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Review #1, by Aderyn Said She

1st March 2012:
Wow! This is very interesting. Its subtle, yet still filled with emotion. I would say the couple is Ron.and Hermione, for sure.

I like the symbolism of her cutting her hair. Its like a new beginning and seems to stand for rebirth of some sort.

One thing felt odd to me. I know you purposely avoid names, but hearing Ron say "smile woman " felt forced. Probably no name is beget in that case.

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, it was defiantly Ron/Hermione that much was obvious wasn't it? haha.

Thanks :) That's why I wrote her cutting her hair; to symbolise something new.

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Review #2, by hpgrl Said She

3rd January 2012:
Hi! this is for the review tag! (this is blue.knight :D)

OMG!! I loved this. The whole piece was so mysterious yet had an aura of familiarity, like its something that any of the characters after the war would have to deal with. I loved the descriptions and the imagery. I also loved that we had to keep guessing at the identity of the characters. I first thought it was Harry and Ginny, until you said blue eyes, then I thought it was Ron and Hermione.

This was a different take on their relationship, it was much more personal and so much sweeter. I think the beginning threw me off because she said that everyone had always complemented her on her hair, and I had thought more of Ginny or Fleur than Hermione.

Overall, I loved the writing here and I also loved the descriptions and thought processes. Great job!

Author's Response: Hi!
Really? Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! I wasn't allowed to add any names so I guess it kind of pushed my imagery to tis max because I didn't really have anything else.

Thank you again! *attack hug*

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Review #3, by Roots in Water Said She

1st January 2012:

I enjoyed your interpretation of their lives after the war and Hogwarts. I definitely agree that they wouldn't be the same after living through a war- they would think differently and their minds (and bodies) would be forever altered. I think that you did a great job of showing this in very few words when you had Hermione (it was Hermione, wasn't it?) cut off her hair so that people could no longer compliment her on it. Simple, but very powerful.

Ron was very sweet and optimistic in this story- he did seem to be the type to be optimistic and hopeful about their future and it was very nice to see to see the effect he has on Hermione.

I would suggest that you change the "a red-haired boy" to "the red-haired boy" because from what the boy says it seemed like it was still Ron who spoke at that moment, but the "a" (and I'm being picky here) made it seem as though it was one of his brothers.

I think that you did a good job of keeping the characters nameless and the fact that they didn't have a name made the story all that more powerful because now their story is more universal (even though we know that it's Ron and Hermione).

A very small thing: with "where there last" it should be "were their last".

All in all, I really enjoyed reading this and I think that you did a great job with their characterization and of portraying such a powerful message in so few words.

Author's Response: Hey! *waves*
thank you, I love reading about stories Post-Hogwarts but there are never enough stories with people dealing about the aftermath.
Yes, it was Ron & Hermione, it was really obvious wasn't it? haha
Thanks for the advice, I'll change it as soon as the que opens again :D
Thank you! x

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Review #4, by megaaan  Said She

11th December 2011:
Lovely one-shot - such great detail in such a short amount of words! Very bittersweet. I've read so many post-Battle of Hogwarts stories where everyone's absolutely fine psychologically, and it was nice to see the other side of it.

One of the only things I didn't like was the simile at the beginning - comparing cutting her hair to cutting cheese. It just seemed a bit odd and out of place...perhaps compare it to cutting something like paper? I don't know.

Another thing - I know this is the unnamed challenge, but I was getting confused between the characters. I'm guessing it was Ron/Hermione? I assumed that Ron was the one she was having a conversation with in her room, but then was he also the one who she was going to tell off for evesdropping - and who said her hair looked amazing? This just confused me a bit.

Once again, I really enjoyed reading it, and the imagery that you managed to produce. Sorry this took a while to review, I got a bit caught up last night!

Megan xo

Author's Response: Thanks :) I know, it annoys me with post-hogwarts stories where everyone is fine.
That is a good point, paper would probably work better, thanks for suggesting that :)
Yeah it was Ron/Hermione. I know it was a little confusing, sorry, when I edit it i'll go back and make sure that it makes more sense.
I'm glad you like it and that's okay; I was in no rush to get this review. It wasn't exactly a long wait though :)
Jaz, x

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Review #5, by niceone Said She

9th December 2011:
A good one! Very cunning, indeed)

I love stories dealing with the Battle of Hogwarts aftermath. There's grief, there's loss, there's hope, there's joy, there're celebrations and there're funerals. Not an easy thing to write, to be sure, and you did well!

I like the way your heroine deals with the whole thing. It sounds right, that's exactly what girls do when they want to turn a leaf. I like the character dynamics; you might not name the names, but the people in the story are recognizable and in character.

The only problem I can see is word choice in the first paragraph. There's just too much hair, don't you think? Then again, finding synonyms for the word is tough, and it's not that big of a deal. Also, 'imperfect flaws'. I mean, is there any other kind?

That said, I find it truly amazing that you can tell a real story in 800 words, and do it so well. Best of luck with your projects and keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks :) so do I! I always read them, it shows that the characters (if written right) are still, well, human, like everyone else :)

Thanks for your advice, when I edit it, i'll keep that in mind :D Thanks for the review!
Jaz, x

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Review #6, by H4NA Said She

8th December 2011:
So sweet! That was Ron and Hermione, right? Perfect story!

Author's Response: Thanks and yeah it was :) Easy to guess huh? haha, i'm glad you like it :) x

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