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Review #1, by PolyJuice_ Sixteen

29th December 2012:
TWO?!?!?! See what I get for being afk?

it's sad. no more capital letters. all gone.

chapter three? even better than chapter two. but the next chapter is even better. and i know that cuse i travelled to the future when it wasn't posted.

yay for helen being awesome.

one out of two.

Author's Response: aha, Liz! These reviews are hilarious and lovely. Thank you for being so kind as to take time out of your day to indulge a spoilt authors wim.


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Review #2, by PolyJuice_ Seventeen

29th December 2012:
Why did Suzie drop her ice cream?
(Tune in next time for the anwser.)

HELEN I LOVE YOOU. Write moar! I always think of cows when I write moar.

Why does eveyrhting I do link back to cows? OH EM GEE. Speaking of which, i have a collection of cow [outta]pins. Like lapel pins and bigger ones with slidey cows and flashey lights and and and--


You should give up your daytime job and just write [minusoneofmyageequals__]for me! (darn. i had a heart, but once again...)


Okay, Liz, go one then... I'l write mooarrr. And as a student... I don't have a job, so much. But... SURE THANG ;)

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Review #3, by PolyJuice_ Eighteen

29th December 2012:
If we had people cows would they be able to talk? Hm. Thought provoki-MOO.

Jeez. I'm going mental.

Wait, isn't there a song by Sharon, Lois, and Bram about going crazy? I am slowly going crazy, one two three four five and switch! slowly am I going crazy, five four three two one and switch!

Um. 6/16.

So somehow i've managed to make even less sense. And these reviews aren't really related to you anymore, are they? GOTTA FIX IT. (gotta catch 'em all! pokeeemon!)

If you watch it I'll love you forever. ^

back to you, yeah? I love this story! I admit, I overlooked it several times when it came up under Next Gen New Stories, thinking "ew. Molly." I even went so far as to get annoyed that it was constantly showing up. My bad. BUT NOW I LOVE IT. :D

Still reviewing,



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Review #4, by peppersweet Eighteen

25th December 2012:
There's a song by Chapel Club I'm quite partial to called 'all the eastern girls'. Ever since I saw this story on the recently added page one day, I can't help but replace the lyrics with every listen, so the song's now become 'all the abstract nouns' and after a few months of singing it I felt I should trundle along and actually read the thing. Plus, it's christmas! Deck the halls and such. Alright. New story. I am plunging in.

YES THAT IS TRUE. fifteen year olds look so young to me now, I feel like grandmother willow in comparison to that bunch.

but yes, I do not like the creepy men that come with the birthday and the ID and the ability to vote and whatnot. dear me, I'm still only on paragraph one...

this is what happens when you try to type your review in notepad and review similtaneously.

wait! I know how this inbetween feels! this story is giving me more feels!

Aunt Ginny had been 'disappointed' and that was enough punishment for any man. - oh my god yes, would not like to be at the receiving end of one of her bat bogey hexes.

oh. oh god yes, people who drink out the bottle with straws, sometimes I do not understand you. but I'm a guinness girl (read: an old man trapped in a young woman's body) so they don't understand me either.
I just think you need to be predrinking very fast to require use of a straw. just my two sickles, mind. this is getting off topic.

ironically I'm actually trying to read this and organise a new years' party at the same time. thought you ought to know.

GEORGE! lolol. I like his style. growing...things in the garden. heh.

for a moment I was like 'huh, but how will she get drinks if it's after ten?' then I remembered that scotland has its own liscencing laws and everything swiftly resolved itself in my mind.

I realise this review is mostly me opining on the subject of alcoholic beverages. really sorry. I am loving the story. but I'm scottish, I like to bring up alcohol now and again. (in more ways than one.)

only thing I'd mention is that there are a few wee spelling mistakes, like 'cheep' when it should be 'cheap', or 'heals' instead of 'heels'. didn't really bother me massively, but maybe this needs a little edit when you've got the chance to polish it up a bit.

I identify with Molly. A lot. high five for Molly.

also, I'm shipping her with dexter even if I don't want to. I don't know why this keeps happening to me. (my shipping sense just starts tingling and then suddenly I'm a stowaway at sea and the captain is making me swab the decks)

ooh this was cool. high five for you too. when I am not so tired and things I shall come back and read the rest.

merry happy jolly ♥

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Review #5, by thatsassymaster Fifteen

23rd September 2012:
This was a nice little short story and I enjoyed reading it; can't wait to read to the sequel now!


Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you liked it and hope you enjoy the sequel :)

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Review #6, by thatsassymaster Eighteen

23rd September 2012:
Absolutely loved this!

I haven't read many Next Gen stories about Molly but so far I love her character, and Dexter's as well!

There were a few grammar mistakes so I suggest giving this a read through, or getting a beta, but apart from that it was perfect :D

Can't wait to see how the going backwards in age thing works out, this seems like a really original story so far and I'm excited to read more.


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Review #7, by Cirque Du Freak Fifteen

10th September 2012:
So, I'm not going to lie, but I'm pretty sure that I was like this at 15. Maybe not completely and maybe I might have known a bit more about the reasons to why I did some things, but whatever age you are you think you know all there is to know when at every age you just don't know anything at all and you still get completely and utterly surprised.

Just like how a person can manage to make you feel so very much better when you really expected them not to and thought you knew all about them and then they do something to make you like them when that was never your intention at all.

Just as sometimes you get a bit interested in things that you never thought you would be, or doing things that you thought you'd never succumb to, but one day its staring you right in the face and you have no idea how it all happened.

Just as sometimes you have all these big opinions about things and think you'll never change your mind and you will be in a complete and utter argumentative state and will never ever be in any mood otherwise when that particular subject is brought up again.

To be 15 is such a terrible thing. Especially when you have all your insecurities laid out before you whenever you decide to pay attention to them.

This still has brilliant Mexter dialogue and just overall the conversation between all the girls is familiar and yet baffling at the same time - it makes me grin whilst reading it.

SSTTAP has made me all sombre since I did that last review now - I feel all serious-y and stuff and nothing I'm writing is quite direct in the chapter, but just discussing the things in the chapter in a general sort of way.

Either way I really liked that you chose this as your entry for the Lexicon challenge - I don't know how you managed to pull out such brilliance from such random words, but there you go. Never underestimated you since, love. :)


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Review #8, by Cirque Du Freak Eighteen

10th September 2012:
So while this story isn't quite what the replica of the kind of thing that I grew up with (the possible exception to very many) I still think that this is incredibly true. That every part of this story basically screams out teenage-girldom and that if anyone else so much as disregards it as something completely different then they are wrong. How could it ever be anything else than this, when its exactly what everyone and everything shoves down our throats in today's society? Some people fall for the conventional bit and some refuse it.

All such intellectual people (Molly as an example) would refuse the conventional thing. To give into other people's idea of life and what it must all be about. I have never ever understood how you could have possibly channelled this much feeling into one chapter when everything that you've put into it is unequivocally true.

Its like you're my shadow or something and all the words I gave you just drew them out from my very soul throughout the stages of my very strange life.

I love all of this banter and bickering and just general dialogue. And all the monologues is so very Molly and so very you considering I'm having a hard time distinguishing which one is which, sometimes. :P

Nevertheless I'm so very glad about this reverse chronology business. Its such a pleasant change to have a non-conventional end to the story.

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Review #9, by Emandem Fifteen

19th August 2012:
I'd been meaning to read this forever and for some reason never really got around to it until now, and I'm really glad I did.

Some people may think you're woefully wrong, but I think this is admirable because one can tell you were being completely honest while writing it. Personally, I can relate a lot.

Another thing that I liked about this was how each Molly was different while still being essentially the same, if you know what I mean. You could tell how the things that were important to her and the dynamics of her relationships with the other characters changed overtime. Unsurprisingly, I'm particularly fond of Dexter.

I think the ones I liked the most were Eighteen and Fifteen. Eighteen, because the characters seemed to practically walk off the page, and this one... I'm not so sure why, I guess I've always been sort of interested in the whole body image thing and caring about your physical appearance but not really. And, in the story as a whole, Molly's struggle between wanting to fit in and wanting to be her own person hit home.

I'm going to go check the sequel right now before I get sidetracked.


