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Review #1, by The Basilisk Ginny

18th January 2015:

I really enjoyed the little parenthesis comments, and I love clueless Ron. I mean he's nice and sweet, but the sarcastic, clueless, and rash Ron is probably my favorite mode of him. In certain situations of course.

This is a really fun style to read and I think you did a great job. You didn't overpower the cluelessness of it or anything, but you made Ron awesomely. I love the little antecedent about him hexing Michael, that part was just perfect (and is probably joining my headcanon).

Awesome job with this, it was really fun to read!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it- definitely made my night.
Happy reading,
cb ")

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Review #2, by mish Ginny

27th December 2014:
I think u have perfected ron..its awesome..keep it up

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much!
Happy reading,

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Review #3, by Linda Ginny

10th March 2013:
Yeah, that sounds like Ron. Opens mouth and inserts foot most of the time. But, he handles the big brother pretty good. Afterall, Ginny is his sister and the closest to his age in the family of Weasley. It's natural to be over protective. Good job.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it.
~cb ")

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Review #4, by BoukenGreen Ginny

12th February 2013:
hehe yep that's ron and also how i felt when my sister was pregant don't know how i am gonna handle my other sister when she starts dating soon might just have to help my step-dad clean his guns that day first time he is over lol

Author's Response: Hahaha thanks for the lovely review! Glad you liked it.
~cb ")

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Review #5, by CloakAuror9 Ginny

20th January 2013:
Hello! (: Just dropping by, so yeah...don't mind me too much.

I really loved reading the story! I was smiling so much while reading it.

Ron's character and thoughts seemed in canon to me. It would just be so much like him to protect Ginny from Harry, even if he was his best mate. I expected the two of them (Harry and Ron) to punch or even hex each other out, knowing how violent Ron can sometimes be. But he just came to terms with Ginny being pregnant without any violence, that was really good.

Also, I really liked this line: Like the Hogwarts Express has just smashed into me. It sounded very...wizardy instead of saying the train. :D

Fantastic story! I loved it! Great job!


25th review out of 100

Author's Response: Oh hi! Thank you for the lovely review! It really brightened up my day :)
I'm glad you liked it and you thought Ron was in canon. I like to think Ron grew up just a tad, at least enough so that he wouldn't hex his best friend when he found out he impregnated his sister.
Thanks again and good luck on getting 100 reviews!
~cb ")

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Review #6, by Pottergirl7 Ginny

21st December 2012:
Hey there! It's Pottergirl7 coming to you with your promised five reviews for my Broom Cupboard Challenge, I'm so sorry it's taking so long to finally get around to doing this but I'm really terrible at juggling my time. Well let's crack on.

I really like the way you portrayed Ron, the way he spoke and acted was perfect!

I also thought his reaction to Ginny's pregnancy was great, true to his protectiveness.

The only thing was I thought the one-shot overall was a bit rushed. It felt a little frantic to me so maybe you could add a little more and try and slow the pace a bit?

But overall I thought it was a nice sweet little story!
(1 down, 4 to go)

Author's Response: It's quite alright! The same thing will probably happen to me when the deadline of my own challenge comes along, haha.

Thanks for the lovely review! I do see what you're saying about it being rushed. I think the problem is that I just got the general idea in my head and didn't really stop to think what I wanted to write.

~cb ")

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Review #7, by The Misfit Ginny

8th December 2012:
Hi there! I'm apondinabluebox from the forums and I'm here for the review swap! :)

I was permanently grinning throughout this fanfiction! I really like the way you portrayed Ron; he seems really realistic and you can believe that that would be his actual canon reaction if JKR had written that!

A couple of things that seemed slightly out of place: Ron and Dean were friends (when Dean wasn't dating Ginny) so it seems odd that Ron would be calling him Dean Thomas. He might as well refer to Harry as Harry Potter. ;) Another thing was his reference to Voldemort as "Voldy". Ron absolutely hated calling him anything but You-Know-Who, and I know it's post-war and Voldemort's dead but I don't think he would be quite so flippant about the man who started a war that killed people he knew, especially his brother.

I especially like the moment when Harry placed his arms around Ginny's waist; not only is he protecting Ron from Ginny but he's also protecting / hugging their child. There are other ways he could have restrained Ginny without involving the baby, so I think it's quite good to see Harry's love for his family in that little moment. You know the saying that a picture speaks a thousand words? Well, that interaction spoke volumes. :D

I quite like how Ron doesn't mind at first, then the news sinks in and he self-combusts, then Hermione swoops in and once the attention is off Ron, he has the ability to analyze the news and becomes excited at the prospect of being an uncle. I think that Ron is misunderstood in the respect that he speaks before he thinks, and this one-shot certainly displayed that.

All in all, a well rounded fanfiction. And I fully support the invention of waterproof laptops. If they existed, I'd be writing fanfics in the bath! :D

Author's Response: Thank for the lovely review! I really enjoyed writing Ron and I'm glad that you liked my portrayal of him. And yeah, I think Ron gets a lot of heat for speaking before he thinks and that's why some people don't like him! Thank you also for the compliment on Harry's interaction with Ginny :)

Thanks for the pointing out the corrections! I actually have an updated chapter of this in the queue fixing those exact things and it's nice to here that someone will appreciate those corrections.

