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Review #1, by Elizabeth Chapter 22

21st October 2013:
Loved it, kinda sad, but awesome :)

Author's Response: I know right? The story came to me while I wasn't feeling my best so that shows in the plot I guess.
Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #2, by maraudertimes Chapter 1

7th October 2013:
Please excuse me as I flail about on the floor for a moment.
Okay. There aren't many spelling mistakes (2-3 max). So kudos!
This was also very interesting. Kudos again!
I'm very intrigued and I wish it wasn't past 10 on a school night so that I could finish this (!!!).
But anyways, absolutely great job!
I love it!

Author's Response: Heyy
Lol I hope you enjoyed the rest of the story as much as the first chapter!!
Thanks for reviewing :)
Frankie :*

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Review #3, by green eyes Chapter 6

23rd February 2013:
Dear Siriuspotterhead
this story is the only one where james has a twin sister that i like, the only thing is i hate to see Lily portraied as such a bitch, isn't she known for being sweet? anyway, please keep writing your VERY good at it.
Green eyes

Author's Response: Heyy Green eyes,
Lily won't always be so bitchy, I promise, in fact the next chapter she's really sweet!! The only reason she comes across bitchy is because I'm mostly writing from J's POV and she absolutely hates her so obviously she's always gonna be biased. They won't always hate each other though. I don't believe someone can be sweet and nice 100% of the time anyway.
Thank you so much for the review and I hope you continue to enjoy this story :) xxx

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Review #4, by Mystery Phoenix Chapter 22

2nd January 2013:
You are an amazing writer. i am sitting here, blubbering like a baby. i do not do that, what have you done to me. and lily is my second favourite character but you have made me hate her in this story and a sneer comes to my face when i see her name.
My brother just walked passed me and asked what was wrong. i started to explain and he rolled his eyes and walked off.
other then all that ^ i absolutely loved the story and the depth of feeling that you put into it that most people leave out. it was amazing.

Author's Response: OhmyGod, you do not know just how happy this review made me :)
I literally hadn't posted in months and then to see people were still enjoying the story made me hurry to post again. I'm so glad you enjoyed my writing and I do really love Lily, its just J hates her so much.
I've had experiences just like that where I've got upset about stories on here and people just don't understand!!
Thank you so so so much xxx

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Review #5, by Indianalovesmusicx Chapter 22

5th October 2012:
Please write another chapter! This story is great! I read the whole thing in an hour and a half, couldn't stop myself haha :)

Author's Response: Aww Thank You :) I'm Actually Posting A New Chapter For The Sequel Tomorrow So It Should Be Up By The End Of The Week :) x

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Review #6, by Shay_Gryff Chapter 22

26th July 2012:
Just letting you know that your transitions got smoother as the story went on.

Now, I enjoyed reading this story. I't's not my favourite, but it has an interesting plot line that leaves you wanting more. I will read the sequal(s) when I get the chance.

I'm glad that J is in the OotP, but I wish the rest of the gang was as well.

Again, just a little more backgroudn info at the beginning would be great!


Author's Response: I'm Glad You Could See How My Writing Progressed Throughout This Story. Thank You For The Reviews x

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Review #7, by Shay_Gryff Chapter 3

25th July 2012:
Hello! I like the idea and where I think this is going, but the transitions are a little rough. You may want to go back and add in a little more to smooth those out. I also think a few more details about J and James' bro/sis relationship would be usefull for the background information. GOOD JOB!!


Author's Response: Thanks For The Constructive Comments :) I Will Go Back Once I've Finished All 3 Stories And Edit Them All To Reflect My New Writing Style. Thanks For The Review :) x

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Review #8, by titch95 Chapter 22

12th June 2012:
I loved this chapter so much! The J and sirius relationship makes me smile so much and your interperatation on everything is amazing. I can't believe it's over!! I look forward to the sequal. Thanks for writing and the mention!! x

Author's Response: Aww Thank You So Much...Reviews Like This Make Me Smile So Much Its Unreal :) xx

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Review #9, by Princess Lucy Chapter 14

7th June 2012:

Author's Response: It Had To Happen And J Isn't Too Stable...She Broke Friends With Lily For Something Small Too...She's Still Grieving For Her Parents And Not Thinking Straight...Thanks For Reviewing x

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Review #10, by lily Chapter 13

6th June 2012:
aww u love us Sirius loves J. and Lily loves James[i can tell]and vice-versa

Author's Response: Love Is Everywhere :) Thanks For Reviewing x

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Review #11, by Lily Chapter 10

6th June 2012:
let me guess . Lily!. How did i no?

Author's Response: Yeps It Was Lily :) Thanks For Reviewing x

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Review #12, by dreaming.of.a.wizard. Chapter 1

5th June 2012:
This will be the begining of my 3rd time reading it and I just want to tell you it's amazing :)! I know it might not mean much but the best part of my day is lying down and just reading this story!
Well done :) you should be ecstatic!