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Review #10, by Caroline Fifteen

18th August 2012:
Hey :D
Reading this was such a strange experience. Probably because I see so much of myself in Molly. I never knew all my efforts to be different only succeeded in making me fit in with misfits accross the country. I guess I expected others would have the same (subconscious) aim, I just never thought their thoughts, opinions and conversations could be so alike to mine.
Haha, this story has made me slip in the same mood I get when I look out the window of a train on a rainy day :P
Slightly strange rambling aside, this is a wonderful story. Your writing style is subtle yet powerful, and there is quite a bit of humour in your story! I love it!
Also, please do post the sequel soon! I can't wait :) I think Dexter and Molly would be great together!

10/10 Ofcourse :D

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Review #11, by Shay_Gryff Fifteen

16th August 2012:

I enjoyed this story. It wasn't my favourite, but it was a fun read!

*end of review, time for nonreview bits*

WELL, I just wanted to let you know that after you finish your other stories, I will be reading them. Honestly, I want to read them now! I just don't want to have to wait for the next chappies. So don't think that I don't want to read ALL of your stuff, I do, but I'm not very pacient, so that would not be very good for my sanity.


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Review #12, by Flourish and Blotts Fifteen

6th August 2012:
This story is wonderful! This is one of the most realistic depictions of teenage life I've read on the archives - very often, as a teen, one wavers between maturity and immaturity, and Molly has enough maturity to pull herself back from the brink every time. I think your portrayal of her was very accurate and very, very well done. Also appreciated the abstract nouns. :)

Author's Response: Awh, thank you very much Flourish and Blotts! I had a lot of fun pinning down my perception of teenage years onto the page and I'm always really please when people say they thought it was accurate. i had a blast writing it and really enjoyed the abstract nouns too :D

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Review #13, by marinahill Sixteen

29th July 2012:
Oh my god, I am so with you on the fact that people saying they know you'll do AMAZINGLY on exams doesn't help one bit.

So many girls' names end in y/ie! In my uni house this past year all our names ended in ie/y, it was awesome. (and I can probably imagine someone out there reading this and thinking that Marina doesn't end in a y/ie, but hey, that's a mystery for you).

"It had been unexpected because Erin wasn't one of the elitist, slightly orange populars herself" hahahaa oh my god this is why I love this story. So many lovely nostalgic memories of high school. It's like you've just broken into my life and stolen it and stuck it on a page.

Awesome chapter. :D

Author's Response: It's a pretty little mystery which I think I've possibly considered before reading this, ahha. I'll let it lie though. AHH my parents always do the 'WE KNOW YOU'RE GOING TO DO SO WELL' thing and it's just horrible.

Ohdear. Just remember about results day. Okay, moving on.

Well, breaking into your life and sticking it on a page was definitely what I was aiming for xD

Thank you! :)

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Review #14, by Loony_Scorpy Fifteen

27th June 2012:
I really enjoyed this story :) It was also really interesting in the way that you went backwards (I think it sounds really cool when you say it's a story about growing up backwards; it sounds like some sort of slogan for a movie or popular book or something haha :P). There really aren't many stories on the archive (that I've read) that are about normal teenage girls, so it was, in a way, refreshing to read and really relatable. I also love the way you kept her relationship with Dexter as just friends even though she went through that stage of acknowledging that she had a crush on him (and I wanted them to get together after the first chapter..even though that kind of couldn't happen since it went back in time...I barely even know what I'm saying :P). I am off to read that sequel now...I have been really slack at stalking your page and...well leaving reviews so I should get back to that ;) aha Anyway I'll stop typing now.. :D

Author's Response: Hey Caatie! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. Ahha, I really liked the idea of writing it backwards and in the end I think it worked really well as a reverse chronology type thing - it was definitely fun, that's for sure. I was aiming for normal teenage girl to the T, so I'm really glad that you think that it worked out! There's been a lot of Dexter/Molly shipping feels, ahha, which wasn't what I intended but then the sequel happened and it was fun soo... thanks for such a lovely review (as always, you're wonderful!)


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Review #15, by Snapdragons Fifteen

26th June 2012:
Forreal, this story is incredible. And completely deserved to win everything. ♥ But I'm seriously in love with Molly. She is the most perfectly written character in all of fanfic history. -nods-

It's also a little frightening how much of myself I've seen in her, haha. Sarcastic and biting and insecure and all that. Reading this story has been sort of funny in that it's like reading something that could have happened in my life (oops, that probably makes me sound self-centered). And I know I've said this before, but she's seriously just so relatable it's not even funny.

