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Review #1, by Locomotor_Kingsley Kingsley Finds a Surprise

16th February 2013:
I'm a bit confused as to why Mrs. Weasley is dictating whether or not Ron and the others can go on this trip, considering they are presumably adults. However, it did add a bit of humor to the story.

I assume that this Ms. Hope girl is going to turn out to be Kingsley's daughter. It's a bit surprising such a young girl would be Minister (Mistress?) of Magic, but this is an interesting situation.

I noticed several small typos or grammatical errors (such as missing commas) in this chapter. I think things must always slip through, but giving your work an extra read-through before posting it, like you would do for an assignment for school could probably help eliminate those errors.

Author's Response: Thanks again for another review, totally made my day. Especially since it's so long. I do realise there are a lot of errors and I do plan to edit the whole thing once the story is written.

Now here's a bit of a spoiler Ms. Hope is not Kingsley's daughter. But that is all I will say on the matter ;)

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Review #2, by Locomotor_Kingsley The Mystery of Ms Hope

16th February 2013:
It doesn't seem like there are many stories about Kingsley Shacklebolt on this site, so yours caught my eye when I went looking.

I'm curious as to why you decided that there are no wizards living permanently in New Zealand? That does add to the intrigue of the story, but it seems unlikely (to me) that no wizards live there. I can believe there might not be enough for a separate government structure, though.

On to the next chapter to read more about this "mystery woman."

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review. I'm glad my story managed to catch your eye.

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Review #3, by a_mauradersfan The Mystery of Ms Hope

3rd December 2011:
this is quite exciting :) i'm from new zealand and this story caught my eye(: i look forward to reading the next chapter :D

Author's Response: I've lived in New Zealand for the last 5 years almost 6. You're my first reviewer on this story so that's pretty exciting :) thanks so much for your review, Will get the next chapter up asap.

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