Author's Response: I Wish You Could See How Happy This Review Just Made Me!! I Love That There Is So Much Positive Feedback And I'm So Happy That You've Loved It So Much That You'll Re-read It. Thank You So Much For A Lovely Review :') xxx

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Review #13, by michelle_ginny_potter Chapter 22

4th June 2012:
I absolutely love your story!! J is a bit depressing sometimes, but I still think your story is amazing!! Please write a sequel! I need J and Sirius in my life!!!:) What would the sequel be about?
10/10:) ~michelle:)

Author's Response: I Know She Can Be Depressing At Times But I'm Trying To Make Her Happier Lol. The Sequel Is In The Queue Now So It Should Be Up In A Few Days :) Its Mainly Gonna Be About Their Life After School And I'm Gonna Try For Some More James/Lily In It Too. Thanks So Much For The Review And I Love That You Love The Story :D xx

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Review #14, by hogwartshome Chapter 22

3rd June 2012:
cannot wait for victim! when will it be up?!
it's going to be excellent!

Author's Response: Its Already In The Queue So You'll Have The First Chapter Up In The Next Few Days :) I Hope You Enjoy It When Its Validated...Thanks For The Review :) xx

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Review #15, by Amina Chapter 22

29th May 2012:
OMG this was a really good chapter! I loved it!!! Keep on writing! :D xx

Author's Response: I'm Happy You Enjoyed It :) I Wasn't Too Sure About It But The Feedback Seems To Be Positive...The Sequel Should Be Up Around The Weekend Sometime...Thank You So Much For Reviewing :D xxx

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Review #16, by kjp Chapter 1

27th May 2012:
This story seems really cool so far... I like it. Ur writing is really great! :D

Author's Response: I Hope You Carry On Enjoying It :) Thanks For Reviewing x

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Review #17, by Miss_potter Chapter 22

26th May 2012:
wow, i cant believe it has finished already!! I cant wait for the sequel :) thanks so much again for sticking with finishing to fic, i hate ir when people start a realy good fic and dont finish it... Anyway happy writing and you can count on me to read your sequel :D
Mwa xo

Author's Response: Neither Can I!! It Was Gonna Be One Long Story But It Would Have Gotten Too Depressing So I Needed To Split It. I'm Really Excited About Writing About Them Outside Of Hogwarts. The Sequel Should Be Up Maybe At The Weekend But I've Got My Uni Exams =/. I Was Adamant That I Wouldn't Abandon This One But Now I Have To Split My Time Between The Sequel To This One, My Other Story And Some New Ideas That Are Stuck In My Head. I'm So Happy You Enjoyed This Story And I Hope You'll Enjoy The Sequel As Much Or Maybe More :) Thank You So Much For Every Single Review xxx

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Review #18, by WumpsQuill Chapter 22

25th May 2012:
Can't wait for the next chapter! Perhaps one from Sirius's POV?

Author's Response: The First Chapter Of The Sequel Will Probably Be In His POV. It Will Basically Carry On From Exactly Where This One Finished. Thanks For Reviewing :) xx

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Review #19, by Miss_potter Chapter 21

21st May 2012:
yayyy :) im really excited now haha... Please update soon and as always your writing is fabulous!! Im glad J is getting better :)
Happy writing

Author's Response: The Next Chapter Is Already In The Queue So It Should Be Up Soon *Fingers Crossed* I'm Enjoying Writing Her Happy Again :) I'm So Happy That You Like The Story :) Thanks For The Review xxx

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Review #20, by Amina Chapter 21

21st May 2012:
I absolutely LOVE IT! Please update soon! :D xx

Author's Response: Aww Thank You So Much :) The Next (And Last) Chapter Is In The Queue So It Should Be Up In A Few Days :) xx

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Review #21, by titch95 Chapter 21

19th May 2012:
LOVED THIS CHAPTER! It was so cute, I love her haircut and I'm glad Sirius and Jess are getting on again!

Author's Response: Aww Thank You :) I Hadn't Planned On Having Them Be Friends Again But The Idea Just Came To Me And Created A Whole New Storyline For The Sequel So I Had To Include It...Thanks For Reviewing xx

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Review #22, by Evelynluv Chapter 21

18th May 2012:
I want to know where the pierceing is but I think I have a clue? :/

Author's Response: You'll Find Out In The Next Chapter :) Thanks For Reviewing xx

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Review #23, by Amina :) Chapter 20

12th May 2012:
Awesome chapter! I love how you write the description of the different settings in this story :):):) I can't wait until the next upload :D xx

Author's Response: Thank You So Much For The Review...I Was Worried I Wasn't Describing Enough...Next Chapter Should Be In The Queue Tonight :) xxx

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Review #24, by Amina Chapter 20

12th May 2012:
Awesome chapter! I love your description of the different settings in this story :):):) I can't wait until the next upload :D xx

Author's Response: Thank You So Much :) xx

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Review #25, by Miss_potter Chapter 20

11th May 2012:
im excited to see whats going to happen :)
Happy writing
Mwa xo

Author's Response: I'm Excited To Post The Next Few Chapters...This One Should Only Have About 2 Chapters Left...I'm So Happy You're Still Enjoying It :)...Thanks For Reviewing xxx

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