Oh God, I remember my first time trying to put on makeup haha! I probably nearly poked my eye out. It does feel like you can't stop once you start or else everyone starts judging you, at least at that age. (Then I figured out that I could sleep for an extra 15 minutes if I didn't put so much effort in... and well, let's just say that I decided that I could be confident enough to value sleep more. aha)

Just going to pull out one last quote because it seriously made me laugh out loud - apparently, the current way to express what a manly fourteen year old you were was to know lots of crude and vulgar swearwords... having moved on from being able to eat four burgers last week ah SO TRUE.

And the end gave me all these Dexter/Molly feels so you're writing a sequel? (scratch that, I see it at the top of your author page!) WHEE!

Honestly might be one of my favorite stories of yours - and I don't say that lightly, seeing how I'm obsessed with like all of your stories, ha. But major points for realism (and for only having four chapters! CRAZY) and for everything. Congratulations (belatedly) on finishing this and I'm so glad you wrote this - it's a gem. ♥

Author's Response: HEYYY HANNAH (it's an actual thing now; this is how I say hullo to you in review responding terms).

AWHH! I'm so glad you like Molly! I love Molly. She's one of the characters who's most like me (why is it that I pick Percy's offspring for characters most like me?) but I was really aiming for real teenage girl, so e, I'm really glad you thought she was relatable.

I... when I first put on make up I would have been like 7 or 8? I had an older sister who insisted that I wore make up, so I don't remember that tender moment... ahah, yeah, that sort of happened to me. Wore make up every day for a long time then discovered the idea of...dun dun dun.LIE INS.

And they won my loyalty. Not a Hufflepuff, me.

AHAHA. Oh teenage boys :')

Awwwhh, thank you so much for this lovely review Hannah! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! It's one of my favourite too (then again, they're all my favourites). :)

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Review #16, by Snapdragons Sixteen

26th June 2012:
Hi. I'm lame because I read this chapter and then never reviewed it. Bad me. But I've more or less fallen behind on my reviewing in general, so that's my sparkly goal for the day, so here I am!

Also, I'm disappointed this chapter is NOT about spandex. That was what I was expecting... I feel a bit let down... -sniffs- I suppose I'll get over it.

But joking aside, this was seriously one of my favorite chapters yet because it's all just so /true/. You've perfectly captured the age and how there's a gap between people of the same age sometimes, if that makes any sense. Growing up at different rates and all that.

(side note: the thing about everyone spelling their name with '-ie' was hilarious. fun fact: I actually do know a Mollie along with a Molly!)

It really was quite relatable, though. I feel like I'm probably not the only one who knows both an Erin and a Roxy/ie. Molly's literally one of my favorite characters out of all the stories I've read because she just feels really... real, I guess. ily Molly!

I loved how you ended with the line "Then again - she was only sixteen." Sixteen seems so old when you are it, but at the same time... it's still quite young. Yay paradoxes? ha :)

Lovely job and whee I'm excited to read the next chapter (which I shall be getting to momentarily) and this was a fabulous chapter ♥

Author's Response: HULLO HANNAH (stop it now Helen, it's getting dull). Don't worrry, I often read things and forget to review - although, actually, reading things has become a bit of an issue recently. NotimeforHelen.

Oh no! It wasn't about spandex? Maybe I should edit this and throw in a couple of spandex references?

I'm really glad that you enjoyed it! I really liked writing this so it was realllyyy fun fun fun fun.

The world is full of Erin and Roxies, pah.

Thanks for such a lovely review! :)

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Review #17, by CloakAuror9 Fifteen

22nd June 2012:
Hey you! I finally gotten around to reviewing this like...16 days after you requested it. And I am sorry for that, my internet has been down for at least two weeks or so now and I still haven't gotten it back.

Anyway, four chapters and the story has already ended but I'm happy there's a sequel to look forward to! I found myself relating to this chapter SO SO much, in the previous chapters I kind of understood her dilemmas and problems and I did relate to it. But chapter four, oh man, I can just put myself in her position right now. I want all the girls in my school, especially the people whose faces are covered with foundation, to read this. This is bloody amazing.

