charlottetrips The Sock

14th February 2012:
SLIJILEJKDAHI! The hilarity! The FABULOSITY! (Yes I saw you use that word! I love random fits of funny writing and I deeply appreciate the hard work it took to get this out.

I do have a little thing about that realyyy long beginning paragraph. Might we divide it up please?

Otherwise, Sock, you had it coming to you. No one can insult Princess Lily and get away with it! Wait! No! Don't chop off my head! Aaah!

*runs away screaming*

Author's Response: *chases after screaming person in the distance*

That was the funniest review I've ever received! Thank you soo much. Oho the attack of the really long paragraph again! I'll edit that :) I should really get a banner for this story *is talking to self*

Thank you!!

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Review #12, by Tonks1247 The Sock

9th February 2012:
Ahahaha, Im really glad I choose to read this one. It was highly random and pleasantly entertaining! It was really light and fluff containing, which made it even better! I have been bundled down writing and reading a lot of dark stories, so really, this was a great break from that!

And Sock? Hes amazingly characterized. He seems a wee bit arrogant and has a great sense of humour, though Im pretty sure hes serious Anyways, I just like how you give Sock feelings and thoughts, and the end? I just had to laugh. Harry will for sure go back for him, after telling Dobby to trash him ;)

My only suggestion would be to break up that really large paragraph. Maybe break it down into three different parts, giving the two rules their own paragraphs? Just because it would make it easier to read.

But really? This was a fantastic little piece! I love the adventures of Sock! :D


Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for an awesome review! I'm always grinning when I get reviews on Sock, and how I apparently characterised him well. I wasn't even trying! Shh! So I'm pretty amazed. :D It seems I'm better at characterising socks than people...

Glad you enjoyed his oh so exciting adventure into the rubbish bin.
LWG :)

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Review #13, by HarrietHopkirk The Sock

28th January 2012:
This is completely and utterly insane. No really, it's mental. But I love it! It's so funny! I love the character you've given to the sock - I like the tone, the humour, the dialogue - it's all completely unique! I loved the plot with the pillow and everything. Watch out for formatting though - it can sometimes disrupt the flow and sense of the story if it's a bit off, and I would definitely invest in beta, but other than that, I really, really liked it!

Well done!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much xD It does show worrying things about my crazy imagination, I guess. I probably will get a beta...if anyone's brave enough... :P

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Review #14, by HarryPotterGeek The Sock

22nd January 2012:
This is crazy funny!

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #15, by Aphoride The Sock

14th January 2012:
Oh gosh. That's so funny! Completely insane, of course, but hilarious! I love the way you've developed a personality for the sock and developed it - an evil sock! Who would have thought? Obviously you... I digress. Anyway, I love the plot with the velvet cushion and the visit (which seems so harmless, lol) and the mention of the hole in the head at the beginning to let us know that it's not a new sock (he? She? :D) which comes back at the end with Lily and Harry. The characters (Dobby and Harry) are perfect, easily recognisable from canon. Lily's adorable (if a little spoilt, I think) and sounds exactly like a young child, so well done!
Ah, poor sock.

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hey!
Thanks for the lovely review! I can't quite believe I wrote this, looking back xD It's rather ridiculous! Hmm...I think I wrote the sock as a 'he' but do socks have genders? I'll never know.. :)
This review made my day :)
LWG xx

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Review #16, by Secret Santa :) The Sock

25th December 2011:
Hehehe! I really enjoyed reading this! A very humourous and completely unique story! I have never come across a story about a sock before, let alone one narrated by the sock itself!

I really liked the tone of the sock, it was nice that you managed to characterise the sock so well just by the way it 'talked'. I loved the ending, when he got chucked into the bin, and still thought Harry would come back. I loved how you managed to have a story to tell as well, you gradually built up the story behind the sock. It was nice to see Harry Potter and Lily turn up in the story! and Dobby as well.

The only crit I have is the grammar/formatting. You've ended a lot, a lot of lines with a comma, and then having a new paragraph with the dialogue. For example, "and she pointed at me,

"Yuck! Whats a smelly old sock doing on a velvet cushion like that?.. etc.

Although you are supposed to start new text in a new line, you don't actually need to write it like that. A better way to write it would just be to connect the two in one sentence - because, they are actually one sentence. I hope that made sense!

Anyway, I did enjoy this, it's such a unique idea, and this was definitely a very original fic. :)

♥ secret santa

Author's Response: Hi Secret Santa! Wow, I didn't see these reviews until now! (blind me!). Thanks so, so much, it was a great surprise!

This story was really just the figment of a bored mind, so the grammar probably isn't particularly great...but I worryingly think that I do what you've described rather too often! I always thought 'new speaker new line.' But I'll read up on that and revise it!

I never thought I'd be able to characterise a sock, but somehow it...worked! I could even hear (his/her?) annoying, whiny voice in the back of my head!

I'm glad it was unique! thanks again,


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Review #17, by SLYTHYNDOR The Sock

23rd December 2011:
haha i guess... it was allright but the idea was funny enough.

Author's Response: Thank you! :D

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Review #18, by Livi_777 The Sock

22nd December 2011:
You know, this is why you're my best friend. Because of the weirdness. And the crazy autobiographies. And the socks. So totally wonderfully magically totally awesomely COOL!! x

Author's Response: DANCING DUCKS! Livi! Haven't seen you around in aaages! x Thanks for the awesome reviewy thing! x

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Review #19, by HorseMad99 The Sock

21st December 2011:
couldnt stop laughing throught it all, utter madness/genius cant decide which xx

Author's Response: Beth!! You're online :P Thank you!! xx

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Review #20, by Dramionie_Child The Sock

19th December 2011:
OMG this is hilar xD I love this. The grammar/spelling is rather good, too[Well, I didn't notice any obvious mistakes]. I hate people that do that :P Really lovee this. (3

Childy x x

Author's Response: Thanks!! (so much). Sock was the result of free time and an over imaginative mind! Glad you like it! :D x

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