Thanks again for the lovely review; I'll be returning the favor shortly.
~cb ")

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Review #8, by Beeezie Ginny

7th December 2012:
Hey, I'm here for the holiday swap! :)

This one-shot was a lot of fun - it's a great concept for a story, and I think you did a nice job with it. Ron's character can be very difficult to write, but you pulled it off nicely. I did feel like you exaggerated the strength of his reactions a little bit once or twice, but really, it doesn't take too much imagination to imagine Ron wanting to object just on impulse or blocking out what married people do until his sister gets pregnant!

What I also liked, though, was that he didn't object, and he stopped himself from freaking out when she told him that she was pregnant. Ron can sometimes turn into a bit of a caricature in fanfiction, I think, because it's hard to figure out when to have him react and when to moderate that a little to keep him realistic. You did a great job with that.

The only critique I have is that there were a few points where I felt like Ron's inner voice didn't quite fit him. The first line of the story in particular didn't sound much like Ron - would he really claim the "Bilius" part of his name? Along the same lines, I wasn't sure whether it made sense to include Dean's last name, since, Ginny aside, they always came off as pretty good friends, and "Voldy" definitely seemed out of place, considering how manic Ron was about using "You-Know-Who." There were a few little things like that that seemed off to me.

Other than that, though, this was a fun story, and I really enjoyed reading it. :)

Author's Response: Thank you for the lovely review! I'm glad you thought I didn't go too overboard with Ron's character, as it annoys me too when I read some authors doing that. I completely see what you mean about all the little parts in Ron's inner voice. I included the Bilius just because Ron's older now and maybe he wanted to make himself sound more professional. Perhaps Hermione had a good effect on him? haha but Dean's surname and the Voldy part I completely agree with you on. I'll get right on fixing that.
Thanks for the awesome review!
~cb ")

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Review #9, by Moldevort Ginny

24th September 2012:
This is perfect! Ron:') I pity Rose sometimes, I really do. Really lightened my mood, fantastic piece of writing!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked my interpretation of Ron.
~cb ")
P.S. Love the pen name ;)

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Review #10, by Soumia Ginny

23rd September 2012:
It's a really good story, really sweet.

Author's Response: Thank you!
~cb ")

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Review #11, by Ginger Lust Ginny

19th September 2012:
I loved this piece. I think you got Ron perfect. -Makes me glad I'm the oldest girl in my family!!

Anyway.. it's cute how Ron still felt the need to protect Ginny, even after she's married. -'Hey Ron.. you know those things you do to Hermione?.. Well, that's what Harry does with Ginny! DEAL with it!'
Lordy... how is he going to be with his own daughter. She'll have to wait until she's 30 to marry.. let alone have sex! LOL I love Ron.
Great story. I enjoyed it alot.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I honestly loved writing this, mostly because I adore writing Ron!
Ron when Rose reaches dating age: "No dating until you're married!" I think he'd see it as the perfect solution, don't you? haha
Thank you for the lovely and funny review!
~cb ")

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Review #12, by Jimmbo Ginny

1st September 2012:
Hey, really liked this one-shot. I always liked that complex relationship that Ron has with Harry being with Ginny. Really well-written story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I love writing Ron (probably why he's the only character I've written two stories about) and I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the lovely review
~cb ")

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Review #13, by ClashingDreams Ginny

10th July 2012:
Fluffy goodness. Don't be offended if I don't give you a ten. That means perfect... which is a very difficult milestone to reach. Eight's about as good :)

Author's Response: Not offended at all ;) I rarely give out tens, as well. And I'll be the first to admit that none of my stories are perfect.
Thanks for the review!
~cb ")

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Review #14, by All_was_well Ginny

3rd May 2012:
Haha that was hilarious!! I loved it!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!
~cb ")

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Review #15, by Miss Muggle Ginny

25th December 2011:
Oh, I just love Ron! You did him fabulously! Great story. I can totally imagine Ron thinking all of that and acting just like that :)

Author's Response: Aww thanks! ") I love Ron, too- he's one of my favourite characters!

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Review #16, by princess052099 Ginny

20th December 2011:
Great, great, great job. I really like how Ron reacted, it sounds like what would have really happened. Good job! 10/10

Author's Response: Aww thanks so much! Made me smile :)

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Review #17, by luvdobby26 Ginny

20th December 2011:
That was a really good fic and i found it really funny. usally i cry during fics coz they're all so dramaticly heartbreaking so it's a nice change. You really got ron right so well done. :D

Author's Response: Aww, thanks! I'm glad I got Ron right and I'm glad I made someone laugh ;) Thanks for the review!

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Review #18, by Lauren Black Ginny

16th December 2011:
Hehe i like this one alot its very much like Ron hehehe very good job :) xx

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm so glad you think I got Ron right.

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Review #19, by GinnysMuggleFan Ginny

15th December 2011:
That was so freaking awesome!! I loved it!! 10/10!!! Let me tell you, you just saved me!! I have been stressing so bad over my end of simester tests and you finally got me to smile and relax!! Thank you!!

Author's Response: Hahaha thanks so much! I'm so glad you liked it! And don't worry, I'm sure you'll do fine. Just relax and the exams will go swimmingly, haha!
~cb ")

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Review #20, by rogovjm Ginny

3rd December 2011:
This was a nice one-shot and I agree; they really need a waterproof laptop.

Author's Response: Hahahaha one day I'll invent one. And thanks so much!
~cb ")

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