The weird thing is, Molly goes through all this while she's 15 years old. I had to go through this when I was thirteen and hell, girls were getting pregnant at that age. Yes, they need to get some more sense into them.

I really love how you write things out so well, not to mention the teenage drama! Molly, like I said before, is so easily relate-able. I think its because most girls go through the same things in their life, especially in teenage years where your life is everyone's business. I can't help but feel for her when the mascara scene came on, I know how it feels. I still poke myself with it because I'm too lazy to get up every single day an hour early for school just to have enough time to put on make-up. I prefer being, as they say, 'natural-looking'.


I'm sad to see this one end, but there's going to be a sequel! I will be on the look-out for that, for sure. :D

This story just made my day,
Izzy xx

Author's Response: Cloak Auror!

AH! Thank you so much for such a lovely shiny review (you make me hapyyy, when times are greey!) Don't worry about how long it took, you legit took my day with this review and THEN by recommending this on the forums (I squeed a lot inside) and basscially, I love you. Cool?

I've had a lot of people saying that the ages are a bit off and I've got to say I completely agree. I was going to start when Molly was 13 and have it has... 13,15,17,18 but it didn't feel like it made a lot sense. So I'd say that it makes a lot of sense. Plus, I'm pretty sure theres a lower age bracket for girls getting pregnant according to the TOS. Scary stuff though, right.

I really wanted this story t be relatable so I'm so glad you think it was! Ahha, mascara woes.



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Review #18, by NaidatheRavenclaw Fifteen

21st June 2012:

I sort of felt like you wrote out my life story in this, minus the magic of course, but then again, don't most teenage girls go through the same thing? Again, I feel like my school must have been horrifically superficial because this whole thing happened around age 11, but the point is that it happened and Molly’s reactions were just so spot on.

This one paragraph really stood out to me, and I won't quote the whole thing because it was long, but this in particular: "Instead, Molly's method of attacking her lack of confidence was to scoff at the pair of them whenever they started the regular routine of oh-my-gosh-I-hate-myself oh-no-you’re-the-most-beautiful-person-I've-ever-met and pretend, well not quite pretend, that she thought they were all being vain, shallow and childish." That was like…I’ve been there. And her whole attitude of being scared that no one would contradict her was just so real. I wanted to jump into the computer screen and give her a hug and remind her that it wouldn't matter in a couple years. Her first foray into the world of makeup also went admittedly better than mine, so she should be proud of herself :D

WHAT IS THIS MOLLY/DEXTER SEQUEL I HEAR OF? I shouldn't be encouraging you but…please? This was a lovely story and the most relatable thing I have ever read, along with being entertaining and quirky. It’s what you do best :)


Author's Response: Pah, honestly I've always thought the ages were a tad off. I wanted to start at 18 and I was originally going to go like...18,17,15,13... but then the chronology was all uneven (and 18,16,14,12 just felt all wrong, really) so in the end I decided that I'd just write it yearly and deal. BUT YEAH THIS IS ALL ABOUT TEENAGE GIRLS WHICH IS WHY I WAS EXCITED TO WRITE ABOUT IT. Yes.

That was definitely me too. Being all like I DON'T EVEN CARE ABOUT WHAT I LOOK LIKE (butbut butbutbutbut, I am OKAY? Aren't I?). But it's true, it doesn't matter in a couple of years - and that's what I liked about going backwards, I think.

SEQUEL IS UPSIES. Well, one chapter of it is :)

Thanks for being lovely (as always)


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Review #19, by NaidatheRavenclaw Sixteen

21st June 2012:
I feel slightly better now because this time I'm getting rid of a 9 :D

Anyways, best chapter yet :D Definitely the most relatable chapter for me. Though the whole sex-is-cool thing happened much earlier for me, which must say a lot about the type of people I go to school with *headdesk* It seemed to be the conversation at, say, 13? Ouch. That seems painfully young all of a sudden. Anyways, it made a lot of sense to me especially because I was the awkward-Molly who wanted nothing to do with all of that (luckily, none of my close friends did either) and Roger just seemed like the stereotypical boy. There was a phase when 95% of the boys were like that. Never want to go back xD

I also laughed a lot at the whole "ie" thing. There was a phase here where everyone tried to make up nicknames (even for names like "Joe" which I didn’t get. It's like…that’s already a short form of Joseph, but nope, everyone had to change their names) and you've just gotten every aspect of the teenage world so perfectly. I think this should be like a guide to adults of "THIS IS WHAT YOUR KIDS ARE GOING THROUGH."

Almost done!


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Review #20, by NaidatheRavenclaw Seventeen

21st June 2012:
Molly ♥

She's like my sister. Honestly, half her thoughts could have been mine. Okay, so I can’t claim to have a gift with removing stains, but all her thoughts about love and grades and all of that were so true. It’s great to have a character who just isn't obsessed with love and getting the guy to like her. The bit with the bra was hilarious though. And the sad thing is that there are girls who would attempt to double their cup size, but hey, as long as it’s fanfiction, we can laugh at it :D I love how logical she was about Erin's emotions, too. Girls (mostly in stories) do have a tendency to fly off the handle as soon as a boy mentions "a talk" and I love that Molly was just like…what if it’s actually just a talk.

And I totally ship Molly/Dexter. Even though this is going backwards so I know there’s no hope of them actually getting together (though I can have my own dreams for when Molly is 19 :D), they just seem like such a good couple. Their banter works in a different way than traditional witty banter; it's more friendly and like "I love you because you’re annoying" instead of "SEXUAL TENSION"

Another lovely chapter! 2 to go! :D


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Review #21, by NaidatheRavenclaw Eighteen

21st June 2012:
Yup, this was genius. I'm sort of cringing as I write this because I'm messing up your nice, round 20 reviews but oh well :D

Right, so onto Molly. I absolutely loved her character. It was a lovely take on growing up; I could completely relate to Molly's feelings about being an adult and love and all, but at the same time, there was something so special and quirky about her so that this wasn't boring (I find 90% of coming of age stories boring, so this was quite an achievement :D) You characterized all the Next Gen kids perfectly in the few sentences they each got, which was also great to see, and I loved the dynamic between Molly and Dexter. There was just something so real about their relationship.

The fact that this is backwards just makes it that much more interesting and I am very excited :D Onwards!


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Review #22, by maskedmuggle Fifteen

10th June 2012:
Ahh what a wonderful last chapter :) You managed to maintain the same awesome character that Molly is, and I loved how she conformed to expectation/peer pressure in putting on makeup, but resolving at the end to make decisions for herself in the future.

The fact that this was considered such a big deal was largely why she’d been so against the change. YES. I really relate to this sentence!! And AWW Dexter at the end :) Even though he didn't exactly compliment her, I loved how he said that she/Molly looked fine before.

I love Molly's characterisation, the way you portray the Hogwarts society is so different as a really teenage and new generation crowd that focuses so much on beauty and appearances, and this story is just really well written :) I love how it's a story backwards, loved the abstract noun in each chapter, and though I'm sad to see it ending here, it was a really brilliant read :)

Author's Response: Hey maskedmuggle! I'm so glad that you came back to read this final chapter :D

I've really loved writing about Molly and this whole growing up thing - it's been a really lovely change from some of my romance stuff.

Hehe, good old Dexter! He's so cute. But ee, I really wanted to have an honest portrayal of teenagedom through this, so I'm really glad that you think it works well and ee thanks for such a lovely review :D


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Review #23, by fancy Fifteen

10th June 2012:
Wow. I feel like I'm reading my biography. You write a teenagers thoughts really succinctly, I've tried to capture it before but it's always seemed so chaotic and confusing (maybe because it is?) but you've managed to make it make sense.
I didn't think it was possible!
Molly is actually 100% relatable, every thought she expressed throughout this short story I was kind of nodding through.
This was just great, honestly wonderful. It was so much more than just a cute little comedy (although I love those) you managed to create a completely realistic character who was funny, smart, irritating and most importantly real.
I'd love to read more about Molly and Dexter, can't wait to see what comes of that.

Great job, seriously.

Author's Response: Oh wow, thanks for such a lovely review! I really wanted to capture the essence of what I think it is to be a teenager in this ones. It's definitely chaotic and confusing and ridiculous. Growing up is just so complicated!

Eee! I wanted to make Molly relatable and I'm so glad that you thought she was! This review literally just made my day and THANK YOU for being shiny and everything. Its lovely to here that it worked out how I hoped it would :D

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Review #24, by Cherry Bear Eighteen

7th June 2012:
First, I have to say that I find this story really relatable. As someone who is learning that she has to grow up (and is also embarrassingly inexperienced in the relationship area) I understand exactly what Molly is going through, with feeling like she's supposed to be a different way than she is but being happy the way she is. You capture her feelings and this state of weird in-between so well that it's hard not to understand. But, even as you keep things realistic, you also manage to slip in these little bits of humor that just really make this story shine - how Molly doesn't know how to wash socks yet, George's parenting skills (or lack thereof), whether or not to count Roger.
That being said, I have a few criticisms. Sometimes, as wonderful as your descriptions are, it almost feels like there's too much description and build-up. Molly is very tangential in her narration and, while that's not necessarily a bad thing if it's a part of her character, it still makes for a sort of unbalanced story, because there is so much description and introspection and not quite as much actual dialogue and plot. And, when you do have dialogue (for example, the interaction between Dexter and Molly near the end), it seems a little weak and rushed compared to the strength of your descriptions, so maybe work on that a little?
Aside from that, there are also a few little nit-picky grammar things that need fixing. In "'Sod off.' Molly said" there should be a comma after 'off' instead of a period. There are a few other examples like this, but then sometimes you correctly punctuate your dialogue, so these instances could just be typos. If you need help with dialogue punctuation, though, there are some great Grammar Guidelines on the forum that are really helpful - or you could always get a beta, since it's always good to have a second set of eyes (:
But, all the criticism aside, I really did enjoy this. I think it's a fairly accurate portrayal of teenage parties. I also quite liked the dynamic between Dexter and Molly - how Molly brings up Dexter's promiscuous ways and expresses her annoyance with him, if only because it seems to defy every expectation I have for Molly Weasley. I think that's why I enjoy your characterization of Molly so much; you're not casting her in that stereotypical, shy bookworm role that most authors do. Admittedly, she started out as a geek, but she still does normal teenager things - things you wouldn't expect from Percy's daughter. And I really appreciate's definitely a breath of fresh air.
Overall, the story seems intriguing. As a nerd, I especially like title and the grammar nerdiness of this story (: I'm definitely interested in seeing where this goes.
Cherry Bear

Author's Response: Hey there Cherry Bear (that rhymed and I enjoyed the fact that it rhymed far too much for it to be entirely healthy but, ack nevermind).

The main thing that I was going for in this story was a bit of relatability. The whole premise for this story was wanting to write about growing up - it's such an interesting process, I think, and you don't see many stories about it so I thought I might as well give it a try and I'm pretty glad I did. And the humoury bits were really fun to write too.

Ahha, it's definitely very tangential. A lot wordy than a lot of things I write, I think, because of the subject matter... but I'll definitely be going back over the whole dialogue sections and having a look at that.

OH. The dialogue thing. Yeah, basically... I used to do it wrong. Then I went back and edited all the wrong bits but obviously I missed a couple of them, hence the inconsistency ahha.

I really like Molly Weasley as a character and she's fast becoming one of my favourite next gens. I think everyone would have had a lot of expectations about her so it would have been a bit hard for her to live with all these expectations, and yeah... I don't think she'd have been all that happy to live up to them.

Thanks for the lovely review! :)


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Review #25, by Live Life Large Fifteen

7th June 2012:
I'll most certainly be keeping my eyes out for more(: I really enjoyed this story, but I feel like I've already said most of what's on my mind. I hope Molly will go on to find some better friends when she's older, because Erin and Roxy don't seem to be doing much for her.

Oh, the decent into the land of make-up. It's true that it's almost impossible to back out once you've crossed that bridge. Oh well, it's not too bad a place(;

I had fun reading this! Can't wait to read more of your stuff.
Live Life Large(:
B vs. B

Author's Response: Hey Live Large! Thanks for all these lovely reviews! I really appreciate you going through and reading all of this (it makes me feel happy and shiny inside). I think... when you're a teenager you often end up with friends which aren't always very... good friends.

Ahha, the land of the make-up. I... well, I'm a semi regular habbitant of this land, but due to lazziness i regularly cross the bridge home.

Thanks for they lovely review! :)

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